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Ken’s Proposed NHL Rule Changes

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

For as long as I’ve been a fan of sports, I’ve been obsessed with the rules. To me, a sport without rules is just a bunch of grown men running around like idiots. Ok, fine, that’s probably what it is even with the rules, but at least the rules make it seem more official.

Seriously though, I love rules. I read the entire rulebook once a year before the season starts, it’s that obsessive. Today, I want to present a bunch of rule changes I believe the NHL should enact. Here we go.

The period/game will not end until the puck clears the zone without an icing

A ticking clock is fun and buzzer beaters are amazing, but the game of hockey is played over 60 minutes and there’s usually between three and seven goals scored in a game. The chances of there being a goal moments before the clock strikes zero are extremely low. (In VGK history I can only remember one, Max Pacioretty’s in Nashville).

So, instead, the rules should reward a team for holding the puck in the offensive zone and give them as much time as they need on that possession to score. For a period to end, either a goal is scored by the attacking team or the defending team would either need to successfully clear the zone or force a legal game stoppage (something other than a puck over glass delay penalty).

At the end of the 1st and 2nd period, assuming the puck is in one of the two offensive zones, the clock starts counting up from 0:00 after the 20 minutes expired. That time would simply be subtracted from the start of the next period. In the 3rd period, the game will either end or be extended by a goal.

The idea of this is to promote more late period/game scoring. It doesn’t make much sense to reward a team for being hemmed in at the end of a period just because the clock strikes zero. Make them earn it.

Any puck that goes in the goal off a skate will be disallowed

The whole kicking motion thing has gotten out of hand. There are so many different ways to determine whether a player did or did not purposely use their skate to direct a pick into the goal and quite frankly, these guys are so good they probably can do it on purpose and make it look like an accident.

No more gray area. Simply put, if the puck does in off an attacking player’s skate, the goal will not count. Fluky goals will always be part of the game, but eliminating some of them would make the sport better.

Use review system to change location of faceoffs after incorrect calls

This one is pretty minor, but it’s so easy to enact and it’s worthwhile even if it doesn’t catch all of them. Oftentimes a play is close to being offside and the linesman allows it to go on with the understanding that review can and will go back and rule off a goal if one is scored. However, a goal is the only event that can reverse a missed offside call. Meanwhile, there are times when the ensuing possession ends in a draw in the offensive zone (icing, puck out of play, goalie freeze, etc.). Even worse, a penalty can be called after such an event as well.

To fix this, an off ice official should watch every zone entry and determine if the play is offside. If it is, the play will continue as normal, but if a stoppage occurs on the same possession, the faceoff is taken in the neutral zone instead of the offensive zone. Penalties would be waved off and icings would be nullified allowing the team the right to make a line change.

Goalies should not be allowed to punch people

I understand the need to protect goalies and that’s all fine and well, but the idea that they were above the law when it comes to post whistle scrums is ridiculous. Look, here’s Igor Shesterkin throwing a haymaker at a guy laying in the crease.

That’s really all there is to this one. Call penalties on goalies the same way we call them on everyone else.

The playoff draft

Instead of predetermining which teams play each other based on seeding, let them choose. Here’s how it would work.

Before each round of the playoffs, the team with the best regular season record would have the first selection of who they want to play. They can pick any of the other 15 teams including the 2nd overall team if they wish. Next, if not selected, the 2nd place team gets to pick. Then 3rd, 4th, and all the way down until all eight matchups are confirmed. This is done live on a TV show that would undoubtedly draw better ratings than the games themselves.

Imagine the rivalries that would create!


Ok, now, your turn. What rule changes do you want to see in the NHL?


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  1. JB

    My biggest change would be: Not to allow you to make rules changes! :0

  2. Emmanuel

    Selecting your playoff opponent would hurt too many fee fees.

    My rule changes would include

    No draft lottery, let em tank!

    Draft only 4 rounds and the 4th round only for non playoff teams.

    Non playoff teams have 2 weeks to sign any non drafted player.

    The bottom 16 teams can select 1 player from the top 16 teams, 5F, 3D & 1 G protected. Draft right after the Cup is won.

    Bring back the tie!

    Basically i want parity & no long rebuilds.

    • Ilya M Zhitomirskiy

      I would have a consolation tournament for those teams who did not make the playoffs. Instead of the worst team automatically getting the 1st pick (or getting better lottery odds), the winner of the consolation tournament gets the 1st draft pick. The other finalist gets the 2nd pick, and so on in descending order of success in the consolation tournament. This might help teams who are not in the playoffs remain competitive.

