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Is Patrick Kane On VGK’s Radar Again?

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Over the past couple of seasons, future hockey Hall of Famer Patrick Kane has been linked to several contenders, including the Vegas Golden Knights. At the 2023 trade deadline, Kane accepted a trade exclusively to the New York Rangers. After New York was eliminated in last year’s postseason, Kane was not retained by the Blueshirts and took his time deciding his future in the offseason. Well, here we go again. The former Blackhawk, Ranger and Red Wing is open for business and some contenders would like to milk the last ounce of hockey Kane has left in him.

There’s a lot of places that you can look for Patrick Kane to go to and who wouldn’t want to have him. Look at his pedigree. Three-time Stanley Cup champion and the list goes on and on. The veteran seasoning that he can bring to any roster. – Cheryl Pounder on

The 35-year-old continued to produce last season, helping the Red Wings to a 91-point regular season. Kane unsurprisingly recorded 47 points (20 Goals, 27 Assists) in only 50 games last season with Detroit. In the case that Vegas’ front office is unable to negotiate a fair deal with Jonathan Marchessault, the 2013 Conn Smythe winner could pitch in. It’s unlikely the 4x All-Star will score 40+ goals but he could be close to a point per game player. Another beneift, term won’t be a problem with Kane.

He’s a model of consistency. Forty-seven points, twenty of them goals and 27 helpers. He’s got that possession and the ability to be a glue piece to distribute. He fills two voids, goals for and the power play. –Cheryl Pounder on

Kane is fourth in points per game (0.94) among this summer’s unrestricted free agents and added six in seven playoff games with the Rangers in 2023. There’s definitely a fit in Vegas. The Golden Knights will need help in the middle six and on either of their power play units. It’s possible Kane cannot take on a full 82-game load with his age and history of hip injuries. However, his presence in the lineup of Game 1 of the 2025 playoffs would be worrisome for VGK’s opponent.

So, clearly Kane is an option. Akin to how Phil Kessel came in for the 2022-23 campaign but with much higher expectations. Would Patrick Kane help the Golden Knights lineup next season? Certainly, but there is a safer option. Jonathan Marchessault.


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  1. knights fan in minny

    what for to old


      I agree with u there saying there trying to resign marchy

  2. Barb

    Don’t go to the ‘used’ rack again please. Time to start sowing your own seeds

  3. Vegas doesn’t need to be the hospital ward for over the hill guys. Let some other team take Kane if he still wants to play. Vegas apparently had all sorts of problems and injuries last season so no need to add another potential issue. Get Marchy signed and get on with business.

  4. ThG

    why? except for Maf (who was freebee) and derek englander (another freebee) VGK have shown no interest in signing past their prime veterans, when they do look out. Bad team on its way

  5. ThG

    now back by popular demand, (this is what happens when you shame a fat guy)

  6. ThG

    this is pretty funny

  7. ErikV

    average yearly +/- in the past 5 seasons with over 20 games played:
    Kane: -15
    Marchy: +5.6

    No way McPhee goes after him.

  8. Johm

    With what cap money? Sorry Vegas your time has come. No circumventing the cap anymore.



  10. RD

    The Knights window to win another Cup is 2 to 3 years. Trade Theodore and McNabb (even though he is a workhorse). Sign Kane to a 2 year 3.5 million a year deal. He is still almost a point a game player. Hopefully he would take that for a chance to win another Ring. Resign Marchy and stay away from Marner!!

    • ThG

      ^^ toronto fan poster^^(LOL)

    • Dynamo

      Martinez, yes….Theodore, no….McNabb, no freakin way blocks way too many shots…Kane, no….Marchy, yes

  11. TS

    Giving up Marchy to acquire ANYONE, let alone a player with a short shelf life, is an insult to him. He’s damn well worth more to this team than that. They will find a way to keep him.


    • Dynamo

      I’m sure they will treat Marchy right….just like Marc Andre and Smith……..nothing personal, just bussiness.

    • knights fan in minny

      what is veggie saying in that picture look at the ballon mommy

  12. Emmanuel

    They need a LW, not a RW!

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  14. ThG

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    • JB

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      • TS

        JB, I don’t think even HE reads all this CRAP he posts!! Does he really think ANYONE wastes their time reading this garbage?? He needs a new hobby, besides annoying the REST of us!!

      • ThG

        your ilk is full of hate JB, I provide up to date news, not bull shit like other posters provide here.

        you don’t like it
        don’t read it
        now move along hater.

  15. DeezNutz

    Minny is going to be so upset if we don’t land his man crush Mitch Marner.

