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Las Vegas Headliners Jersey Concept

Next up in our series of jersey concepts is one that’s a bit outside the box. During our podcast discussing team names we were thrown all sorts of different options. One in particular stuck out and we decided to make it a reality to see what every one thinks. The team name is the Las Vegas Headliners. Here’s what Isaac’s magical photoshop came up with.

Las Vegas headliners home Las Vegas headliners away


The team would be more commonly referred to as the Liners.

The main idea behind the jerseys was to give the team some of that club feel Las Vegas is known for.

That’s why we added in the light blue, yellow, and highlighted the jerseys with a neon pink/purple. The hope would be that at least one of these colors would become synonymous with the city and the team and would become a fan favorite inside the arena.

What do you think?

If you like them, Isaac deserves all the credit, if not, blame it on me (Ken) I’m the one who thought pink was a good idea.

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  1. Stephanie

    What is this the 80s?!?!?

    • Neon lights, bright colors, etc. That’s Vegas. These colors are literally pulled directly out of nightclubs in the city. You guys are killing me!!! #SharingIsCaring

      • Daoloth

        I think people would call the team Las Vegas Head… At best invoking images of Al Snow from ECW fame :). You get the idea without me naming some other places show on HBO :). They would have to ban Lamar Odom from the games to be safe ;). Headliners makes me think of news stories not hockey or anything related to it ;). Maybe if they were a dirty team that took a lot of head shots it would fit :)…

  2. Daoloth

    I would think of Pool Liners or like Jacket Liners things like that instead of lines… Though I think it would split thinking lines as in betting or lines as in doing them with a rolled up dollar or whatever ;). This name would open them up for some real jabs if nothing else… The colors are fine by me though I read what they will be…

    According to an interview I read from Foley related to team names… Some of the issues are related to domain names getting taken they wanted to use. The clear indication is regardless if they use the Knights name is the colors will be Grey, Black, and Gold. The Vegas Star I think they call it, where the sword points downward is my favorite for a chest crest. Its iconic thinking of it related to Vegas from signs that seem to use it.

    Either way it was fun to look at the different ideas for uniforms… Though I think the away jerseys have to be mostly white… So the Black Knights one where its like Gold would probably have to be an alternate home one. For example if they were playing Nashville it would be hard having that clash with their Mustard Yellow :)…

    I am really upset by negative views or comments I saw in articles about Vegas. To me its a no brainer they should be the NHL expansion team… Others think they will fail or be moved after 5 years? They do well with Frozen Fury, I think their rivalry will be Anaheim Ducks with scumbags like Perry its hard not to :). Kings will have a connection with AEG so it will be beneficial to help them by having a stadium series game like they did Rangers at Caesar’s Palace :).

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