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It’s Time For Vegas’ Best Game

From ESPN broadcast

It’s time.

It’s time for Mark Stone. It’s time for Alex Pietrangelo. It’s time for Chandler Stephenson and Jonathan Marchessault and Shea Theodore and William Karlsson. It’s time for the roster littered with Stanley Cup rings. It’s time for the team that went all-in at the deadline. It’s time for the lineup so stacked it’s drawn the wrath of the NHL world.

Everything is in place. Now, the players have to do it.

The front office has restocked the team to give them every chance under the sun possible to repeat. The coach has presented them with a plan that has proven to work. He subsequently pressed all the buttons at the same time to see if he could shock the system.

In this series and especially in the last three games, Vegas’ best players have not been good enough. Stone, Hertl, and Stephenson have not been on the ice for a single 5-on-5 goal. Karlsson has been out there for just one. Marchessault hasn’t come through with a clutch  late-game goal. And let’s not even get started about whatever is going on with Alex Pietrangelo.

Simply put, based on the analytics, the Golden Knights are fortunate to still have a chance to rescue their title defending season.

They can’t wait any longer and the task is as tall as it’s ever been.

They’ll face their first elimination game since 2021 and have to beat a team (and goalie) brimming with confidence. Then, they’ll have to break Pete DeBoer’s perfect 7-0 record in Game 7’s.

But if there’s anyone that can do it, it’s the Golden Knights.

We’ve seen it, literally just seven days ago the reigning champions were the favorites to win the Western Conference. They’ve shown the ability to lock down the Dallas Stars powerful offense. They’ve shown the strength to hold the puck in the offensive zone and wear down a 5-man defense unit. And they’ve been able to break one of the better goalies in the league.

It’s going to take Vegas’ best game and then an even better game after it. And it’s going to take a great performance from the captain, a controlled one from their first alternate, and a step forward by the Conn Smythe, the trade deadline acquisitions, and the rest of the depth of the team.

There’s only one way forward and it all rests on the shoulders of the players. No more excuses.

Time to rise up like the champions.




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  1. Edward

    IDK, fishing up on the St. Lawrence with one of those slides going off the back a the boat don’t sound bad either!

  2. Carl

    I wonder if the short offseason after Stanley and the 82 game grind has finally caught up the the boys, especially the over-30’s.

    • George T

      That’s honestly what it looks like. The grind is real.

    • PetePistol

      the 17 pens, 2021 lightning, etc. say otherwise…

    • Carl – Please that is just ridiculous. These guys are athletes who train year around. The short off season you referenced is months ago and has zero bearing on what’s going on now. With that logic in place there would never be repeats or much else. I think Stone and probably Hertl are sill not 100% but if the A team shows up (A= Attitude) they are certainly capable of winning. They simply need to want it more than Dallas. No suggesting it will be easy, but they certainly can do it. Dallas at this point is a little cocky after three straight wins as PDB indicated when interviewed by his comments they actually should have won the first two – so it’s time to deflate their ballon – they need to check clean like their season depends on it which it does, stay out of the box and step up and show what they are made of. Reading some of the post with Vegas fans???? saying how great Dallas is in one way or another should make any true loyal Vegas sick. Who cares they finished ahead, so what Boston finished way ahead last year and where did that get them. The boys must adopt the winning spirit and go out there and get it done. Win Friday first and worry about Sunday later.

  3. Phil

    Ken, the Stars’ PP seems like it’s an avalanche blasting downhill against us. Constant zone time and there always seems to be a skater flying in from the blue line with a grade A shot. Is our kill even more focused on the interior than before? And if so, is it time to bring some more skaters out to pressure their guys at the blue line?

    • Cassidy’s PK system isn’t nearly as aggressive as many other coaches (DeBoer included). Sometimes they do tend to protect the middle a bit more. I agree with you that they could use a bit more aggressiveness in it tonight.

      • Frank

        They could have used a bit more aggressiveness on the PK all season IMHO. One thing that I don’t like about Cassidy’s system is the PK. The better teams pick it apart. We give wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time and space.

  4. former season ticket holder

    Back when I lived in Wash State, I visited the local track called Longacre’s. Racing there was a peculiar horse named Whetstone Blue. This horse would almost seem to be sipping a tea when the gates opened and the bell rang and the rest of the horses “were off” !!
    The Knight’s ….opps….Whetstone was so confident, that breaking last from the gate and far behind the pack, this horse would find an insane gear and by the backstretch had caught the rear of this pack, rounding the final turn it was taking over first and by the finish it usually won by 4 to 10 lengths.
    Then one day, a cheap claimer got in there, blew the doors off the gate, rounded the track and ole Whetstone, trying to catch this juvie, pooped out, dropped to last and didn’t race again for a long time… the lesson here, somewhere…Is to start at the first puck drop and never quit, never slowly get up to speed… but be at top speed asap… We beat this team all year, we embarrassed them in the playoffs last year, and best of all we sent that smug and greasy lawyer home too! Anyone for seconds??

