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The Vegas Golden Knights!

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We will be at the event and will be tweeting throughout the night. Due to the layout of the event we will NOT be updating this page beyond a simple update on the name of the team and a picture of the logo until late tonight. For the up to the second coverage, go to You do not have to be signed up for Twitter to read our tweets.

If you are going to the event, we are hanging out at Beerhaus prior beginning at about 2:30 PM and Bruxie after until about 11 PM. Please come say hello. We will also have a limited supply of Hockey Night on the Vegas Strip shirts available to purchase.

Late tonight and into tomorrow we will have tons of new material surrounding the name, apparel, and much more. Until then, Go Golden Knights!!!


Here’s the official press release…

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 22, 2016) – The Las Vegas NHL franchise tonight announced it will be known as the Vegas Golden Knights™. The long-awaited name of the city’s first major-league sports franchise was revealed during a public ceremony at the Toshiba Plaza outside T-Mobile Arena.

During this historic event, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman shared comments about the excitement of naming the 31st NHL team; General Manager George McPhee spoke about building a team and the power behind the Vegas Golden Knights; and Bill Foley, majority owner of the Vegas Golden Knights unveiled the team name.

“We want our team to be known for dedication, honor, strength, courage and a commitment to never give up – both on the ice and off,” said Foley.  “We want our team to be committed to teamwork, service to this great city and integrity in all things – and we wanted a name and logo that represented all of this and was unique to Las Vegas and our community. Vegas Golden Knights is that name.”

Foley explained, “We selected ‘Knights’ because knights are the defenders of the realm and protect those who cannot defend themselves. They are the elite warrior class.”

The team’s colors – steel grey, gold, red and black – reflect the community and the focus of the team:

  • Steel grey represents strength and durability
  • Nevada is the largest producer of gold in the United States, it is a highly-valued precious metal and is a color seen in the Las Vegas terrain
  • Red is from the Vegas skyline, the desert and the beauty of the Red Rock canyons; red is also a color associated with the readiness to serve
  • Black represents power and intensity

Drawing on themes associated with knights, the helmet in the team’s logo includes a ‘V’ to represent Las Vegas. The secondary logos include swords that create the star from the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

“The Vegas Golden Knights team name and logo embody this great city and the mission of our team. When people see it, we want them to say ‘These guys never give up. These guys are going to win’,” said Foley.

Lifestyle apparel company, Black Clover, sponsored the event.

Golden Knights team apparel and gear is now available online at and and at the NHL Powered by Reebok flagship store in New York City.

The official team website is and the official team app is the NHL App. Fans can follow the team on Facebook: Vegas Golden Knights;Twitter @goldenknights; Instagram: @lvgoldenknights; and Snapchat: lvgoldenknights. Fans can also join in the conversation using #BoldInGold.

The Vegas Golden Knights will begin play in the 2017-2018 season.

Media can obtain team graphics at


About Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights is a National Hockey League franchise owned and operated by Black Knight Sports and Entertainment, LLC. The Vegas Golden Knights was established by founding partners Bill Foley and his family and the Maloof family.


What This Historical Night Means To Us


Golden Knights Unveil Event Recap; Pictures, Videos, Observations


  1. Tom

    Lol well what do you know? Despite Golden Knights finishing last in every public opinion poll, Mr. Foley did what he wanted to do like a true baller. As everybody kept telling me, it’s his 500 million. I’m actually happy with it to a degree. Could’ve been worst. Could’ve been Desert Knights.

    • Stephanie

      No ..stop saying it could’ve been worse’s pretty bad excuse for Foley ..

  2. Julian Carracino

    I think in 5 years it will be just vegas knights.
    Vegas is better than las vegas.anywhere in town can i buy apparel?everything online isnt available till mid dec

  3. James

    I’m still in shock after the announcement. Crow has never tasted so good. Mr. Foley had me fooled! I had come to terms with the fact that we would be Desert Knights. I tried to talk myself into liking the name. Golden Knights was definitely my favourite!

    Something changed today. I thought Silver Knights would win. I found myself rooting for anything besides Desert Knights.

