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It Can’t Be This Easy For The Golden Knights, Can it?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

With a victory tonight, the Golden Knights will be one win closer to claiming the franchise’s first Stanley Cup trophy. Through two games Vegas is scorching Florida in the offensive zone while allowing just three goals in six periods. For all intents and purposes, the 2023 Stanley Cup Final has been a one-sided mismatch.

We’ve approached every game in the playoffs the same way. We try to take it, everyone says, one at a time, but we’ve got our backs against the wall, obviously. We’re down by two, but we’re coming home. Love our team, love our resiliency. We’re going to go out and give our best effort, play our best game tomorrow and go from there. -Marc Staal, FLA defenseman

While the right things are being said from the Panthers’ locker room, they understand tying the series over the next two games is a tall order. Sure, they recovered after falling behind in their opening round. However, the Golden Knights are not playing like an opening round team. No, Vegas is competing like one of the all-time great Stanley Cup teams. The statistics and outcomes highlight VGK’s dominance.

Highest Scoring Stanley Cup Teams In Stanley Cup Final:

  • 2023 Vegas Golden Knights – 6.0 Goals Per Game (2 Games)
  • 1980 New York Islanders – 5.2 GPG (5 Games)
  • 1991 Pittsburgh Penguins – 4.6 GPG (6 Games)
  • 1981 New York Islanders – 4.3 GPG (6 Games)
  • 2010 Chicago Blackhawks – 4.2 GPG (6 Games)

Last season, the Cup-winning Colorado Avalanche scored 20 total goals in six contests. The Golden Knights are eight goals away from matching the Avalanche’s total in only six periods. If their pace continues, Vegas will rank among the best offenses in Stanley Cup Final history.

Most pundits expect the Panthers to snap out of their two-game funk and threaten the Golden Knights series lead. Considering the flow Vegas is on right now, it wouldn’t be wise to count them out in South Florida. Especially, considering how VGK have feasted on the road.

I love the road, to be honest, where all the guys are together, having team dinners, playing cards all together, hanging out. We have such good team chemistry this year that we have a lot of fun. There’s no dull moment with that group of guys. -Jonathan Marchessault

The current Conn Smythe favorite and his teammates welcome a road obstacle. Through three rounds the Golden Knights are 6-2 on the road and are overwhelmingly outscoring their opponents in their own barns. Again, who would have thought Vegas would hold a road goal differential of +16? A visiting team shouldn’t be that comfortable in the postseason.

VGK’s Goals Score/Goals Allowed By Location

  • Home: 3.82 Goals Scored Per Game
  • Road: 4.0 Goals Scored Per Game
  • Home: 3.0 Goals Allowed Per Game
  • Road: 2.0 Goals Allowed Per Game

I think we have a good balance where we certainly have fun, but I think that we also have a good balance of knowing when to buckle down and take things seriously. When you face adversity through a game, a series or a playoffs, that’s when that camaraderie for one another really shines through and I don’t think you can win without that. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of a couple successful teams and any team that has that success, they certainly get along off the ice. This here is a special group. -Alec Martinez

It’s highly unlikely the Golden Knights will lose tonight’s Game 3 because of careless, sloppy or undisciplined play. Coming off two straight Stanley Cup Final wins, Vegas remains confident, loose, and have a two-game head start. The pressure is on the home team tonight, and for them to cut Vegas’ series lead in half, they’ll need to be nearly flawless.

Boston is a good example. We were down, we found a way. We started playing a little better and we found a way to come back and get out of there. So, the same thing here. We’ve just got to work a little harder. We’ve got to work a little smarter in the ways to win games.- Aleksander Barkov, FLA captain

Florida’s players believe they are mentally prepared to dig out of a two-game hole tonight because of their first-round comeback against the Boston Bruins. While past series successes can reassure the Panthers’ ability to bounce back, it won’t affect the mentality of the streaking Golden Knights.

It’ll take more than being called for fewer misconducts to rattle the 6-2 homewreckers.


Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 36 – June 7th, 2023




  1. knights fan in minny

    game day sin city drop the puck

  2. Frank

    Fully expect Florida to come out strong tonight. This series is by no means over and VGK needs to not overlook a scrappy Panthers team…. I expect the next couple of games to be lower scoring and tighter checking affairs. VGK will split the next two in FLA and come back home to claim the cup 😉

  3. THE hockey GOD

    stop being over confident and get the job done

    baby !

  4. Jailbird

    I look for maybe the nastiness game yet? In front of home folks I don’t think the kitties can control their wanting to look in front of the home folks . We’ll see how far they will go and if the boys can continue to ignor that crap as much as possible. I’m just looking for a split down there. Go get them boys!