    • knights fan in minny

      i will be upset if i don’t get a chance to knock you out pussy boy

      • JB

        I guess you will be upset then minny. You really think you will get a chance to knock anyone out? Even if you are capable! There’s no knockouts on the internet. Just cheap words!

        • knights fan in minny

          do what you do best get back in the corner and whimper boy

    • knights fan in minny

      i have never said anything about Marner so fuck off faggot boy numb nutz

  16. Thg – come on thg enough is enough – you are turning more people off than gaining any. Stick to hockey and elevate yourself.

    • TS

      Thank you, HB.

    • ThG

      no one is putting a gun to your head to read my up to date posts
      that you won’t get anywhere else

      was the marchy article and food about hockey? Nope!

      it was about food, and a player’s wife making food, as I recall.

      get a clue

      • THg – your absolutely right – no one is putting a gun to my head to read your crap posts. Whether you are right or wrong isn’t the issue and who cares who ate what I agree with you there but just put your political stuff elsewhere – somewhere where it will do some good and people may enjoy rereading the news that is available all over. To repeat it here means nothing and only suggests you have nothing better to do with your time.

        • ThG

          it means something to those who have a heart, intelligence, and willingness to listen

          like I said, no one is putting a gun to your head

        • TS

          He’s posting 1000 word right wing regurgitation because he doesn’t want the “Others” to post THEIR crap?? He just admitted it! He says he’s doing it to fill up sinbin with so much Crap that there’s no more room for anyone ELSE’S Crap! His logic is absurd, and NO ONE buys it. We ALL know why he post his garbage: to tekentlessly piss off the REST of us off! THAT is his only motive!

          • ThG

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        • TS

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          • ThG

            HD is not my enemy

            Also, on a unrelated matter he is not a creepy stalker type that is excessive compulsive like some people here

        • ThG

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          • TS

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    • ThG

      fall off your bike again HD?
      Hockey season is over !

      It’s 105 outside, can’t let the loser haters take over the forum with their CRAP !

  17. knights fan in minny

    you’re just a punk bj

  18. Pistol Pete

    Should Vegas trade for Mitch Marner per the expanding rumors they will possess three of the top five in the 2015 draft: Eichel #2, Marner #4 and Hanifin #5. All 27 years old and all elite.

    • All more expensive than Vegas can afford.

      • ThG

        and when did that stop the , what did you call them, the “splash” brothers before?

        I will see it when I believe it

    • Emmanuel

      Get Zacha & Provorov too! If the 1st overall had never been born it would still be a really deep draft.

  19. Pistol Pete

    Theo, Thompson and Marchy to Toronto for Marner. Obviously for Marchy to be in the deal it would have to be before free agency and Toronto of course would have to sign him. No mention of Marchy in the trade rumors it is just my idea to include him if Leafs want to sign him. VGK might have to include a 2024 draft pick. Perhaps Toronto carries back Marner salary otherwise VGK won’t have enough cap space for Marner and to extend Dorofeyev and Korczak.




    Rondbjerg, Denisenko/Morelli

    • Pistol Pete

      I realize there is absolutely no reason why Marchy would want to be part of a Marner deal unless he
      wants to go to Toronto and the deal facilitates Toronto offering him a deal he wants. I know, just let himself fall into free agency and he goes where he wants. I am really just guessing because I lack experience in this area. Do players so close to free agency ever agree to be part of a trade? Probably not unless the trade enables them to land a deal they want.

      • Pistol Pete

        Seems only if Toronto was highly motivated to offer Marchy a contract ahead of free agency and Marchy liked it would Marchy apply to deal for Marner. Far-fetched I realize. I confess to being naive in this area. I do think a Toronto team with Theo and Thompson and under
        Berube has a better shot in the postseason.

        • knights fan in minny

          lot of talk stamkos and toronto

          • Emmanuel

            Now that theres no team in Phoenix, Vegas is as close to home as he’ll get.
            Also he has a legit chance to catch Gretzky & Ovie for all time G’s

          • Emmanuel

            I meant if they get Stamkos, good chance they move Matthews.

        • Pistol Pete

          So I assume if Marchy has a NM contract that does not include Toronto, Vegas can position him in a trade ahead of the free agency deadline though he would have the right to accept or reject a Toronto offer. If my assumption is correct that Toronto would have access to make an offer to Marchy it would sweeten an offer for, for example, Theodore and Thompson for Marner. I know what Marchy means to the dressing room and the fan base however Marner is better (more than a point a game career: 639 pts in 576 games) and 6 1/2 years younger. A mark against him has been postseason performance however VGK culture should take care of that.

