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Las Vegas or Vegas (Something) Knights, The Creator Prefers The Latter

We already know the name of our new team will be the (Something) Knights, almost certainly Desert, Golden, or Silver. But there’s another portion of the team name that needs to be settled as well. How should they represent the name of the city? Las Vegas or Vegas?

The decision is still yet to have been finalized by the organization, the NHL, and Adidas, but we know which way the most influential voice in the choice leans.

I have to defer (to answer) but I’m partial to Vegas. -The Creator

We did a poll, and most of the voting public agreed.

It’s not unprecedented in professional sports to use a name other than the city or state in which the team resides. Tampa Bay is a body of water next to the city of Tampa, Golden State is the nickname for California, and New England refers to an entire region.

Also, not a single team in the four major professional sports has four words in it’s name. The Los Angeles Angels are technically “of Anaheim,” but are very rarely referred to that way, and the Devil was dropped from Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2008.

If I were to guess, I’d say The Creator will win out, but it’s possible Adidas and the NHL step in and force it to go the other way.

After all, it’s always been Vegas Wants Hockey and Vegas Is Hockey, why change now, right?

Vegas Is Hockey


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  1. Michael

    Las Vegas is THE brand, Vegas is a slangy short hand for that brand. I think it is a huge mistake not to use Las Vegas, and ironic that Foley suddenly wants a three word name, as Las Vegas (any single sane name here) would work so much better. Remember, he is trying to make this an iconic brand, that people in China, the UK etc. will be interested in. I know lots of Brits, having been born and raised there, and trust me, Las Vegas is the bigger brand worldwide than it’s slang shorthand.

    I am sick of all the “he paid $500 million for the team and can do what he wants” opinions. He is not starting a non-profit, but a business, and that business has a produce and consumers. What other business would fail to take into account what its target consumer wants?

    Say I go to a distant land, and buy a restaurant at great expense to reach the locals, whom I have never lived among. Now, say it is a very risky venture in the eyes of most people, as the locals have a lot of other choices. If the locals tell me “We LOVE bacon”, would I then say “Well, I paid for the restaurant, and I really loved turkey as a boy, so I am only going to serve turkey”? And if the public said “we think unicorns are silly.” would I then name the restaurant ‘The Unicorn’?

    I can’t believe that Foley actually thinks that if he only has three words to use, ‘Las Vegas’ should be sacrificed in favor of ‘Desert Knights’. I am not going to beat the dead Aces horse here, but use knights itself instead. Which of the below would be an immediate stronger brand?

    Vegas Desert Knights
    Las Vegas Knights

    It’s a bit too painfully obvious.

    • Tom

      I agree with everything you said there. Great analogy. Las Vegas Knights isn’t an option though. Not sure if you’re aware or not.

      • Michael

        Thanks Tom! Yes, I am aware, I just wanted to contrast without resorting to Aces or Scorpions (in other words, keep the focus on whether Las Vegas or Desert Knights is a better use of two out of the three words).

      • Stephanie

        I’m over the fact that only his opinion is the only option..the whole thing with him is making me already see HEADACHE with yet another arrogant owner

      • Stephanie

        Omgggggggggg ….. It’s not even a stand out accent color …UGHHHHHHH .. I can just pray it’s nighthawks …don’t even know what to say anymore ..seriously depressing

    • RJ

      100% right. Vegas Desert Knights is a terrible, forgettable, minor league name. Las Vegas locals have been begging for the opportunity to prove that we are a major league city and I’m starting to fear that Foley is out to prove us wrong.

      • Tom

        It’s frustrating. Our first major league team and it’s gotta be Knights. And not just Knights, but unnecessary prefix-Knights. Hard-headed close-minded decision. He says he listens to the public. Let’s see…no snakes, no Aces, no Scorpions, no Peregrines, no Wranglers or Thunder because God forbid he spend any more money. No, not onpy will we saddle our city with a shitty name, we’ll make it a 2-worded shitty name. Alright!! I’m pumped! Bring on our shitty Knight name. It’s what the fans want.

        • JAY T

          Why does it HAVE to be knights this or the knights that? Is Foley a Freemason? A lot of billionaires are in secret groups like Skull & Bones. There is an ‘Order of the Black Knights’ apparently. Maybe the military story is just an excuse to pay homage to the brotherhood lol. Why else would this moron insist on a name that everyone hates?

