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Kevin Iole’s Deadline Blueprint

This season, diehard VGK fan and legendary combat sports columnist Kevin Iole will be delivering columns a few times a month on usually on Sundays. Today, Kevin lays out what he believes is the correct course of action for the Golden Knights at this deadline.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The trading deadline is Monday and in the first four years of the VGK’s existence, it was a joyous time. We were like children waking up on Christmas morning to see what Santa left under the tree.

There was no question that the Golden Knights were going to add at the deadline in any of those four seasons. The question was how big would they go?

This season figured to be no different. But then, the Knights have gone 11-14-4 since Jan. 1 and just completed an 0-5 road trip largely against the dregs of the league. The win against Florida last night was great, but it doesn’t change what has happened over the course of the last three months.

This time, the trading deadline arrives and the Knights are a team in disarray, no longer a Stanley Cup contender and perhaps a team that may play its way into the draft lottery.

The deadline will still come, and it’s clear the VGK need a lot of work — for next season. The bulk of that can be done in the summer, but this trade deadline can give it a start.

Here are moves I would make if I were Knights GM Kelly McCrimmon to help fortify the team for a run at the 2023 Stanley Cup:

1. Shut down Alec Martinez for the remainder of the season: There is something seriously wrong with the guy, and it goes well beyond getting cut in the face by a skate in November. Nobody in the game is tougher than Martinez, and the fact he’s not playing five months later is an ominous sign.

This season is lost; even if they somehow miraculously sneak into the playoffs, they’re not winning the Stanley Cup this year. So shut down Martinez for the remainder of the year and hope he comes back in September fully health.

2. Take offers on William Karlsson: Wild Bill scored his first goal in 20 games… into an empty net. In 25 games in 2022, Karlsson has five goals and nine assists. That’s not cutting, particularly when his defense isn’t as good as it once was.

In that magical 2017-18 season, he averaged 0.52 goals a game and 0.95 points a game. In 2018-19, it was down to 0.29 goals and 0.68 points a game. In 2019-20, it was 0.24 goals and 0.73 points a game. In 2020-21, it was 0.25 goals and 0.70 goals a game. This year, through 47 games, he’s averaging 0.17 goals and 0.46 points a game.

It’s been a steady decline, and VGK can’t afford that while paying him $5.9 million, not with $10 million a year due to Jack Eichel, $9.5 million to Mark Stone and $8.8 million to Alex Pietrangelo. They need to find guys who outperform their contracts when you have that top-heavy of a lineup.

Move on from Karlsson and see if that money can be better allocated elsewhere, like bringing Reilly Smith back. The pick, or picks, they get for dealing Karlsson at the deadline will be useful for a club which has traded so many of them.

3. Do what can be done to dump Evgenii Dadonov’s salary: The Golden Knights aren’t in a position to deal draft picks, and they’re going to have to send away some high ones in order to get anyone to take on Dadonov, who has a $5 million cap hit this year and next.

I’m well aware that he scored twice last night, but he’s been abysmal for the most part, which is no surprise because he was abysmal last year when he was with Ottawa. The Knights need to acquire, not lose, draft picks, but Dadonov is a special circumstance. There’s no way he can be on this team next year because the evidence is staring you in the face that he can’t produce. And at $5 million per annum, that’s an issue.

Maybe the VGK can send Dadonov, a prospect like Ivan Morozov and perhaps a third- or a fourth-rounder to a team like Seattle or Arizona to take on Dadonov. Teams know how desperate the VGK will to get rid of him, so the pick may have to be higher. But that $5 million must be gone.

4. See what is out there for Mattias Janmark: Janmark was acquired at last year’s deadline, and despite the high cost of a second-, a third- and a fifth-round pick, he was worth it because of that hat trick in Game 7 against Minnesota.

Janmark has been sick or hurt much of the year, and hasn’t contributed much, but he can help a team if he’s on the third or fourth line. He was on a 15-game goalless drought when he got injured, so it’s not like he was tearing things up.

So maybe they get a sixth- or seventh-rounder for him. Fine. A seventh-round pick once turned into Joe Pavelski, so you never know.

5. Think about moving Shea Theodore: This is a tricky one, because for much of his VGK career, Theodore looked like a top pairing defenseman and, optimistically, like he could develop into a No. 1.

That hasn’t happened, but at a $5.2 million cap hit, he’s fine as a No. 3 guy who gives the Knights two theoretical threats from the blue line with Pietrangelo.

Theodore for some reason has look lost this year, like he’s gotten William Karlsson Disease. And for a guy whose calling card is supposedly his offense, I don’t think he’s scored since the Carter Administration.

