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Las Vegas Sidewinders Jersey Concept

At this point we pretty much know the team name will be Black Knights, Silver Knights, or just plain Knights. However, if you think that’s going to stop Isaac from producing more jersey concepts of other names, then you are sorely mistaken.

Because today, we are proud to unveil the jersey design for the Las Vegas Sidewinders.

The sidewinder, or the Crotalus cerastes (cause you’ll probably know it by that name) is native to southern Nevada and can move at speeds of up to 18 MPH using a very specific movement pattern unique to its kind.

That’s really all we know about it. But it’s a cool name, and Isaac’s jersey concept is pretty damn amazing. So, here they are…

Las Vegas Sidewinders Home JerseyLas Vegas Sidewinders Away Jersey

Notice the snake skin on the LV patch on the shoulders. The sweet rattle on the end of the snake’s tail. And of course, the color scheme fits the one The Creator has said to be “non-negotiable.”

Thoughts? We’ve got a comments section…use it.

**As always, huge ups to Isaac Palestino for designing these jerseys. If you want to see the rest of the jerseys Isaac has designed for, click here.**


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  1. Daoloth

    The name is not bad, I’d prefer a coiled Snake where can see the rattler even if its shaped like the S. I know somebody that has a tat that would be perfect for what I’m thinking stretched out :). The LV part I would just make the V since it would be sued by LA dodgers ;). It looks too much like the LA style they use in my view.

    Not sure what the obsession to use gold is about… I could see using the Army Black Knights colors but on other jerseys it don’t really match up. For most part the colors look good, just don’t get this laces crap teams are into. I would never buy a jersey or product using laces personally. Maybe they could do a V with the Snake wrapping around it forming an S.

    I’m hoping if they use the name Knights they use the sword symbol… Not sure if it has a name, its like the sword downward then a symbol of chaos type thing. They show it on the Black Knights video if want to get a better idea in different shades of coloring.

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