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Lake Tahoe Mega Post – Pics, Gifs, Vids, And More From VGK’s Trip Outdoors

The Golden Knights headed up to Edgewood Tahoe Resort at Lake Tahoe to play in the first outdoor game in franchise history. Only one period of the game was played during the day, but it was quite a sight to see. Here are some of the best pictures, videos, gifs, and social media posts from the amazing scenes at Lake Tahoe.

**The game has been postponed. It will be resumed tonight at 9 PM PT on NBCSN.

(Photo Credit: NBC)

(Photo Credit: NBC)

(Photo Credit: NBC)

Here’s the NHL’s Digital Program for the game.


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  1. Wow how shocking it was that there was sun, never would have seen that coming… All the planning that went into this, and noone thought of a simple curtain system that could have been deployed to shade the sun? Like the romans did on the colosseum over 2000 years ago?

  2. Tim

    So much for the Lake Tahoe experience.

  3. Daryl

    As I stated before, I love the thought of these outdoor games but they just aren’t practical. I have yet to watch a game where there weren’t major issues with the ice and that puts players at risk and interrupts the games. I could see maybe preseason or exhibition games, but not crucial games like this one

  4. It was such a beautiful site for the game. To bad they didn’t consider the sun shine. I tried to watch the rest but was not aired that not. Was really disapointed.
    I think it was the best outside game since the started them. I remember back in 19964 and playing on the league my father started back in Norridge, Ill. I964 and playing on the pond. Getting all layered up and could hardly move. Good Times!!!! Go Knights!!!!

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