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Iole: Enough With The Eichel Talk, Go After Another Familiar Center

This season, diehard VGK fan and legendary combat sports columnist Kevin Iole will be delivering columns a few times a month on Sundays. Today, Kevin wants the focus to shift off Jack Eichel, and on to another, cheaper center.

There is a balancing act that every NHL general manager must play, and trying to play it has to be causing Golden Knights GM Kelly McCrimmon plenty of agita.

Jack Eichel, exactly the type of player the VGK have missed throughout its existence, is available on the trade market. When such a player was available in 2019, McCrimmon went out and landed Mark Stone.

When another such player was available as a free agent in 2020, McCrimmon opened owner Bill Foley’s wallet and signed Alex Pietrangelo.

Many websites, which are in the business of getting clicks and not necessarily reporting accurate news, have linked the VGK and Eichel. It’s obvious why, but it’s also just as obvious why it doesn’t make much sense for the Knights to do it.

The Knights would be responsible for a pro-rated portion of Eichel’s $10 million salary this year and then $10 million a year through the 2025-26 season. They already have Stone signed at $9.5 million, Pietrangelo at $8.8 million, Max Pacioretty at $7 million, William Karlsson at $5.9 million, Alec Martinez at $5.25 million, Shea Theodore at $5.2 million, Jonathan Marchessault, Evgeni Dadonov and Robin Lehner at $5 million apiece and Alex Tuch at $4.75 million for next season.

Even if the cap rises, and reports are it may jump minimally to $82.5 million, that would be $71.4 million with Eichel for next year for 11 players. So they’d have $11.1 million to spend on the rest of the group.

That becomes problematic because Zach Whitecloud’s $2.75 million extension kicks in and between Whitecloud, Nolan Patrick and backup goalie Laurent Brossoit, they will account for more than half of the extra, at $6.275 million combined.
On top of that, we haven’t exen discussed the acquisition cost, which will be enormous.

So it seems fanciful, at best, to write Eichel into the VGK’s lineup for the next four-plus years.

There is a player who is perfectly suited for the VGK, won’t cost nearly as much and who could give them that No. 1 center without breaking up the current roster that would make them a more solid Stanley Cup favorite.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Tomas Hertl would look fantastic between Stone and Pacioretty, and would allow Stephenson to slide down the lineup where, as Pete DeBoer noted after Friday’s up-and-down win over the Ducks, he gets favorable matchups.

Hertl is in the last year of a deal with the Sharks, and is making $5.625 million. He’ll be an unrestricted free agent in the summer.

Now, normally the Sharks wouldn’t trade him, but they’re in a rebuilding mode and despite a fast start, are not expected to make the playoffs. If they could trade Hertl at or just before the deadline for a couple of pieces who would accelerate their rebuild, it would make sense.

They would then have the opportunity to sign him back as a free agent in the summer, if the acquiring team didn’t extend him.

If we assume for the moment that the VGK could get him for picks and prospects and not take anyone off the roster (buy utilizing other teams to retain his salary), imagine how solid they’d look with this group if everyone gets healthy:


That is a deep and impressive forward group and they’d probably have their best shot at a Cup with that group. Because they’ve traded so many of their draft picks, their organizational depth isn’t that great even though, by all accounts, they’ve drafted well.

To get Eichel, it’s going to rip that depth apart, and it will be hard to fill spots they need to fill with the small amount of money they have remaining. And that problem will go on for years.

Sure, Hertl isn’t as good as Eichel if both are playing at their best. But Eichel will immediately undergo neck surgery when he’s traded and who knows what he’ll be like when he gets into the lineup.

At 6’2″, 215, he’ll give them yet another big body who will go to the net, can play on the power play and take some of the pressure off Stone to create offense. He’s also fast, which will help on the forecheck

If Patrick can come back from the upper body injury that has put him on IR and play well, he’s another large, physical presence built for the playoffs.

