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Iole: It’s Not Just Playoffs Off The Line Now

This season, diehard VGK fan and legendary combat sports columnist Kevin Iole will be delivering columns a few times a month on Sundays. 

Before the Golden Knights had ever played a game, owner Bill Foley said his goal was to reach the playoffs in three seasons and bring a Stanley Cup championship to Las Vegas within six years.

On Sunday, his team begins a stretch of four games in six nights, with three of them on the road, likely needing to win each of them to qualify for the playoffs in Year 5 of the franchise’s existence.

The Knights are further from the Stanley Cup than they have been since those halcyon days early in the 2017-18 season when nobody truly appreciated what was about to happen. That team won the Pacific Division, won the Western Conference and won Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2018.

Washington, of course, swept those final four games, but the expectation among Vegas’ rabid fan base was that it was just a matter of time before a parade would be held.

George McPhee and Kelly McCrimmon, who along with their scouts and staff did such brilliant work putting a team together during the expansion draft, have largely bungled their way through the next four seasons. Their heavy-handed approach has turned off many, and though the fans who were in T-Mobile Arena for the pulsating overtime victory over the Capitals on Wednesday nearly blew the roof off the building when Shea Theodore scored the game-winner against Ilya Samsonov, Knights’ fever in Las Vegas is unquestionably down.

McPhee and McCrimmon have made a mess of the team’s goaltending, among other things.

On Friday, journalists from both The Athletic and ESPN reported that VGK goalie Robin Lehner was undergoing season-ending surgery. An hour or so later, Coach Pete DeBoer shot that down and said Lehner is healthy, expected to dress and available to play for Sunday’s home game against San Jose.

Now, is it possible that The Athletic’s Jesse Granger and ESPN’s Emily Kaplan both got it wrong? Sure.

But I would bet everything I hold dear that they were each told about Lehner having surgery by more than one person either in the Knights’ organization, by Lehner’s agent and/or most likely by Lehner himself.

Meanwhile, the Knights’ record on truthfulness is not good.

This is the latest episode in the goaltending follies that has unquestionably put jobs at risk. What seemed unthinkable in September is now something that may be more likely than not: If the Knights miss the playoffs, Foley may well clean house.

If he does, the way McPhee and McCrimmon messed up the goaltending situation will go a long way toward explaining his decision.

Marc-Andre Fleury fell into their laps in 2017, which is kind of like picking up the Daily Double winner on the ground at the race track. When the Knights were officially granted an expansion franchise by unanimous vote of the NHL’s Board of Governors on June 22, 2016, Foley couldn’t have imagined that a player like Fleury would be available.

Fleury had just won his second Stanley Cup ring with the Pittsburgh Penguins. And while Fleury wasn’t the best goaltender in the NHL — and never was during his time in Pittsburgh — he was always among the best.

VGK’s run to the Stanley Cup doesn’t happen in 2018 without Fleury’s brilliance. And though his play dipped a bit in the 2019-2020 season after his father died, bringing in Lehner at the trade deadline created more problems than it fixed.

Whether we blame Fleury or his agent, Allan Walsh, for the ill-advised sword-in-the-back tweet that came out during the playoffs in the bubble later that season doesn’t matter. It never would have occurred had McPhee and McCrimmon simply maintained the status quo in goal.

They needed a better backup than Malcolm Subban, but what they did to solve a backup goalie problem was to create a starting goalie problem by bringing in Lehner. NFL coaches and general managers go out of their way to avoid quarterback controversies, because it divides the team and often leads to lesser play by both players.

The same is true of goalies in the NHL.

Last season, when Fleury regained the No. 1 job and won the Vezina Trophy, the Knights had a $5 million backup goalie. And then in the summer they gave away their starting goalie for nothing, a pattern repeated with so many players since they started, because of their own mismanagement.

Lehner has been repeatedly hurt this year and unable to play at the level a Stanley Cup-winning goalie must. And I had no problem with DeBoer’s decision to yank Lehner after the 1st period of the Washington game on Wednesday in favor of Logan Thompson. Lehner allowed a shaky goal and didn’t look confident. He’d struggled with several saves he did make.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

DeBoer faced an untenable situation. He knows if this team misses the playoffs, he’s probably done. And so his choices at the end of the 1st period Wednesday were either to go with a goalie he could see was fighting the puck, or yank him and potentially ruin their relationship forever and go with a rookie. He went with the rookie in the best last effort to save his job.

With the cap only going up $1 million next year, the Knights are going to be in difficult financial straits again, so fixing this will be a monumental task. It’s hard to imagine they’ll be able to bring Lehner back next year. But after the year he’s had and the injuries he’s been through, they may have to give up something to get someone to take him. They may have to do the same with Evgenii Dadonov.

Foley may be a bit more desperate to act than usual, as well. When this team’s window expires, a rebuild will be tough. There aren’t any sure-fire prospects in the system and they aren’t drafting high to claim the elite talents.

It’s next-to-impossible to build through free agency, but that’s what they may have to try. They don’t have a first-round pick this year thanks to the Jack Eichel trade, unless they miss the playoffs, get lucky in the lottery and draft in the Top 10. If that happens, they’ll lose their first next year.

Reilly Smith, one of the most critical players on the team, is set to become a free agent and may be out of their price range. They’ll have to move Laurent Brossoit’s $2.3 million salary. Nic Roy is going to command a big raise on the $750,000 he’s made this year.

Further complicating things, Mark Stone and Alex Pietrangelo each have no move clauses in their contracts, and Lehner, Dadonov, William Karlsson, Max Pacioretty, Jonathan Marchessault and Alec Martinez each have modified no movement clauses.

The playoffs are on the line this week.

So, too, may be the jobs of the guys who built this team. That’s something no one gave a thought to when camp began in September.

**You can find all of Kevin’s tremendous boxing and MMA work at Yahoo Sports here.**


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  1. Tiki Owl

    Well said.


  3. Both of the below points are SPOT ON. The Golden Knights didn’t need a goaltender like Lehner. They needed a suitable backup other than Subban.

    Meanwhile, the Knights’ record on truthfulness is not good.

    NFL coaches and general managers go out of their way to avoid quarterback controversies, because it divides the team and often leads to lesser play by both players.

    • Stats

      Meanwhile this year Lehner has had the same save percentage as Subban year one.

    • Jacho

      The vgk didn’t need a goaltender like lenny he did nothing but cry all season , I would have sent him off packing rightaway,it’s sad that all these players out soon long like Martinez, hockey is just like a business you have to produce especially when your making big bucks like patrangelo to me I think these guys weren’t really playing to their potential, e knew what they were capable of doing but never doing it ,so now everyone is blaming the coach again , the coach can only tell them what to do ,he cannot make them do it, what they have to do is get rid on lenny and get a good backup for Thompson, and just remember, your goalies are only as good as your players support him if there’s no support you have nothing

  4. It’s time to right the ship and first persons to go are the splash twins. Unfortunately for fans, Foley and the players these two did there best to turn winners into losers with their trades.cap hell etc. They didn’t nee the Lehner to begin with which you stated and things have spiraled out of control. Depending on who’s decision it was to start Lehner Wednesday night very well could end PDB job here if it was him or save it when he made the switch to start the second versus what others wanted. Should be interesting Sunday night.

    • Foley can take the wheel now and put this organization back on track if he wants to. Bring Manny up from Henderson, dump McPhee, McCrimmon and DeBoer and roll the dice going forward with Thompson/Patera.

      By the way, Isaah Saville, freshly minted in Henderson is looking pretty damn good. He might be in the mix during the preseason as well.

      Or, you go out and apologize to Fleury and bring him back in to backup/mentor Thompson for a few years. This would be my choice and would be a Vegas Fan Favorite. There definitely would be celebrations going on and packed seats if that were to happen.


      • knights fan in minny

        fluery 7=1 here in minny

      • THE hockey GOD


        Manny could run a taco stand.

      • Just a thought

        add this. hire Dale Tallon GM. and Quenneville coach. commissioner left door open for him to come talk if he wanted to coach and the Jets GM who was also mentioned didn’t quit

  5. Christi Cordo

    Nailed It!

  6. Jeffrey

    Logan Thompson. Bring in a competent backup for a couple mil… and fire everyone who wears a suit.

  7. Vic

    Finding MAF in the draft was more like hitting the Super Lotto rather than a simple Daily Double. Many millions of dollars in the pockets of the VGK higher ups to help build the brand. From putting asses in the seats, TV ratings, to selling all sorts of overpriced crap, MAF was a key part. The guy could have been elected governor. His reputation around the league is unmatched.

    MAF has 3 not 2 Stanley Cup rings. Also has 518 wins, 71 shutouts, 2.57 GA and .913 save percentage lifetime. In the playoffs, he has 90 wins, 16 shutouts, 2.53 GA and .912 save percentage.

    Of course he is past his prime, but at age 37, still gives any team a chance to win games. I know some goalies who won’t be able to get out of bed at age 37.

    The VGK FO have clearly blown things in a big way, and let’s see how things will be fixed. An unbelievable turnaround to a Cinderella story.

    • Julie

      On top of that, every year Fleury was with Vegas, they went to the playoffs without question or this anxiety we see now, white-knuckling it every game. His handling of Minnesota and Colorado last year were magnificent.

      I hope Foley cleans house and fast. Even if by the grace of God they get to the playoffs this year, it will be a heckuva struggle there.

