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Jack Eichel’s Business Sense Built For Vegas

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It’s rare for an NHL player to request a trade. But when you’re an upset 25-year-old franchise center being forced to undergo an undesired medical procedure, things change.

When he went to them with a trade request, they took it very personally. There are people that can say I understand that this is business and the people don’t understand that. Jack Eichel saw this is as business. –Elliotte Friedman, 32 Thoughts Podcast

Let’s face it, that type of acumen fits well with an organization that’s moved on from fan favorites, bought cap space for little return, and purchased the biggest names in the sport. We’ve learned early on in the franchise’s existence that it’s a fish or cut bait mentality. And there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they continue to make the playoffs.

Eichel had his own put up or shut up moment last offseason when he requested a trade.

The Pegualas saw Jack Eichel the same way the fans did as a US born savior of their team. When he asked for a trade they saw it as a betrayal… they were so hurt and so disappointed, I have no doubt it made the situation harder. –Friedman, 32 Thoughts Podcast

Eichel felt like he was doing his part but the Sabres organization wasn’t doing enough for him. Lack of supporting characters and a messy front office were bad enough but not allowing Eichel to chose his own medical procedure led to his cold but calculated demand.

He did a lot of research into the two surgeries and why one was better than the other and why he chose the disc replacement. It was almost like he was saying I earned the right to the make the decision. –Friedman, 32 Thoughts Podcast

In 375 games with Buffalo, Eichel registered 139 goals and 355 total points. Not only did he earn the right to make decisions but the Sabres ownership backed that up by offering an $80M extension in 2017. After handing over large sums of money like that, it would suggest the Sabres wanted Eichel to have a voice in the organization. The player felt it was taken away by barring him from a selective surgery or his choice.

Eichel credited all of his agents, I think over the last couple of weeks Brisson and Berry really turned up the heat. They knew they had a really unhappy client and they were turning up the heat anyway they could. –Friedman, 32 Thoughts Podcast

On top of his high end skill that will undoubtedly win Vegas more hockey games it’s the possibility of handling a pressure filled boardroom organization like the Golden Knights. Eichel has proven he’s willing to pause his career for what’s best for himself. Not many players would’ve held steadfast like the newest Golden Knight but he put himself first and the team second. And that’s completely fair.

However, when the surgery is done and his neck has healed, Eichel is strictly in the business of winning a Stanley Cup.

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  1. THE hockey GOD

    good luck Jack , for successful surgery and subsequent playing career !


  2. Vic

    I believe tonight’s game is only available via ESPN Plus streaming. Any other way to watch the game or so I spend the $6.99 for a month of ESPN Plus? Too bad NBC lost the contract.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    look like Cotter is in
    amadio out
    RL in nets likely

  4. Blitz

    Is Amadio a healthy scratch? Did he get banged up?

    • THE hockey GOD

      i don’t think so, think they are giving the kid a shot, family flew in to see the game.

      we’ll find out later I guess, probably healthy scratch ? He is sort of low man on seniority poll with organization. But what do I know? Maybe coaches feel he could use a day off, or maybe Amadio is nursing an injury.

      • Tim

        THG, Maybe Amadio isn’t playing because he’s not very good. Can Cotter be any worse?

        • Blitz

          Certainly could be performance related. I felt he did ok in his first couple, new team, new system, but wasn’t great last game. Regardless, I like new kids like Cotter getting a game or two. Hoping one just goes off and plays out of his mind and forces FO’s hand to keep him around. Cotter had good moments in preseason. Maybe he is the one.

          • Tim

            Blitz, I agree playing has bins instead of young kids with upside makes no sense to me.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Paul Cotter C
    Vegas Golden Knights
    DOB (Age): 11/16/1999 (21)
    HT/WT: 6′ 0″ / 191 lbs.
    Drafted: 2018 / Rd. 4 (115) / VGK
    Season Stats
    G A PTS +/- PIM TOI
    – – – – – –

    Player News

    Paul Cotter C, Vegas Golden Knights
    Paul Cotter will make his NHL debut on Tuesday.

    Cotter has two goals in eight AHL contests this season. Based on the practice lines, he’ll probably skate alongside Jonas Rondbjerg and Brett Howden on the fourth unit

  6. Richie-Rich

    Huh? Eichel’s business sense is built for … what?

    Okay, I am struggling a bit here. I guess, with all the team injuries that it’s probably difficult to come up with some relevant VGK stuff. But, really? This is what you came up with?

    I think it would be best to start playing this down a bit. Expectations that Eichel is going to come back with some sort of bionic disk that will propel him right back to the top of his game and lead the VGK to a Stanley Cup is a bit extreme.

    Let’s hope and pray (if you’re into that) that the surgery goes as expected and that recovery time is 3 months.

    I think the following stories are worth digging into in lieu of this continued beating of the Eichel drum:

    – Analysis on Reilly Smith. Where he’s been, where he’s at and what we can expect from the VGK FO at the trade deadline or after the season with respect to his contract.

    – Stories about cap options to get the team compliant.

    – AHL development!

    – As a STH I am excited about 6ft 6in C Primeau, his development and outlook for when he might be NHL ready. A huge Center that could bring in a ton of goals/points if and when he’s ready.

    – What is going to happen with the Logan Thompson situation come the end of this season? The jury is still out on Lehner & Brossoit (at least for me) and we have what is probably the best AHL goalie stopping pucks and winning games for the Silver Knights.

    – Some additional detail with respect to the current VGK walking wounded would be nice. I hear Wild Bill has a broken bone in his wrist? When can we expect the possible return of Stone, Patches, Wild Bill and Whitecloud?

    I will be at tonight’s game and it will be interesting to see how the fans welcome Eichel. Section 11, Row M seat 13-14.

  7. Not sure what eichel’s business sense has to do with his hockey skills if anything. Being concerned about his personal health has zero to do with business. At least he has his priorities right. I hope for his sake the surgery goes well. It’s a huge expectation he will be as good as new , hopefully 99%.

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