The VGK would be imposing at that point, but if they won the Cup with him, not signing him to an extension would be acceptable.

It’s great to dream of Eichel in a VGK uniform — Hell, why not see what it takes to get Connor McDavid? — but it’s not realistic.

Hertl, though, is, and given DeBoer’s familiarity with him and vice versa, it may well be the move needed to get the team over the top.

**You can find all of Kevin’s tremendous boxing and MMA work at Yahoo Sports here.**

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  1. DGL

    Much better direction to go in, no question!

    • JW Jacobs

      Absolutely agree!! Can you more please get KMGM to pull it off?? Thank you!!

  2. Herby

    Agree. Hertl would be a much better fit (for the already top heavy VGK) than Eichel. But even if they would add Hertl, they would need to get rid of some pieces as well….probably Smith would have to go than….

    • Everett Eisner

      Not if they are able to get a third team to eat some cap and deal with smith and eichel in the offseason since both would be UFAs.

  3. Everett Eisner

    Great article! What I’ve been screaming in my head to everyone saying it has to be Eichel. Hertl would be such a great fit.

  4. Galdom


  5. Dustyn Cottino

    I believe going after A cheaper yet talented center like Hertl or Strome is 10x better than going after Eichel. Eichel just makes them too too heavy and mess them up financially for a few year but man if we could get someone like I said this team would be deadly without risking too much

  6. Richie-Rich

    Hertl would be a better option, but at what price/cost? The big question one has to ask is whether or not Hertl actually gives the VGK a legit shot at a Cup THIS YEAR.

    I believe that the answer to that is no. Even if VGK were to trade for Eichel, the answer to that question is probably not. The neck/spine disk replacement surgery is simply too high a risk. You don’t throw a bunch of talent and picks away on such high risk.

    You want some big size in the top 6? Mason Primeau will develop. At 6-6 and 213lbs (20 years old), I am simply at a loss as to why he hasn’t been given more time on the VGK roster. Peyton Krebs is also a work in progress who I believe will develop into a top 6 performer.

    Nolan Patrick has delivered everything you might expect in a former first round pick, except for the points total. He didn’t do well in Philadelphia, but I have been impressed with him so far this season.

    The future is already in good shape with the current roster.

    If you can get Hertl for a pick and a prospect like say Dugan, Quinney, or Doroyevev then maybe you go for it. No way you give up a current starter without major concessions by the Sharks.

    I don’t think the VGK problems lie with the forward skaters or the defense. Goal tending is the issue and that is easily fixed with Brossoit and Thompson in the wings.

  7. Excellent analysis. Of course Jack Eichel would be great in #VegasGold, but you’ve done a great analysis factoring in the salary cap. Tomas Hertl is an inspired choice to fill a Knights hole.

  8. Howard

    I’ve only been talking about Hertl and Couture in a package deal for 2 years now. McIdiot isn’t creative enough to make that deal. VGK has redundancy in its DCORE, so you trade those – u HAVE TO GIVE TO GET.

    I agree, Eichel even if healthy, a trade is a bad idea. Why? Ok, how were Sabres with him? THEY SUCKED because they spent TOO MUCH MONEY ON THE TOP end. To win a cup, you need 4 SOLID LINES that can score and defend, not 2 (Ask Oilers in years past on that).

    NHL GM’s, the majority are uber idiots who FALL IN LOVE WITH BIG name recognition. McIdiot seems to be also falling in live with the name “Krebs,” and in that person, I see a hockey player who doesn’t SKATE LIKE A TOP 6 forward – same problem as Glass = MEDIOCRE SKATER.

    The smaller you are in The NHL, the better skater you need to be, like Braydon Point. I will guarantee that Krebs will be an NHL bust per his high draft pick position.

    • Richie-Rich

      Krebs is much better and faster than Glass. Give him time. He has what? 8 games under his belt at 20 years old?

