Over the course of the past four months we’ve conducted polls on Twitter in an attempt to gauge fan confidence that the league will eventually expand to Las Vegas.

The first poll was put on Twitter on November 5th, there were subsequent polls on 11/19, 12/21, 1/22, and today (2/17).

Here are the results of the polls.

11/5/15 – Yes-68% / No-32% – 92 votes
11/19/15 – Yes-81% / No-19% – 68 votes
12/21/15 – Yes-75% / No-25% – 91 votes
1/22/16 – Yes-69% / No-31% – 88 votes
2/17/17 – Yes 80% / No 20% – 81 votes

As the process has continues, you can see confidence wavering slightly, but nothing significant. Of course, this is as unscientific as a poll comes, but it’s probable many of the same people voted in each poll.

Therefore, when you read Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or in articles on the web that state, “the longer the process goes on more restless fans will become,” you can reasonably assume this is untrue.

Compare this to our friends up north in Quebec City. If you can’t wade through the translation, they are basically saying their confidence level is close to 50%.

As far as I’m concerned, as long as “the process continues” Las Vegas is still in a great position to get a team. It’s when they kill the process off that we’ve got troubles.