    • Pistol Pete

      Yup. Lehner has not worked out. They thought Fleury was in decline let’s save $2m and he proved them wrong Lehner’s first season under contract. It’s been painful living with the decision. I used to try and rationalize it by pointing to Fluery’s game 3 gaffe vs. MTL but nope even with that MAF stayed the man. All you say is true how much better off we would have been. What should have been. It hurts.

      Let’s hold our heads high and keep marching. Keep the faith if you can!

  8. Pistol Pete

    Perhaps the Kraken away can do today to the Stars what they did at home Wednesday to the Avs.

    Kings and Preds play today as well.

  9. Dean

    I still don’t think we could find any other team in the league to take Lehner without eating half the contract and giving up assets. He’s essentially untradeable because of the problems he brings with him. If you can find a sucker in the league and only have to eat a million or so per year, definitely get rid of this lead weight that has brought the franchise to the bottom.

    • Pistol Pete

      Perhaps Lehner ends up with some egg on his face if it can be shown he misled the team into believing he was fit to play. Not very likely. PDB should have known.

      • Galdom

        Pistol Pete, respectfully I think you’re the only one that has that opinion about Lehner misleading the team about his injury. Everyone I’ve spoken to including Kevin in this article feels that the front office are a bunch of lying cocksuckers. All they do is lie? If you need surgery then it shows up on x-rays and MRIs. The team new and they’re full of shit. I can’t figure out why they don’t trust Logan Thompson at all.

        Does anybody even have remotely the slightest clue why Martinez was out for so long?

        The front office is trash!

        • Pistol Pete

          Galdom, that is why I said “not likely”. You know I’m reaching. I agree management must have known from the tests. We can only ride this out.

      • Stephanie

        Except he did insist he wasn’t hurt and Frank Seravalli was nuts

    • I think “brought this franchise to the bottom” is a bit over the top. He’s a decent goalie, a 1B/2A. Injuries have impacted the team this season. What upsets me is, if he has been trying to play injured. If that’s the case then he’s been hurting this team.

      The other issue is the lack of communication and unprofessional approach between the front office, the head coach and this player. But, then again, this is a recurrent and ongoing theme that is turning off the fan base.

      I hope Mr. Foley is listening. He’s allowed this nonsense to go on for far too long.

  10. Julie

    Welcome to the party, Iole! We have been saying all of this for some time now.

  11. the Hockey God

    so RL tells media, and not his coach, that he’s having season ending surgery AFTER he was pulled in his last game; and somehow this “story’ is VGK’s FO fault ?????

    What are odds RL shows up at practice today ?

    • TS

      Not a chance in ice hell!

    • Daryl

      Keep defending the FO

      • Let’s put the entire RL situation into context. It is well known that there was talk of serious patella and labrum injuries as far back as March 8th. Lehner vocally and publicly denied this.

        So, regardless of whether or not there was an injury or not, the Front Office is either lying or incompetent. Both are damning. As far as Lehner goes, the same applies.

        This is a total cluster fuck and all of them need to be flushed.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Let us put this into context, a report comes out while the coaches are practicing and prepping for a game from mob media; then when confronted with quote after practice the quote says he knows nothing about it.

          The coach is not FO, the coach was busy doing his job. If the FO or someone else in management failed to tell the coach something; then that is on them. Not the coach.

          “”In my conversations with Robin and everyone involved, there’s been nothing physically that can keep him from performing for us,” DeBoer said. “There has been no red flags. Nobody is healthy 82 games in. Everybody needs something. … As far as my knowledge goes, and that’s personal conversations with the player, it has not been a play issue. I’m not a doctor. It’s either he can play or can’t play.””

          So once again knee jerk reactions from well knee jerks.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    the silence from RL is deafening, he is off twitter for awhile.

    What are odds RL shows up for practice today ?

  13. What a mess this organization is in. If Foley doesn’t make changes in the FO after this season, it’s only going to get worse. The only person I could think of to replace PDB is Torts. Yes, he’s abrasive , but he knows how to light a fire under players asses.

    • Bring Manny up. This team would respond well. Fire PDB now.

    • MY Take

      here’s my take. Dale Tallon GM. Quenneville coach. Q had a open door invite by the commissioner and that situation took place during the finals of 2010 stanley cup. upper management mostly at fault move both goalies bring Flower Thompson back fix cap problems

  14. Ryan

    There are many former Knights fans as well as fans of other teams around the league who will never respect this team even the slightest bit so long as anyone involved with the Fluery to Chicago trade is still employed.
    And I get the feeling that includes a good number of NHL players and player agents too, that makes building through free agency much more difficult.

  15. David

    I don’t understand… how can we ignore so many injuries? Can’t we see this team somewhat healthy before judging so harshly?

    It’s insane we can even b in the playoff hunt after the amount of injuries they’ve had.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ David, correct; however the posters on this site are99% whiners and haters.

      They know it. Spoiled rotten scroundrels.
      They think hockey is a medieval knight
      skating in pre game antics. They can’t even cheer correctly because
      all they do is stuff their fact with $20 nachos all game long.

  16. Galdom

    The worst thing that can happen for this franchise long-term is to make the playoffs this year. They need the humiliation and to make changes.

    Selfishly though, as a fan I live for today and I want them in the playoffs. But I know it would be the worst thing and counterproductive

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Galdom, being injured most of the year and still being in play off hunt is not “humiliation’ it’s a badge of honor, blood and guts. They could have easily gone the route of HABS. And they didn’t.

      DUmbest fan base in sports on full display today.

      • knights fan in minny

        wow mr harsh your fan base is shrinking

        • Daryl

          You know that you are a dumb fan base if you don’t agree 100% with thg…. And he’ll tell you so

          • THE hockey GOD

            no i tell dumb fans

            knee jerk jerks

            “In my conversations with Robin and everyone involved, there’s been nothing physically that can keep him from performing for us,” DeBoer said. “There has been no red flags. Nobody is healthy 82 games in. Everybody needs something. … As far as my knowledge goes, and that’s personal conversations with the player, it has not been a play issue. I’m not a doctor. It’s either he can play or can’t play.”

      • Galdom

        I didn’t say the team humiliated themselves. Kudos to the healthy players. Read my post again. I think management has humiliated themselves. If they keep succeeding in spite of being a bunch of lying scumbags who treat everyone like shit and make strange moves that put them in cap hell then nothing will change. I can guarantee you that if anybody reviewed all of my posts this year I would bet my bank account that I never criticized the healthy players who have been doing the best they can. not one single negative post on Theodore, Kolesar , all of the whipping boys

        • THE hockey GOD


          you used the vague word “they”. They, we, any, it’s, them, you all. Vague. Nice pick up on clarification. How has “management” humiliated themselves ? Only one person has spoken so far, the coach. And this is what he said today.

          “In my conversations with Robin and everyone involved, there’s been nothing physically that can keep him from performing for us,” DeBoer said. “There has been no red flags. Nobody is healthy 82 games in. Everybody needs something. … As far as my knowledge goes, and that’s personal conversations with the player, it has not been a play issue. I’m not a doctor. It’s either he can play or can’t play.”

          How is this humiliation ??

          more knee jerk reaction , from knee jerks.

          • Galdom

            I think there’s evidence that the front office are a bunch of liars. God forbid someone disagrees with you. Basically what Darryl said.

      • Peder

        Thank you!

  17. Pistol Pete

    I have issues with the FO especially how ugly the Lehner situation has become. Still, I am thankful the team is here and for the job the Creator, Craven and McPhee did in launching the team. No matter how much uglier it gets I won’t be forgetting that. Let’s hope the ship gets righted over the off-season and let’s face it if we make the postseason we’ll be feeling more positive in spite of all that has happened. One other thing—all those VGK haters around the league, please don’t forget our hard working players.

  18. Henderson One

    Lehner reportedly not at practice today. On another maintenance day. PDB refused to comment on situation. WHAT A MESS!!!!! Team really needs this right now.

    • Pistol Pete

      It is a mess.

    • My Take

      Lehner is poison and started many arguments in lockeroom and Remember this Crawford was last year of contract retiring and Hawks traded his ass. they seen the writing on the wall first hand.

  19. Howard

    No comments other than – a soap-operish mess by the making of a very poor front office. Perhaps they’re trying to get Lehner to void his own contract? I don’t know as I would not put ANYTHING past this front office.

  20. Pistol Pete

    These guys had to have to have known since 2020-21 (Lehner’s first year under contract) that the move to save $2m with Lehner, based on the assumption Fleury was in decline and that Lehner would be as good or better, amounted to taking a risk that ended up being the wrong one to take. They have known through nearly two seasons now they messed up and have not been able to right it. A tough pickle to be in. They could only keep their fingers crossed and hope heading into this season Lehner would perform as well as he did as a rental and he did not. Not sure they could have extricated themselves from the mess and emerge with any credibility remaining but this latest injury and how it was handled, it does not get any worse. It’s hard to imagine Foley has himself not been aware from early on that the Lehner move went south.

    I also believe deciding to part with Fleury, the face of the franchise, was integral to Lehner being a bad move.

    Foley is super hands-on and works closely with top management. Hopefully this will not interfere with his ability to make tough decisions as to the fate of his President of Ops and GM.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP what should he do, fire himself ???

      • Pistol Pete


        I think we all know what has to happen. Clean house. I am in the camp that wants to make the postseason and do well as we can in it. Not sure any outcome saves McPhee and McCrimmon. Postseason or or not the Lehner debacle is going to force major changes. DeBoer however should be as motivated as ever to win this season.

        • THE hockey GOD

          clean house ?

          bring in someone who is worse ??

          That is not a real plan. Foley should clean his own house, maybe hire some of those illegal aliens from south of the border.

