Locally, a report about Johnny Manziel has created major Strip stir. Was Manziel here? Or was he at home in Cleveland with his mutt? Honestly who cares? At this point is Johnny Manziel necessary to even cover anymore? Is Johnny Manziel an athlete even worth paying attention too? And more importantly does Johnny Manziel deserve the nickname Johnny Football?

Frankly, I don’t think so. To have a nickname with the name of your sport, suggests the player is actually good at that sport. As we’ve seen over the past two NFL seasons, Johnny Manziel is not very good at football. So it’s about time we took away the name. But the major reason to take Johnny Manziel’s nickname, is because it’s offensive to other young, stud athletes.

One guy you won’t read about partying on the Strip during the season is also named Johnny. In fact, he has a nickname quite like Manziel. Except this kid lives up to his name. The athlete is Johnny Gaudreau, and his nickname is Johnny Hockey.

Johnny Hockey, was just as hyped in the hockey world as Manziel was coming out of colllege. Manziel won the Heisman award, as college footballs best player. Gaudreau won the Hobey Baker award, as college hockey’s best player. However, Johnny Hockey has changed the face of the Calgary Flames, unlike Manziel. Johnny Hockey made the All-Star game, was in the postseason and was a finalist as the NHL’s top rookie. None of which Manziel could’ve dreamed about his rookie season.

Gaudreau is one of the NHL’s most exciting and explosive players and he’s only 22. Manziel is 23, and will probably be cut by a 3-13 team. There is no comparison between the two Johnny’s. Manziel is a drunk failure. Gaudreau is on top of his game and will never be covered by TMZ, or ESPN’s over-hype division. However, Johnny Hockey will be covered by Puck Daddy, NBC Sports and of course SinBin.vegas.

So let’s all lose Manziel’s undeserved nickname, and stop covering his booze- filled nights at Drai’s. Gaudreau on the other hand should be called by his nickname, he deserves to be called is Johnny Hockey. It’s all about success. Oh, and we can all cover Johnny Hockey this off-season when he parties on the Strip for the NHL awards.