          How can you compare Tampa Bay, New England, and Golden State to Vegas? None of those are nicknames or shortened versions of a city. Using Vegas not only sounds cheesy but as others as stated caters to tourists not the locals who this team is supposedly for.

  2. Michael

    An illustration of why slang terms should not be used for official names:

    “With the third pick of the 2017 NHL draft, Vegas selects…”

  3. Greg

    I agree foursquare with Michael.

  4. Michael

    In related news, I can’t wait to see the Big Apple Giants play the Frisco 49ers in the NFL this season…

  5. sparky chewbarky

    2 things…

    I think it was someone on twitter who nailed it, IMO. People usually refer to the strip as “Vegas”. Most people actually living in Las Vegas- raising families, working, etc.- may prefer “Las Vegas”. Personally, I prefer the longer “Las Vegas”. It would be interesting to see the breakdown of your poll in terms of number of non-residents vs. residents.

    Secondly…if I was a logo designer working on a team “letter-logo”, I would much rather work with a single symmetrical “V”, than the “LV”. Throw some wings on the “V” or jam a sword in it and bingo-bango, you’ve got a logo with a “V” for Vegas.
    “LV” is tough to blend into a clever “monogram”. “SK” or “BK” or “DK” is also tough.
    It will be interesting to see what the decision on the name is, and if the logo creation had anything to do with that decision.

    • franky

      Sparky, you do not have to have the L on the uni to call yourself Las Vegas, the V speaks for itself thats the beauty of it.

      • sparky chewbarky

        …I see your point, but I wouldn’t create a logo for Los Angeles an just an “A”.
        Maybe New Jersey would be a better example, because New Jersey does get referred to as just “Jersey”. Any New Jersey team would have an “NJ” on it…not just a “J”.
        I’m thinking that if I wasn’t a sports fan and saw a hockey sweater with a “V” logo…I may not guess that it was “Las Vegas”.

        • James

          @sparky chewbarky
          The “V” works well with the sword in the stone concept. I’m not from this neck of the woods, but I’ve never heard Las Vegas referred to as the “V”. Atlanta is referred to as the “ATL” and the “A”.

          Interesting you brought up the New Jersey Devils. Could you picture them being called the Jersey Devils?

          It appears that 4 worders are unpopular amongst everybody. Las Vegas is a world-class brand. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The team name Something Knights isn’t the main attraction.

    • Michael

      I don’t think the poll was properly worded anyway. The question was something along the lines of:

      “What do you call the city in every day life?”

      It should have been:

      “Do you prefer Las Vegas or Vegas for the team name?”

      or even

      “If you have a three worded name, would you prefer Las Vegas followed by one word, or Vegas followed by two words?”

      My point is that we do all refer to Las Vegas as Vegas a lot, but that is not the point – the point is what is better for an official name, and I don’t think slang is ever a good look for that.

      • Tom

        I don’t think Foley cares at all what the polls say lol. I challenge anyone to show me where he ever has. Black Knights was nixed by the Army. Every other decision has been his (no snake names, no to Aces, no to Scorpions )

        • Michael

          I agree entirely. He seems like a nice enough fellow, but he has done a terrible job at making the fans feel like this will be their team. Almost like the called up Dan Snyder and Stan Kroenke for advice…

    • Tom

      A V with a sword in it? You pretty much described the second version of the Silver Knights concept jersey. Have you seen it?

  6. franky

    Its a tough one but for National and International marketing you almost assume it has to be Las Vegas.

    Labeling yourself Vegas in marketing and we know people will when discussing amongst themselves is fine and dandy but to cover all bases I think both Las Vegas and Vegas should be used over all. What he literally calls the team therefore needs to be Las Vegas as to not exclude the Las part and appar asthough he is adding when marketing.

    As far as the name goes the last and only hope I have is he continues to listen to fans and IF one of the three final options it’s Desert Knights. Based on the red rock comment it only makes sense that and the polls that have it a real winner. Very positive how that name gained such immediate acceptability and trounced the other two. It was close with Silver at times but completely destroys Golden.

    So Las Vegas Desert Knights or Vegas Desert Knights, either way it needs to use both to reach all and thus Las needs to be the official, you can take away (make just Vegas) when you want but you cannot add.

    Go desert Knights!

  7. Tommy

    Reading the review journal and see this new article, look at poll results and bingo bango Las Vegas Desert Knights is kicking ass yet again! God help Foley if he names it anything else but Desert Knights. Not sure how he can ignore its dominance.

