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Josh Anderson Says Alex Pietrangelo “Sucker-Punched” Him After Suspension-Worthy Hit

Late in the game last week between the Golden Knights and Canadiens forward Josh Anderson delivered a dirty hit on Alex Pietrangelo. The play resulted in a scuffle that saw Anderson ejected from the game and earning a five-minute major while multiple Golden Knights went to the box for roughing.

The next day, the NHL Department of Player Safety slapped Anderson with a two game suspension.

Pietrangelo bobbles the puck momentarily and slows, turning towards the boards. After he does so, and with numbers facing him, Anderson adjusts his course, readies, and hits forcibly through Pietrangelo’s back left side, driving him dangerously into the wall. -NHL Department of Player Safety video on the hit

Here’s a look at the play from two different angles.


Anderson served his suspension over the last few days and spoke with the media for the first time today.

It looks like he had two options. One he’s gonna chip it in or two it looked like he was going to turn back and make a play to the D. I tried to hit him as much as I could on the shoulder but he put himself in a tough position and things happen fast. Obviously, I’m glad he’s ok. He was on the power play the next shift. -Josh Anderson

He was not thrilled with the Golden Knights’ reaction after the play.

He went in hard but I didn’t think much of it because he got right back up and sucker-punched me. I thought he was okay there. I guess it’s okay to knock out your two front teeth and not get anything from it. That’s just the way it is. -Anderson

The Habs and Golden Knights do not meet again until March 5th at T-Mobile Arena, but despite the four-month gap between games, everyone involved will surely remember that play, and emotions during that game will be high.


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  1. George T

    Anderson is clearly a bitch.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    you do the crime
    you do the time

    you deserved much more than a “sucker punch” after pummeling someone into the boards near the bench, the most vulnerable area on ice rink for player injuries.

    T mobile awaits you, Sheriff Joe has arrest warrant ready to serve you for your crime of aggravated assault.

  3. Richard

    Governor Joe!

    • David Thew

      Yep, bye, bye, Gov. Sissysmack. The people have spoken. As for the cheap shot, that’s why we love Hockey; the fights.

  4. knights fan in minny

    what a clown anderson what the hell did he think was going to happen to him

  5. Skworzec Wes

    Man, when you take liberties like that on a player, you gotta believe there are gonna be payback for it.

  6. BT

    Lol so he thinks because he didn’t notice Petros face crash into the boards, and the way he “positioned himself,” negates any wrong doing?
    I chalked this play up as not intentional in my own mind, I didn’t believe he was trying to do that. But he obviously takes no accountability, and deflects blame. What is this guy even talking about? Petros head bounced like a basketball off the wall…anybody who doesn’t get up and respond with a “sucker punch,” or in any other sort of form is out of their mind….and understandably so because they just got there head bashed.
    Lost a little respect for him here. What a chump. Hits like that happen all the time unfortunately, and alot of them are unintentional.

    Like Patches when he was with the Habs….I thought he might be dead at the time, Chara didn’t intend for Patches to end up like that…its hockey, guy. Be happy Petro is okay, and you are okay, and move on.

  7. TS

    So, Anderson actually blamed Petro for ” putting himself in that position” in the first place! That’s like a driver running over a pedestrian crossing the street, then defending himself by saying he ” put himself in that street, what did he EXPECT?” INSANITY!

  8. Jailbird

    Can we get the 10 in a row tonight? First games back after a road-trip are statistically tuff to win. But, I think we can do it! Play hard boys!

  9. Manny Rios

    Grow a pair buddy!! You are lucky a so called sucker punch is all you got!! Forgive but don’t forget!! Go Knights Go!!

  10. Moe

    Anderson will beat the shit out of him next game. If the little baby will be a man and fight him!

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