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Las Vegas Aces Jersey Concept

If you head over to the Team Name Poll (brought to you by our friends at Nova Home Loans), you’ll notice the name Aces is surging.

Despite it’s possible tie to gaming, something the league and The Creator have commented they will not allow in a team name, Aces fits Las Vegas very well for multiple reasons. First is the obvious one and the other being Las Vegas’ connection to Nellis Air Force Base.

As always, our guy Isaac Palestino, created some gems that took the two concepts and smashed them together. So here they are, the jersey concept for the team name Las Vegas Aces.

Las Vegas Aces Home Las Vegas Aces Away Las Vegas Aces Logo 1 Las Vegas Aces Logo 2 Las Vegas Aces Logo 3 Las Vegas Aces Logo 4

The pilot wings, the Ace of Spades, the helmet, the jets, these things really have it all. The color scheme fits the mandatory colors set out by The Creator.

I could see myself rocking Vegas Aces gear from head to toe. Heck, I might even buy a fighter pilot helmet if they made ones that replicated the jerseys.

Like em? Let us know (there’s a comment section down there for a reason). And if you’d like to see any of our other jersey designs, click these words.


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  1. vinny

    Love it, love the name, clear wiiner from day one! Thanks sinbin

  2. Jeff

    This, to me is the best one yet. But for some reason I feel the main logo on jersey should be the Ace with 3 fighter jets and the wings placed on the shoulders.

    Never been a fan of the Knights name for Vegas. Keeps reminding me of the shitty Excalibu Hotel & Casino.

    • Daoloth

      You would even use that 3 Planes Ace logo within the Wings instead of the current one… That would be a much easier icon to reproduce while looking cooler in general. Yeah that or the logo with the Plane under the word Aces seems the most ideal.

      I don’t might the name Knights since it can play on Vegas Nights… It bothers me when they want to add a color like black or silver. I had suggested a lot of cool names on Vegas sites a year or so ago. I think a few of them would be better, I just hope they don’t use any laces on the jersey. I’d like to see the Aces and 8’s… I had a t-shirt with a cool design having that hand with like a skull.. I’d post the picture if I could find it in my draw :).

  3. Michael

    Like it, but the one that won the ESPN competition is much better.

  4. TD

    Like it a lot and agree with Jeff, makes more sense then Knights.

    Both Aces concepts I have seen would work, both have their pro’s/con’s, maybe ultimately a bit of each can be used, great work guys and Isaac.

    As far as preventing the most popular team name goes, not a bright idea. I mean it’s Vegas, no moral high ground fake PC crap matters. Give us our Aces!


  5. Fred

    Kinda WW2 Nazi Germany esque

    • TD

      Yeeeeeeeah ok, don’t see that at all unless for the last 70+ years all pilots, motorcycle riders, sportsman and spades/jets are evil LOL

  6. Michael

    I agree with TD and Jeff. I know that Bill Foley will own the team and “can do what he wants”, but unless he plans on buying every ticket himself, he needs a relationship with the fans, and reneging on the promise for the fans to choose the name is not a good place to start. The Black Knights name is just about Foley’s life, whereas the Aces is about Las Vegas.

  7. flacc0wned

    So, did you realize that the Winnipeg Jets already have a fighter jet incorporated into their logo? We dont need another team with this. Though the design is well done. the concept misses.

  8. TD

    Whatever the concept, needs to be Aces to respect the fans.

  9. Holycowitsjenn

    I dig it. They look awesome, tho id like to see the spade as the main fpcus with the jets.

    The comment about Winnipeg is a good point tho….. a friend of mine pointed out how he didn’t know the knight concept because it just seemed to close to home with a lot of the kings things. What ever the name is it should try to avoid being close to anyone’s else’s logo, etc.