          This is what you get from a owner who’s only key to success is stomping a bunch of ripe grapes in a pit. With smelly feet. no shoes or socks. What more can you ask for ? He runs the show.

          • Sometimes you are a real piece of work. How the hell you can bring illegal immigration into this topic is beyond comprehension.

          • knights fan in minny

            if it wasnt for the grape stomper vegas would not have a team why are you so bitter take a vacation

          • THE hockey GOD

            “how can you bring up illegal immigration”

            You are the one who mentioned clean house, the grape stompers
            are infamous for employing illegals aliens. EVeryone knows it is a fact !

  21. You have nailed it! I am just a huge Fleury fan so when they signed Lehner & brought in DeBoer I knew it wouldn’t go well. The nail in the coffin for me was when they traded the . He brings a lot more to the team than goal tending. I am just a Canadian who has followed Vegas from the start & watched a team that had such a winning spirit go to looking like a team that is just going through the motions. So many goal scorers & not much getting accomplished. Greed has created a huge problem!

  22. THE hockey GOD

    Nate Schmidt D, Winnipeg Jets
    Nate Schmidt
    Nate Schmidt (undisclosed) didn’t join the Jets for Saturday’s morning skate.

    The plan is for Schmidt to skate Sunday morning and for his status regarding Sunday’s game to be determined after that. He has four goals and 32 points in 74 contests in 2021-22.

  23. Daryl

    I completely agree with everything said.

    I’ll add something else that doesn’t make much sense… Let’s compare contracts for VGK top 5 with another team…


    Another team

    One of the above includes a goalie, the other does not

  24. Galdom

    THG, instead of calling people dumb who disagree with you try using some logic. First of all no one‘s gonna know 100% what has happened so everyone here is speculating anyways. Robin Lehner has a guaranteed contract meaning he gets paid whether he plays or not whether he is hurt or healthy. he is basically a pioneer when it comes to the discussion of organizations making players play hurt and has criticized teams like the Buffalo Sabres in the past for doing it. If he is hurt and has no way of losing his job, doesn’t have Fleury lurking over his shoulder and again has a guaranteed contract why would he play hurt. i’m not saying I know for sure but logically it doesn’t make sense to me.

    At the other end of the spectrum you have the management team which I don’t think has said one honest thing in the past couple of years. They don’t tell truth about injuries, when they put a player on the trading block they say they actually don’t like Pacioretty, they lie about everything. I can go on and on. You can do a fact check on Dom’s Apple I can go on and on. You can do a fact check on Donald Trump or VGK management on who has told more lies and I think VGK management would come out on top.

    I’m gonna say something that’s a foreign concept to someone like yourself. I disagree with you but you are entitled to your opinion. I will not call you dumb.

    • Galdom please list FO’s lies to back up your claim they have told more than Trump. I realize you are using hyperbole to make your point so I’ll use a little of my own. Now, I realize the WP is biased against Trump (a warranted bias imo) but seriously if the lies were to be listed, many/most are likely hard to refute. Biases aside, facts are facts.

        • I would expect the argument that Biden lies too. I would agree but nowhere near along the order of what we see with DT.

          I’m not going to engage in a discussion on this so this will be my last post on it. Just wanted to call you on that Galdom. A silly analogy DT to the FO. Nobody I mean nobody lies as much and as often as Donald Trump. It’s in his blood.

          • Daryl

            Sorry PP, you have to give me something other than the liberal ran Washington Post. I’m searching now but there was an article after the Post ran this that showed the Post taking comments out of context to prove their point. I’m curious, have you actually watched a Biden press conference? There are YouTube clips and tiktok clips that you will die laughing at. I used to think they were cut and pasted to make a joke, but his perssors really are that funny

            As for facts of the FO lying… Do you remember when MAF said he found out about the trade on Twitter? Then the FO said that wasn’t true that they ad talked to MAF. Then they turned around and said talks with MAF agent had stopped so they didn’t actually tell him. So you remember an of that? Do you remenvee the FO saying MAF would retire a Golden Knight if that is what he wanted while trying to trade him. Those are just 2 lies of many from the FO

          • knights fan in minny

            hey pistol how about that thin air hand shake by your idol dazed and confused joe blunder pathetic leader

        • Galdom

          I was wrong. I have reviewed everything and done my own internal investigation and realized that both Donald Trump and the front office don’t lie. I shouldn’t have brought up Trump’s name because it adds toxicity To any conversation. I could’ve just put Biden’s name there instead and it would’ve been the same. All politicians are pieces of shit or at least I thought so. I realize I am wrong about that as well. I think the front office has been very forthright and honest with everything. i’m also very excited at the couple of dozen of extremely promising prospects coming up in the system. I feel like we have at least four superstar forwards coming up. On defence I feel like we have three bona fide number one defenceman coming up that will be far better than Alex Pietrangelo. I don’t think we need to spend any money on free agents because of the multiple superstars coming up. Realize now that my comments yesterday were silly and not well thought out. I see Brandon Brisson as a guy that can get 65 goals as soon as next year. Kaeden Korczak is an extremely exciting prospect on the backend. I see a Scott Stevens / Chris Pronger type. I ramble sometimes so I don’t wanna keep doing it now as I can probably go another dozen paragraphs talking about The extremely exciting future.

          I don’t know who is directly responsible for stockpiling the busloads of exciting prospects that we have. hopefully someone can do a spotlight interview on our scouting department .

      • THE hockey GOD

        PP he doesn’t have any, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it.


      • Their you go with the fake news again.

        You mean lies like …

        “No one is going to lose their doctor, you like you doctor you will keep your doctor, if you like your plan you will keep your plan.” Or how about…the big lie…

        The average American will save $2500 per year on health insurance premiums.

        Or the current ones… like

        Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinformation or

        No way the Taliban will take over Kabul, no way.

        If we could all just stop. Many of us believe Trump was the right guy at the right time to put America First, to stop wars, to grow the economy and to truly work on equality for all.

        Moving on….

    • THE hockey GOD

      “First of all no one‘s gonna know 100% what has happened so everyone here is speculating anyways”

      Yet there are many lies, in the distorted minds of fancs, you contradict yourself, with every step forward and haven’t stated anything factual.

      Now you bring in Trump, who has been proven right about nearly every fake media lie from election fraud, the big lie is really the lie itself, to Russian collusion, to Ukrainian phone call, to Hunter Biden’s lap top. To fake J6 insurrection, when the real insurrection was on Nov 3 – who gave the order to stop the counting when Trump was leading by millions of votes in all swing states?

      There are a lot of teams that are tight lipped about injuries, get a clue.

      Bunch of knee jerk reactions here.

      This isn’t first time RL injury rumors proved to be false.

      What are odds RL will show up on SUNDAY?

      PDB was giving the mob media a taste of their own medicine, the mob media can’t stand it when they are called out.

      Where is RL statement ?

      The conspiracy theorists abound here.

  25. Galdom

    Seattle 1
    Dallas 0 Mid 1st

  26. Galdom

    Seattle 2
    Dallas 0 End 1st period

  27. Galdom – your right you don’t have to call Thg dumb he does that on his own. Performance wise he is a horse’s ass which in.his case is a complement as there certainly is other ways to describe what he does that would be worse.

    • THE hockey GOD

      HD biker, the no. 1 hater on this site. No make that no. 2 after the ghetto guy who hasn’t posted in awhile.

      ‘I wouldn’t want to be no. 2, it stinks. You know it.

      I never once insulted you, now I have had it with your bull shit, welcome to the turd list. Life is going to be painful.

      I am waiting for today’s announcement that RL will have season ending surgery today. After he was pulled by coach in his last game, for letting in a goal he didn’t see in the first place.

  28. Galdom

    Seattle 2
    Dallas 3 Mid 2nd

  29. Buhvuh

    Longtime Canadian NHL fan here. First off, congrats to VGK fans for playing with house money and having a pretty good team to cheer for the last 4 seasons. You have to realize you struck it rich due the NHL making the expansion rules incredibly favourable, and kudos to VGK management for figuring out how to best exploit the situation.

    You have to realize that most expansion franchises (also established teams) have toiled in purgatory for years if not decades before they found their footing (always fleeting).

    So, respectfully, quite complaining. You’ve had it good. Welcome to reality and welcome to the salary cap. No more playing with house money.

    • Buhvuh,

      Please explain how the NHL making the expansion rules incredibly favourable, worked out for Seattle?

  30. Robert Nelson

    Lots of assumptions, speculations and convenient factual omissions. Ken Boehlke, upholding the incredibly high journalistic standards of Yahoo media. LOL! Apparently Ken has an axe to grind and that’s more important than his journalistic integrity. This story is a joke.

    • Daryl

      Too bad you can’t read well enough to even know Ken didn’t write this. Try again

    • THE hockey GOD


      nice observation, no better than media mob liars. Trying to make a story out of non story. Now Sportsnet is writing that RL feels “disrespected”. What a joke, Vegas writers are worst in business. Must be a slow day at the office.

  31. Kristine Miller

    Where can I sign the petition to get rid of Pete DeBoer?

    • THE hockey GOD

      fans don’t get to sign petitions, especially ones , like you, you never played in NHL.

      You can buy a seat, but you have no say, none.

      You are like Alan Harper living rent free in Charlie Harper’s beach house. You have no say. NONE.

      Deal with it.

