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Las Vegas Hockey Is Undefeated, Cherish It

Losing sucks. It’s a lesson we’ve all learned whether playing, watching, or betting on sports. And the worst part, there’s no avoiding it. In Major League Sports about 3% of teams win the ultimate prize. College is even worse with 0.7% winning in football and 0.3% in basketball.

Even the biggest bandwagon fan in the world will experience heart arch more often than jubilation. It’s fact of sports, and as a fan, it’s kind of the worst part.

But I have some good news. The Las Vegas NHL Franchise has NEVER lost. And, that streak will continue for at least another 11 months.

Can’t lose if you don’t play though, right? But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still follow the team and experience the “wins” along the way, all with the benefit of knowing, they’ll never lose.

Expansion franchises don’t come along too often in professional sports. Vegas is the third expansion team in the four major sports in the last 15 years. Very rarely, if ever for most sports fans, do you get to watch the actual formation of a team you plan on cheering on for the rest of your life.

Think about this, since June 22nd, when Gary Bettman delivered Las Vegas the best news the city has ever been given, it’s been nothing but positive. Hired a general manager, awesome! The Assistant GM appears to be a diamond in the rough, nailed it! Team name and logo on November 22nd. Minor league affiliate in December. Jerseys sometime after. Players. Draft picks. Head coach. They are all going to viewed under a positive light.

This team literally cannot lose for at least the next 300 days. The only “competition” the team will be in between now and October of 2017 is the NHL Draft Lottery, and honestly even if we crap out and end up 6th, it still won’t feel like much of a loss.

So if you are like me and have had one of the most miserable sports weeks in recent memory, just remember, your new favorite team is undefeated, and will be for a LONG time.

And if you one of the fortunate ones who can’t remember the last crushing loss, bookmark this page, and when your boys flame out in the playoffs, or your superstar tears his ACL, or the ref blows the game winning call, pull this article back up, and remember, your new favorite team is undefeated, and will be for a LONG time.


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  1. Slack

    Here’s to hoping the dark gray boxes next to you in the season ticket selection aren’t aholes! Ha! Bring on the schedule!

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