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Las Vegas Neon Jersey Concept

Here at we are always looking to grow. Recently, we put out a worldwide search for a graphic designer. Someone who could take our stupid ideas and turn them into a reality… digitally. After sifting through thousands hundreds tens a couple applications, we found our guy! His name is Isaac Palestino or as we know him, @JetProArt.

His first project was to turn my terrible drawings using drug store colored pencils of a jersey for the name Las Vegas Neon into something presentable. And boy did he ever. So, without further ado, here’s they are.

 NEONJersey-front NEONJersey-back Las Vegas Neon Home Las Vegas Neon Logo

Check it out, dude crushed it. In great detail, Isaac used the bright neon colors in a manly fashion. This is one colorful sweater players won’t mind wearing. The Vegas Strip skyline above the N-E-O-N lettering is a perfect highlight to the front of the jersey.

Our boy scored top shelf yet again adding white shoulder pads, with team patches stitched in. Looks great with neon blue trim, seamlessly blending into the black jersey. The league shield on a blue collar looks NHL official. The white and blue striped trim on the jersey and sleeves is a nice touch as well. It adds to the sweaters modern and stylish look.

Lastly, the name and numbers on the back are clear, and colorful. Every possible color scheme is used around the league. Its tough to find an original. The colors are unique, and a good representation of Las Vegas. And of course he used #91, is @JetProArt a boss player? Yup.

Isaac must give amazing Christmas gifts, because he gave me everything I wanted in a concept jersey. It looks like a real NHL sweater and something fit for Las Vegas.

What do you think? (Don’t be mean, we like this guy)


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  1. Daoloth

    Besides the Logo the colors are not bad with the Black and Blue ;). My reaction is No Just No, knew a girl that used the handle Neon :). She was cool, that logo is another story altogether :). Hipsters might buy it to replace the Fisherman Jersey of Islanders :).

    There is a Black Sabbath song Neon Knights or so if they wanted to go all out for it ;). I’d laugh seeing their draft pic look at the jersey before putting it on :). Not sure many would know what the buildings are supposed to mean either.

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