    • Tom

      Me too James. And originally I thought it would be Golden Knights just because he couldn’t have Black Knights and this way he could switch the primary color and keep the logo, which is what it looks like he did. Then with all the hints of desert colors it started looking like he was gonna go with Desert Knights. I know there’s gonna be a lot of pissed people but I’m glad it wasn’t Desert. Hopefully we drop the prefix in a couple years and just be Knights. There really no need for the prefix.

  4. James

    I’ve come around to your point of view on the V. I was so excited when I saw the helmet logo. Yesterday I fell in love with the logo. Vegas goes with the logo.

    There’s something eerily familiar about the secondary logo. It looks like a Sparky Chewbarky creation.

    • Tom

      I noticed that too. Very similar to the concept jersey. Sparky shouldve got paid because I do believe he got robbed lol.

  5. James

    I was convinced he would placate the locals by meeting them halfway. In hindsight it makes sense. If you’re going to personally choose Knights, you may as well go all in. You only get one shot.

    I was all over the map on the subject of predictions.

    • Tom

      If you think about it, Foley had it bad for Black Knights. If he couldn’t have that I figured he’d go golden so that way he still got what he wanted. I feel like he tried to give the impression that he was leaning towards Desert Knights by some of the hints he threw out there and I gotta admit he had me believing it too towards the end. What’s funny is he said he reads what people say and takes their opinions into consideration. I didn’t believe that at all and what do you know I was right. He had to have seen how much everybody hated the name Golden Knights but he went with it anyways. Worked out for me because I hated Desert Knights, but it proves what I’ve been saying all along that he’s gonna do what he wants. That’s not how this team idea was sold to potential ticket holders in the beginning but I’m over that now. Looking forward to having my first true home team.

  6. Dwayne Lucyk

    I was rooting for Las Vegas siLVer Knights from day one, hoping for the LV to pop out of the new logo for both the city and new nickname sakes to pay homage to both the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and the Welcome to Nevada the Silver State sign. Nonetheless, I had fun with following the process of naming the newest NHL team and I have 11 months to get over it, before cheering for the Vegas Golden Knights. However, I do agree with other opinions that, since the Las prefix was dropped by design, already, the Golden prefix will be dropped eventually, too, by the time the Vegas Knights win their first siLVer Stanley Cup!

  7. A Fan

    Well, I was down there at the team name ceremony tonight and I have to admit, even though I’m very excited for our team to start playing, I was underwhelmed with the name and logo. I’ve never been a fan of any of the Knight names, but Golden was the last one I thought it would be out of the final 3 names thrown around. Desert would have been my choice of the three. Golden is California, “The Golden State,” “Golden Warriors,” etc.

    I went and saw my seat in the arena which made me even more ready for the puck to drop, but I waited in line at the merchandise store, and let’s just say I left the store with nothing.

    I hope we get to hear the truth about why other names may have been unattainable for some reason, or was it just that Mr. Foley just had a hard-on for a Knight name, and that was always the name it was going to be. Bottom line I’m sure I’ll get used to the name and I’m going to support the team, it’s now officially my favorite NHL team. Go Knights! (That’s what they’ll be called by most people anyway) Thank you Mr. Foley for making it a reality.

    • Stephanie

      You are so much nicer than me …I refuse to wear such stupid shit …he had a world of the coolest possible accent colors to black and grey ,and the coolest possible logos and names …the world was our oyster and he duds us with that turd …I seriously hate the man right now …in fact he could give me lifetime seats on the glass and I’d probably spit on him…how’s that Foley ?

  8. Thomas

    The name, Vegas Golden Knights, is awful for two reasons: 1) We are Las Vegas, not “Vegas” which is a slang term that tourists use, not residents. Can you imagine the “Frisco 49ers” or “Big D Cowboys” or “Big Apple Yankees”? 2) Nevada’s official nickname is the Silver State; California’s official nickname is the Golden State. To call our first pro team Vegas Golden Knights is an affront to Las Vegans and Nevadans. Has not Bill Foley heard of the Golden State Warriors and the University of California Golden Bears. “Golden” is California and “Silver” is Nevada. Silver Knights or even Desert Knights would have been fine. It took five months to make this terrible, terrible mistake!

  9. James

    Can you imagine the “Frisco 49ers” or “Big D Cowboys” or “Big Apple Yankees”?