          • Pistol Pete

            Marner is decent defensively and good on the PK. Blocks shots. Up for the Selke one year. Career postseason offense is not bad either (not far under a point just not as good as regular season). Marner more prone to injury than Marchy but overall a markedly superior performer. Would be great imo if Marchy is interested in going to Toronto especially if they are able to make him an acceptable offer (assuming of course they are interested). McCrimmon should be able to do a Marner deal without Marchy but it could be easier if the Leafs want him. If McCrimmon can get Marner it will be another master stroke imo. Should not set myself up to be disappointed if it does not happen!

    • Let’s get rid of Whitecloud he was rather mistake prone last season and not nearly the asset he was when they won the cup. Why take a Leaf player to begin with, they are way over paid and Vegas has a Cap issue any way. Why give up Thompson at what he is getting paid he is a jewel in the ruff – not sure Hill is that much better in fact I would go as far as to state he is not and costs much more than he is worth.

      • ThG

        i don’t see them get rid of Whitecloud, he’s too young and he represents native people nation

        which means a lot to the VGK fans, since a vast majority of them could relate to him.

        • Emmanuel


          Hes 3rd on my “get rid of these guys” list after Howden & Kolesar.

          • ThG

            I don’t see whitey, howden or kolesar on FO list to move,

            I could be wrong. But I don’t see it. All are young players that

            still have room to move forward. Let’s see what happens over

            course of next few months.

            Cats need to close this out, and not let the spOILERS stick around. OR else they will be known as chokers. NHL trying hard to push their boy over the top. Real hard. The schedule should give the cats time to re group at home.

      • knights fan in minny

        yes on logan 2 good goalies is a must

    • Emmanuel


      The bottom 6 W’s are hot garbage, Doro is suspect but has upside & Barbie is a 3rd liner playing above his station, thats 1/2 the F’s!

      If Marner or Stone (shock!) get hurt youre looking at Brisson as your 1st line RW.

      Its completely crazy, I say do it!

  20. knights fan in minny

    why would toronto want marchy

    • Pistol Pete

      Very possibly not. The rumor via Eliotte Freidman is Marner for Theo, Thompson and a pick. No mention of Marchy. Just me theorizing if Toronto is interested if could help push the deal. Marchy is still under contract. I believe that means the VGK could allow a team to talk to him. That is the only leverage they have while he’s still their player.

      • knights fan in minny

        if hill went down can Pitra do the job i say no

        • Pistol Pete

          I can’t disagree with that however perhaps McCrimmon has a plan to replace Thompson if the trades him. A Marner deal will be complex is what Friedman said.

          • knights fan in minny

            it will be interesting time coming up

          • ThG

            tell the rest of story popgun Pedro

            “What Would Be the Issue With This Trade?
            Assuming Marner would consider something like this and the Leafs would be open to a trade centered around Theordore and Thompson, there are a couple of issues. First, both Theodore and Thompson are free agents at the end of next season. Both are pending UFAs and Toronto has no guarantee that either will stick around. It would make sense for the Leafs to want to talk contract with both before giving up their biggest trade asset in years without some sort of guarantee.

            Second, is that enough? Will there need to be other additions like a draft pick worked into the trade? The Leafs may also have to take a third contract back in the deal. The combined total of Theodore and Thompson comes up just shy of $6 million, while Marner, even before his extension, is a $10.9 million cap hit.

  21. knights fan in minny

    did not know that good to know

  22. ThG

    “Theo, Thompson and Marchy to Toronto for Marner”

    I will believe it when I see it. Marner is an Elite player.

    • ThG

      why not send them the VGK cheerleaders, the guy that turns the siren, and the drum players with the white “laser” sun visors while we are at it???!?!?

    • Pistol Pete

      ThG you wrote:

      “Assuming Marner would consider something like this and the Leafs would be open to a trade centered around Theordore and Thompson, there are a couple of issues. First, both Theodore and Thompson are free agents at the end of next season. Both are pending UFAs and Toronto has no guarantee that either will stick around.”

      Are you suggesting trades never involve players with one year of remaining term? In this case obviously if Toronto wants Theo and Thompson which clearly they would if they make the trade, they simply extend each.

      “Will there need to be other additions like a draft pick worked into the trade? The Leafs may also have to take a third contract back in the deal. The combined total of Theodore and Thompson comes up just shy of $6 million, while Marner, even before his extension, is a $10.9 million cap hit.”

      The terms and how to fit Marner in under the salary cap are details McCrimmon and his team will need to work out. Remember, not extending Marchessault frees up additional space, If one listens around on this it makes sense for Toronto to move on from giving Marner even more money when time and time again their current core of high-priced forwards has not worked. They need a stronger D-corp and better goaltending plus the new coach Berube should help.

