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Las Vegas Rat Pack Jersey Concept

Our guy Isaac Palestino has done it again. This time tasked with the name Las Vegas Rat Pack, Isaac will blow you away once again, or for the first time if you are one of the asses who said negative stuff about the other two.

Las Vegas Rat Pack HockeyFirst, before you scroll down and see the jerseys (like you haven’t already) we would like to send a very special thanks to Samuel Ho for designing the ridiculously amazing logo.

Samuel designed logos for an story on possible names for a Vegas team. Our favorite of course was the Rat Pack, but the other ones are incredible too.

So, with the logo already done, Isaac and I discussed jersey colors. We started with black and white. The reasoning behind this is because most pictures of the Rat Pack are in, you guessed it, black and white. Of course that really means grey and darker grey, so we ran with that.

Then we had to come up with an accent color. Many were tossed around, then, like when Archimedes discovered water displacement, I shouted Eureka! Ol’ Blue Eyes! Baby Blue!  Let’s use the color of Frank Sinatra’s eyes.

Ok, shut up Ken, just show us the damn jerseys. Fine, woah, calm down. Here they are.


Las Vegas Rat Pack Home Las Vegas Rar Pack Away Las Vegas Rat Pack Alternate

When If this becomes the name of the team, I will have so much gear in my house my wife will have to put her clothes in a new closet.

The alternates utilizing the Las Vegas sign stars are simply amazing. I can just see it already, that light baby blue accent all over Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena. Think of the Seattle Seahawks with that obnoxious green, but better.

In a word. Striking.

Mr. Creator. Make this happen. Please!


Two things. First, please follow @JetProArt and @SamuelHo on Twitter. C’mon, look at these jerseys, it’s the least you can do. Second, we’ve added a Jersey Concepts tab to the top of the site. You can probably guess what happens if you click it.


Las Vegas Arena Probably Becoming T-Mobile Arena

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  1. Robert

    These are terrible

  2. Daoloth

    Actually the colors are pretty good for the home and away. I’d lose the laces, replace the logo with something else and name ;). Name makes me think of the Albany River Rats too much… Maybe the Top Cats or Fat Cats though I think it would work alright with the Knights name/head icon…

    I don’t like the alternate with the stars and LV… On the Home Silver or another color might make the numbers or names easier to read. Even the stripes or arm bands could be a bit different to stand out more. Could outline them with the grey making the numbers/names in that blue so its easy to see/read.

  3. Jason Jamieson

    Though these are better, a glorified OHL Sudbury Wolves logo and a sad Pittsburg steelers rip off don’t quite cut it either…

  4. Come on now Terrible??! ITS NOT the old KINGS Gold and Purple!!!!! There not bad at all and if your a fan of the Rat Pack or history the story for the design is epic! You have to say whether your a fan or a player theres always a jursey out there that you don’t want to admit you like or want because its not your team’s but you still want one!!!! Nice Job Guys!! Concept Table! Set Me a Plate PLEASE! Close to a year ago I was happy to send an email wanting NO credit but suggested to change the team name to the Golden Knights to avoid an TM or Copy Rite issue. Lets Play !!!

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