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Las Vegas In Winter Classic 2018 At West Point? Yes Please

**There is an update to this story.**

There have been multiple reports of the 2018 Winter Classic game being played at West Point with the New York Rangers as one of the participants.

The Rangers however must be the away team as their agreement with Madison Square Garden forbids them to give up a home game. Enter Las Vegas. There’s an obvious connection with The Creator to his alma mater, but the idea makes sense beyond that.

The NHL wants to do all it can to highlight Las Vegas in its first season, and aside from opening night, which will almost certainly be a Vegas home game, the Winter Classic is the premier slot. There is this problem though…

We would love to be involved in an outdoor game, but we wouldn’t give up a home date to do it. –The Creator to the LVRJ

My question, why not? At this very moment season ticket holders are beginning the process of selecting their seats for the inaugural season at T-Mobile Arena. The plan is for the team to play four preseason games and 41 regular season games in the building. But if there’s ever been a team in a position to give up a home game without the ire of their fan base it’s this one.

16,000 fans in Las Vegas are going from 0 home games to 45. I’d be willing to bet just about every fan would be okay to see that number decrease to 44 in exchange for the right to purchase a ticket to the Winter Classic at West Point against the Rangers.

The Creator went on to say he has been in discussions to play a preseason game at West Point in the next year or two.

This team needs to be marketed to the world, not just Las Vegas. As we’ve mentioned many times in the past Las Vegas is a world renowned brand, and there’s a real chance the Las Vegas Something Knights become one of the most popular teams in the league in a short time. A Winter Classic at the home of the United States Army would be go a long way in accelerating that process.

Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity for to cement Las Vegas as the team of the military, something that would make The Creator a very very happy man.

Losing a home game is never ideal, but there will (hopefully) never be a better time in the history of the franchise to do it. There’s a bigger picture to consider here. A preseason game would be fun, but the impact is peanuts compared to that of playing in the Winter Classic. It’s the NHL’s gem, and if there’s a chance to get in it, it’d be wise to make it happen.

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  1. Ron Murphy

    If I pay for the game, I don’t want it in West Point…and maybe a handful of people would buy a ticket and go back to see it..Vegas will get plenty of publicity from every team and media crew that comes to each of their teams games

    • Tom

      I kinda feel the same as Ron, but then again I’m sure I’m not gonna make it to all 41 games. Sounds like Mr. Foley doesn’t want it anyways.

  2. GREG

    NYR contract with MSG has a clause about them losing some type tax deal they have with the city of NY if there the home team in another location. When NYR played the two games at Yankee Stadium they were the road team. Their may be competition for West Point grads because the FL Panther owner is a grad too. I know who wants FL in it but just a thought.

  3. Bill Windsor

    I certainly feel for the “Creators” desire to return to his alma mater as the owner of his new team…however, I understand how season ticket holders would feel paying for a game outside of Las Vegas…perhaps 50% off on a junket to New York for season ticket holders to attend the game may suffice.

  4. Mikey Stadium

    Make the Islanders the home team. Sells out faster than you can say simple.

  5. Mikey Stadium

    AND do Vegas, of course.

  6. Mikey Stadium

    Kings v Vegas. Start the rivalry….

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