      It will be a challenge to get the deal done but no question Marner will be a meaningful upgrade over Marchy. Not only is he a better player (Marchy is very good) but he’s 6 1/2 years his junior. We have discussed this before. VGK must from time to time replace top end aging players with elite veteran talent.

  23. ThG

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    • Emmanuel

      Jimmy D’s, you mean Mickey D’s, thats a new one for me?

      The filet o fish is good for fast food…..

      By the way Ray Kroc was a monster.

      • knights fan in minny

        what did ray do

        • ThG

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          note to lib tards, that was a cut and paste, deal with it you low life weenies.

      • ThG

        jimmy D’s Mickey D’s I have heard both

  24. ThG

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    This pattern of behavior poses a significant threat to the WNBA’s newfound potential. How many new fans, drawn to the league by the promise and excitement Clark brings, will stick around if they see their favorite player being relentlessly targeted without adequate protection?

    Predictably, the initial spike in ratings fueled by Clark’s presence has started to plummet. The hype and excitement she brought to the WNBA aren’t enough to compensate for the league’s overall quality issues. The persistent display of poor sportsmanship and apparent internal conflicts detract from the league’s appeal, making it difficult to retain new viewers.

    I invested $100,000 into WNBA stocks just before Caitlin Clark was drafted, thinking she would take this eye sore of a stud league to the next level. 5 games into her career & I’m pulling my investments. This league is beyond saving. No foul calls on assault & battery. Cooked.

    — J. Mulholland (@MulhollandL0ver) May 23, 2024

    The actions of a few players, whether driven by jealousy, racism, or other motives, are undermining the league’s potential success. Instead of uniting to elevate the WNBA, these players seem content to remain in mediocrity, earning less and flying coach, rather than working together to build a more successful and profitable league.

    • JB

      Cut and paste, cut and paste …. Sitting in my basement and cut and paste.

      • ThG

        your whole life is cut and paste, btw ,my post is not

        brain dead lib tards are easy to fool

      • TS

        Snip, snip, cut, splice, post post post post..
        rinse and repeat, over and over and over and…..

        • ThG

          go reply to someone else, stalker creep

        • TS

          ….there’s plenty of room on SInbin for EVERYONE to post garbage! Let’s ALL find 10,000 words of Garbage to post! Let’s do it every day, just like him! We’ll call it the ” Other Truth and Enlightening”!! To every Nutbag post, there is an Alternative ” Others Truth and Enlightening”!! Counter every Garbage post with your OWN Garbage!! It’ll be called the ‘Sinbin Dump’!! What say you???

          • JB

            I appreciate the thought TS, but I won’t lower myself to this brain dead losers level. He’s just a poor sad lonely fool. Let him show it everyday as he has for years now. He has no life but to sit in front of the computer reading the crap and cut and pasting it. Not even his own thought, just that of other koolaid drinkers.

          • TS

            Jb, that was just my sarcasm at work. Trying to counter the Crap- monger. I don’t have enough free time in the day to keep up with it all. Let him bury himself in useless Crap, just wish it was ANYWHERE but here! Why anyone would trash a VGK fan site with his Garbage is beyond me. Is he an actual Fan, or just the Disruptor?


  25. ThG

    some people think the right to exercise free speech is garbage

    the only problem is, that the garbage is in their shoes, every day. Because they are

    brain washed cult members who can’t handle the truth and like to whine, and complain about everything that they don’t agree with because their feeble minds can’t process intelligent, logical, information. Until they rid their own garbage, they will go through life like clowns, creepy Joe, dropping one duty in their depends every day and need someone to clean their garbage.

    • JB

      Thank you thg. You just described exactly what the alt-right trump clan is all about. Perfectly put telling what you are really about. Cool!

      • ThG

        no BJ, that is left wing lib tards that I described, your ilk hate America and our way of government. That is what I described. And thank you for pointing out that you stand with the gender benders, the child creepers, the left wing CRT, the baby killers, politicizing the DOJ/DAs offices, the constitution haters, the cop haters and defund the policers, the entitlement race baiters who continuing strive to pervert our traditional American family values, our innocent children, our morals, our ethics, our standards of excellence, and tearing down of our great American institutions. Your ilk is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

        People who think my posts are crap are the real ones who have crap for brains. Like I said before, no one is putting a gun to your head to read my posts. If you don’t like them, don’t read them, don’t respond. I pass up a lot of posts I don’t agree with. And I don’t stalk people here by hitting reply every time they post an original comment, like the resident sicko does.

        • TS

          Ewwwwww, there you go again, fixation on Deoends and BM’S. What size did YOU wear, ” weenie”??

      • knights fan in minny

        what are the lefts policies i will tell you dislike trump and his voters

  26. knights fan in minny

    the crazy hocky buzz has utah in on marchy got a laugh about that

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