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Karlsson, Howden, Amadio Line Expected To Fill Defensive Role While Also Chipping In Offensively

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Since the first day of Training Camp the trio of William Karlsson, Brett Howden, and Michael Amadio have been together as a line.

Wednesday night they got their first opportunity to play in a preseason game together and it went quite well. Karlsson and Amadio each scored goals, all three players posted a Corsi of at least 70%, and in a little more than 11 minutes of ice time together they did not allow a single shot on goal against.

I think they all have good hockey IQ and good offensive instincts. They are all centermen by nature so they probably speak the same language when they are talking about plays way from the puck. -Bruce Cassidy

Last year Karlsson, Amadio, and Howden played a total of 51 seconds together. However, there were two pairs including these three guys that did see significant action together. Howden and Amadio shared the ice for 127 minutes while Amadio and Karlsson played together for 172.

Now, with all three coming together, they’ll look to capture something new, and do it while filling a much more defensive role for the team.

They are going to need to be responsible if they are put in that role. We know Karlsson can do that but the other two guys that’s a bit of a challenge for younger guys. Here’s your role on the team, can you handle it? Can you check good players and still create offense? So we’ll see how that plays. -Cassidy

As Cassidy alluded to, Karlsson remains one of the better defensive centers in the NHL and will surely make any line he’s on competent enough in the defensive zone. But, if the Golden Knights want to get to where they intend on going, they will need Howden and Amadio to take strides defensively.

The goal of most third lines, and Cassidy doesn’t seem any different, is to steal minutes from the opposing top-six to free up favorable matchups for Vegas’ top two lines.

That means this group will be seeing consistent shifts against the likes of Connor McDavid, Nathan MacKinnon, Auston Matthews, Jonathan Huberdeau, and Anze Kopitar. And that’s just in October.

Karlsson has joked that he’s found a new group of Misfits with a pair of players who have been overlooked for good portions of their short NHL careers. It may sound a little funky and overly optimistic now, but one game in, they look the part.


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  1. You can make an argument for Howden but Amadio as checker? Dunno.

    • Pistol Pete

      We’ll see how Cotter finishes the preseason. He’s almost certain to make the roster as a scratch. Clearly competition for Amadio or Kolesar. Appears to be way more of a natural goal scorer than Kolesar especially.

      • Roberto

        Been wondering if the team sees more value in Cotter being on the team and on the bench (learning in practice), or would want him to get heavy minutes in Henderson. Or, as you noted, could he push Kolesar to the bench?

        He’s certainly forcing the issue for this kind of discussion, with his play, which is great to see. Hope he keeps that up.

      • THE hockey GOD

        pee pee
        give it a rest, Kolesar isn’t going any where in near future. I see several OTHER players that no. 43 is testing for a roster spot. And it certainly isn’t Kolesar.

        • Pistol Pete

          You are probably correct it won’t be Kolesar. For that matter it’s still too early to know about Cotter. Clearly Cassidy is bullish playing him all preseason games plus he does have 2 G and 1 A through three games (+/ 0).

          • THE hockey GOD

            correct PP
            he’s over playing the kid line for a reason. Maybe he doesn’t see all that much in rest of wanna bees, he certainly isn’t giving them an even chance. But there are a few more games left.

            I suspect the organization is show casing the three, maybe trying to make a deal before putting someone on waivers.

  2. Carl

    The absolute need for defense aside, it seems a shame to potentially waste Karlsson in a mostly defensive role. He should be a 30 goal guy every year. How many additional games could be won with K scoring closer to year 1 than year 5? Enough to get them into the playoffs last season?

    • Pistol Pete

      I don’t see why the 3rd line should be defense only but Ken is right stealing minutes from opposing top sixes is one objective. Defense aside, Cassidy wants all lines to create offensive opportunities. It’s part of his system.

    • If he C’s a 2nd line w/scorers/2PP unit he’s more of a 22G/33A guy, which
      considering his 2 way & contract play that’s VERY good.

      He’s literally a middle class man’s Mark Stone.

  3. You will never see wild Bill back to his offensive potential if he is relegated to a defensive role. Interesting thought by him concerning Misfts.

  4. Blitz

    In response to several comments, while I agree and it would be good to see Wild B score more, remember he is by far the best defensive center on the team. So it is kind of a double edge sword. If you want him to get back to scoring, the defense has to give. You can switch Roy into a defensive role instead, but you don’t get the quality defender to take on the McDavid’s etc. My hope is a mix. A shut down defense line that leads to a fair amount of scoring. While I think 43 first season goals was the anomaly here, I do think he can do better than 12 goals last season. Peter’s system crushed his stats. I kind of hope Cassidy’s style balances his play a little better. Or I guess if need be, less scoring, but a top shut down line that lets line 1 and 2 hunt. It’s not as fan sexy, but very useful for winning hockey.

    • THE hockey GOD

      there’s a reason no. 71 took off season practicing on his shot.

      I still like the imagination that Coach is putting into lines.

      He’s not just slapping them together like GG did. GG completely wasted tartar and gusev because he didn’t like eastern european players. What a putz.

  5. I’m electioneering for a

    Smith / Karlsson / Stone
    two-way 1st line.

    That would leave 2nd line of:
    Marchie / Eichel / Stephenson

    and a 3rd line of:
    ??? / Roy / Kessel

    Oh well…..

  6. Tim

    I don’t have much to say all this arm chair quarterback stuff gives me a headache. What I do know is I think basically 100% of Vegas fans and all us posters are all in with Bruce Cassidy so different when DeBoer took the reins.

    • Blitz

      I have learned more about what Cassidy thinks, his vision, how players are doing, what their expected roles are, etc, etc in a few press conferences than I learned any thing about what Peter (Bueller Bueller Bueller), was doing in 2+ years. No more coaches speak, mis direction, and calculated lawyer answers. Just give it to us straight and let fans be part of the journey, not an obligation. Was a fan either way, but I am seriously excited again as a fan. Never would have envisioned that just a few months back.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ blitz, if you are seeing it*; then so are the opposition teams !!

        (maybe that is NOT a good thing?)

        (*not a personal attack on you)

        • Blitz

          This isn’t 1965. If opposing teams want to know about a coach they study film, scout, talk to ex players, other coaches, go to public open practice, etc. Keep journals and records on things. There are no secrets. Ken learned all about Cassidy system from watching coaching seminars from Cassidy himself. If opposing coaches are learning stuff from this then holy shit. If Vegas is game planning a team and see some loop hole etc, then yeah don’t say anything to tip their hand, I get that. To say Pacioretty is day to day for a straight month and a half when it was an absolute lie is total bullshit.

  7. Obvious

    Maybe next season they might make the playoffs. Assuming fat bastard and McPhukup get run out of town

    • knights fan in minny

      hopefully they run your bitter trash mouth out of town first you bitter piece of shit

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