    • TS

      Panthers will come out swinging, I fear. Trying to take out Barbashev 1st. Wouldn’t be surprised if they try to break Hill, too…ANY way they CAN. Penalties don’t phase them, so the damn REFS better get a handle on Game 3 in the 1st minute of the game…
      Question is, will the REFS do what they SHOULD, or give the home team a nod and wink on a lot of the BULL, to ” even things up”…

  5. David Thew

    It’s great to see this team bond the way they have. They have each other’s back. This closeness is allowing them to gell. They are having fun. They are toying with the Panthers, much like toying with a cat with a bag of catnip on a string. I don’t expect that to change. Stay disciplined and don’t get drawn into fights/power plays. Break out the brooms…

  6. Ken – winning the Cup is never easy and to post such an article like this one is like pouring gas on a fire. Panthers are in a difficult spot; and Vegas needs to do whatever is necessary to stop them getting up. If the Panthers can read and happen upon this article you have provided more incentive for them to kick Vegas’s ass than the coach himself could accomplish. As a Vegas fan I want a Vegas win and put Panthers out of their misery, but I am also a very long-time hockey fan who knows it’s never over till it’s over and the Panthers are not going to fade away like your article suggests. I admire how Vegas has kept their cool and am sure the Panthers are very frustrated by that, this can lead to a very different hockey game, win at any cost is never good as someone could get seriously injured. Here’s to a win tonight and worry about Saturday on Saturday.

    • Jailbird

      A) – Jason wrote this, not Ken. B) – Doe you really think this article, on this little blog, would mean anything in Florida’s thinking? They have all the incentive they need already, down 0-2.

    • THE hockey GOD

      jason always writes BS articles like this

      • Yes Jason article my mistake just use to Ken in these situations – l should have checked on author – thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  7. David Thew

    I disagree. I really don’t think the Panthers are losing any sleep over a Las Vegas article. They have more important things to worry about.

  8. THE hockey GOD

  9. John

    VGK looks like the mature team ! Sorry Panther fans, but your team looks like the immature team. Having your good players in penalty boxes and getting 10 minute misconducts is not helping your cause one bit, it is certainly benefiting the VGK ! VGK is the smarter team and can play tough too, but they don’t make dumbass penalties like Panthers do !

  10. David Thew

    Please…. Polishing your ole’ crystal ball are we, Nostradamus? Look, I know games and momentum can shift, but I truly don’t see the VGK suddenly collapsing tonight. VGK has all the advantages tonight. Panthers on home ice means squat. Ask Dallas.

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    • knights fan in minny

      who the hell are you nut job you must be Alexs brother

      • David Thew

        The guy is a wannabe “gangsta” who doesn’t know when to put down the crack pipe. People like him are pure and simple evil, with a huge splash of idiocy added.

    • TS

      Come on, man. REALLY???????

      • David Thew

        TS, if enough people report him, he will be removed. He is trolling our blogs, typing his hate speech and actually taunting us, saying that we can’t have him removed. Talks about “Free Speech”. Free speech doesn’t give him the right to make death threats or hate speech.

        • TS

          Davis, if he is the TROLL who has posted for year or so, he won’t go away, and NOTHING we try to do will change that. We’ve all been there, done that with him and ” other posters” who love to lecture and preach about Non- Hockey BS. It has gotten pretty UGLY here, lots of name- calling, false accusations and really nasty stuff. It has largely disappeared ( gratefully), but TROLLI G persists. IDK what else can be done. Free Speech is always the Default response, so I kinda gave up.

          • David Thew

            Yeah, it’s unfortunate. Jerks like him take the words “free speech” and think that they can use it to fit their warped and retarded narrative. This clown is nothing more than a coward, hiding behind a computer. He thinks it’s okay to say because it’s a song? Few things wrong with his theory.
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            The punk is a loser. We will hopefully lose him from the blog when he is serving time for living his gangsta’, thug mentality. Or, when he becomes a victim of his own creation.

          • David Thew

            Sorry for the typos.

  12. Jailbird

    Here we go! Game time ! And Anand, fuckYOU! Go somewhere else with your bullshit. We are fighting foe the cup HERE!

  13. Jason guess you have your answer

  14. Joe Frank

    Bruce Cassidy vs the Sunrise Kids. Back to one game at a time. No sense taking any Heat. Oof. That’s the other series. Must game Sat. Go Fight win. Wrong teams. Go team fight Knights Go.

  15. David Thew

    Moronic statement. Very random. Nothing to do with VGK. Just stupid rantings from an obvious crackhead. People like you are what’s wrong with this world.

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