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Las Vegas Peregrines Jersey Concept

While the team name troubles continue inside the offices of the NHL’s newest franchise, the jersey concept lab is running full steam ahead. Today’s offering is a name that’s a bit out there, but let me take a moment to sell it to you.

The name is the Las Vegas Peregrines. A Peregrine is a Falcon native to Southern Nevada. They are the fastest creature in the Animal Kingdom with the ability to fly at speeds of up to 240 MPH. And they eat Ducks… like Anaheim Ducks (click this if you have a strong stomach, it’s a Peregrine catching and eating a duck, it’s gruesome, but awesome).

I know the name is a bit out there, and I know it’s not a word commonly used in the English language, but neither was Bruin, Blackhawk, Seahawk, Timberwolf, or many other names that have entered our vernacular due to sports.

A Peregine has everything you can possibly want in a team name. Speed, power, connection to Las Vegas, and most importantly it’s unique. There’s no other team in the world named Peregrines.

So now that I’ve convinced you, here they are, the jerseys and logos for the Las Vegas Peregrines.

PerigrinesHomeFinal PeregrinesAwayFinal Perigrines Main Logo-01Peregrines Alt Logo2-01Peregrines Alt Logo-01

Couple things we should point out. First, take a look again at the bird, there’s an LV in there. Next, the P is a beak and there’s a hockey stick and puck in there too. Last, it’s pronounced “Pair-uh-grins” for when you say to you friends and family today, “Oh my god, did you see’ Peregrines jersey concept design, it’s so cool!”

The color scheme is Black, Gold, and Grey because the design was in the works before we got word that it doesn’t have to be those colors. So, feel free to visualize them with blues, greens, oranges, whatever you wish.

Once again, massive shout out to Isaac Palestino for designing these from scratch. Check out the rest of Isaac’s jersey designs here.


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  1. James

    ”A Peregrine is a Falcon native to Southern Nevada. They are the fastest creature in the Animal Kingdom with the ability to fly at speeds of up to 240 MPH.

    I love the background story, but I hate the name…Peregrine doesn’t roll off the tongue.

    It feels like we’re settling for second best. Case in point with Silver Knights.

    ”Jul 13

    Bill Foley does not like Silver Knights. “It just doesn’t have that powerful feel”

    Las Vegas Nights is my personal favourite. The Los Angeles Lakers wear their black Hollywood Nights uniforms for select games. In this day and age of political correctness, I’m not sure if Las Vegas Nights carries too many negative connotations. When I read the name I have visions of debauchery. Gary Bettman might be a firm believer that nothing good happens after 2 AM.

    • I’m also a huge fan of Las Vegas Nights or Las Vegas Night. That’s the next jersey concept we are working on.

      • James

        I look forward to seeing the next jersey concept. Nights is way cooler than Knights.

        In my opinion, Las Vegas needs to be be front and center. The nickname should be secondary. Las Vegas is a powerful brand. I would like to see Las Vegas spelled out on a black jersey à la the New York Rangers. The colour black would subtly represent the night.

        It appears that Silver Knights and Neon Knights are in the final four. Is there any chance you can find out if Las Vegas Nights made the shortlist?

    • Todd

      As the concept goes not too bad of an idea. I would personally drop the Peregrines name and use Harriers instead, same concept of an indigenous bird to our area with a dual shout out to the military here in Vegas!

  2. James

    If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Silver Knights. I have a gut feeling that the organization used the media to gauge public interest in Silver Knights.

  3. VD

    I agree, Bill was bluffing on Silver Knights comment, he loves the idea of it and its been leaked multiple times now by right hand man, team reporter and likely for the reason James mentioned. If I was laying a bet down now Silver Knights is a odds on favorite imo.

    As for Peregrines, I agree 110% with everything Ken say about it, would love that name too, it does check off the list nicely for requirements.

    • James

      It grows on you. Silver Knights was obviously not his first choice. In an ideal world, we would have been called the Black Knights or Knights. With that being said, Silver Knights feels a bit more inclusive due to Nevada being referred to as “The Silver State” because of its rich silver resources.

      • VD

        I agree and considering now we know Black Knights, Knights, Bug or Snake names along with names associated to gambling or Outlaw etc (TM issues) are out… It makes me think we will see Silver Knights!