He’s now gone 21 games without a goal, which is more than a quarter of the season. He’s only had eight assists in that span.

Trading him comes with risk, because he’s 26 and has played well for the franchise. And if they move him, they’ll be relying on Pietrangelo, who will be 32 to start next season, along with Martinez, who will be 35 and Brayden McNabb who will be 31. If you didn’t know this, hockey players generally don’t improve in their 30s.

They can look to move Theodore at the draft, because there’s no hurry and trading him isn’t a necessity. But a lot of times, urgency pushes prices up at the trade deadline. If they can get a team that is in need of a good defenseman, they might — might — get a first for him. Before you scoff, look at the reports that there’s a bidding war for Montreal’s Ben Chiarot, who analytically is one of the worst defensemen in the NHL this year. He may fetch a first. If he can, why not Shea?

If they move Karlsson, Dadonov and Theodore, they’ll open $16.1 million on the cap for 2022-23, which is expected to rise only by $1 million to $82.5 million next year.

They’d then be able to sign those in need of new deals, notably Smith and Nic Roy, to contracts, and have money to play with to fill holes via trade or signings.

And under that scenario, they’d have the Eichel-Stone-Pacioretty line back, along with two-thirds of the Misfit Line with Jonathan Marchessault and a re-signed Smith.

Their center depth would be Eichel-Chandler Stephenson-Roy-Brett Howden, which wouldn’t be the best in the NHL but wouldn’t be a glaring weakness.

They’d have the ability to get bigger, younger and faster and not be so cap-constrained.

And then, maybe we’d once again be able to speak of them as realistic Cup contenders.

**You can find all of Kevin’s tremendous boxing and MMA work at Yahoo Sports here.**






  1. THE hockey GOD

    i like all your ideas, note this off the wire

    Danny Webster
    No results yet on the evaluation of Jack Eichel, per Pete DeBoer. Calls him doubtful for tomorrow and that it’s a “huge concern.”

    But I would suggest that “Maybe the VGK can send Dadonov, a prospect like Ivan Morozov and perhaps a third- or a fourth-rounder to” wouldn’t have any takers because Russia is cracking down on everyone. To get him out of Russia would be quite a feet. INstead I would offer them to VAlDOF PUTLIR. He needs good Russian citizens to prop up his image. He would surely pay top dollar !

  2. I think you are missing what is truly wrong with the Vegas Golden Knights.

    Simply, it’s the chemistry and the management of this team is responsible for all of it. If you truly want to eject the cancer then start with McCrimmon and DeBoer. Hopefully, Foley is smart enough to recognize it.

    • Nick


    • THE hockey GOD

      RR hard to have “chemistry” when you lead the league in man games lost with all your star players out of line up for extended periods of time and calling up AHLers to fill in, scramble your lines, and have no starting goalie

      • Lack of chemistry and excitement has been a DeBoer team identity seen he got here. It has nothing to do with the injuries. The only line that has had any consistency is line 2 since McCriminal has been playing roll the dice with the roster.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Hopefully, Foley is smart enough to recognize it.” Foley is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

      • Pistol Pete

        Yeah, when a guy has an idea, builds the organization and makes the Finals his first year, he’s the problem. Why do I waste my time posting here?

    • Barney

      You are EXACTLY right

      The cancer starts at the top and flows down

      How obvious can it be

  3. George L.

    Letting Karlsson go is a big mistake.

    I understand this Front Office has shredded this team, so I expect selling Karlsson to happen which adds to the mistakes of the FO.

    DeBoer has been detrimental to Karlsson because of the way he is utilized.

    But like all things, the FO can’t help themselves.

    It would also be fantastic if Pistol Pete and The Hockey Cod could leave the Russia Ukraine war off this Forum. Neither of you know jack shit except to simp.

    • Pistol Pete

      Ok I will try and be gracious and apologize for accusing Trump of being a Putin admirer even though I know he is. It’s an opinion better left unissued. There is evidence of Trumpers and Biden haters here and I should have known some might/would take offense…really take offense…be pissed off is more like it to put it mildly. My bad. Won’t happen again. To be fair, many Trumpers and Biden supporters are not Putin admirers. Hope that is fair.

      I mean I just think Donald Trump is the worst POTUS in history. Not only did he outwardly embrace a number of dictators (yes I realize there are many cases in U.S. history where the government has cooperated with dictators but Trump repeatedly projected personal admiration for the character) but after spending a few weeks in the WH completely gave up on reading his daily material and preparing for meetings. His incompetence, lack off preparation and off the wall management style caused an precedented amount of turnover in the staff. OK… I spoke my peace. Hockey only going forward. I promise!