      • Howard

        No offense Richie-Rich. but you don’t know squat about NHL if you are “seeing that.” Krebs is at best, an average skater who gets pushed off pucks, can’t skate on open ice, has little strength, and basically is a MINUS player. Metrics says team is worse off with him on the ice – this is a fact, not an opinion. Krebs has no biz being in NHL. It’s another ‘save face’ move from a poor general manager.

        • THE hockey GOD

          krebs is just 20 year old kid, getting some NHL experience, on a depleted team at this point in time. Nothing more. He needs to build up some muscle. He’s still in a “boy’s” body, playing a man’s game. Like a two year old race horse running against 4 year old and older. His mind and aptitude are there, just not relating to physical side of things.

          “Canadiens send struggling rookie Cole Caufield to minors”

          welcome back to jungle Howard

          • Pistol Pete

            ThG good point on Caufield. Suzuki not doing that great either: first 5 games 1 assist, second 5 games 4 assists…zero goals. Second 5 games better still no goals. Frankly I question Suzuki at $8m. Think it was worth getting Patch for him.

          • Alex

            Dumbest fans in sports…”bad ice.” HAHAHAHA

          • Richie-Rich

            Ice is only bad when you allow it to completely melt in a glass of Scotch.

  9. Le Dieu

    Krebs. Zero goals and a minus player

    Always has been. Always will be.

    Watch a game. NOBODY will even pass him the puck in the offensive zone.

    Not hard to see why every team passed on him the draft.

  10. JD

    That potential lineup you listed with Hertl would be way over the salary cap, even if SJ retained half. How would that work and how would we obtain Hertl without giving up any roster players?

  11. THE hockey GOD

    i like idea, don’t like hertl, Couture is better but you pay for what you get.

  12. Vlad

    Krebs is mccriminals wet dream

  13. Vlad

    There was a player in the WHL for a few years

    The team he played for was terrible, the Winnipeg Ice

    Mcrimmon was the coach of one of the teams in that league too

    He didn’t score many goals and definitely not a league leader in points

    However was a league leader with consistently having one of the worst plus/minus records in the entire league

    This year he is no longer with the Winnipeg Ice and is really the only change the team has made of significance

    And the Winnipeg Ice are suddenly in 1st place in the WHL

    Any guesses which player this is?

    • Richie-Rich

      Krebs played for the Winnepeg Ice for 2 years and was +11 in both years.

      Regular Season Playoffs
      Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
      2016-17 Kootenay Ice WHL 6 1 5 6 0 -5 — — — — —
      2017-18 Kootenay Ice WHL 67 17 37 54 40 -22 — — — — —
      2018-19 Kootenay Ice WHL 64 19 49 68 63 -50 — — — — —
      2019-20 Winnipeg Ice WHL 38 12 48 60 38 11
      2020-21 Vegas Golden Knights NHL 4 0 1 1 0 1 — — — — —
      2020-21 Henderson Silver Knights AHL 5 1 4 5 0 6 — — — — —
      2020-21 Winnipeg Ice WHL 24 13 30 43 28 11
      2021-22 Henderson Silver Knights* AHL 2 0 5 5 4 1
      2021-22 Vegas Golden Knights NHL 8 0 0 0 2 -4
      NHL Totals 12 0 1 1 2

    • Richie-Rich

      Krebs was awful when he played for the Kootenay Ice if that is the time you are talking about. Krebs was how old then?

      16 or 17 years old.

      Give it a break Vlad.

    • Jeff

      Ummm Vlad have you been living under a rock? Krebs finished 1st in points last year in the WHL. The year before? After coming back from injury he tied for 1st in points per game. The year before that? Still averaged over a point a game. You’re judging his NHL career on what? 12 games? Beyond stupid.

      • Richie-Rich

        Vlad expects a 20 year old to come into the NHL and put up 30 goals and 50 points in his first year. He’s an idiot.