  32. sb

    Let’s begin by correcting some of the misrepresentations posed by this article. First, the VGK’s are NOT further away from winning a Championship. This is the deepest, most talented team of all five years. Prior to the start of the season, the experts across the board stated just that. What is the Number 1 reason VKG are just outside the Playoffs? Injuries. Nearly 600 man-games of injuries. Vegas has played with one hand tied behind its back since Game 2. After all these injuries, to be this close is a miracle. A team in a similar position is Montreal and they are near last place. This is a testament to the depth of the team MGT and Mr. Foley puts on the ice.
    Next misrepresentation ….. Vegas fans are turned off. Not so. Fans are those who show up and pay hundreds for tickets. By that measure, VGK’s have the highest home percentage attendance of 104.5%, meaning SRO. Combined road and home attendance, VGK are the most followed team according to the NHL.
    Next misrepresenatation … (Vegas MGT) gave away Fleury for nothing. No. That’s not true. What the writer is implying is that MGT is stupid – incompetent. Not so. It wasn’t that MGT failed to get a good return, it was that MAF wasn’t worth a good return in the open market to the other 31 teams. The evidence: at $7 million, no team in the NHL would give ANYTHING in trade for MAF. The 31 teams said that Fleury wasn’t worth trading for. In July, what was the fair market value of Marc Andre Fleury? It was zero. No team (except for Chicago) would give Vegas a bag of pucks for Fleury and his $7 million contract. Fleury was worth ZERO – and not that MGT is stupid.
    And so it goes with this site. Lies and lies and lies and lies. It all comes down to MAF …. instead of Sin Bin, why not call this the Marc Andre Fleury site. This article, this site, aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit. Mr Foley deserves better than this.
    The masses are asses and this site proves it once again.

    • Daryl

      Let’s begin with your rant… How many times have these so called experts been right on their predictions??? Let’s take year 1 for example when VGK was predicted by all these experts to finish dead last.

      You can claim injuries all you want but the fact remains this is the furthest this team has been from a Cup. VGK right now is basically healthy or as healthy as any other team and they do not lookike a Cup contention team.

      Next, VGK fan ate out off. That’s a hard one to tell. You see comments all the time from these fans so are you saying the fans are lying to themselves? Obviously some fans are turned off otherwise you wouldn’t see any chimneys of such. As for the percentages you showed, that’s already proven to be a false calculation. That number does not represent the number of people actually at the games.

      MAF was nothing more than a Cap dump and that is exactly what they got for him, Cap room. And what did VGK do with that Cap room, they wasted it on other players. And why did VGK need that Cap room? Oh yeah, they went our and wasted $5m on a goalie who can’t even stay healthy for a single season. Smart move there by the FO.

      Just admit it to yourself, your don’t like MAF so you want to make this whole article about him, proof by your last couple of statements. That and how great you think this FO has done. Yeah, they initially did some great things, and they may have done a great thing with Eichel but they have screwed up a whole lot, like big time. And no, Foley doesn’t deserve better than this

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ SB ignore the moron comments below. Your post is spot on.

      Should call this site the mob media conspiracy site for VGK dumbest fan base in history of sports. Dumb fan no. 1 , my stalker. Followed by biker , the hater. Then RR.

      At least Doc was positive, most of the rest wouldn’t know a hockey game from a soccer game.

      • Daryl

        Where did you get that phrase, dumbest fan base in history? Oh that’s right, you copied it from that racist moron. Now you own it like it’s yours. Talk about the dumbest fan base, it’s more like the dumbest fan

        • THE hockey GOD

          Now you are calling Ken a racist? Because he wrote an article about VGK being dumbest and most unsophisticated fan base.

          I guess you missed it in Mayberry pumping gas at Gomer’s gas station.

          Everyone knows you don’t live in Vegas and are not a real fan. Don’t go to any of games and get reception in Caroline Hillbilly Cable network which consists of tin foil wrapped around your one story home’s chimney in the back woods.

          • Daryl

            I’m curious…do you live in VGK? You are just a kther delusional poster who thinks you have to live in the city of and attend the home games in order to be considered a real fan. And on top of that, you must agree with everything thg says…. If any of the above is not true, then you arent a real fan

    • Apparently Minnesota thought otherwise, a team wanting to go on a deep run for the cup. On the other hand, Vegas wasn’t interested in a deep cup run even though the goaltending was mediocre at best.

      Minnesota Wild valued MAF enough to pay him. So, get your head out of your ass and see the Lehner situation for what it has become – a complete shitshow – as I predicted it would be during the offseason.

    • Also, let’s talk about the fan base. I can only speak for myself. Sure, I was out of the country for 2 months during the season. But, I have been to maybe 6 home games this year as a season ticket holder. Why? Because I AM TURNED OFF.

      The good news is that I’ve been able to sell my seats at cost or better all year long.

      I am of the mindset that this team threw the baby out with the bath water. Totally knee jerked and fired a good head coach, brought in a goaltender with issues, overpaid him and gave him a crazy long term contract.

      And so I call bullshit.

    • sb,

      I’ve been a season ticket holder for 4 years now and I’ve personally attended 41 games this season counting the preseason. T-mobile has changed tickets cost half as much as what they use to cost on the secondary market. Just a fact you probably don’t know MAF was traded by Chicago to Minny for a 2nd.

    • Stephanie

      Congratulations in your fake delusions.vgk viewership is down 40% sth have left and continue leaving

  33. Galdom

    They are absolutely further away from winning a championship. Just as Darryl said at this present time they are about as healthy as any other team. The defence is intact save for Hague who is a bottom pairing defenceman anyways and Riley Smith who won’t even be part of the equation next year anyways because they won’t be able to afford him.

    I’m not a big fan of Dadonov but he still is a 20 goal guy who won’t be here next year as well. I assume if the offered up a second round pick to get rid of him they don’t want him next year either.

    William Karlsson is no longer a top six forward. His offence is anemic. He’s a nice player who does things well on the defensive side of the game and the way he kills penalties but that makes him more of a third line center.

    Chandler Stevenson had a nice start to the season but if you’re talking about this team being a top five team there is no way to Chandler Stephenson cracks the top six on Florida, Tampa, St. Louis, Colorado, Carolina, I can name many more.

    I would say they have four legitimate top 6 forwards Stone, Eichel, Pacioretty and Marchessault and two of them can’t stay healthy.

    You won’t find a bigger fan of Mark Stone than myself. I love his skill set and it’s so unusual, the things he can do that others can’t. I would hope that an entire summer of rest brings him back to full health but I have this question. If he hurt himself in the Montreal series then how come an entire summer of rest last year did not bring him back to full health? Is his back a chronic problem? Players that lack foot speed also don’t age well in this league.

    The bottom six forwards are nothing to write home about either. They don’t have the right mix. Top five teams have depth on the bottom six, the type of players that play hard, have physicality and make life difficult for other teams. Gone are the days of Bellemare and Nosek centring Carrier and Reaves. The guys they use in the bottom six now are soft perimeter players. Leachyshyn and Rondbjerg don’t cut it for me. I don’t think Henderson is going to provide any help. I thought Keegan Kolesar had a very good rookie season and looked like the type of guy that would be the prototypical bottom six forward. That hasn’t materialized.

  34. Galdom


    Alex Pietrangelo is not getting any younger. He’s still a great player but he has gone from what I believe was a top five defenceman to barely cracking the top 20 in the league. St. Louis has not missed a beat by moving him. Believe me, I’m still happy that we have him but his decline has begun. I’m a big fan of Shea Theodore, unlike a lot of people on this forum. Alec Martinez was the perfect acquisition at the right time for this team. He’s exactly what a team on the cusp of a cup needed. For a year and a half he provided top-notch elite play. But that’s where it should’ve ended. He should have been a short term rental rather than a player that was granted a contract extension. He’s a warrior but there are a lot of miles on that body. This is the greatest league in the world end things happen quickly. Could it be that Alec Martinez will be a bottom six pairing on this team making nearly 6,000,000?


    Nothing to add here. I’ve defended Lehner but it’s been blatantly shown that this team does not have top-notch goaltending. Thompson is a nice story but I have no idea what he will provide next year.


    What the hell is this teams identity? Have you guys ever watched games with the out of town feeds? The way they used to talk about this team being a heavy team that was hard to play against. That’s all gone now. I don’t know what their identity is anymore. They’ve got the wrong coach for the team. This is the easiest problem to fix. They have got to get the right coach to implement the right system for this team.

    If they managed to stay healthy next year I believe they are anywhere from 6th to 12th best team. I wouldn’t be shocked if it got worse though. Everybody is older and not getting better. I can’t say I’m worried about him, but I’m not as sure as I was when they first got him.

    There are so many more reasons why I disagree with you, sb, on this team no longer being that close to championship team. I really hope that you are right and I am wrong.

    To summarize, I think the scariest and most disheartening thing is the lack of young talent coming up in the system. Lack is the wrong word. They literally have nothing. Let’s hope Brisson is something but every team has a guy like that coming up.

    The Kings and Ducks have some great young players coming up.

    Take a look at what San Jose has looked like the past couple of years. I believe that is what the VGK will look like for the next 3 to 4 years. A team whose competitive window is about to end without many good prospects in the system.

    Here’s a question for you, sb?

    Who has gotten better on this team? Nic Roy? Sure. Anybody else.

    Marchessault is a nice player but he’s not getting better. Theodore is a good player but he’s not getting better. Karlsson, Stone, Pacioretty, Martinez, Pietrangelo are all good players but they are regression players on the wrong side of their careers.

    I hope Eichel will return to elite status. He’s definitely a high skill guy and it’s on display every night but I have seen a lot of zeros next to his name on the stat sheet. I’m hoping that Eichel will provide Gaudreau, Huberdeau, Marner type stats next year. I was thinking we were getting a 100 point player but what he has provided so far is a 65-75 point player.