        Unless they pull out a name never mentioned not including Peregrines or Stealth 🙂

  4. Timothy Pietrzak

    I don’t have a problem with this idea, just that I think people are too stupid to accept something they don’t know about… hockey alone is still going to be a tough sell to the majority.. this would just make it more difficult for those not in the know
    to accept.

  5. Michael

    I personally think the Peregrines would be an interesting name, but I think there is a side effect to choosing a name like this that the league and team (and certainly Adidas) must be thinking about, but that us fans may not.

    Basically, Las Vegas is such a brand name in itself that it is an opportunity to cross into foreign markets, especially China, who have a significant affinity for Las Vegas. For this reason, an appropriate name might be one that is simple and easy to pronounce for people of all linguistic backgrounds.

    Ultimately, ‘Las Vegas Aces’ will not be chosen, owing to the evident fear that people seeing an Ace of spades on a hockey shirt will immediately go out and becoming addicted to sports betting, but it is the best name for all purposes. It has the triple meaning that resonates with the city and team (cards, air force, sharp shooting in sports terms), it is easy to pronounce and almost rhymes with ‘Vegas’ for added emphasis, and it would be easily marketable worldwide, as most cultures and countries play cards, and would recognize and embrace the symbol straightaway, with it’s strong association with the city of Las Vegas helping.

    It is not everyone’s favorite, but is at least acceptable to most people. I wish the league had the vision to understand that this name works so perfectly, and that people who go see the team live are already walking past rows of casinos, should they need excuse to gamble on sports. People on TV are also going to see aerial shots of casinos – unless the league is going to blur them out too as a “reference to gambling”?

    There are probably TM issues anyway, what with the Alaska Aces of the ECHL, but it is a crying shame this name can’t even be considered.

  6. Moe Darbandi

    Have an idea… Sounds great in my mind…

    Las Vegas Adrenaline

    Jersey colors black, felt green, and touch of flamingo pink.

    Would love to see that concept

    • James

      When I read the name “Las Vegas Adrenaline ” I have visions of extreme sports. Kind of reminds me of Colorado Extreme.

      ”Colorado’s hockey team, the Rockies, bolted for New Jersey in 1982, and by the time Denver got a new team in 1995, the local baseball team had usurped the name. Management originally wanted to name the NHL franchise the Extreme but reconsidered after a deluge of negative feedback. Avalanche eventually beat out Black Bears, Outlaws, Storm, Wranglers, Renegades, Rapids, and Cougars.

  7. Michael

    The Aces thing is also probably a doubly moot point anyway, as I think I read somewhere that Foley never liked it anyway.

    Ken, have you ever asked the team about Peregrines at all?

  8. A Fan

    I think the Las Vegas Mustangs is the best name. It’s a tough wild horse in the NV desert. Everyone seems to think it may be Las Vegas Silver Knights. Probably in part because of stories like what Steve Carp of the LVRJ wrote on July 22nd.

    “The Las Vegas NHL team does own the copyrights, trademarks and domain names to a few names, most notably “Silver Knights.” Craven said that no decision has been made but the NHL was not opposed to Silver Knights.”

    If Mr. Carp had done some fact checking before writing that, he would see that the domain name ‘ is for sale on eBay for $225,000 and ‘’ has been owned by someone since 2000. So our team does not own those domain names.

    Las Vegas Silver Knights is a 4 word name and I don’t believe Mr. Foley would do that for marketing reasons. How many 4 word pro teams have you ever heard of? Even the Chicago Blackhawks used to be Black Hawks and they changed it to one word. He wants to market this team all over the world, Silver Knights would not work well for that. Other names that it could end up is Scorpions and I think Aces still has a chance. Aces would be done as a military pilots theme instead of gambling. Mr. Foley said he wants something that sounds ‘tough.’ Las Vegas Nights doesn’t have that factor, and what kind of mascot would you create for that name?

    Las Vegas Peregrines is interesting and the logos made look well done. Just not sure that since 99.9 percent of the people have never heard of it, it may take some time to get used to. I see that someone bought domain name on June 26, 2016. It’s owner is listed as private, so I wonder who bought that name now? Hmm….

    • Michael

      Good points, and I like Mustangs too. Definitely in my top five after Aces.

    • James

      I love the name, but the SMU Mustangs college football team that represents Southern Methodist University might have something to say about that. Also the Western Mustangs football team is one of the most decorated in Canadian history.