      • Pistol Pete

        I meant many Trumpers and Biden HATERS (not supporters) are not Trump admirers.

        Another senior moment brain fart correctable via an edit button lol.

        • Pistol Pete

          PUTIN (not Trump) admirers. Damn I am losing it. Can’t proof read a single sentence let alone a couple paragraphs. Got it!

          • Blitz

            I mean you could just STFU, less mistakes that way.

          • BeHumble

            Joe, is this you? Does Jill know where you are?

        • Trump rules

          You should go f*k yourself

          • Pistol Pete

            Now, now don’t have to be a little baby girl about it. Man up.

      • Embraced dictators? No, he dealt with them unlike Obama who did nothing when the Russians/Syrians used chemical weapons on the people, did nothing when Russia invaded and annexed the Ukraine and did nothing as Hunter Biden made millions in Russia. The Clintons made nearly a million in Russia as well. You don’t remember Obama mocking Romney about his statements about Russia being a top national security threat? I will remind you of Obama quote, “The 80s wants it foreign policy back Mitt.” ! Yeah, Obama said that during a debate to an entire national audience. Then, let’s also not forget the foolish RED RESET button fiasco by Hillary Clinton herself. What embrace are you talking about? Trump was attempting to throw cold water on the situation. What was he supposed to do, start WW III like all the liberals expected him to? You are totally misinformed and have bought into a narrative about Trump & Russia that is completely untrue. 100% false. It isn’t Trump who has been getting rich off of corruption in Ukraine, Russia, China and elsewhere. It’s Bush, Obama, Biden, McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, Pelosi, Kerry among others. You’re one of the masses who continues to turn their heads, bury their heads to the truth.

        • Pistol Pete

          Does not work for me to carry on this discussion in this forum. Would be delighted to meet you in person. Would
          enjoy the experience in spite of our differences. In fact I will be at the Kings game 222 K12 and I know where your seats are. I am just who the handle states:
          Peter or Pete your choice!

          • I found that debating issues with those who have Trump Derangement Syndrome is a waste of my time. It’s The hockey GOD’s fault for injecting world events into this forum. People who cannot stand Trump have their own slanted view of the world and I have come to accept that they are never going to be swayed no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary. I would rather have Ken moderate every post and stop politics from being injected into the threads altogether. Since he isn’t doing that, I guess we have to live with the occasional political outbursts. I have seen some people try to stop, but The hockey GOD has no such self-control or filter, even though for the most part he and I are in agreement with respect to our views of the world. So yeah, I am in 11, row M 13 & 14 but can’t make this game. I am pretty much done until I recover from my knee replacement surgery on 1 April.

          • THE hockey GOD

            R R

            I hope Jill packed SloJoe’s big boy p()()py pants for this trip to Europe, or else things are going to get downright nasty and smelly in the meeting rooms.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “It’s The hockey GOD’s fault for injecting world events into this forum.”

            I resent that comment because, well because I just, well do.

            yesterday’s article , it was Julie who somehow, somewhere, someputz says we have bioweapons in the UKRIANE ? IS she related to Vlad the impaler ? And just because I point out the problem with NHL Russian prospects you go all WW 3 on me ? PUHLEASE. AHEM. PLEASE.

            Need I point out the following, now I need I ?

            Hockey and politics have gone together ever since well USA beat Russian s in 1960 , and 1980 Olympics. Less we forget the 1972 summit series between Team Canada and Russia, in which Makorov kept spearing Phil Esposito with his front clicks of his sharpened skates – Russian players play like Italian soccer players always kicking that the lower extremities. To this day Phil Esposito says if he says that Makorov guy walking down the street he’d clean his clock.

            And that leads us to two years later,Philadelphia Flyers SC winners captain, dirty Bobby Clark busted Valeri Borisovich Kharlamov ankles in that famous game on Broad Street. In which the RUSSIANS went home in middle of period three. Alan Eagleson had to coax them back onto the ice, in front of the worst fans in sports, the jeering Philly fans. Or he pointed out, per contract, they had to finish every game or they wouldn’t get paid !

        • THE hockey GOD

          RR anyone who thinks Biden is doing a good job is brain damaged. Anyone who doesn’t want to see America, and Americans do well: same brain damaged. Anyone who wants an open border turning
          our nation into a third world shit hole (like most of CA) is , ditto, brain damaged.

          Anyone who voted for trump should get to pay 2 dollars for gallon of gasoline. Biden idiots should pay 8 dollars for a gallon.