  35. Galdom

    One other thing on Jack Eichel. I knew that the fan base would start ripping him if he wasn’t elite from day one as people are impatient. I’ve been ready to defend him.

    But it’s been 30 games right now and he appears to be fully healthy. His skating is top notch and his timing which wasn’t there at the very beginning seems to be there now.

    What if what we are seeing right now is the finished product of Jack Eichel? A guy who is a 70-80 point player, not having much of an impact on the power play and average to slightly below average defensively?

    Would that not be disastrous since we gave up Tuch, Krebs, high draft picks and can’t afford to retain Reilly Smith?

    My expectation was a perennial 90-105 point game breaking player that would be a Hart Trophy candidate in each of the next four years. I think anything less than this is disastrous.

    I’m hoping for better things. I think after a long layoff they have leaned on him pretty hard. He was never eased into the lineup.

  36. Galdom

    Another statement / observation which is very painful for me to say. I’ve been watching Los Angeles Kings games closely lately and they seem to want to make the playoffs more than the VGK does. If they get down a goal they turn it up a notch and there’s desperation in their game which I don’t really see with the VGK. I’m not saying that the VGK are not trying, they are professionals obviously, I wonder if subconsciously some of them want what has been a mentally exhausting season to come to an end. That could explain the lengthy bad lapses in games like against New Jersey and Edmonton.

  37. Think it’s time to watch “Valiant” again. Bring me back to reality lol ie. thinking positive about the team again. Seriously, the magic of the Vegas Golden Knights IS still present contrary to what one would think reading this board. I feel it as I approach T-Mobile. I know sb, Mike StG, TS and others would agree.

    Always remember the players and how they give their all…for us…each and every game. The celebration after each and every goal. Nothing like it.

    • Mike StG

      Pete, I don’t see the benefit of reliving the past. That was 4 years ago and an almost completely different team.

      There are positives, although reading some of the posts one might believe they’re in the cellar and not still competing for a playoff spot. I don’t think you can judge Eichel even at 30 games, given the line mates he’s had, the new team he’s learning how to play with, the surgery, and a year not playing. And Dadonov, roundly criticized in this forum, has found his form although it took most of the season and multiple lineups to finally get him there, You can’t honestly judge the team with any confidence because they simply haven’t played 50 or 60 games of a season together.

      That said, I always held the position that it wasn’t critical for them to win this year. The timeframe estimated for Eichel to be able to play ranged widely and included the possibility he might not be able to play at all during the season. And although they do have a few players in their mid-30s those players for the most part only have 1-2 years remaining on their contract. The core players are signed for the most part so there can be stability in the roster (if the FO will allow it).

      I think they probably have about 3 years remaining in their current window, and that can be extended by future UFA adds or trades to replace expiring contracts. It’s what they have to do, since they didn’t go through the normal process of having a lottery team and drafting truly elite prospects with top 5 picks.

      • Pistol Pete

        Mike just trying to make the point that despite the bad decisions made by the FO and the poor communication this is still Vegas’ team and so far still a more upbeat fan base than the one reflected in this forum. Not saying the fans here are not real and loyal, but the time has come to cast the negatives aside and first and foremost root for the team. It’s up to Foley to do what he has to. I agree on the window and generally don’t take all that dim a view on the aging players, depth of the roster including how it will look after cap compliance. I still hold out the hope they will surprise us with their resourcefulness during the off season. If it’s a disaster we’ll deal with it then.

        • PP, there ARE lots of positive fans! We all have been frustrated, disappointed by this year’s results. No one expected the parade of injuries ( esp to our top tier). Vegas fans expected success EVERY year, after our improbable success the prior seasons. We got spoiled. Fans have been pretty harsh on the guys. A lot of BAD attitudes toward the team. But, the VGK have had the most positive impact on this city since the UNLV Champ Basketball run in early 90’s…THAT’S how long Vegas has been mired in mediocrity, as sports are concerned. Foley brought Hockey and the Vgk To Vegas, and we were WINNERS! I think many fans just cannot fathom a LESS than STELLAR YEAR. A disruptive Pandemic, trades, injuries, all contributed to this season’s issues. NOT the players’ fault. They did the best with what they HAD. Lehner played almost EVERY game to start season, and I feel that was a burden too great for him to shoulder; he ended up hurt most all season. And here we are. The seasoned players carried this depleted team through all the controversy, the losses, the, questionable roster moves, the bullshit. And they are STILL standing— maybe on only ONE skate, but still in it. After what the team has gone through, I’m surprised they haven’t given up, like some fans have. I appreciate these guys, fighting all season through adversity that we have never faced til this season. A ROUGH RIDE. Despite fans feeling this is the demise of the team, the Vgk have just gotten started! We are a young team, finding our place in the Hockey world. All teams have ups/downs. Bad years. Bad chemistry. Good teams rise above the bad times. The VGK will be one of those teams…GO KNIGHTS!!

          • Pistol Pete

            TS…you are always the voice of reason. Could not have put it any better. The broader fan base may be more positive than what we see here. Don’t get me wrong they are all loyal fans where winning is first and foremost but I know from experience that internet message boards are a perfect place to vent. To second guess those who will counter they are being realistic vs. seeing the situation through rose-colored glasses (a tired cliche I heard long before I heard it used here), I acknowledge the importance of the realistic observations even when most of the time we have already considered them ie. a significant amount of the time we are not learning anything we do not already know.

          • I think we need to remind ourselves just how lucky we are to cheer for our ownl PRO team like the Vgk. It has opened the door to other PRO teams like the Raiders, and now perhaps the A’s baseball team. There was NO serious PRO team in Vegas before, due to Gaming rules. The VGK changed all that. We should feel PRIDE, not DISTAIN!

      • Pistol Pete

        Hate to get back into the whole MAF thing, but how do we think the FO felt at the end of Fleury’s first $7m contract season when he gave up four goals in under five minutes to end the season? Not all his fault, but still to be realistic it must have crossed their minds they were overpaying an aging goalie. Then season 3 was a struggle with Fleury being just OK his stats slipping by mid season to his all time VGK low. I am not justifying the Lehner move, it was a mistake to forsake Fleury the face of the franchise, just looking back it’s easy to see the FO misgivings that lead to Lehner.

        The Lehner blunder will not be easily forgiven by the fan base. Time to see what Foley does and move on.

        • THE hockey GOD

          what is this Lehner blunder you are referring too ? See Galdom’s old post on RL stats, and STFU for once with your idiotic conspiracy theories. Goalies get old, goalies get injured, goalies knees start giving out, goalies think they have “one more year in them, some goalies get paid 7 million a year to bring the cup home- and they don’t goalies are head cases, goalies let in weak goals, goalies have Billy Buckner moments, goalies blow series giving momentum away to the HABS, goalies have their agents post cartoons back stabbing other team members, goalies complain about losing playing time when back up goalie takes their minutes away, goalies are not all team players.

          Get a clue.

          • Pistol Pete

            The blunder of trading for him. As I have explained the motivation of the FO behind the move is their $7m shiny toy appeared to be in decline. I believe they understood the risk. McPhee and McCrimmon have been around a while. They knew he was bipolar and had never landed a long term contract. I spite of the risk they went with it anyways. I term it blunder, to some extent in deference to the prevailing negative sentiment that it was just a poor move in the first place. Too me it’s a bit more complicated…well no I suppose it’s really pretty simple.

          • Daryl

            The only person here who needs to get a clue is YOU. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You are just an old man who is starting to sound like Biden. You make no sense.

            And VGK had no chance against MTR because they were still reeling over the 6 goals RL in against COL which cost them the trophy

          • Daryl

            You are right… It is really simple. And in the most simplistic term, they F’ed up. That’s how simple it was

          • THE hockey GOD

            a few weeks ago you were praising RL, now it’s blunder ?

            Boy you bend like the wind, you know SHIT HAPPENS ??
            In Hockey ?

            Get a clue son.

  38. Mike StG

    Although some decisions by GMKM intuitively seem like their decisions (eg, trading for Lehner), it would be interesting to know whether some of their more aggressive player decisions ( Eichel, Petro) were being driven by Foley. If so, it would éBut we’ll probably never know that.

    If I could ask one question of Bill Foley it would be this: Are you okay with the fact your team and FO have become a laughing stock in the league? As a fan I’m truly embarrassed by the ridiculous never ending drama, so I can imagine how Bill might feel right about now. And it’s not just about Fleury, it involves other players and now even the coach.

    Last, KM’s acquisition of mostly Brandon players seems to be self-congratulatory in nature. That the players he brought in and developed in Manitoba were superior or elite players. And thus they were desirable players for VGK to acquire. I think this is a huge blind spot in KM’s decision making process in assessing potential adds to the roster. Don’t know how that gets rectified, short of changing the FO.

    • Pistol Pete

      I think Foley has been very hands-on. He expressed loyalty to MAF but surely knew the risk they were taking with Lehner and endorsed the move. I have a concern he’s wed to upper management and may not be able to make tough decisions to fire people believing his own judgement resulted in the mistakes. I met McCrimmon briefly at a Starbucks and found him approachable, humble and amicable. You have a point about the Brandon connection being a potential blind spot. Wouldn’t it be something if Thompson becomes an elite starter?!!!

      For now let’s support DeBoer and the roster as they try to win these last four games. This team will make history if they make the postseason. It’s never been done with 500+ injury days. And with Stone not 100 % this team is still not healthy including with Smith out the Misfit line is not intact.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ mike, if VGK is laughing stock, then Foley has only himself to blame. Most of this “laughing stock” stuff starts from mob media, and clueless fans drink it up.