      Playing devil’s advocate, I’ll see your 4 word name and raise you a 5 word name. The original official team colours and logo were unveiled on June 7, 1993, and ‘The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim’ merchandise was immediately propelled into one of the top sellers in all of professional sports.

      Las Vegas and Aces go together like lock and key, but it’s not going to happen. In this day and age of political correctness, it doesn’t matter how you dress it up. I wish the NHL would just embrace Las Vegas.

      The fact that Ken felt the need to tell us how to pronounce Peregrines says it all. It’s hard enough for the casual fan to correctly pronounce the names of some of Russia’s best hockey players. I love the background story, but I think it’s a lead balloon.

      • A Fan

        When the team was sold starting in the 2006-2007 season, the team colors/logo were changed and they were wisely re-named the (2 word) Anaheim Ducks. Oh, and they also won the Stanley Cup that year. Enough said.

  9. Bagman

    What about the Las Vegas Fighters? It could pay tribute to both the military, and/or some of vegas’s boxing history.

    Just to be clear, I’m not from Vegas (let’s just say I root for a.. Pacific rival), so I don’t know if that’s a “culturally” viable name option. I love seeing sports expansions so I’m giddy about you guys getting a team. Wish you all the best, (within reason) 😉

  10. ROCKY


  11. James

    Apparently the Atlanta Falcons received its nickname on August 29, 1965. Miss Julia Elliott, a school teacher from Griffin, Georgia was singled out from many people who suggested “Falcons” as the Nickname for the new Georgia NFL franchise. She wrote: “the Falcon is proud and dignified, with great courage and fight. It never drops its prey. It is deadly and has a great sporting tradition.”

    As ‘A Fan’ pointed out, Mr. Foley said he wants something that sounds ‘tough.’ Las Vegas Peregrines does have that factor. I also like the fact that a season-ticket holder suggested the name. Not having a name the team contest seemed to rub some people the wrong way. I got the sense Mr. Foley wasn’t interested in sharing his new toy. He even picked the team’s colours. But regardless I’m looking forward to supporting the team.

    On the flipside, though, do you want to see Don Cherry butcher the name on Coach’s Corner?

  12. James

    “Las Vegas Silver Knights is a 4 word name and I don’t believe Mr. Foley would do that for marketing reasons. How many 4 word pro teams have you ever heard of?”

    Not sure how to edit posts. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim is a 4 word pro team. The Mighty Ducks is a film series.

  13. Tom

    I like Peregrine’s. I wonder if Bill Foley reads articles on Sinbin, or if the guys at Sinbin have reached out to him and pitched the Peregrine’s to him. I like it a lot better than Silver Knights.

    • The people inside the organization are absolutely aware of the site. I used to send them stuff a lot more often but I don’t want to be a pest so I’ve stopped. He’s certainly aware of the name Peregrines as I have brought it up to him in person. Hopefully it happens cause I’m with you, prefer it over Silver Knights.

      • Andrew

        Hey Ken… so what was Mr. Foley’s reaction when you mentioned Peregrines? Words? Body language?

        Yes Peregrines is a new word for most, but the marketing possibilities of branding the fastest animal in the world with the fastest sport in the world are endless.

        Also they will be in the same division as the Ducks… Ducks are a bird that Peregrines feast on and rip apart.

        Go Peregrines Go!!!

        • He says, “It’s an interesting name for sure, but there’s definitely some issue with the pronunciation. ”

          Seemed to me like it was a name he would seriously consider. We will have to wait and see.

  14. Rob Grant

    Las Vegas Warheads

    end of story

  15. b

    Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost: Four-word names are too much. ‘Greater Western Sydney Giants’ is a mouthful. Someone mentioned how the 5-word title of ‘The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim’ was propelled into best-seller status immediately. Could that of perhaps had something to do with the fact their multibillion-dollar parent corporation produced 3 movies and a tv show purely for marketing purposes? Case in point the team has now been re-branded as ‘Anaheim Ducks’. Lets keep it simple.

    Silver Knights – like Black Knights, but worse. Outside Monty Python, the Black Knight has been feared for hundreds of years. There was never such a thing as the Silver Knight. The name has the look and feel of what it is: a replacement.

    Neon Knights – like Silver Knights, but worse. What is a Neon Knight?! Las Vegas Neon sounds decent. Colour scheme could be wild. Think Black/Navy Blue/Deep Purple with a combo of Neon Green/Yellow/Blue. Echoing the fact others here have stated that the brand ‘Las Vegas’ sells itself, the logo could simply be “Las Vegas” in a neon sign format. It’s great.