      • Buff2vgk

        Pistol Pete
        First off Trump wasn’t the worst POTUS as we are witnessing the worst right now. The guy is so incompetent that I actually can’t believe he and his VP garnered the most votes in history! It didn’t happen and if you really believe it did then I feel sorry for you. But it’s pretty sad that most of the media keep pushing the democrat narrative and getting all those weak minded people to fall for their bullshit!
        I get why people didn’t like Trump but his policies were good for this country. It’s about time we took care of our own people first. Neither party has done much about the homeless issue as well as all the mental patients that are walking the streets who need to be in a mental facility. Plus , If you have seen what I have seen with immigration alone it’s enough to make you sick. When all these people coming here are claiming asylum fears in their country I just don’t buy that scam as well as over 100,000 Afghani’s saying they helped the US military.

        Everything that we buy has gone way up and guess what incompetent Joe and his fucked up party put the blame on? Putin . Give me a break this country was energy independent and this dumb ass killed 10,000 jobs on day 1 with the xl pipeline. Since all the tree huggers are so worried about the planet, I’m all about going green but gee tell me how he is going to get Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, India, China and many other third world countries on board with this. It’s not like all these countries are going to bust out all these electric vehicles soon and start caring about the planet. But hey what do I know except this worthless President hasn’t done one thing to better your life right now, not one! But enough about politics because all these politicians are crooked anyways.

        Now onto the Knights. I been following hockey for over 40 years and I have never seen a team so ravaged by injuries since the 2006 Buffalo Sabres playoff run. They lost 4 of their top 6 defenseman and one of their best offensive players before getting knocked out by Carolina who won the cup that year.
        To me the team chemistry was affected massively when they dumped Fleury for nothing to Chicago which in my opinion was the wrong move. Then you have Bill Foley in those stupid commercials talking about loyalty when he stabbed Fleury in the back as well. I would have let Fleury retire a Knight and dumped Lehner. I told people if Lehner wants to make people forget about Fleury he needs to outperform him and become one of the top five goalies in the league in which it didn’t happen. I blame McPhee for a lot of these blunders as well as he shouldn’t be let off the hook. The trade in year 1 for Tatar was as bad as his Forsberg for Erat trade with the capitals. Letting Perron walk without ever offering him a contract was another major blunder. I don’t think people knew how good Perron was. He was great in shielding the puck from defenders and was great at buying that extra second to get the puck to open players. Then trading Tatar, Suzuki plus a pick for Patches who can’t stay healthy to save his life was another. Plus I have never been so mad at a player as I was with Patches when he played his former team last playoffs. He wasn’t hustling and got badly outplayed by the Suzuki. He should have been going balls to the wall against his former team but instead he proved to everyone that Montreal made the right decision in getting rid of him. As much as I like Wild Bill he hasn’t been worth that contract at all. His two way game as really fallen off and him scoring 40 goals will never happen again. His shooting percentage was off the charts in year 1 and was unrealistic going forward. Reilly Smith is another solid player but had a down year last season and bounced back this year in his free agency year. Not a big fan of signing a player to big money again since he’s on the decline. Now onto what I thought was over payment for a defenseman who recently won the cup and was looking for a payout in Alex Pietrangelo. I have never been a fan of making a big splash in UFA’s because most of these big contracts back fire in the long term. Once you win the cup most players lose the drive to do it again especially when they are not in their prime anymore. The Dadonov trade to me is another bad mistake as they should have just left that cap space open. Another 30+ year old with a big contract on the down swing. I like them taking a chance on Eichel as he’s a point per game player when healthy and one of the elite players in the league. But losing another great character guy in Tuch really hurts plus losing Krebs who I think will be a pretty solid nhl player in years to come.
        I have to give them some credit while the Stone and Stephenson trade I think were his best trades for this team, As far as moving forward Dadonov, Lehner, Wild Bill, Janmark, and Smith would all be on the chopping block. Smith I would like back if he would come back for less money in which I don’t think will happen. Plus to me there’s some concern about how many 30+ year old defenseman you have on this current squad. Whatever route this team decides should be an interesting one come Monday with the trade deadline.

        • Pistol Pete

          I agree with the contention that the roster built for this season is the strongest of the seasons which indicates good work by the FO. I agree on Perron and some of your other observations. Honestly I get tired of all the armchair criticism though. If one is not actually in the locker room or the FO I question the validity of the claims. Big difference between being a fan and being in the organization.

