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Keegan Kolesar’s Role Includes Unshattered Glass

He’s a little different than both Reaves and Carrier, but he’s certainly in the next generation of those type of players. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Down the line, prized possessions like Cody Glass and Erik Brannstrom will be inserted into the lineup and eventually take over as the next generation of Golden Knights stars. But while they continue to develop, other Vegas prospects have other roles to grow into.

Every guy has a different role and a different attribute and physicality is one of mine. Whenever I can be physical and give myself some more room, it creates space for everyone else. Everyone else feels more comfortable out there. -Keegan Kolesar

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Kolesar’s game feels like a sort of a hybrid of William Carrier and Ryan Reaves. He has a better shot than both Vegas bruisers, and can land just as mean of a hit. In the ECHL, the 21-year-old averaged 0.88 points per game, totaling 16 points (9 Goals, 7 Assists) in 20 games with Quad City. Once Kolesar hit the AHL his PPG dropped significantly and totaled 46 penalty minutes in 44 games.

He has to play that way. He has to be physical and he’s made some nice plays. He has the ability to play with good players and produce offensively. I use him in a lot of different periods of the game, playing on the power-play. He also looks after guys too. -Rocky Thompson, Chicago Wolves Coach

Kolesar already has that protective older brother relationship going on with the 19-year-old Glass and other up and coming Golden Knights.

Ever since our first development camp he’s been right there by my side. I’ve been roommates with him the whole time. Big credit to him, he’s been a huge help for my confidence. He makes me feel more confident here. -Cody Glass

Reaves is listed at 6’1, 225lbs. and Carrier is listed at 6’2, 212lbs. Kolesar is listed at 6’1, 223lbs. Roughly, all three players are the same size but Kolesar has more upside with his age, size, and ability to play with talented teammates.

He’s a big player. You don’t see many big guys with as much skill and speed but he does everything. He’s a great leader as well. He makes everyone feel ten times better about themselves. -Glass

Carrier and Reaves grind on the fourth line and protect their team, but both bring little offense. With Kolesar, there’s a possibility that he could play effectively on a higher line.

I’m just playing my style, hitting guys and being a real physical presence. I can back up opposition and give our more skilled guys more room to play with the puck and have some fun out there. -Kolesar

Will we see the Kolesar this season? I doubt it. He still needs time in the AHL because he’s still low on the list of call-ups. Plus, the crown jewels he’s expected to protect aren’t making the team this season. When Glass makes the team next year, maybe Kolesar will be his roommate once again.




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  1. phurn

    Great read! Definitely love his upside….will be great for these guys to get that continuity playing together in Chicago this season. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Wolves will be comprised of just VGK organization players this year after sharing last?

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