    Peregrine – I did not know what this was. I like the idea – it’s just too bad you couldn’t go with simply ‘Falcons’? Or would Atlanta have something to say about that? The logo and symbolism are excellent. I LOVE the ‘P’. Kudos to the designer!

    Scorpions – Pretty cool in my opinion. Menacing creature. Logo could be awesome. Pretty much have your choice of colour scheme. I would approve this name.

    Finally, Aces – I feel if the city ever gets past the fact that it in of itself is a gimmick, ‘Aces’ will at least have a traditional feel to it. If history has taught us anything, expansion teams are gimmicky, and they eventually move towards trying to look like traditional teams. The Ducks, Panthers and Sharks all tried to round out their ridiculous inaugural colours/logos/names/etc. The next round of expansion teams chose more traditional identities. Aces has the opportunity to be a traditional symbol, in traditional colours. And surely they can simply buy the name of Alaska if need be? How much can that franchise possibly profit? If Bettman didn’t want an NHL team synonymous with gambling…. he shouldn’t of pushed the NHL into LV.

    Good Luck Vegas… It really sounds like you’re going to need it.

    • sparky chewbarky

      Bingo, b…
      “Aces” (with the aviation twist) suggests speed, daring, courage and excellence.
      As a verb it means to excel at something…”I just aced that exam!”
      As an adjective it means “awesome” (for lack of a better word)… “That’s an ace car, mate!”
      Only one of its several definitions even remotely suggests gambling.
      The “It’s a card” definition…
      By the same criteria then, “Kings” suggests gambling…It’s just too silly.
      It’s, so much, the obvious and smart choice, that I can’t believe that it’s not going to be considered.
      If I asked someone who knew absolutely nothing about sports to guess where a team called the Aces is from, they’d probably say “Vegas”.
      It is, by far, the most iconic name that’s been thrown around…
      And when a team can grab an iconic name, symbol, and/or colour scheme THEY SHOULD DO SO.
      A winged ace aviation logo would not only be a fantastic hockey logo but a pretty cool “guys” logo that would appeal to even those who weren’t sports fans.
      It’s got that touch of “bad-ass” to it that “Knights” just doesn’t have.
      Go Aces!

      • A Fan

        While I agree that Aces could be a very good name, and I think we may even end up being the Las Vegas Aces. (MGM already owns the domain name)

        But Sparky, you say 2 completely different things here:

        “Only one of its several definitions even remotely suggests gambling.”

        But then you say:

        “If I asked someone who knew absolutely nothing about sports to guess where a team called the Aces is from, they’d probably say Vegas.”

        • James

          On the flip side, if you asked someone who knew absolutely nothing about sports to guess where a team called the Peregrines were from, they’d probably not say Vegas. It’s even more obscure than New Orleans Pelicans. At least people know what a pelican actually is.

          • A Fan

            Peregrines would definitely be a start from scratch name for everyone, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work or fit after some time goes by. I’m personally still on the fence with Peregrines as I still prefer the Las Vegas Mustangs. (wild horse in NV desert) I understand there are some football teams with the name, but I think if the name can be had, it would be a great fit for Las Vegas.

        • sparky chewbarky

          I hear ya, and that’s the beauty of the name, Fan.

          As an aviation “theme”, there’s absolutely no reference to gambling.
          The name, however, can give that subtle nod to the gaming industry.
          I think that it’s a way better option than doing the “Gambling?…What gambling? schtick.

          • A Fan

            I think there is a pretty good chance it could end up the Las Vegas Aces. For the reasons mentioned by others and it is a clean, simple name to say, and good for marketing with a few different choices logo-wise. Sometimes KISS (keep it simple stupid) it is the best way to go.

          • James

            I’m also not particularly keen on Peregrines. You have to admit that Falcons sounds like a better team name. Unfortunately it’s taken.

      • James

        You’re preaching to the choir. Las Vegas Aces makes about as much sense as New Orleans Jazz .

      • Michael

        I agree with sparky – this is the perfect breakdown as to why the name should be Aces. I will follow no matter what, but there will always be part of me that resents the fact they did not go with the most iconic name, as the above so rightly puts it.