      • PP, I have refrained from getting caught up in these political discussions, but: I AGREE WITH YOU. THERE. I SAID IT. I have tried to stay neutral, stay out of it. Tried to ignore all the Anti-Biden comments Tried to curtail it. . So wanted to throw in my two cents’ worth of Anti- Trump crap, just to balance the “angry scale”. BUT: I have used RESTRAINT. I have NO interest in pissing people off, when I KNOW we ALL have different views.

        • Pistol Pete

          I agree The REAL TS. Ukraine is one thing that should produce unity out of the decisiveness. I think it has to a significant extent but now we are hearing the extreme (or not so extreme) right making claims on bio labs and the Bidens profiting from Russia. Don’t think we’ll ever hear the end of Hunter’s laptop from some of them. Really too bad. Both sides should agree the Biden administration is doing a decent job handling the crisis and to be fair the Trump administration probably would have as well.

    • Coyote

      Totally agree with you George.

  4. TheChosenOne

    Agree with all of your points!
    Though trading Wild Bill and Shea is a tough pill to swallow.. I wish these two would have improved their game even further!

  5. Mike

    Karlsson and Theodore should be after season trades, when you will have 31 teams involved.

    • Pistol Pete

      It makes absolutely no sense to trade Theodore. I would give up Karlsson though, in a Forsberg deal.

  6. have another donut

    Tampa just traded 2 players and 2 more #1 draft picks to Chicago for winger Brandon Hagel. 21 goals and a $1.5m cap hit

    This is after they traded 2 other #1 draft picks for Coleman and Goodrow, and won 2 cups.

    Tampa is the champ in back to back cups, and will be one of the favorites again this year.

    It seems that people who are criticizing any teams, including the VGK, for trading away draft picks, is sadly mistaken. THIS is the way you get to the cup IF you already have top players in place. you augment the top players with 3rd line grinders who can score as well. That formula has worked wonders for GM Julian Brisebois in Tampa

    the VGK should be focusing on acquiring similar type bottom six players who can bring the Knights to another level, and also can keep the ship afloat when injuries take the stars out of action.

    trading a 2nd round pick to Chicago for Dominik Kubalik for instance. he scored 30 goals a couple seasons ago, and could flourish again given the right situation and ice time.

    We saw last night how important the bottom six guys, and middle six guys are when injuries crop up.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tampa added prospect , not a sure thing.
      Not a proven player like Flames added. Or whoever got that big D man from Montreal.

      • have another donut

        wrong ,thg…..Hagel is NOT a prospect. he is in his 2nd full season, and is a proven NHL player with 21 goals already this year

        fyi, Coleman scored only 14 goals in Tampa, and has 13 this year in Calgary

        • THE hockey GOD

          flash in pan, with no proven playoff experience.

          Another Mantha

      • Stephanie

        Tampa got a gritty player who gets to the net at any cost ! Pissed chgo got rid of him .PS. KINDLY DROP POLITICS PLEASE

  7. Vic

    I agree with Iole regarding the players, and Richie-Rich regarding the FO.

    The strongest teams in the league are making what appear to be excellent moves while the VGK are in a hole. That’s the way sports is sometimes.

    Best I’m hoping for…..Shop some players, finish the season without losing anyone else to injury, make big FO and coaching changes for a reset. Possibly the VGK can be in the middle to upper middle of the pack next year. Worst scenario…..the 62 Mets.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    Robin Lehner G, Vegas Golden Knights
    There is no timetable for Robin Lehner’s return from a lower-body injury, according to coach Pete DeBoer.

    “I don’t have a timeframe, but I don’t think it’s far off,’ said DeBoer. The Vegas bench boss believes that Lehner is trending in a positive direction. He hasn’t played since Mar. 8 due to the ailment.

  9. FG

    Great article. Lots of valid points. Despite the afterglow of last night’s win, one glance at the standings combined with the VGK injury report is a startling dose of reality for the rest of the season. The plan for next season should begin now. Eichel is probably out for some time. I fear Martinez and Stone may have long term lingering injuries. This is a front office that took a SCF expansion team with no bad contracts, tons of cap space, and loads of draft picks to the point they are at now careening out of the playoffs, burdened with overpaid and underperforming players, and bereft of picks and prospects.
    When are Ken and Jason’s GM for a Day Trade Deadline Deal articles coming? Their offseason ones were much better than what actually transpired.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @FG “his is a front office that took ” the owner signs the checks, the buck stops with the owner.

    • Pistol Pete

      This team has been crippled most of the season by injuries. The FO built a Cup contending roster, the strongest in a strong history, and got hit with an abnormal number of injuries. Good management, bad luck. Have to trade picks for talent, always. Never was a great team built entirely from within.