    Has anyone asked the Creator how he feels about Desert Knights ;)

  8. Tom

    Everybody I’ve talked to here in Vegas hates Desert Knights. Like I’ve said before maybe the people that like it are outsiders. It’s really not that great of a name to me and a lot of other people.

    • Tommy

      Well Tom the votes say otherwise what can I say.

    • James

      You will be pleased to know that Clark Rasmussen from is predicting the name will be Golden Knights based on domains and colour schemes. Yes, Las Vegas is the Silver State. But if you look at photographs of Red Rocks, there’s a lot of gold in there.

      I would also add that Sand is often referred to as being Golden. And obviously sand is found in the Desert. Golden would pay homage to the Las Vegas environment (Desert) without being so obvious.

      • Tommy

        Honestly James over several polls and thousands and thousands of votes Desert Knights comes out on top, SIlver a close second and Golden single digit like 7% average. If he picks Golden he didnt do it for the color of sand. He did it because of a parachute team and his own ambitions. One big middle finger to everyone’s opinion, first name his choice, Knights his choice F U Las Vegas! Now in saying that it is his money and his right to do so but at that point it is 100% he bought a team for himself not Vegans and named it for himself not Vegans. After saying he listens to the fans I would chalk that one up to being another misdirection, the listening part. jmo but I stick with Desert Knights, majority general rules when someone is listening, ever watch who wants to be a millionaire? Ask the audience? Go with that answer…Desert Knights

        • James

          Foley has ignored the fans up until this point! It shouldn’t come as a surprise if he does it again.

          I agree. If he picks Golden he didn’t do it for the colour of sand. He did it because of a parachute team and his own ambitions. But he will spin it as paying homage to the Las Vegas environment with the help of desert colours.

      • Tom

        Good I hope thats true. Never thought id be rooting for a Knights name but anything is better than Desert Knights.

    • JP

      Moreso they are accepting the lesser of three evils and have come to reality that “The Creator” is going to get his West Point tie in regardless of what the fans think or want.

  9. Tom

    M not to concerned with whether the team will be called “Las Vegas” or just “Vegas .” I think it’ll kinda be like our soon to be shitty name Desert Knights or Silver or Golden Knights…people will get tired of saying it and they’ll just call us Vegas Knights. It’s kinda like if you’re name is Oswald and you have everybody call you Oz because it sounds better. Dad knew your name sucked but regardless what the rest of the family wanted, dammit it was his son and he was gonna name him Oswald no matter what. That’s us. We are the Las Vegas Oswald’s…

  10. RJ

    Locals live in Las Vegas. Tourists visit Vegas. Foley can instantly tell the city and the world who this team is for. If this team isn’t for me then I’ll go buy my Ducks jersey back from goodwill.

  11. Dwayne Lucyk

    Las Vegas siLVer Knights is still one syllable less than Carolina or Montreal or Philadelphia full team names. I guess the letters L and V, in the middle of siLVer, makes too much sense to choose, if golden is the only other color option. It would be easier for a logo designer to work with siLVer to make the L and V pop out of the players’ chests, especially for a third “worded” jersey down the road, I keep repeating. Also, the color gold could still be used as the primary color and siLVer for the logo and trim or piping to avoid clashing with LA Kings colors. If ever Foley decided to stop and rethink the business of naming the team by dropping Knights altogether, then my suggested submission would be LAS Vegas LASers and someday it would become just as famous of a name as Los Angeles LAkers. However, “something” Knights will be Foley’s legacy akin to his business enterprise name and no one should fault him for choosing his own legacy name for bringing NHL hockey to Las Vegas, not Vegas.

    • Michael

      I’m afraid I fault him. He is asking me to buy into a product that he is making less desirable.

  12. A Fan

    A lot of good points brought up. If we’re going to be stuck with ‘Something Knights’ which are all bad, I sure hope they hit it out of the park with the colors and logo to help make up for the lame name.

  13. Mickey B

    I think my biggest gripe in this comedy of errors is that Foley isn’t listening at all to what the fans want for the name. Alienating your fan base by telling them there will be a vote, then rescinding that completely, and then choosing an awful name without listening to what folks are suggesting is extremely bad. Not a good start at all. Since he worked so hard to get the team and depended on these very fans to buy deposits to even make this happen at all, you would think he would’ve gone so far to give those same people a voice. You really fumbled and bumbled this, William.