      The KHL used to have a consolation tournament, called the Hope Cup (Кубок Надежды). Perhaps it is time for the NHL to adopt something similar. I also like the 3-2-1-0 points system, because it rewards teams for winning in regulation.

  3. Achilles

    Season 1 Theodore in the final 2 or 3 seconds scored against TB.

    I would raise the fine limit on players who commit penalties that get a phone call from DoPS.

  4. ThG

    I would get rid of the silly review of offsides, put two more officials at each blue line, slightly elevated, and let them have red light. If play is off sides then set off the light. Keep the same linesman ability to call off sides. No more coach challenges on off sides. Enough is enough.

    No goals off sides.

    Players who purposefully muck it up in third period, with less than five minutes left in game get automatic game misconducts for the next play off game if one team is winning by four or more goals.

    Allow fighting

    Get rid of helmets, except for goalies

    get rid of off sides entirely

    make the rink bigger, the players are faster and bigger now, practically every game is the same, no identity at all.

    The official drops the puck , no more mucking around when dropping the puck and no more throwing out players out of face off circle because the OFFICIAL HAS TO DROP THE PUCK.

    get rid of all the political bull shit political identity game days

    down size the goalie equipment sizes

    bring back don cherry

    • You're Welcome

      It’s off-SIDE, not sides!

    • TS

      What a concept!! “Get rid of all the Political Bullshit”!! This is a EUREKA MOMENT, people!! The Disruptor is FINALLY admitting POLITICS DON’T BELONG IN HOCKEY!! It’ a REVELATION! You saw it here, folks, straight from.the Disruptor’s post!!! I call for a cebration of epic proportions!! The God has FINALLY come to his senses!! He NOW admits that Politics do NOT belong in HOCKEY!! Mark this date, save this post as reference when he spews POLITICS again!!!! Praise the HOCKEY GODS!!!!

      • ThG

        go STAlk SOmeone else creep

        you finally admit there is hockey in politics with your
        whack post

        • TS


    • HITS

      You do realize that by making the rink larger it would cut down on fights right? If I’m not mistaken that’s a big reason why there’s less fighting in European leagues. Olympic sized rinks make it so players are not fighting for space as much.
      I propose getting rid of the safety nets at ends of rink so people have to pay attention to not get drilled by a puck and it also improves view. Also make it an automatic suspension for first 10 games of upcoming regular season if you make out with your sister or cry insisted of accepting an mvp trophy after the Stanley cup final. (Both those things happens last night). At least that really seemed like Tkchuks sister. lol.

    • Alex

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  5. ThG

    get rid of sal cap bull shit

    and draft lottery bull shit

  6. DeezNutz

    Knights fan in Minny would force Mitch Marner to skate naked if he was commissioner

  7. Ben Fuego

    Penalize an unsuccessful coach’s challenge only one minute instead of two. Losing a challenge and then going on a two-minute power play seems excessive.

  8. ThG

    what else ?
    oh yeah , I forgot

    NO VIG !!!!

  9. ThG

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    “I will be filing suit against the State of New York for their direct attack on our democratic process through unconstitutional lawfare against President Trump,” Bailey wrote in a post on the social platform X.

    “The state of Missouri and the voters of Missouri have a sovereign interest in having access to — that means having physical access to and hearing from — a presidential candidate for the top office in the United States government,” Bailey told Fox News during an appearance Friday.

    This legal response follows the conviction of the former president on 34 counts of falsifying business records in his New York hush money trial before a Manhattan jury nearly a month ago. The verdict made Trump the first former president in U.S. history to be convicted of felony crimes.

    Bailey noted that the trial and conviction denies Missourians the ability to access their selection for a presidential candidate.

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    Bailey testified last week before the House Judiciary Committee last week on the “illegal prosecution” of the former president. He believes that the felony conviction is likely to be tossed eventually, but it would be “too late, it will still have interfered with the 2024 election.”

    He held little back in describing how badly the misuse of the judicial system by Democrats has affected the country.

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    Key Takeaways:
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    Republican AG Andrew Bailey said the felony conviction of Trump was depraved.
    Bailey told Congress that the people of Missouri were deprived by the unjust trial.

    • Alex

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      • jeffrey m sutton

        biden showered with his teen daughter…

        • TS

          Did he? Which AI generated fake clip did you see??

          • knights fan in minny

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      • knights fan in minny

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        • Knights fan in minnie

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        • TS

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          • knights fan in minny

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  10. Vic

    Go back to one referee. Ref and/ or linesmen need to remove broken sticks from the ice immediately. Remove all ads from the boards and the ice. When a player is cross checked in the back (other than a love tap), that is a cross checking penalty. Require voter ID and have paper ballots counted by bipartisan teams with a deadline of Election Day. Eliminate mail in voting except for the military out of the country. Remove every Soros appointed DA and on and on and on.