  10. Galdom

    What made Brandon Hagel so valuable is his extremely low cap hit and what he can provide. He will get close to 30 goals this year and he makes 1.5 million and is signed for two more years after the season. So you got a guy who’s probably worth about 4 million for 1.5 million.

    And when they traded the first round pick for Blake Coleman it was Blake Coleman who was signed for 1.8 million for two seasons not the Blake Coleman who now gets paid 4.9 million.

    In a hard cap system when players are outperforming their salaries they become extremely valuable.

    I don’t want to be disrespectful or mean to Kevin Iole but his opinion that they can actually get anything of value for William Karlsson is so in accurate and laughable I can’t even believe he made that statement. William Karlsson is signed for five more years after this season at 5.9 million. What Wild Bill is now is a decent third line centre who can kill penalties, play well defensively and chip in 15 goals. That’s worth about 2.5 to 3.0 million per year. Why would some team want to acquire William Karlsson with that contract? Iole states that they would have to give up something to move Dadonov which is true but they would have to give up a whole lot more to get rid of Wild Bill. I would say that unless Karlsson has some kind of resurgence next year his contract is untradeable for the foreseeable future.

    This is why Vegas was hesitant to move Peyton Krebs. He will be under cost control as he is years away from becoming an unrestricted free agent.

    Iole also suggests trading Shea Theodore right now at his lowest value. Although Theodore has had a bad year this season he is not a guy that has been declining for multiple seasons like Karlsson. Theodore finished sixth in Norris trophy voting two years ago and he finished sixth in Norris trophy voting last year. That type of skill set in the open market is worth 7.5 to 8.5 million per year and he is paid 5 million per year. I would suggest that you don’t want to trade a guy like that since when he is on his game he provides good value, but if you want to move on with him because you don’t like the fit then you move him when he is playing better not at his lowest value.

    I think Alex Tuch is a player of tremendous value because his salary is 4.75 million but he is a 7 million player in my opinion. I suppose that’s why we were able to get a superstar in return for Eichel and Krebs.

    If what we are seeing now is the finished product of Jack Eichel then we are in trouble but I don’t believe that to be the case at all. For 10 million he has to produce at far more than a point per game and he has to elevate all of the players around him.

    • Stephanie

      Shea hasnt shown hes worth that and he wasnt and hasnt been close to getting a norris .Tuch had a very good yr 18/19 but again he barely played half a season his last 2 prior to this last one starting hurt again .Tuch may end up amazing .but vgk didnt get him where he shouldve been .Theres flashes with many but then it seems like theres no follow through to push them to next level

  11. THE hockey GOD

    Elliotteee Freeman says Rl has a broken knee cap?!? (didn’t he also say he had a busted upper wing a few weeks ago?) , He also says “this is first time organization has been in this spot” follows up with “who is the owner?” Translation – Texas born owner and partners are flailing and clueless, likely panicking. This isn’t a “front office’ thing. It’s that the owners can’t handle like a real estate deal going south (let’s foreclose) or a batch of sour wine tastes like, well a batch of sour wine, and sell it to Ernest or is it Julio ?, Gallo so they can “blend’ in it with the rest of their sour grapes. They have never been in this position before. So it’s going to be a bunch of SOUR GRAPES for the fans. Who will likely blame it on 1) FO or 2) coach or 3) MAF’s silly agent. Regardless this is a critical point in this organization.

    Do they really have a handle on injuries? All evidence , over the past few years points to NO THEY DO NoT. That is problem the MAIN REASON why
    that report injuries they way they do. Pile onto that that RL is very sensitive on how he was treated, injury wise, in prior organizations. Is this as FO thing? You bet it is. But it is at the medical staff level. Do they have the best in the business ? I don’t know. I can’t say. This is whole different discussion then “the FO sucks”. When that statement is made it is usually about trades, players , sal cap. This is completely different, it’s about the medical staff. Maybe they have a terrible staff ? Maybe they can not predict sports injuries like other franchise’s can. Maybe they are not treaing them correclty. Oh the facilities may be “Great”, but proper medication, care, treatment lies with the health professionals.

    Then we come to the training staff. Do they bring players back to quickly? Do they do the correct training? Again this is all under the radar stuff. This is very similar to horse racing. You have the a) trainer b) his vet and c) his . ahem, well, um. let’s call him pharmacist (in Mejico FARMACIA), in Jamiaca and Domionion Republie and some parts of Louisiana Downs – da voodoo docta (put the lime in the coconut and call me in the morning).

    Bottom line: the front office and brain thrust, (trust?), can only offer recommendations. IF your helm is rudderless, well because they never navigated these waters before. then look out. The whole ship is going down.