    I’m still hoping for black knights tho cause i want to make monty python puns…

  10. TD

    This could be Foley’s team video lol I also thought Monty when I heard the name…

  11. Chris

    I like the Aces and Knights. I’m good with either name. With that said, why are some people here thinking Aces represents “the people.” Which people? Fighter pilots? People that own the domain name? I really like the Aces if it represents an Ace card or deck of cards not a fighter pilot. You think people outside of Vegas think Nellis or anyone that lives south of say Charleston identify with a fighter pilot? That poll has the Venom and the Neon with a solid amount of votes. Why not bring them into the fold being they represent Vegas better than the Aces and Knights even though they are both horrible names. The Knights would be awesome and it’s also a double entandre. The obvious being a Knight and the other is a kNIGHT. Vegas Nights. Businesses will have a field day with that. In the end, this team can be the Vegas Celine Dions and I would still support it. Don’t play yourself and think that if Bill names the team the Knights it would have any affect on the turnout to games. I can’t wait for the team to be announced!!!

    • TD

      I think people say our name (Aces) because it has won so many polls now dating back to a year + ago. even the poll the review journal and Foley himself (Vegaswantshockey) ran.

      As far as what Aces represents, don’t care either.

      And that current poll with Neon and Venom is HACKED big time, been known for over a week now and not stopped, Venom and Neon gained 40% in hours, someone is having fun. Aces was a winner there for over a month before the hack. Not sure why Ken allows it to get messed with.

  12. sparky chewbarky

    Not bad, Isaac!

  13. Matt

    I dont think it matters if the logo is similar to the jets, the logo with the three jets flying out of the spade is awesome, and plus there are so many professional teams that have similar stuff, i just hope its not the black knights because it makes no sense

  14. TD

    Agree, cool with anything but Knights/Black Knights, no connection.

  15. Daoloth

    They need an alternate jersey Aces & 8’s the Deadman’s hand from like Tombstone fame :). This would be a fine minor league team if they don’t get the main… Problem is that logo would be impossible to reproduce with any quality on most merchandise… So if use the wing as the center, I’d replace the head with the Ace of Spades symbol outright instead of doing all that extra detail that is nearly impossible to get stitched quality…

    The planes flying out into the Ace of Spades would be a better center logo I think. you could still have the wings design w/ the Ace of Spade in the center or so too. The colors seem better though would prefer silver over gold… Even if they used these color schemes for the Knight helmet logo it would probably work alright.

    That head in the logo looks like a bird or something from a distance. If this became the minor league team I think they would use the Aces over the Plane logo as the main chest icon. That at least could be reproduced for hats/t-shirts along with pucks. I like the way the tail of the plane cuts into the wording as well. Just not a real fan of gold, rather see funky blue like other jerseys had or the silver :).

  16. Stephanie

    This whole thing is making everyone miserable .! How do you bring a team to a city that’s in desperate need of a professional team and unity ,yet want it to have nothing to do with the city itself ?
    The black knights is a stupid stupid name for this town
    Love the black and grey …I even like gold ,but you have a chance to go with an amazing accent color and some seriously cool logos with a better name
    Hellllooooooo merchandising dollars
    Doing whatever you damn please is going to alienate fans
    There have been polls across the country and not just our city , why ignore that ?
    No one needs a stubborn rock headed owner either , even if he did bring hockey to Vegas

  17. Stephanie

    Adding to one more comment , “what’s in a name , logo ,and colors .? ”
    Everything !!!
    First off I’m from Chicago , and I think the Blackhawks colors and logo is prob the best in the nhl and for that reason alone , I would buy those jerseys even if we were awful
    As opposed to the coyotes ,penguins ,etc
    Second , since I was a young girl ,I fell in love with the Steelers football team , they hadn’t even won yet , not the Bears
    The big reason why ?
    I think it was their unique logo and colors , that was the start of a long love and passion for that team and I’ve never even been to Pittsburgh
    Hence why the colors , the name , the logo is truly
    Winning is next …

  18. Leonard hicks

    Are these for sale??? Since wnba team have there own logo..

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