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Knights Open Offseason Looking To Maintain Golden While Improving Silver

The Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup. The Silver Knights missed the playoffs.
Despite recognizing the impact several AHLers had on the NHL team’s incredible season, last year did not sit well with Silver Knights’ GM Tim Speltz.

Quite frankly, I’m very disappointed we didn’t have a little more success. I think anytime you have call-ups that’s a reason you may be a little more exposed but we sure thought we could keep a little more traction and have an opportunity for the team and players that were here to step and and that didn’t happen enough this year. I think that sometimes we didn’t have enough veteran players or good players and that’s something we’ll hopefully address going forward. -Speltz

On opening day of free agency, the Knights, gold and silver, found a pair of Mason’s, both of which should have a significant impact on the win/loss record in Henderson.

(Photo Credit: @fargoforce on Instagram)

First, the lesser known of the two Mason’s, Mason Morelli.

Like every Golden Knight expected to take the ice next season, Morelli is a champion. As a member of the Hershey Bears, Morelli lifted the Calder Cup and was instrumental in the team’s run.

Morelli scored five goals and added eight assists in 20 playoff games, played in all situations, and often played up on the Bears’ first line.

His contract with the Golden Knights is the first NHL contract of his career at the age of 27. He’s spent six seasons in the AHL and played 195 games. Maybe his NHL debut comes for the Golden Knights next season.

The other Mason is a defensemen who has a bit of familiarity with the NHL. The 6’4” 230 pound left-shot D has played 25 games in his NHL career but has yet to record a point.

Geertsen faced the Golden Knights once in that span, playing for the New Jersey Devils. His largest contribution of the game came at the very end when he received a misconduct for his part in a line brawl that involved Robin Lehner.

Geertsen has played 358 games in the AHL over parts of eight seasons with five different teams. He’s a bit of a wild man racking up 655 penalty minutes in those games.

His Utica Comets reached the Calder Cup playoffs last season where he posted two points in four games before his team was eliminated.

You have to have the right veteran guys because this is a developmental opportunity for our players. And you can only have so many veterans in the American League and a lot of them need to be on NHL contracts. So there’s a balance there. We’re hoping over the next few days we can greatly improve our team for next year. -Speltz

The Silver Knights will also benefit from the re-signing of Gage Quinney and Jiri Patera, and the work probably isn’t done yet either.


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  1. TS

    Love that video trip into the past! Hill has shown the same fire, and it sure is fun to watch him in action!

  2. TS

    Not at all sure why we would pick up a guy who spends so much of his time in the BOX…he would seem to be the LAST guy we’d want on the roster! Isn’t that what coach has hammered into our team, STAY OUTTA THE BOX!!

  3. Rashaad

    Good work Ken. Appreciate the updates.

  4. Jailbird

    TS, sometimes it’s a good idea to have a goon on your roster somewhere, in case a team loads up fighters for a game.

    • Roberto

      A good idea to have a legit goon or two at the ready in Henderson, as VGK’s talented young players will be spending a lot of time there, as not much ice time should be open at TMobile. Need them healthy for the trade deadline. 🙂

    • TS

      As long as he doesn’t end up costing us Goals, sitting in the BOX! Asset or liability…IDK…

    • Bobby

      Exactly, 10 min. away in Henderson, bring him up whenever the schedule situation dictates. Speaking of, watched “Goon” again over the holiday weekend… great hockey flick!

  5. THE hockey God


  6. Tim

    The Silver Knights are in a tough spot. First by filling a roster with mostly older AHL players just to be competitive defeats the purpose it’s suppose to be a training grounds for future Golden Knights. Unfortunately to get the Golden Knights to where they are today it took trading many draft choices and many prospects. They’ll be a few younger guys but do I really want to see the over the hill game represent us?

    • the hockey god

      if you were at developmental camp you would have seen a bunch of 6 foot 3 inch d men from USHL and North Dakota. Most will likely stock AHL and Ghost pirate teams if management sees that they have any skills.

  7. Jailbird

    Yes,main purpose in the best of worlds is to develope talent. But, the Silver Knights are a separate business, with season tickets holders and fans. They want to win and make playoffs too. It’s a tuff balancing act.

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