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Kessel, Vegas, T-Mobile Arena Ice Mentioned In 2023 NHLPA Players Poll

Every year the NHLPA releases the results of an anonymous poll given to players on a wide variety of topics. This year, 626 players participated in the 14-question survey.

As usual, Vegas and Golden Knights players are commonly found among the results. The strongest year in VGK history in regards to mentions in the poll was 2019-20 when there were seven mentions. This year there are just three, but they are a powerful trio.

This is the second consecutive year the question has been on the poll, and unsurprisingly Las Vegas has dominated both years. Vegas actually took a larger share of the vote this year getting 31.7% while it came in just over 30% last season. 193 players out of the 609 who answered the question selected Vegas.

A pair of familiar names make the cut on this one. Kessel was selected by 12 of the 448 players polled. He’s not the only Kessel on the list either. Phil’s sister Amanda was named among the female players NHLers would most like to play with.

Finally, the ice. T-Mobile Arena has always had a stellar reputation in this category. The question has been asked four out of the last six years and T-Mobile has been in the Top 5 each and every time. This year’s 6% is the second largest share Vegas has ever received, only behind a 4th place 8.7% finish in 2019-20.

Here are all of the resuts including Vegas over the six years the Golden Knights have been in the league. You can see the full poll here.


Best Ice: T-Mobile Arena (5th place, 6%)
Best Road City: Las Vegas (1st Place, 31.7%)
Best Locker Room Guy: Phil Kessel (T-2nd Place, 2.7%)


Best Ice: T-Mobile Arena (T-4th Place, 5.9%)
Best Road City: Las Vegas (1st Place, 30.6%)
Best Hair: William Karlsson (2nd Place, 7.9%)


Best Goalie: Marc-Andre Fleury (2nd Place, 8.9%)


Best Goalie: Marc-Andre Fleury (3rd Place, 8.9%)
Best Trash Talker: Ryan Reaves (3rd Place, 11.1%)
Worst Trash Talker: Nick Cousins (4th Place, 5.6%)
Best Golfer: Mark Stone (5th Place, 3.8%)
Best Visitors Dressing Room: T-Mobile Arena (2nd Place, 26.4%)
Best Jersey: Vegas Golden Knights (T-2nd Place, 6.8%)
Best Ice: T-Mobile Arena (4th Place, 8.7%)


Best Goalie: Marc-Andre Fleury (4th Place, 6.5%)
Best TV Analyst When Retired: Ryan Reaves (3rd Place, 2.4%)
Best Trash Talker: Ryan Reaves (3rd Place, 5.5%)
Best Arena Atmosphere: T-Mobile Arena (1st Place, 42.5%)
Best Ice: T-Mobile Arena (5th Place, 4.7%)
Best Hair: William Karlsson (3rd Place, 5.7%)


Toughest Player: Ryan Reaves (1st Place, 44.7%)
Best Coach To Play For: Gerard Gallant (3rd Place, 11.6%)




Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 25 – March 22nd, 2023


  1. THE hockey GOD

    i thought there wasn’t such a thing as bad ice?

    Boy I must be listening to the WRONG

    peeps ?

  2. Emmanuel

    There used to be a narrative that Vegas had a great home record because visiting players had too much of a good time on the strip. No one says that anymore.….maybe the coof put a stop to that.

  3. Bobby

    So Fanatics is taking over the NHL authentic sweaters/jerseys in 2024 from Adidas. Hoping the Canada pro versions will be available to the public this time, instead of Indonesia. I miss the thick CCM pro jerseys of the 1990’s, but guessing most players like the thin breathable ones now.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    Few superlatives can capture how impressive rookie right wing Pavel Dorofeyev has been since being called up by the Golden Knights.

    Center William Karlsson might have found one.

    “He’s hotter than burnt toast,” Karlsson told AT&T SportsNet on Tuesday.

    Dorofeyev’s scorching stretch more than justifies the elegant analogy. The 22-year-old has four goals and two assists in his past five games. He’s playing with confidence, driving to the net and fitting in fine with two of the Knights’ top forwards in Karlsson and left wing Reilly Smith.

    Dorofeyev is playing so well it raises the question of whether he will keep his lineup spot when the team gets healthier. Center Nicolas Roy and right wing Keegan Kolesar are on the road trip and could return soon. Someone needs to come out when those players are ready to play.

    PS VGK has hard time handling Flames style of play

    from lvrj

  5. Tim

    For anyone following the Knights from the beginning and also posting on Sin Bin from the start like myself with the same handle you would know Dorofeyev was a keeper. The year he was drafted and they had there rookie camp he was hands down the best player from all reports. It took him a few years to adjust to the new ring size and gain about 30 pounds and now he’s starting to shine. Cotter with his aggressive play and Dorofeyev with his nose for the net look like two keepers. I’ve been critical of management for some of there moves but they got these two right.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    Chicago Black Hawks won’t wear (fake) “pride” (fancy name for perverse subject matter, aka sodomites galore, gay, buttfuck, etc) jerseys (I thought they were sweaters against Canucks because of “security” concerns regarding a Russian law as seen as a “restriction” on “activities” seen as “promoting” this sick and twisted agenda (perverse agenda that is) . Black Hawks have a Russian citizen on their roster as well as family members, and other players have family members, in Russia.

    And some people have misguided information that there is NO POLITICS in hockey.


    from lvrj today

    • Tim

      As much as it hurts me to agree with THG I have to to a point. If your gay fine that’s your preference bunghole your brains out but please don’t shove it down our throats. Hows that for a play on words.

  7. knights fan in minny

    logan is back in the blue paint good news

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