    • JP

      “Alienating your fan base by telling them there will be a vote, then rescinding that completely, and then choosing an awful name without listening to what folks are suggesting is extremely bad. ”

      Bingo. He is making this about what HE wants and something that has meaning to HIM. His West Point love fest takes priority to him over everything else it seems and that is a terrible way to start off with a new fan base. Reminds me quite a bit of Bob Johnson calling the NBA team Bobcats so they could be named after himself.

      • Stephanie

        Did anyone see his video on his site …? He has LV Knights in his car with a lame goalie in knights clothes ….
        I’m excited Las Vegas is getting a team but I don’t care if we win the cup ,I will NEVER BUY A JERSEY with that STUPID LOGO OR NAME ….DO YOU HEAR ME FOLEY . .??? .,,,!!!
        You’re an idiot !
        I’ll continue to buy BLACKHAWKS JERSEYS CUZ THEYRE COOL

  14. James

    It could be worse. At least we’re not the Vegas Bills …

    The association between the name “Bobcats” and Johnson’s first name had been assumed but never concretely confirmed until now:

    Bobcats was sort of handed to us by Bob Johnson because of his first name. We bantered about it and we said, “Hey, you know, Flight tested better…” and he’d go “I’ve got 300 million reasons why I think it should be Bobcats,” and that was it.”

    – Tom O’ Grady, president and CEO of Gameplan Creative, the company contracted to design the logo and branding when the city was awarded the team

  15. 006

    The worst thing that could happen to this already terrible name would be to drop “Las” from it. I hate the thought of the team being named the Vegas Whatever Knights much more than them being called the Las Vegas Whatever Knights. The “Silver” or “Golden” or “Desert” modifier is almost inconsequential versus the importance of including “Las” in the final name.

    This whole process is a joke to begin with regardless. I’ve been following sports for over 30 years and I’ve never seen a more ridiculous charade to come up with a team name ever. As laughable as Arizona has been as a franchise for the past two decades, at least the original owners were sensible with the name “Coyotes” and moved on. If Las Vegas can’t be the Aces, they sure can be the Scorpions. End of story.

    • Jason Adams

      Scorpions was my favorite and most sensible one.

      • Stephanie

        Agreed ! …the scorpion logo and possible stitching could’ve been amazing

        • Mickey B

          Scorpions, Aces and Vipers are no brainers. Pick one, doesn’t matter. Any of them fit. I don’t care about the argument that HE owns the team and HE gets to name it. LISTEN TO YOUR FAN BASE. Team Owning 101, Billy.

          Believe it or not, I was trying to find a reason to follow your team and almost switch my allegiance from my Winnipeg Jets to your awful named club. Not anymore.

  16. Jason Adams

    No matter what the name ends up being, it’ll be shorten to las Vegas knights or Vegas knights by the fans and media which is what Foley might be hoping for. Someone already mentioned that a team name could and usually is shorten. “Welcome to hockey in Vegas as the Knights take on the LA Kings…”. See what I mean? Another example is the Penguins but are referred to as pens. The only way the name won’t be shorten will be on the merchandising.

  17. Tom

    The more I think about it, I’m thinking Desert Knights is one of his ‘misdirection’ names. Think about it, he wanted Black Knights. He couldn’t get Black Knights. What’s his backup gonna be? Another color. If I had to climb into his brain, I don’t think he thinks Desert Knights is a tough sounding or intimidating name, and if I’m right, then he and I finally agree on something. You gotta think like a 70 year old billionaire: he wanted Black Knights. To him, that sounded really cool. He couldn’t get it, so is gonna shift gears and go with something totally different? Or is he gonna slap a new color on the front, his tertiary color for Black Knights just became his primary color for Golden Knights, and he keeps the original logo idea but changes it to gold. I think thats what’s happening. Im starting to compromise in my heart on this one. I’ll take the damn knight name and learn to love it somehow, but if it’s Desert Knights, it’s gonna be a lot harder. I believe Desert Knights was one of his misdirection names, sorry for those of you who actually liked it. I don’t think it’s the one (thank God).

    • James

      Also bare in mind, Desert Hawks was a distant second to Nighthawks among the bird names. But I guess you could chalk it up to misdirection.

      Las Vegas or Vegas (Something) Knights, The Creator Prefers The Latter. I’m not sure how this flew under the radar – I read about Vegas (Something) Knights but I never thought it would happen. Foley isn’t swayed by the masses. He doesn’t care about Golden Knights bottoming out at the polls.

