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Las Vegas Desert Knights Jersey Concept Redesign

Remember when we shared those ridiculously awesome Silver Knights jerseys at the end of August. Well, I finally had a chance to redesign them to work for the name Desert Knights.

The Creator has mentioned Red Rock as an inspiration for the color, so I drove my ass out there, took a picture, and pulled the color directly from the gorgeous rock formation unique to Southern Nevada.

And now, you have this. The redesigned look of the the Las Vegas Desert Knights.

redrocklasvegas_away redrocklasvegas_home_alt redrocklasvegas_home

These jerseys and the logo were designed by Troy Birmingham. I deserve absolutely no credit, all I did was change the accent colors.

Just as I said the first time we posted these babies, if the NHL and Adidas come up with something better than this, we’re in for a real treat. Honestly though, I’m afraid many of us will be running back to this post saying, damn, I wish they hired Troy.


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  1. A Fan

    Not sure if it’s my browser, but the color kind of looks like a peach color? ‘Thumbs down’ if so.

  2. James

    I’m expecting a shield logo similar to the Florida Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars, which pays tribute to the military. The sword in the stone logo could be used as a second or third logo, and be a shoulder patch.

    I’m not really a fan of the third jersey. The Red Rock is too overpowering.

    I imagine something similar to the team North America hockey jersey. 2 textured Red Rock trims on each sleeve and a trim at the bottom of the jersey.

    The team Europe jersey looks very medievil. The crest and jersey design looks like a coat of arms.

  3. RJ

    I don’t care for the sandstone color, but it has the benefit of being unique. I can imagine a ‘rock out’ night at the arena where all the fans wear this color looking kind of cool.

  4. Lillian

    Where can I purchase team merchandise? Have they opened a store yet and if yes, where please?

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