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The Golden Knights have continued getting business done today announcing the signing of Ivan Barbashev to a five-year contract worth $25 million ($5 million AAV).

Barbashev scored 18 points in 22 playoff games after being acquired at the trade deadline for former 1st round pick Zach Dean.




VGK Select David Edstrom (C) In 1st Round Of 2023 NHL Entry Draft


  1. Frank

    Yup…. this is what the Smith move was all about. Glad to have Barbie on board!

  2. Richie-Rich

    The great news keeps rolling on in.
    2nd Cup in year 7

  3. OK BARBASHEV ON BOARD for 5 years is cool….What’s the status of ADIN HILL.
    we need him.

    • Richie-Rich

      Hill signed yesterday or the day before for $4.9m, I think it was a 2 year deal?

      • TS

        Great news! I was unaware deal was sealed!

      • Scott Yardley

        It’s never been finalized. Not that it won’t be. I think they are waiting on the announcement of Lehner’s buyout on Friday.

  4. Emmanuel

    An OK signing but they had to let go one of their top G scorers who is also good defensively……so its a wash.

    • Howard

      Pay closer attention.. Smith not what he once was defensively. Another correct move by the best fo in hockey!

  5. Pistol Pete

    His two way game will continue to improve under Cassidy. Also think seasons like his 60 pointer with the Blues can keep coming. He’s on the right team for it. Also think he can mentor Dorofeyev into being a heavier hitter. They are the same height and weight and speak Russian.

  6. TS

    Barbashev will definitely earn his contract in a big way, such a great future for him in Vegas! Pretty sad to see a Misfit move on, but talk of Marchy being traded really concerned me. SO glad that was just talk. Hill still working out details with mgmt,
    not a done deal yet, hope that is soon. Sounds like we have our dream team lined up for next season!!! OUTSTANDING!

  7. knights fan in minny

    barber was absolute beast in the playoffs lots of potential

  8. Carl

    Many times I wanted to strangle George and Kelly. But I’ve learned to just keep quiet and observe.

  9. Skip

    Whether Lehner winds up on the LTIR or on another team, I hope he moves on. Hearing Thompson might get traded next or Marchessault even is putting a damper on celebrating the Cup win.

    • VGK fan

      Wait why would they trade LT he only makes 767,000 for the next 2 years coming off an all star appearance?

  10. David Thew

    Hopefully, Lerner is let go. Never was sold on him anyways. Just a big body with average goaltender skills, IMHO. Sad to lose Smith, but such is the nature of the beast. Constant give and take of players is always expected. Sometimes it’s done as a financial reason, sometimes as a need at a certain position, sometimes for future growth of the team.


    Meant, Lehner. Damn spell correct.

  12. David Thew

    Meant Lehner. Darn spell check.

  13. Jailbird

    We had to find a way to keep Barby. The guy can score and his physical play was great in the playoffs. How could they possibly trade LT. A great young goalie not even making one mil. I’m going to say they absolutely will not trade Marchy. THAT I could not agree with!

    • B-Rad-Lee

      The issue with LT is that they can’t keep three GKs and none of them can be waived to the AHL without being picked up. If they keep LT, LB will have to go, and vice-versa.

      • RIchie-Rich

        LB is an unrestricted free agent. He’ll be looking for a pay raise. Quick is also an unrestricted free agent. Both of this goaltenders are on the north side of 30 years old.

        LT is signed for 2 more years.
        LT was an all-star goaltender this past season.
        If LT is injured then I doubt anyone is going to pick him up
        I doubt very much that LT is going anywhere.

  14. David Thew

    Agreed. Trading Marchy would be a bonehead move. This part of the off-season is always tough. Smith is gone. New, future talent is in the horizon. Pins & needles

  15. vgk21

    hopefully the VGK can draft Calum Ritchie, or maybe Gavin Brindley in that 32 spot. but they might be gone with 7 picks still to go

  16. vgk21

    Edstrom, good pick big guy, similar to Erickson Ek of the Wild

  17. Tim

    This is an easy one Reilly Smith 31, Barbashev 27 same cap it it’s a no brainer. Signing Hill another plus with Logan Thompson as the backup another good move. Looks like they got the guy they wanted at 32 in the draft so who knows how he develops.

  18. Bobby

    Love the moves so far! Signing Barbashev and Hill is awesome. Edstrom great pick. Just need to move Lehner.

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