      • Tom

        Don’t be shocked lol. If we had a naming contest like originally planned, do you think Knights in any form would’ve been what the people chose? That’s the real reason the contest was nixed. It was never about what we wanted. He’ll sell us on the jerseys. That’s basically what he’s banking on. If he doesn’t name it Desert Knights, it’ll be the one time his hardheadedness actually made me happy. I’ll take Golden or Silver at this point. Yeah they’re stupid names, but at least they’re not an oxymoronic stupid name. Cracks me up that some people are digging what I think is the shitty misdirection name. Like u said tho everybody I’ve talked to hates it the most

  18. James

    I hate to burst your bubble, but Clark Rasmussen is now saying Vegas Desert Knights.

    ‘I no longer think the dot-com domain registrations tell us much of anything. Names Foley (or his spokespeople) have said he owned are not owned by him. I don’t think we can read into their ownership to determine which of the three names is the final one.

    With that in mind, I also no longer think Golden Knights will be the name. Based on how he described the jerseys last week, I think we’re looking at Desert Knights. Vegas Desert Knights.’

    • Tom

      God I hope not. Vegas Desert Knights is quite possibly the worst combo he’s come up with.

      • James

        Think about it, Vegas Desert Knights is closer to Army Black Knights in length than Las Vegas Black Knights. Vegas Black Knights would have been his dream scenario.

        • James

          Think about it, Vegas Desert Knights is closer to Army Black Knights in length than Las Vegas Desert Knights.

          • Tom

            What’s your favorite out of the 3? Don’t you think Desert Knights sounds corny? I can’t be the only one.

      • Tom

        Anyways, he’s just guessing like the rest of us. At this point he doesn’t have any info that we don’t already have.

  19. Tom

    If Clark Rasmussen is changing his opinion based on how Foley described the jersey last week, then I’ve still got hope. I read that several times. It’s carefully worded and can apply to any of the three finalists. What a fiasco this has become. Dropping Las from Las Vegas, adding a prefix to a name nobody wanted but him, this team isn’t ours. Never was.

    • James

      The real hope of Golden Knights was based on the dot-com domain registrations.

      I think dropping Las from Las Vegas was a final twist in the tale. I also think we’re looking at Vegas Desert Knights, but I’ve been wrong before.

      • Tom

        What’s your opinion of Desert Knights? I have a total disdain for it, but I’m always curious what other people think. To me it sounds corny, like a made up thing. Kinda like a mighty duck. I don’t know, growing up in the desert I just feel its not a real thing, and yes I know there did exist some Knights in a desert like you were saying, but if that’s the route we”re going doesn’t history tell us they had their asses handed to them? So besides the historical reference it still sounds just goofy. It sounds like a 10 year old came up with it. What say you?

        • James

          I think the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim is a generational thing. I was 11 years old in their inaugural season and grew up on Disney. I remember seeing a Mighty Ducks primary logo poster in a sports shop and falling in love with it. I also loved the films. I guess nostalgia plays a part. You look back at your childhood more fondly. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

          • Tom

            I was 18 when the Ducks were formed and I went to their very first home game. I remember thinking the Mighty part of their name was stupid even back then. They figured it out eventually.

          • Stephanie

            Ducks suck …name sucks

  20. James

    For some reason I think Silver sounds unnecessary. It looks like Silver has been forced in front of Knights because Nevada is referred to as The Silver State. Golden Knights looks more natural, but doesn’t have the symbolism of Silver. I think all 4 worders have a minor league feel to them. But I’m quite partial to the grass roots of the minors. There’s some great films featuring the minor leagues. I know I’m in the minority. I also like shorter major league names.

    Desert Knights. hmm. To be honest, I don’t feel as strongly about the name as you. With that being said, I’m an outsider. I cringed at some of the stereotypical team names Americans were suggesting for a potential London NFL team. Desert is a bridge to Foley’s Knights, but Desert becomes more prominent if you are dropping Las from Las Vegas.

    Dropping Las from Las Vegas was a shocker – Has this ever happened before? … Jersey Devils doesn’t sound so bad if you drop the New from New Jersey.

    I want to say Golden Knights because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but it’s hard to ignore being golden in The Silver State. It just feels wrong. I might have to bump Desert Knights in front of Golden. I keep changing my mind. Perhaps I was too harsh on Silver Knights? Dropping Las from Las Vegas adds a new wrinkle.