    The best example would be calling the New Jersey Devils the Jersey Devils.

    I could kinda see the Jersey Devils.

  10. 0006

    I’m a native New Jerseyan and we live in New Jersey. Our team was named after the Jersey Devil but we are the New Jersey Devils. ‘Jersey’ is slang to me much like ‘ Vegas’ is to the commenter above. People live in Las Vegas and I visit Las Vegas.

    While the primary and secondary logos are on point, you guys will be the Las Vegas Knights to me until someone has the sense and legal wherewithal to make it official. The fact that this wasn’t taken care of prior to the announcement astounds me! How many Kings or Panthers or Cardinals or Hurricanes across the NBA / NFL / NBA / NCAA do we have that some OHL team could block the name?

  11. James

    @Dwayne Lucyk
    Silver Knights didn’t sound right to me. For lack of a better example, it would be like calling the team the Vegas Yellow Bananas instead of the Vegas Bananas. Silver armour come as standard on a knight’s armour. Has anyone ever heard of a Silver Knight? Please enlighten me in the comments! The only thing that I can see is a Silver Knight in the video game Dark Souls. It’s just unfortunate that Nevada is the Silver State.

    The Vegas Green Bananas sounds right to me. A green banana needs differentiation from the standard yellow banana.

    • Dwayne Lucyk

      I liked siLVer because of the implications it could have had to enhance the full city name acronym in the logo, because of the letters LV in the middle of this colour and for a third worded jersey launch in a few years to come. That is redundant now because Las was dropped from the name. Now, the letter V, by itself, will have to stand for Victory. However, pro sport team jersey colours and names always change with evolution and/or ownership change. Thus, the big desert rivalry, in the future, could be Nevada Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes. (Nevada Knights sure rolls off the tongue nicely.)

  12. James

    It’s a case of picking your poison. One could argue that Vegas Golden Knights is the lesser of two evils. Would you prefer the wordy Las Vegas Golden Knights? Those were the options open to Mr. Foley because he insisted on Knights.

    It’s very unique, but it’s kind of fitting because Las Vegas is a very unique sports market.

    • Stephanie

      It shouldn’t be picking your poison ..but we are dealing with an ego maniac ..asshole actually ..sry ..calling it as it is …no one in this city is happy with his bullshit

  13. 006

    I posted a comment earlier but it looks like it never made the site…

    Someone mentioned the Jersey Devils above. I am a Native Jerseyan and while our team is named after the Jersey Devil, we are called the New Jersey Devils and are referred to as such. I agree with the poster above, who stated that ‘Vegas’ is slang for Las Vegas, the same as ‘Jersey’ is for New Jersey. I visit Las Vegas and people live in Las Vegas.

    With that, your primary and secondary logos are on point. But I will call the team the Las Vegas Knights until someone has the sense and legal wherewithal to make it official. It astounds me that the NBA / NHL / NFL / NCAA can have many Kings, Cardinals, Panthers and Hurricanes but some OHL (Juniors!) team in Ontario can prevent the real name from happening. My guess is that they just didn’t have enough time to legally secure Knights as a name before the announcement. Hopefully they do now.

  14. Garry

    Horrible just horrible choice. Guess popular opinion matters not to Foley and his marketing team wins a Golden Shower for not fighting it. Lost 10’s of thousands of LAS Vegas residents in one swoop.

    • Stephanie

      Agreed …I’ll never wear anything with that stupid as name or logo ..he can go to hell ..frickin ego maniac

  15. Stephanie

    I hate the logo , name and colors , except for black …I’ve never been more disappointed ! And yea ok it’s better than the ducks , but it still SUCKS . AND I HOPE FOLEY EXITS SO SOMEONE SAVES THIS TEAM AND THEIR NAME AND CHANGES IT ALL . HOW THE BLOODY HELL CAN YOU DO THAT TO A CITY WAITING FOR SO LONG . ……oh and yea go ahead and shorten the cities name but make sure you have 2 stupid names to go with that …YOU ARE A COMPLETE MORON AND I WILL CALL CORPORATE EVERY DAY TO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THAT .

  16. Stephanie

    Right now I’m thinking it should have been Las Vegas Venom , because that’s exactly how I feel towards Foley

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