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“Just Being Good Is Not Good Enough Right Now”

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Injuries have dominated the storyline for the Golden Knights this season and they are a huge reason why the team is where it is in the playoff picture with 11 games to go.

Recently though Vegas has started to see a few key pieces return to the lineup and with them has come a growing confidence that they can push through and claim one of the final playoff spots.

I think when a player comes back it’s a boost for the team. The team does a little bit extra to try and make it good for you. -Robin Lehner

This has been on full display for the Golden Knights recently. From the three-goal comeback against Chicago in Alec Martinez’s return to the shutout in Seattle when Brayden McNabb stepped back into the lineup to the overtime win in Vancouver in Lehner’s return.

The challenge is to keep it up. Not only for the team to continue playing at a “boosted” level, but also to get consistent performances from those who have been out of the lineup and are likely not fully healthy.

I feel I’m close, but this time of year I need to be better than my 100 percent. It’s time to raise the bar. All of us. We need to win and there’s no other option. Just being good is not good enough right now. -Lehner

Lehner likely speaks for most players in the Golden Knights’ lineup. Rarely is any player completely healthy at this time of the season, but with a year like Vegas has had it’s to be expected that most guys are less than 100%. Adding Max Pacioretty and Mark Stone back into the mix will only muddy up these already muddy waters as well.

It’s going to be up to Pete DeBoer to find the balance necessary to get everything out of his players without asking too much from those who aren’t physically capable of it.

We have the luxury of not having to load up anyone on defense with the group we have back there. Up front we’re not as deep with the group we’ve got out we don’t have an option but to load up some of those guys. We can’t leave any bullets in the gun for playoffs until we clinch a ticket to make sure we are there. -DeBoer

Vegas does have the benefit of time between games for the rest of this week but then the schedule tightens up substantially for the final six games.

Decision-making will be paramount down the stretch because one wrong move could be fatal for a team that needs every win they can possibly get.


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  1. Well, Lehner earned some points from me by deleting his Twitter account. I did that myself back in October of 2020 right before the all the news media and social platforms ghosted the Biden Family/Hunter-laptop stories and stole the election.


    Maybe Elon Musk will put that social media platform back on the patriot side of the war against tyranny!


    • B-Rad-Lee

      I propose that we each buy some shares in Twitter and grant proxy to Elon.

  2. vgk21

    Moneypuck shows right now that Vgk will almost surely have to go 9-2 to get a playoff spot.

    here are the projected pt totals for each western playoff team in the hunt…

    LAK= 98.7
    Dal= 98.1
    Vgk= 95.2

    projected odds to make the playoffs= every team is over 90% except
    LAK=87.9 and Dallas=77.8
    Vgk chances= 49.8

    the chances remain slim and none, and Slim is still fasting.

    • Arnold Rothstein

      vgk21, carefully watch the upcoming LAK vs Oilers game, to see if the ‘fix’ is in.

  3. THE hockey GOD
    Ivan Morozov is currently in Henderson attending the Silver Knights game at Dollar Loan Center.

    Do NOT him go back to Putin, the war criminal.

  4. Tim

    It’s a little late to figure out whats needed to make the playoffs. One big problem has been home ice where at best were playing 50%. That has nothing to do with injuries it’s just a breakdown of what should have been an advantage we let slip away. This team needs a cleansing and this summer we’ll see a lot of changes.To much money spent on players who don’t perform.

  5. Tim – your going to get alot of push back from a number of people on this site that believe spending .millions is fine and only way to win. Wiser posters like yourself know better it is refreshing to see a realist around.

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