      When the VGK win, they turn the other way like shafts of wheat blowing in the wind.
      Bunch of whiny cry baby , wagon jumpers that they are.

      • Omg, thg. We AGREE ON SOMETHING!! POP THE CHAMPAGNE!! Too many whiners, chomping at the bit to BITCH. NOT authentic fans, only angry pretenders….

  39. As a fan of the Wild, a team largely constructed (season in/season out) organically and with one draft hand tied behind their back, I could not be happier about the comeuppance the VKGs organization is now facing.

    In short, regardless of W-L, no team has my respect until they’ve shown they can work across the entire spectrum of challenges required to build success the way every other team in the league is required to. Between the circumstances around their inaugural draft and their cap shenanigans, the VGKs have never even approached such an accomplishment.

  40. Pistol Pete

    It looks like:

    The FO knew Lehner was injured. Injured players are routinely allowed to play at their own discretion.

    Lehner decides to play vs. NJ with DeBoer declaring he’s healthy and full of energy. This apparently was to appease fan sentiment that Thompson should start. The reference to healthy was misleading.

    Lehner proves to be unfit to play vs. NJ in a critical need-to-win game. It’s clear DeBoer should have not have started him based on earlier games that suggested he was injured impaired.

    Following Lehner’s disastrous performance DeBoer bad mouths it. Lehner goes screw you and announces his decision to go to surgery. A disaster.

    At least two mistakes:
    1. FO underestimated Lehner’s disablement and allowed him to continue to play at the most critical time of the season. Clearly they did not think Thompson could handle the load, however based on how Lehner was playing with his injury, Thompson should have been made the starter.
    2. Lehner himself overstepped his capability and put the entire season at risk. He knew he was not close to 100% but said he was ok to play. A horrible decision DeBoer allowed him to make.

    A debacle through and through.

    • THE hockey GOD

      1.0 then that is on VGK medical staff, which I have ripped before in the past
      2.0 then that is on RL, and not the FO.

      None of which lead to over reaction of “VGK is laughing stock of league” by many of the lunatic fringe , rabies lathering at the mouth, ‘fan” base.

  41. Pistol Pete

    With all the negativity surrounding how this team has evolved what will always stick in my mind is the downhill slide that was season 2. Whatever magic there was in the first season had largely disappeared other than the fan support. Perron and Neal were not signed. Haula was injured early on. No high picks in the draft, they had no real choice but to turn to buying veteran talent.

    Season 1: 51-24-7 (20 games over .500)
    Season 2: 43-32-7 (4 games over .500)

    Big difference and the first year of Fleury’s $7m contract. Pretty disappointing especially how it ended game 7 in a series we were ahead 3-1.

    At 42-31-5 there is a chance to better the results of season 2 and that with the massive injuries.

    • THE hockey GOD

      and Covid, people keep forgetting about COVID

      and the silly NHL COVID protocol, as well as the Canadian government handling of it. Which favored the , well, Canadian NHL teams to no end.

  42. knights fan in minny

    stop the madness there is a game tonight i have a question did vegas fans think the team was going to be good every year it has been a pretty good run so far for a new franchise

    • No kidding, minny!! No team can win ALL THE TIME. Down years happen to the BEST. Spoiled fans EXPECT success, then are shocked when it doesn’t happen! Gucci crowds attend games to show off for the cameras– are they “fans”, or pretenders? Who bitches the most?? REAL fans,or griping egomaniacs who think they know more than team mgmt? We can all speculate, but don’t have the right to lambast the team for stuff we really know little about.

      • Stephanie

        I’m so sorry ,I didn’t realize you are all challenged .Forgive me but stfu. Most fans signed up to be a part of vegas’ first pro franchise .win or lose over half and prob more than that were pleasantly surprised when they did .THEY DID NOT EXPECT IT .most fell in love with the team.So sick of the narrative that they’re spoiled .yes maybe some are obnoxious and expect to win.but more just were happy to be competitive and would RATHER have that than the lying scamming evil empire .and don’t you dare say a freakin thing thg because PLENTY of screwed over sth will argue with you.theres a point when capitalism turns to Greed .

      • Stephanie

        I mean seriously you people sound so damn stupid ! No one signs up for season tickets of an expansion team expecting them to even be in the playoffs for pretty freakin long .I seriously can’t listen to people this ignorant

  43. Pistol Pete

    Mike StG….

    Do you think Foley will get a new P of Ops and GM?

    • Mike StG

      Pete, I don’t know what Foley will do. He’s in his late 70’s and has other projects (like HSK and VKH). A change in the FO would be a major decision that would involve a lot of time & attention. I do think he sounds as though he is more comfortable now with making decisions relative to the team.

      Given what he has said in interviews that comfort levelseems more recent. He said last summer that he finally agreed with GMKM that Fleury had to be traded. That would indicate that GMKM drove the trade decision for Lehner and had been trying to persuade him for at least a season prior that Fleury needed to go. It seems he also trusted GMKM in their firing of Gallant.

      I don’t have a strong opinion either way whether GMKM or just KM should be replaced. I do wonder though whether KM’s mindset in player relations & transactions was shaped by his experience in managing and owning the Brandon team. My understanding of juniors is that those mgmt decisions are more autocratic and, given the age & development aspects of youth sports, are less personal and don’t have the long term consequences that NHL player decisions do. I think some of his decisions reflect that. One example is his statement that they never advise the player he’s being traded before it’s final – his reason for not letting Fleury know he was traded to CHI. That wasn’t appropriate given who Fleury is as a future HOFer, his commitment to the team & community, and what he meant to the fan base.

      I have always supported the FO, but here are some of the things that have concerned me to the point it is now an issue:

      1) The firing of Gallant and hiring of DeBoer.

      2) Pursuing Petro and then trading both Schmidt and Stastny to get cap compliant. Schmidt carried the most difficult defensive assignments while Shea was sheltered. Plus he was a glue player in the room. Stastny was a solid 2C and highly intelligent playmaker. He was also a mentor to the younger forwards. And his ability to slow the game down made him invaluable to the team’s offense, especially in zone.

      3) The acquisition of Lehner to replace Fleury, and the whole Fleury trade debacle. This also lost them Dave Prior. Foley said that he left the team due to a health issue, but confirmed reports say he was not consulted before the Lehner trade and that led to his firing. It was also the root of DeBoer’s toxic relationship with Fleury all last season, when he never spoke to Fleury the entire season pregame. Add to that McKenna’s comment that PDB will throw goalies under the bus when it suits him, which has led to the current fiasco on RL’s status. This also seems to have negatively impacted the team’s morale which is reflected to some extent in their play.

      4) The Dadonov debacle.

      5) The current RL controversy unraveling real time in front of the whole league.

      6) The lack of honesty and unnecessary concealment of facts that have increasingly characterized the way the coach and FO communicate publicly and to the fan base.

      Pile all these up and I have come to the conclusion that something needs to change. As I said before, it may be that Foley demanded that GMKM go get Petro and Eichel, and himself is the reason for the erratic way the team has made trades and acquisitions. But given everything I’ve read and heard my sense is that Foley trusted the judgment of GMKM and gave them the free hand to make those decisions.

      I do also think that the team is at a point where either Lehner or PDB (et al) need to go. It is toxic and now playing out in public, basically because PDB put it out there.

      So, although ThG scoffs at my ‘knee jerk’ reaction saying they are the “laughing stock of the league”, it is not a knee jerk reaction. And all you have to do is follow the ‘mob media’ (as ThG calls it) that actually consists of knowledgeable people with direct info sources across the NHL (players, coaches, GMs, owners, league mgmt). It is obvious as the nose on your face that the general view of VGK management is basically “WTF??” at this point. It’s also the general view of the local hockey media in Vegas, other than VGK-run media which is loathe to levy any criticism of the organization, for obvious reasons.

      I’m a fan obviously and have always supported the team regardless of any personal reservations I may have had about trades and decisions that have been made. I will continue to be hopeful and optimistic that VGK can bring home the Cup one day in the not too distant future. I don’t sympathize with the many dire predictions often found here, but there are definitely issues of concern.

      • THE hockey GOD

        # Mike

        a list of whiny BULL SHIT.

        You can say the same thing about every team in NHL and their dealing.

        Grow up.

        • Mike StG

          ThG – I’ve always been respectful of you. I’m not whining, I presented factual information. I’ve never criticized the FO, suggested the players are lazy, or reviled the team in any way. I supported the team when they acquired RL, Eichel and Petro (despite any personal reservations I may have had).

          BTW, I don’t need to grow up – I’m 64 years old and have been following hockey since the early 70s. And I remain optimistic about a team I have supported since Day One. My years of SinBin posts and tweets are evidence.

          There is no need to speak with disrespect and condescension to others who express differing views in this venue. So, I’m politely asking that you stop being a fucking dick to everyone that doesn’t agree with your divinely inspired opinions. 🙂

          • knights fan in minny

            well said mike i do not know what he is trying to prove

          • Mike – l.posted earlier thg acted like a jerk and horses ass suggesting at that time l was being kind ‘ you sure hit the nail with your description, he probably figured mine was a complement based on yours. Actually l am not sure why.any of us bother with him- maybe because he is so ridiculous – who knows – hopefully one day he will figure out everyone just laugh6at his stupid and post something useful to the discussions going on.

          • THE hockey GOD

            bull shit is still bull shit, no matter how you wrap it up; it still stinks. And my bull shit detector NEVER fails.