    • Definitely on same page – this bull shit about how good Dallas is nothing more than an irrational excuse for Vegas loosing. This is not taking anything away from Dallas but they are not better than Vegas.

  5. stats

    I could see Knute Rockne and Herb Brooks giving the speeches in the Vgk dressing room, and 7 would just yawn and slash the nearest stick boy.

  6. Earl the Replanted Transplant

    It’s time for the VGK to stop taking stupid penalties! Pietrangelo has helped tank a couple games because of selfish retarded penalties. The Carrier penalty last Nighy was B.S. and the Star should’ve been hit with embellishment, but Pietrangelo totally did a f-ing retard move!

  7. Erik d

    I’d like to believe they come out and do it, but before the series I predicted they would be out in 5, game 1 was a relief but they stole that game, game 2 built false confidence, that one they did a little better and they were up 2, it seemed they might have the stars number but much like in many games in the regular season, they jump on a team early and just expect the other team to quit, when it doesn’t happen they have no answer, we are now seeing that play out in a series. Friday is almost certainly the end of carrier and marchy in vgk uniforms, and with the forwards next year this team will take a step back and fail to score enough.

    • knights fan in minny

      marchy is going nowhere

      • Jay

        Sorry, 81 will fall victim to the cap. They have already spent the #20 & #23 money and have to fill out a roster and the money he wants/should get just does not fit.

      • Erik d

        The only way I can see them affording him is trade a defenseman, most likely Theodore would be the casualty but I doubt that happens, the money just doesn’t add up

    • Richie-Rich

      We have to hope that the expectations have reset and they will come out and play a solid 60 minutes of championship hockey that shuts them down and we walk away with a comfortable 2 or 3 goal victory.

      I think this series is going to a game 7.
      I still believe we will win this series if we take game 6.

  8. ThG

    this series is turning out to be, among all the other things I mentioned,
    “the revenge of Boris Badinov”, and that is not a good thing.

  9. jeffrey m sutton

    we smoke those fuckers tomorrow knight

  10. Jason Sheehan

    Give Pietrangelo a break. The guy had Covid followed by an appendectomy within the last two months without an adequate amount of games played to get back into playing shape. No one would be close to their best after that. He’s doing his best.

    • TS

      Jason, thanks for pointing that out on Petro. He had pretty serious setbacks at season end. Surprised he came back so soon after the surgery. He is getting the Fan blast for his errors, but he had SURGERY, people!

      • JB

        Agree somewhat , BUT, surgery is not the result or cause of doing stupid things on the ice! Just saying.

    • NAM

      Covid, but he’s been vaccinated, how can that be? Covid vaccinated and an appendicitis, how can that be? Hmmm?

      • Theresa Soles

        Nam, are your conspiracy antennae active again? The guy was sick. People get Appendicitis. Have you ever been sick? Why so suspicious?

        • NAM

          Conspiracy? You sound like CNN. I had 100s of medical articles to link here, but I chose one. Did you even look or did personal pride of you regurgitating how everyone should get an untested vaccine to be safe, get in the way. Scary i know. Scarier is my wife is a trama medical coder for a major hospital. The appendectomies performed since the mRna vaccines came out jumped like 1000%. This is real world data, from the most trusted person in my life. Not some news source or twitter post. So while it could be just a common issue, the timing says it isn’t.

          • JimL

            Nuttiness is still nuttiness.

            Ignorance is Ignorance.

            Do better and stop effing up this country.

    • 7 game series

      “There’s only one way forward and it all rests on the shoulders of the players. No more excuses.’

      from the article above by Ken….yet here we go with the excuses already.

      “He’s doing his best”

      let me fix that sentence….”he’s doing his best to blow the series for his team”

      stupid fucking penalties? cost 2 games in a row? case closed.

  11. Tim

    Today’s the day they turn it on what nonsense but if it makes you feel good I’m fine with it. Here’s reality we are the last wild card, if it wasn’t for our 12 game start we’d already be golfing. With a 2 game lead coming home didn’t get there juices flowing I wouldn’t count on them tonight.

    • JB

      And we won’t count on you tonight either, Tim. We only played one bad game, #3, and we still had a chance to win that. Not counting open nets, this has been a series of one goal games. On doubt the puck luck has went Dallas way. But those things tend to even up over long series. I think some of that is coming our way.

  12. ThG

    since the Stars are obviously the faster team, and except of hannifin, the VGK are a bigger and slower team; it behooves the T mobile ice rink team to muck up the ice and make it a slower surface. Recommend getting some of that “dirge” water from that Bellagio fountains and using it.

    Maybe the owner Foley should rename the arena, Home of the Dragons, and change the name of team to the Golden Dragons.

    The misfit mojo is long gone, the franchise has turned the team over from fast, gritty team to one of big lumbering veterans getting close to past their prime.

    When a team starts sustaining injury after injury after injury you know it’s time to move on.

    The eight seed.

    Time for the fifth line to show up, and knights to stop jousting around, BREAK THE JINXES bestowed on this team tonight kill the dragon !!

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