  16. A Fan

    One other thing I’d like to add. I hope Mr. Foley goes with some colors that ‘pop.’ When you see the Philadelphia Flyers jerseys as an example, even if you’re not a fan of orange, that color they picked just jumps out at you. There is no mistaking that color when you see someone walking around in a Flyers t-shirt or jersey. Imagine the T-Mobile arena full of some bright color like that. I understand that Mr. Foley is now open to other colors because as another example, the colors on the Peregrines jerseys are very boring/bland.

  17. John

    I never thought “knights” or any veriation thereof was a good idea when when of their nearest rivals will be the “king”, who have almost the exact same colors. The similarities with colors and relationship between the names is just not a good look (think about it; a knight is subservient to a king). And yes I know the pens changed there colors to pretty much match the Bruins, that doesn’t make it a good idea.
    The Las Vegas team will have a hard enough time creating a fan base and identity in the middle of the desert, they don’t need to be in L.A.’s shadow. I had never heard of a peregrines before but I think it’s great, it can make all the sides happy and doesn’t necessarily have to be gimiky.

  18. James

    Wow, you know, you’ve sold Neon to me. It’s the equivalent of the Minnesota Wild.

    After reading your reply, I think we should dump the whole Knights idea. I was happy to honour the Army on behalf of Bill Foley with Black Knights or Knights. After all he is largely responsible for the team. Why keep persisting with Knights? Give it up, Neon just sounds better than Neon Knights. The Silver Knights and Neon Knights now seem like token gestures. It’s not what Bill Foley really wants, and it’s not what the fans really want.

    • A Fan

      If you’re comparing Neon to Wild, I know many people in MN who have told me they have never liked the name Minnesota Wild. Neon has an ok ring to it, but Mr. Foley said he wants something tough sounding. Neon doesn’t sound very tough. Interesting what the mascot might look like though.

      • James

        I wasn’t following Mr. Foley’s constrictive brief. I was thinking more along the lines of best available name excluding gambling references. I guess that I compared Neon to Wild due to the lack of a “s” on the end of the name, the same applies to Lightning and Avalanche. I also associate Las Vegas with neon lights and signs. It seems very fitting to have this name.

  19. Michael

    Interesting fact about Neon – it actually only creates the red color, or can create orange if used with phosphor. The greens and blues, etc, are actually Argon, not Neon. So a bright green “Neon” look would actually be a misnomer, funnily enough.

  20. Stewart

    Las Vegas Falcons

    NFL probably has copyright though

    Scorpions would be ok, or just plain Las Vegas HC because pet names are dumb anyway

  21. Shaun

    I kind of like the name “The Las Vegas Blades” or “The Las Vegas Silver Blades”. In my mind 17,000+ fans chanting “LETS GO BLADES” has a real nice ring to it.

    • James

      You can categorically rule out Blades.

      Sharks was chosen from 2,300 entries in San Jose’s name-the-team contest. The other finalists included Rubber Puckies, Screaming Squids, Salty Dogs, and Blades. Blades was the most popular entry, but ultimately rejected because of its gang implications.

  22. nick

    I have to laugh when the discussion continues on names it will NOT be based on tm/statements already made ruling them out. Those names include Aces Scorpions/Venom/Rats/blackknights/Knights or any other bug or critter… let them go they are a pass. So what is left and what has been mentioned as a possible choice not off the list… Silver Knights, Peregrine, Stealth which is a terrific name and not one negative comment on it anywhere on the net. A fourth name is a mystery to me but if Neon then NO! Stupid name imo. Ok carry on with the 3-4 you have, one will be the name, watch!

    • James

      I’ll be the first to write a negative comment on Stealth. At his opening press conference George McPhee said “The sit-back style of hockey, I don’t like it. Teams are attacking all the time and pressuring pucks all over the ice. I love the way Pittsburgh played this year, and they won the Stanley Cup. We’ll be doing the same sorts of things.”

      Now look at the definition of ‘stealth’…


      cautious and surreptitious action or movement.

      Now look at the definition of ‘cautious’…


      (of a person) careful to avoid potential problems or dangers.

      I have visions of cautious counterattacking hockey. Not the ‘attacking’ team McPhee gushed about. Bill Foley and Murray Craven share the same vision. If you want to sell hockey team in the desert, an ‘entertaining’ brand of hockey will go a long way.