    • ThG

      nice Vic, that is start.

      And NO GOALS ALLOWED if puck hits goalie in mask. NONE no exception.

  11. Ken – possibly the worst article you have ever come up with. Too much time on your hands. It obviously brings out the worst from poster who apparently have too much time on their hands also.

      • Emily51

        If you want a good laugh, watch where Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd recreate the Too Much Time on My Hands video on youtube.

    • Emmanuel

      Its an interesting “what if”.

      As for the posting at this point only 1/3 of posts are hockey related, its probably discouraging new readers……shame

      • Knights fan in minnie

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        • knights fan in minny

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      • ThG

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  12. knights fan in minny

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    • Abdullah

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    • Alex

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  13. Tim Conway

    I would eliminate the extra point for a loss in regulation 3 on 3 overtime. Only if it goes to the shootout does an extra point get awarded and the winner of the shootout gets two points and the loser gets one point

  14. ThG

    get rid of goalie trapezoid rule, it’s a stupid rule; if a goalie wants to handle the puck anywhere let them.

    the mentality of NHL is ban something, just because one guy was good at it.

    A bunch of mental minded midgets run the NHL . Get rid of them too.

  15. THE hockey GOD

    i see some feeble minded people falling for the old “fake” fill in the blank , photo shopped, or AI generated.

    Really? Then the white house should provide the real clips. Waiting.
    Still waiting.

    They can’t because they don’t exist. BUSTED AGAIN, and their cult members fell for it.

  16. Billy

    I’d get rid of icing if the puck goes through the opposing goalies crease. Goalies should have to play that puck.

  17. JB

    I wonder. If fat man loses this election, what will the koolaid drinking cult idiots then post? Can’t use the election was rigged. So what will your excuse be for losing to, who you call, mush head?

    • knights fan in minny

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    • ThG

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      • JB

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        • knights fan in minny

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        • knights fan in minny

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  18. B. J c

    I’d like to see a change to the point system. 3 points for a win in regulation, otherwise it remains the same if the game goes to overtime. The idea is to add some additional motivation to win in regulation time for the extra point. What a change that could make towards the playoffs.

  19. ThG

    another change

    the freaking schedule is ludicrous

    They start before the NBA and here , now, they playing in middle of SUMMER.
    HOCKEY is a cold weather sport Gary BUTTMAN!

    They should cut the schedule down by
    1- starting sooner, and ending sooner
    2- cut down on the 7 game series with the starters at 5 games
    3- split the season in half and do the playoffs starting
    in March, with the first half winners facing off
    against the second half series
    4- re structure the league like soccer does into two tiers, with
    teams getting into upper tier if they are able to move ahead
    lower tier teams in upper tier.

    and the west coast team lose all advantage in playoffs
    having to start their games earlier during the playoffs to
    meet east coast team time zones !???! What is up with that?
    A west coast team should not be forced to change start time of their
    game , and move it up, because they are in western time zone.

    Quebec needs a team
    Utah does not. They are going to have a ridiculous knick name,
    Now how cool were the Quebec Nordiques ! That is 10x better
    then the Utah Hockey Club. That is like saying the Ohio State
    University. Another dumb name for a sports team.

  20. Ace

    Settling tied games: First score wins. 30-minute clock. Overtime begins Five-on-Five. At first stoppage (after 5 minutes elapses) it becomes Four-on-Four. At first stoppage with under 20 minutes, it’s Three-on-Three. Under 15 minutes, Two-on-Two. Under 5, One-on-One.

    • TS

      Ace, Great idea! Only….after 1 on 1 is over, and still no tie- breaker, what then? Maybe G on G? It would be fun to watch, for sure!

  21. But on the positive side of things….relatively of course…..the oilers were defeated….finally …by another team i dont like but nowhere near my enmity for our biggest rivals and their waaaaay too annoying fans who must be deep in oil money to darken every arena with their insufferable orange jerseys and chants!!!

    Even though my biggest fear was playing the oilers in the first round and possibly losing to them….man i wish we woulda come to play against the ducks in Game 82!!…sigh!!

    • ThG

      DIDN’T MATTER LArry, VGK were just not good enough this year

      i give butch one more year, then
      FO will have seen enough, unless his shiny luster of CUP
      keeps bringing him back. Last playoff round showed how much better
      a coach PDB is, than BC.

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