            Deal with it.

            You all fell for the mob media RL is having season ending surgery BS. Just like you fell for the “boris dadanov debacle”. All conspiracy theory BULL SHIT.

            Most unsophisticated fan base in ALL OF SPORTS !!

          • Stephanie

            Excellent Mike

        • knights fan in minny

          take a pill thg whats with being on the warpath

      • Pistol Pete

        Mike thanks for that response. You are way better informed than yours truly. That is probably the most informative summary imaginable as far as where we stand today—and from a positive thinking fan, a realist who knows the risks and pitfalls. You are always a pleasure to read even when you show the downside.

        • THE hockey GOD


          Informative ?? it’s a bunch of bull shit.

          • Mike StG

            Well, at least I asked politely. We are all ‘free, sane and 21’ as they say. 🙂

        • P. S. Mike StG

          “I’m a fan obviously and have always supported the team regardless of any personal reservations I may have had about trades and decisions that have been made. I will continue to be hopeful and optimistic that VGK can bring home the Cup one day in the not too distant future. I don’t sympathize with the many dire predictions often found here, but there are definitely issues of concern.”

          Exactly what I meant in implying you are both an optimist and realist, just like myself. I think you deal better with the dire predictions than I however. I tend to read them and from time to time get a little frustrated which is silly. Just read them for any insights they may offer and move on. Duh.

          • Mike StG

            Pete – I don’t get all the vitriol. It’s a GAME. The point is to enjoy it and have fun, right? I don’t understand the need for hostility – it’s not like we are debating Sharks’ fans trolling the SinBin site. Even then, what’s the point of all the hate? Is that what it takes for people to ‘enjoy’ the sport??

            Let’s hope that Timo Meier doesn’t get his wish tonight – to “knock Vegas out of the playoffs”. It’s kinda funny that he said that, and that this is the most important game of the year for the Sharks because of it. Talk about loser mentality. Lol.

      • Mike StG,

        Great read I would just add trading Haula on his June wedding day.

      • Stephanie

        Mike ,the reason I believe it was KM pushing his narrative is because GM locked most everyone up with contracts and none were over the top bad. he then gave Fleury a raise b4 even necessary .Nooo It’s on KM he freaked when Fleury dipped after his dad’s death .

  44. Galdom

    Not only do I think the VGK is going to make the playoffs I am 100% sure of it. I believe it is a forgone conclusion. Believe their effort against New Jersey was more of a playing possum and providing more drama. I think they will win the next four games by three or more goals each. What does a four-game parlay pay?

    This season will inevitably end but it will be with the Stanley Cup championship. Maybe right now is not the right time to talk about the dozens of first ballot Hall of Famer prospects coming up but I would love to talk about it after the eight week playoff journey.

    • Mike StG

      Galdom, let us know how much the 4 game parlay pays. And then next weekend update us with how much money you won. If they do it then you can enjoy the fruits of your optimism. 🙂 Good luck (seriously).

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Galdom

      hit the liquor cabinet early today ?

      Or sermon from preacher still got you inspired ?

    • Galdom – I thought you told me you finally woke up and saw the light!!!! Is it in liquid form and do you just inhale it. I know your not that optimistic maybe you fell and hit your head. Regardless what happen l hope you get better soon. Of course being in Toronto it could be anything. Keep smiling recover soon.

  45. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    DeBoer says the plan is for Logan Thompson to start and Robin Lehner to backup tonight.

    On Friday JG reported season ending surgery based upon report from know nothing female ESPN “reporter”.

    Now a first in NHL history, a player had season ending surgery on FRiday, and a few short days later is going to dress as back up goalie.


    (word on street is that RL is feeling “disrespected” after being pulled in last game, offers “no comment” when asked to addressed all this- and whiny crack head fans in vegas says it is a FO or coach problem? Sounds like another prima donna goalie problem is this is all true)

    • Well, at least – from my perspective – we can all now move on in agreement from The Walrus as our future netminder. Just reminding everyone – that this is what I had predicted in the off season.

      Discussions on the future begin after the season is over.

      • Mike StG

        RR – thank you Nostradamus. None of the rest of us had any clue that Lehner might struggle in the net. What a shocking revelation! Completely out of left field, this was!

        PDB must have finally come to the same conclusion, as he appears to be intent on making sure Lehner is gone next year.

        Perhaps you should consider finding a way to monetize your gift of prophecy. 🙂

        • Howard

          “RR – thank you Nostradamus. None of the rest of us had any clue that Lehner might struggle in the net. What a shocking revelation! Completely out of left field, this was!”

          Is the above, sarcasm?

          Every other team BUT VEGAS knew RL was going to be a problem, and knew for years hence is why, no other team offered him any kind of term.

          I knew he would be an issue and was dead set against the signing and nothing to with MAF.

          RL blames every team he’s been on for his issues. He did so CLEARLY at Chicago.

          Again, the front office here is the biggest issue BY FAR. They are ignorant, ego-driven, and child-like.

          • Mike StG

            Howard, yes I was kidding around. Thus the at the end.

      • RR,

        I do remember your predictions.

        Correct me if I’m wrong wasn’t Frank Samu_____ also saying the same thing? Just can’t recall Franks last name he hasn’t posted on here in forever hope he is ok.

    • Howard

      Some people have thought THE hockey GOD is RL and certainly that can’t be true. However, I do think it’s an outside chance that this guy is Kelly McMoron.

      If that’s the case – Kelly can only blame himself for signing RL when no other team in NHL would take him. Those other teams knew the problem RL was and is.

      The biggest issue in VGK is Kelly Mccriminal – He’s an amatuer former JR. League coach, and knows nothing how to build a winning team, and has an ego the size of Mt. Everest.

      • THE hockey GOD

        I am not co GMGM. Making playoffs in first four season STANDS ON IT’S OWN.

        Only the spoiled whiny “fan base” would fall for mob media Boris Dadonov trade deadline spin as well as RL had season ending surgery on Friday spin.

        You all are crazy NUT JOBS, starting with Gomer Pyle in hillbilly country and HD biker. HD stands for HEAD case. Never said an unkind word towards him, and continues to attack , a very hateful piece of shit.

        He started it, I feel like Donald Trump with people attacking me, and they call me out. When I defend myself with FACTS, they attack some more.

        Most unsophisticated idiot forum in NHL.

        RL had season ending surgery on FRIDAY !! YOU ALL FELL FOR THAT TRIPE.

        WHAT A BUNCH OF HATERS AND LOSERS you all are.

        I pointed it out, and all you do is put your idiot blinders on , whining all the time. WHINE
        and WHINE. Crybabies, undeserving of a champion or any sports team in this great city.

        • Thg: it might surprise you to know that if you are respectful of others and THEIR own opinions, just as YOU have opinions, rather than crucify them for it, they JUST MIGHT TREAT YOU THE SAME. You really are hostile at times, and you provoke people. People have been pretty restrained in responding to your offensive comments, considering.
          Why not try CIVILITY? Agree to disagree.. How about this: ” if you don’t have anything NICE to say to someone, then just DON’T SAY IT!” Come on, PLAY NICE.

        • knights fan in minny

          your popping a bolt man the problem is you think you know more then the rest of us and are better then us go outside and get some air maybe a drink

          • Minny, are we absolutely CERTAIN that thg isn’t really ALEX, AKA PAULY??? ” dumbest fanbase in all of hockey”….hmmm, sounds so FAMILIAR….

        • Howard

          “You all are crazy NUT JOBS”

          LOLOL!! That’s rich coming from you THG – hypocrite much?

          • knights fan in minny

            i do not know TS but i think he needs a rubber room although anything is possible

          • Daryl

            I think thg has finally lost it… I see a straight jacket coming his way

          • Howard

            More and more I think THG is in fact tied into VGK management in some way. His pattern indicates that. He really bashed all over MAF for the last 2 years and fawned over Lehner, in whom now he bashes hard.

            Other statements he’s made also indicate he’s connected with VGK front office.

            Congrats THG if you are – means your part of the moron problem VGK front office is.

        • Time to vote people off the forum! I am a free speech advocate, but this doesn’t qualify as “speech”. It’s frothing at the mouth spittle & spew.

          • RR, there are at least 2 other VGK forums I know of that have very specific do’s and don’t of CIVIL discourse, lines not to be crossed, or they simply block the offenders. Why this site is so “forgiving” is a mystery. I kinda like the raw edge to this site, but Holy moly, ENOUGH. I think 95% of posters can respectfully agree to disagree. I was also harassed for months, yet it was allowed to continue. It got personal and vulgar. It was finally stopped when a fellow poster took action.( thank you!) Just hope, after some of u a spoke up, that it’ll change.

          • Daryl

            I’m always up for debates…. What’s the chance of getting these other 2 forums?

        • Howard

          I am not co GMGM. Making playoffs in first four season STANDS ON IT’S OWN.”

          I can say with a decent amount of confidence that you are tied into VGK management in some way, because your statement above shows a butthurt ego.

          Kelly M is a moron, one of the worst executives in any sport I’ve ever seen. He should never be allowed to manage in any capacity on any hockey team, including the minor leagues whence he came from.

          I can get Kelly a job as a cash register at Burger King, but he seems to have math problem so that might not work.

          Perhaps Kelly can clean my head (navy term for my toilet)?