      I’m not really a fan of Peregrines, but it fits nicely with the NHL marketing the speed of the game. ‘The Fastest Game on Earth’ is what hockey is called, today. The peregrine falcon is arguably the fastest bird in the sky.

    • A Fan

      So Nick once you’re done laughing, and since you claim to know, would you please share with us which ones have been ruled out for sure because of trademark issues?

  23. nick

    Hey it won the Devils a cup lol. May be reading a bit too deep into McPhee’s plan, those things change as you go 🙂 once you’re solved you must change.

  24. James

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat. But it is not just about winning. In the business of entertainment, style of play is an important aspect. In an ideal world I would prefer to win in style. My favourite footy team were mocked for their parking the bus tactics. As a fan, I enjoyed winning, but it wasn’t easy on the eyes.

    • nick

      Yes the New Jersey Devils as mentioned lol great for devil fans not so much for “hockey” fans.

  25. Tom

    I doubt Foley would go with Stealth. He’s an Army guy. Stealth sounds too much like an Air Force reference. We’re probably stuck with the L.A. knockoff-sounding/looking Silver Knights. Might as well drink the Kool-Aid.

  26. nick

    Gulp gulp gulp :)…..tastes good!

  27. Michael

    Is this Silver Knights talk based on anything but the knowledge that the league are not against it?

    • James

      After listening to Bill Foley today it sounds like Peregrines made the Final Four. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought he let the cat out of the bag. I thought he said something to the effect that the name will contain Knights. I wouldn’t rule “Neon Knights” out. At least it’s shorter than ‘Silver Knights’.

    • Andrew

      For Ken who spoke to Mr. Foley on Peregrines…

      so what was Mr. Foley’s reaction when you mentioned Peregrines? Words? Body language?

      Yes Peregrines is a new word for most, but the marketing possibilities of branding the fastest animal in the world with the fastest sport in the world are endless.

      I could see Adidas coming up with a wicked jersey and logo.

      Also they will be in the same division as the Ducks… Ducks are a bird that Peregrines feast on and rip apart.

      Go Peregrines Go!!!

  28. Tom

    I think the Silver Knights talk is based on the fact that the team already owns the trademark. That coupled with the fact that Foley couldn’t get Black Knights, this way he could still have “knights” to some capacity. As a season ticket holder I kinda feel like we were misled into thinking we might have some say in the name. And I get it, it’s his 500 million. Its just a buzzkill

  29. Tom

    The more I think about it, I remember reading that Foley planned to let season ticket holders pick from a handful of proposed names. I think when he saw how much people didn’t like Black Knights, he decided not to leave it to chance. What if we picked the name he didn’t want? I’m not buying this “we don’t have time, we gotta move quickly” thing. They could’ve done threw a poll out to ticket holders relatively quickly. I think he wants a certain name and he doesn’t wanna leave it to chance. I just hope it’s not too lame.

  30. Brian

    Las Vegas Oasis or O’Aces. It has that Aces part to the name that is iconic of Las Vegas, but it also references how strange ice hockey can be in the desert. It’s like an oasis of sorts. Just a suggestion.

  31. nick

    I think a name contest is too hard due to tm issues etc. If the man wants Silver Knights or takes our suggestion of an alternative like
    Peregrines, great. End of day we will buy the merch, cheer our team and this conversation will be forgotten in a week. Unless he uses Neon that girlie name can never be forgiven!

  32. Michael Perfetto

    My suggestion is the Las Vegas Silver. The mascot could still be a knight and incorporated into the logo or it could be a silver coin puck and a pick axe for a hockey stick.

  33. nick

    You cannot be a silver though…. Silver knight yes.

  34. Michael Perfetto

    That said, I have to admit the name Peregrines is really growing on me. It’s unique, representative of the area and about as tough and cool of an animal as you’ll ever find. I’ve gone out with a local falconer and witnessed what they can do to a pigeon dropping out of the sky on them at over 200mph. We were doing some training and lost the falcon after he climbed to over 1,000 feet. He was wearing a tracking device so we knew he was out there, but we couldn’t see him. The guy took out a pigeon and waved it around in the air a few times before releasing it. Within 2-3 seconds, there was an explosion of feathers and the falcon was eating what was left of the pigeon. It reminded me of skeet shooting. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  35. James

    How about the Cleveland Browns?

    • nick

      Don’t quote me but it may be taken. Should be available though if you ask me lol

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