    Why was Gene Kline so successful as a HORSE OWNER. Was it D WAYNE LUCAS ? NO, he owned the CHARGERS. Owning a FOOTBALL TEAM is a lot like owning a stable of RACEHORSES.

    What do connoisseurs of sour grapes , and real esate, know about running a sports franchise ?

    If the organization fails, it starts at the top. That is bottom line. Jockey’s don’t race race cars in Daytona Five hundred, and p()()py pants slojoe can’t run a nation. GEt it ?

    The fans are being sold a bag of goods, when they open the bag they will find it full of tuna cans with an expiration date of 2017. And you know what happens when you open a can of tuna well past it’s expiration date ?

    sez’ me

    • THE hockey GOD

      my premise for the above rant is , and I repeat it again here.

      “Robin Lehner G, Vegas Golden Knights
      There is no timetable for Robin Lehner’s return from a lower-body injury, according to coach Pete DeBoer.

      “I don’t have a timeframe, but I don’t think it’s far off,’ said DeBoer. The Vegas bench boss believes that Lehner is trending in a positive direction. He hasn’t played since Mar. 8 due to the ailment.”

      Same for Martinez, and boat load of other injuries.

    • Stephanie

      Theres quite a few owners of sports teams that do not know sports .Thats why they hire people to make the big decisions.Happens all the time… it wise? Prob.not

  12. harris umar


    • knights fan in minny

      rubber room time for you omar

    • Blitz

      All caps is one thing, but it is a certain kind of special to not have any punctuation. Bravo!

    • Barney

      Get it all out of your system. Love it

    • This HAS to be a JOKE, right? You’ve posted absurdities before. Your post is SILLY, man!! WHO NOTICES THIS??? Idk, women are petty, but THIS is pretty petty!!

  13. Barney

    A first time GM … mcCriminal.. has completely decimated this team. Got rid of the core. Impatience because of ONE game. Shit happens and it did. Doesnt mean you burn down the house and shit on it. Frankly Foley deserves what he got. Investment bankers would screw their grandmother for a buck and foley ain’t any different.

    Unfortunately the damage is done and it can NEVER be undone. Not without years of pain

    Gambled on Eichel and it’s just not gonna do it.

    Dumboer sucks. Player mix isn’t there and lehner took mcCriminal for a ride which he couldn’t resist simply because of his and dumbore’s hatred of fleury.

    Top brass had no patience and was unwilling to regroup so they got what they deserved.

    Anyone who thinks this team is competitive is delusional.

    Aint like investment banking where you screw over every person you can to get ahead so a good deserving but kick for foley

    • sb

      It’s none of that. It’s 11 starters that are injured. No team in the NHL can win consistently with 11 starters out of the line up. Not Colo. Not Tampa. No team. And neither will the VGK. If this was a healthy team with a full line up, VGK would be in 1st place in the Pacific and facing Colo in the 3rd round of the Playoffs. This is ridiculous to put the blame on the coach, GM’s and owner. If you go back to the preseason, most agreed that this was the deepest team Vegas ever fielded. MGT has done a terrific job in assembling talent. Unfortunately, that tealent got hurt and is unable to play. There are four starters out of the top two lines. That’s your scoring right there. Only JM is left to score. Karlsson ………. I would trade him to Nashville for Forsberg. Move Dadonov in the off-season and have the 10 mil to resign Forsberg.

      • Steph

        Oh i dont know ,I think Karlsson’s not been used correctly or maybe the kiss of death was everyone getting engaged ? How come it hasnt crossed anyones mind that maybe …..these guys arent as hurt as everyone thinks ? Maybe this is their version of a walk out (just between each other)? Knowing damn well someone may get fired ? Maybe they want that ? Maybe no one knows the real truth ?

      • Stephanie

        Youre delusional .the last thing they need is another boat anchor contract

      • As usual sb what you post is fair, objective and accurate. So far Preds have still not re-signed Forsberg. Like you I think acquiring him would be a smart move for the VGK in part because the end of Pacioretty is in sight (older and injury prone). Stone’ s back is a question mark as well (could be career ending for all we know). They need another top six forward as there are none in the prospect pool at least not ready in the near future, and they probably need a Forsberg to make the playoffs especially with Eichel likely to be missing a couple games or more beginning with the Kings today. Does anyone really think Brendan Brisson is top six talent? Anything is possible. I agree with Have Another Donut that trading picks to acquire proven talent is a prerequisite for building a Cup contending roster…stars and depth players alike. Most of the stuff out there is not in your system. Obviously you are just one in thirty-two pools. When was the last time anyone saw a Cup winner with a 100% home grown roster?