    • Tom

      You know, Las Vegas is a unique city. It’s a city full of people from somewhere else. I grew up here for instance but I was born in California. Most of my friends here arent actually from here. So Mr. Foley wants to build our first pro team, and he wants us all to support it. The best thing he couldve done was get the city involved. It’s not easy to pry someone from their beloved team and say “here, this is your new team.” I for instance am a die-hard LA Kings fan. There’s a huge Kings fan base in town. You watch, the first several seasons of Las Vegas Whatever Knights hockey, there will be a sea of Kings jerseys in the stands. I’ll probably be one of them. People don’t give up on their teams that easily. It’s too bad Mr. Foley didn’t see this as an opportunity to build a strong fan base by including us in the naming of the team. Even if we just picked from selected names, anything. Just something to make us feel like this was ours. It doesn’t feel that way at all. And you watch, people are gonna have a hard time replacing their old team in their hearts. I’m a Kings fan for life, I was hoping to make room for Vegas’ team but I’m just not feeling it. Foley really dropped the ball in my opinion.

      • A Fan

        As someone who doesn’t like any of the Knights names, Desert sure sounds better than Golden, that one makes zero sense to me. And dropping the ‘Las’ is not a good idea also.

        I am going to adopt this team as my #1 no matter the name, but it sure would have been much more fun having the name be the Las Vegas Mustangs, Scorpions or Aces for sure. A 4 word name is stupid for several reasons, but dropping the ‘Las’ doesn’t work either. It should be the Las Vegas Xxxxxx. KISS it. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

      • Stephanie

        You said it perfectly my friend

  21. JP

    The entire naming process has been a charade of the highest form.

    From Day 1, Foley has been hell bent on the name (Fill in your adjective here) Knights. I am 100 percent convinced the only reason Black Knights wasn’t immediately announced as the team name the second Vegas was awarded the team is because Army wouldn’t allow it. Yet, instead of listening to the consumer, he’s remained stuck on naming it something that resonates with HIM.

    Yes, he paid $500 million for the team. Yes, it’s admirable that he served and went to West Point. He deserves all the credit in the world for both these, and for being the first to bring a professional sports franchise to Las Vegas. Noone will ever discredit or lack appreciation for this. However, while he invested a ton of money into the team and an equal amount of hours into making this happen, he’s completely failed in the most important facet of Business 101: listening to the target audience. Frankly, the number of people who give a rat’s ass about Foley’s personal history can likely be counted on one hand, and they sure as hell don’t want their team named after something that means something only to HIM. From the start, the majority of Las Vegas fans have turned a deaf ear to anything Knights related, and no it’s not because they had an “Aces or bust” mentality. Yet, it seems like he has completely taken the fans out of the decision making process. While I get he doesn’t want to wind up seeing a Boaty McBoatface situation, pushing an identity a vast majority of the fans don’t want is a poor start. Paying $500 million is great, but you want a return on investment, and merchandise makes up a large part of that return. As much as you may WANT something, if the paying customer isn’t having it, don’t force it.

    Also, for some reason, I can’t shake the thought he’s going to call them the Vegas Golden Knights (it’s the name with the most Army ties). If he does this, he may as well take out an add in the Review-Journal and stick his middle finger in the air to everyone supporting the team; or say “I’m gonna do whatever I want, regardless of whether or not you like it because it’s MY house.”

    Definitely has been a less than ideal start to this team.

  22. Tom

    Waiting for the team name is excruciating. It sucks waiting for a surprise that you know you’re not gonna like…

  23. A Fan

    Yeah, that’s why I’ve given up even spending any time thinking about the name any longer. I’m just waiting to see what the colors/logo looks like now.

  24. Stephanie

    FOLEYYYYYY …. !!!!! Years and Years of waiting and wanting a PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM IN LAS VEGAS …And you are going to saddle us with a horrific name great ACCENT color …no exciting logo …YOU SUCK SUCK SUCK …SORRY but that’s how I feel …cmon even a super cool stitched scorpion would look sooo cool and I hate scorpions …ANYTHING BUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO THIS CITY ! …I mean why not go with an orangey pink sunset color accent color with black and grey …make it STAND OUT ..MAKE A STATEMENT …UGHHHHHHH … It’s truly misery to me …and I’m sry …someone should do a better job please than a penguin, shark , coyote , etc..they are LAME LAME LAME LOGOS …. The most intricate ones r way cooler …Blackhawks , red wings … I FEEL LIKE WE NEED TO WAIT FOR HIM TO DIE TO BEG SOMEONE TO LEGALLY CHANGE EVERYTHING ALREADY

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