The San Jose Sharks sorta turn twenty-five this year. They’ve really only played twenty-four seasons (they lost a season to the 04-05 strike) nevertheless, their celebrating twenty-five years of Sharks hockey.

As a kid growing up in the 90s, I vividly remember the Sharks being introduced. I really liked the team name and Shark logo. And really, who didn’t dig the Sharks teal jerseys? The same color of teal you’d only see on a Double Dare contestants T-Shirt. The 90’s were rad.

So in celebration, San Jose brought back some classics. They’re wearing the original teal jersey more, and most importantly they brought back this.

The quintessential 90’s fan hype video. The same gnarly video that San Jose played twenty-four, er, twenty-five seasons ago. This video has it all; state of the art cheesy graphics, animals morphing into humans, and of course midi-file pump up music. I have no idea how this would get anyone out of their seat, but it did. It worked so well that other teams produced their own hype videos. Which brings up the point that Las Vegas needs a tacky hype video of their own.

You don’t need to be pumped up in Las Vegas. However, home town fans might. This is home to us, if the team is losing and it looks like it could be a long night, pop out the hype vid. Voila. When animals morph, fans get so loud opposing teams skate for the locker room.

The question is what would be in the video? Maybe a montage of Vegas Strip headliners chanting “Let’s Go Knights”… Or an outer space shot of the Strip spelling out Neon Hockey? There’s something missing, but what? Of course animals morphing into humans. How about we get Ken’s rats, and have them morph into the Rat Pack on ice? Sammy Davis in net, Blue Eyes at center and Dino back on the blue line. I’m getting pumped just thinking about it.

Any other ideas? Anything with teal, I’m in.