  46. 6

    I said this before if his suspension is over the best coach available would be Joel Quenneville coached 3 Stanley Cup winners in Chicago. Of coarse you’d have to have a GM who’s on the same page. Look at our lineup were either old and slow or young and aren’t very good. Whoever takes over has a real mess to cleanup. So many over paid under performing players and so many young players who just aren’t good enough. Smith, Karlsson, Lehner, Dadonov, Patch, Kolesar, Janmark, Patrick, Coghlan, Brossoit are on the team next year I’d be surprised. Key players Eichel, Stone, Petro, Stephenson, Theadore Whitecloud, Thompson, McNabb, Martinez, Roy, Marchy, Carrier, Hague, Guys I figure are up in the air on keeping would be Howden Hutton, Amadio. The key on rebooting or retooling is getting younger by the guys were dumping then we might get a little faster team with some better scoring punch. It’s very obvious this lineup is inconsistent in scoring goals so without dumping the excess baggage it will be the same story next year.

  47. Pistol Pete

    I find it hard to believe McPhee did not weight their decision to take Lehner against the fact no other team had, but then what do I know lol. In any case I agree it was a major blunder.

    At the time I was naive enough to embrace the decision, probably because Fleury had been slumping (at least by his standards) off and on for most of season 2. Just went along with the FO I did. I am still learning!

    • Mike StG

      Pete, I don’t subscribe to the narrative that ‘no one else would sign him’ and Vegas made a mistake doing so.

      He got his personal life together when he went to NYI, and had a Vezina finalist year. At the time he and Greiss were sharing the net. No one ever mentions that Greiss didn’t get a long term contract either, and he was traded the next year as well. The Isles had Sorokin in the wings and there was no point in signing ANY goalie long term. So that ‘example’ doesn’t apply.

      Lehner signed with CHI on a short term contract with Corey Crawford having been trying to come back from injury for a year or more. No one knew for sure if CC would return so a short term contract to a good goalie like Lehner made sense. It turns out that Crawford did make it back so there was no need for a LT deal with another goalie. As a result the Hawks traded Lehner for Subban (who is a marginal #2). Turns out Crawford didn’t end up staying at Chicago, which is why they have a need now for a #1 goalie. It’s not important though since they’re in a full rebuild and have a projected starter in development that should be ready in a year or two.

      Vegas had a verbal agreement for a 5 yr deal in place with Lehner as of March 2020, so there would have been no other contract discussions possible with other teams. The goalie market was relatively stable during those years prior to Covid and did not really open up until this last postseason when it became a goalie carousel.

      Bottom line is that I can see why Vegas got RL, as Subban wasn’t good enough to back up in the upcoming playoffs. And they believed they had a legit shot to win it all. I think what happened once RL started playing (and did well) may have changed the situation. And the FO saw him as a viable replacement to Fleury as he finished out his contract.

      • Howard

        “Pete, I don’t subscribe to the narrative that ‘no one else would sign him’ and Vegas made a mistake doing so.”

        And you would be WRONG, and it’s a fact you are wrong, not my opinion. You can believe me or not, regardless.

        • Mike StG

          Howard, okay whatever. Your timeline is inaccurate but suits your personal narrative and belief.

      • Howard

        “Lehner signed with CHI on a short term contract with Corey Crawford having been trying to come back from injury for a year or more.”

        Lehner threw Chicago management under the buss, claimed they lied to him . Lehner also claimed NHL lied to him over Covid.

        Interestingly, NOT ONE OTHER PLAYER IN THE NHL backed up Lehner in this, why?

        BECAUSE LEHNER IS A MENTAL HEAD CASE, who HAS NOT GOT over his problems, and that’s rather clear when a guy has to delete this twitter, that’s weak sauce.

        Lehner is a cancer wherever he goes, period.

      • Pistol Pete

        Mike see my post below. And we should point out Lehner was very good in playoffs in the bubble. Very good.

        Thanks for providing the background info on why NYI and CHI did not sign him. See, I sort of bought the narrative that’s been pushed here. Now I can there was a lack of DD by those pushing it. I should know better. Thanks again for providing it.

        • Daryl

          Those are options but there is no proof to that. It very well could be they didn’t trust RL to stay me tally healthy and didn’t want to take a chance. RL has a huge support following that states his mental health is the reason he couldn’t get a contract…

    • Pistol Pete

      From Wikipedia:

      Hard to believe McPhee does not have the brain power to recognize and evaluate that Lehner up to that point had never been signed long term. Obviously he and others in the organization did their DD. As I have pointed out his stats as a rental over 3 regular season and 16 playoff games were excellent which dovetailed with the excellent Vezina runner up season with the NYI the previous system. Fleury did struggle in his first VGK contract season so at the time it was a good fit. So far though it’s been a struggle.

      “McPhee interned on Wall Street in New York for two off-seasons while playing for the Rangers in the 1980s. After retirement from his professional playing career, he studied law at Rutgers University’s law school in New Jersey and clerked for a judge on the United States Court of International Trade before moving into a hockey management career.[9]”

  48. Fwiw, I believe Lehner’s health has been toxic on the ice. The roster is more comfortable playing in front of Thompson for the time being.

  49. The REAL hockey god

    Only reason this franchise has had ANY success is FLEURY.

  50. knights fan in minny

    big one tonight for the squad you know sharks want to be the one to knock them out i see a strong game from logan tonight sit back and relax enjoy the tilt

  51. Pistol Pete

    I’m here. As vibrant and filled with enthusiasm as ever!


  53. Pistol Pete

    Sitting next to a guy claiming DeBoer’s system
    is designed to shoot from the perimeter. Have we heard that before? It’s BS. He can’t explain the formations enabling it. Obviously he’s pushing somebody else’s narrative. I point out skaters crashing the net and he says that’s what the players want to do going against DeBoer’s system. I countered the center is often well defended and when so perimeter shots are the only shots. He’s having none of it. “DeBoer’s system shoots from the perimeter”. Intractable.

    • Daryl

      You can say what you want and benefit what you want but it is well documented regarding VGK shooting from the perimeter and not having a player in front of the net. Ken wrote an article on it last season u believe. Gangwr wrote an article on it as well in The Athletic. I’m not going to say it’s specifically PDB system, but it has been an issue due a long time. It’s even been brought up about the number of shot attempts by Dmen. You would have to go back to the 70s to find a team that won the Cup when their defense was leading the team in shot attempts.

      • Pistol Pete

        It’s not the DeBoer system unlike what the idiot next to me was claiming. VGK may get more perimieter shots than other teams but their number of shots is high as well. Probably the perimeter shots push the total up. Recently I been watching for VGK forwards going for the net and it happens all the time. As you know, the center tends to be well defended so it’s always harder to get chances. VGK has trouble finishing. So many last night from in front of the net. That happened in the DAL series.

        • Daryl

          My issue isn’t crashing the net, it’s having an established player near the crease screening the goalie. This leads to bad rebounds and secondary chances. Too many times VGK shoots from perimeter where the goalie has a clear sight to the shot. I’m not claiming anything about PDB system, just what I see from watching games

  54. Pistol Pete

    Preds get just one. Not as good as zero but we’ll take it.

  55. Boston was cursed for how many years after trading Ruth?

    Vegas now has the Curse of Fleury.

  56. Galdom

    Sorry Pistol Pete, Mike StG, and all VGK fans. They are just not good enough to overcome the whole they put themselves in. Playing at home with the 4-2 lead with two minutes to go and you can’t hang on. SMH!!! Every time they started to dig themselves out of a hole they give up points to shit teams like New Jersey and put themselves back in the hole. Amadio missing a wide-open net and shooting it into Reimer’s pads was painful. Stone missing the actual open net was painful. Does anybody think Dallas is going to give away points to Anaheim and Arizona?

    • Mike StG

      Gal – it was either after the EDM or NJD loss that I said it was over and that I was looking forward to next season. After that it was just too improbable that they would be able to catch up to either the Kings or the Stars. Nashville wasn’t really even close given their advantage in RW and ROW.

      I know they won’t play him, but I’d like to see them put Brisson in for a game or two (if that’s allowed with the PTO he signed). Just to see how his shot looks in an NHL game.

      There are some interesting offseason events as well. I’m considering going to the entry draft in Montreal to attend live. And, of course, it will be interesting to see what player moves the VGK FO makes. And if the FO undergoes any change as well. 🙂

      • Daryl

        I’d like to see Brisson also… He looks like he will have a very bright future

      • Mike StG,

        Saw Brisson play at the DLC on the 16th he looked great was given the 1st for that game. I’m really looking forward to watching him play at T-Mobile.

    • I am going to go back and look, but WHY DIDN’T DEBOER CALL A TIMEOUT AFTER THE 3RD GOAL?

      Also, I am going to look at the game again, but right about the 1:30 mark Ben Hutton skates into the offensive zone and shoots the puck on net from the sideboards turning it over – INSTEAD OF TAKING IT BEHIND THE NET TO KILL CLOCK.

      This team is filled with talent, piss poor coaching.

      Another nail in DeBoer’s coffin. You don’t blow a 2 goal lead with less than 3 minutes left in the game against the Sharks in a must win situation – PERIOD.

  57. The REAL hockey god

    Only reason this franchise has had ANY success is because of FLEURY.

  58. The whole thing started when they got rid of Gallant. The team wasn’t playing great but that’s what Gallant as a coach was made to change. If he was black, and was fired after the success he had, there would have been a national out cry. Gerard was the standard and the players loved playing for him. It took Jonathan a long time to clear his head after that. Then, they hire the ENEMY!! What else could they do to divide this team and the community. Then, Kelly, comes public and states they have NO INTEREST in bringing Marc back. You know why? If he did, it would be considered a mistake on his part so instead, he blew up the season.

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