      • knights fan in minny

        forsberg is going nowhere

      • THE hockey GOD

        Losing Eichel would be a blow at a time when the Golden Knights are already without their No. 1 goalie (Robin Lehner ), two of their top four defensemen (Brayden McNabb and Alec Martinez) and three of their top six forwards (Mark Stone , Max Pacioretty and Reilly Smith ).

        SB spot on.

  14. Tyler Durden

    Can someone explain how someone who BANKRUPTS casinos, is somehow the greatest president ever? And if this loser was the best president ever, why couldn’t mushroom dick get re-elected? And don’t say the elect was rigged, you will just identify yourself as an ignorant American. (Don’t worry, there’s 46% of you here, HOCKEYGOD looking at you)

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tyler, lincoln had eight failed businesses.

      your post is complete spin out,

  15. Steph

    Hes not even close to the best president .Gag .anyone that seriously thinks he gives a flying fu$% about anyone (including america) should seek medical help .
    Hes a damn criminal and has ripped off and not paid so many people its damn criminal .Hes an egotistical spoiled frat boy that is the dumbest motherFucsder.Dont say another word please ! Hes ripped off people i personally know and made me sick for 20 plus yrs cuz he’s such a joke I cant even look at his ugly face and really cant believe no ones run him over !,accidentally of course .PLEASE STOP AND STAY FOCUSED ON HOCKEY .THANK YOU

  16. knights fan in minny

    trump is the best no bumbling mumbling talk not weak son is not a coke addict stripper screwing pig hunter hits on his dead brothers wife joe blunder wants nothing to do with his grandson kid of the stripper you know the pig father hunter pathetic father joe blunder joe biden vlad owns the depends wearing senile old fool


      • knights fan in minny

        yes pig do you know nothing about hunter i understand your a sheltered little democrap

        • Oh boy. I’m a sheltered piece of Democrap. Do you know me?? Do you know Trump’s family of cheating criminals? Nope, you do not.. More immature name- calling because of your party’s infamous ” alternate facts”. FOX FAKE NEWS has been in Trump’s pocket all along…you will hear ONLY Trump Alternate Facts of the Right there. Your immaturity in your attacks is what I expect from the Right.

          • knights fan in minny

            you need a rubber room st thats what pauly would say

          • knights fan in minny

            ts you can be happy about this one flip flop faucci back spreading fear now you can get back to being a joe blunder puppet and put your mask back on and live in fear

          • Pistol Pete

            We’ll said The REAL TS. That’s a higher level.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i guess you missed the NY times story saying Trump was right all along about the lap top. Trump was right about a lot of things. Russian collusion, illusion, Ukraine memo, Hillary/Obama spying on him. etc

        but you wouldn’t know it because the fake news still fails to report it to your cult following.

        Meanwhile, America wants to know if Biden brought his p()()py pants or is he going to drop another load like he did for the Queen of England and the
        Dope, I mean Pope. He’s an embarrassment to AMerica. Everyone knows it. 81 million ballots? Nope most of them fraud.

        • knights fan in minny

          xi was laughing at blunder joe when senile was trying to talk tough to him

        • Really? POOPY PANTS??? JUST HOW OLD ARE YOU GUYS, ANYWAY?? All I hear are absurd, pre-school level snipes!! Jeez, any way you all could GROW UP A LITTLE?

    • Barney

      Ha ha I love it!!

  17. Henderson One

    Has anyone considered that these “injured” players just don’t want to play for PDB?

  18. knights fan in minny

    whats the verdict on prince valiant jack

  19. Barney

    Lots of shuffling could happen today. Dallas, Edmonton, canucks…

    My crystal balls say Vegas goin down today.

    • Pistol Pete

      So far your “cheerleading” is not producing all the outcomes you want.

  20. knights fan in minny

    the talk here in minny from the athletic writer mike russo is wild very interested in fluery

  21. knights fan in minny

    monday trade day better then christmas

  22. vgk21

    Blackhawks playing right now and Fleury is not playing, Lankinen is starting.

    probably a trade coming for Fleury

  23. knights fan in minny

    if the mild get flower a possible start against his old club monday that would be fun

  24. knights fan in minny

    were saved prince valiant is playing

  25. Pistol Pete

    Another Eichel PP unit goal. Sometimes or a lot of the time I think this board has more posters who want VGK to lose. Bashers in drag so to speak.

  26. vgk21

    LT was absolutely great in that one

    the Vgk could not get out of their own end in the 3rd period.

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