        Anyone with any hockey experience can see the talent and the future for Krebs. Will he put up those kind of numbers. Who knows? But at this point his skills are self evident. He will toughen up and when he does the points will come.

        Vlad talks about Krebs when he was 16 and 17 years old. Yes, he was putting up huge negatives in the +/-. But his 2 seasons with Winnepeg he was +22.


  14. Tim

    Spot on it looks unanimous No Eichel now that’s the kiss of death they’ll do it just to go against logical wisdom to show us they know better.

  15. Vladimir

    “ depth isn’t that great even though, by all accounts, they’ve drafted well.”

    ….seriously? They haven’t drafted anyone who is worth shit. In fact for all the draft picks they had at one point it’s shocking what they’ve drafted is so pathetically poor

    And mcrimmon sure pissed away his 17th pick on Pylon Krebs. The players he had to choose from but nope

    It’s been the death by a thousand cuts

    The cap problem coming down the tracks is picking up steam and that light is getting brighter and brighter!

  16. Ulf

    Still dreaming unfortunately – Hertl is the premier rental Center available this year. As you noted VGK doesn’t have a lot of great prospects and picks.
    Other teams do who could use Hertl – many on east coast.
    As other analysts have said though it’s the right idea, Vegas can’t afford an A-1 Center so go for a good rental – but Hertl is going to be a stretch given what we have to offer.

  17. sb

    The only things missing from this article are common sense and some understanding of the game of hockey. Hertl over Eichel? Why not ‘just any center’ over Eichel? Why not Strome? He’s available on the cheap. So, why not? Because like Strome, Hertl is not the center Vegas needs and he’s NOT AVAILABLE to Vegas. At $2.75 mil, Stephenson is younger and more valuable as the Number 1 center over Hertl. Hertl isn’t even on the market. SJ ‘s first choice is to resign him, not trade him. And you can take this to the bank – the last team in the NHL that Doug Wilson would send Hertl to is Vegas. Dead last team. Will never happen. Why on earth would Wilson make Vegas stronger and SJ weaker? Insane! If SJ does move him, it’ll be at the trade deadline and not to simply help out Vegas. Crazy!
    Hertl at nearly $6 mil will be unrestricted July 1. He’ll eventually resign in the $8 mil-ish range for 7 or 8 years, already age 28. That’ll be in the neighborhood of Eichel money. While Hertl is a very good player, he’s never on one day been the player that Eichel is. Lifetime .63 pts/gm. Eichel lifetime .95 pts/gm. Besides the FACT that Wilson would never send Hertl to Vegas, Hertl isn’t the kind of center Line 1 needs. Hertl is a finisher. He can score goals. That’s not what Vegas needs. It needs a playmaking, puckhandling, faceoff winning center – a guy who’ll put in 20 goals and 60 assists. Think Kopitar. A set-up man for Pac and Stone. Vegas doesn’t need a North/South center. It needs a playmaker who will get 60 assists and straighten out the PP. Hertl? Vegas already has two better centers to fill that position right now – Stephenson and Karlsson. If the knock is fitting Eichel’s salary in, Hertl and his new contract won’t make that much easier. It isn’t just ANY center. It’s the right center to compliment two heavy scoring wingers. And Doug Wilson will never, ever send Hertl to Vegas. Never. Sadly, the obvious needs to be explained to some.

    • Richie-Rich

      While Hertl is a very good player, he’s never on one day been the player that Eichel WAS. That is how this entire dialogue should be stated.

      Eichel WAS a great #1 Center.

      Now he needs to have an entire DISK replaced in his upper spine. No one knows exactly how well Eichel’s recovery will be. That is a gamble that I’d rather not see play out as a fan. The spinal cord? This entire idea is completely ridiculous.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i like kopitar, but LA like SJ won’t let him come to Vegas

    • Is Strome available? He’s pretty big 6’3″ 200 and heading into last year’s unproduction season he was .70 pts/game. What would his cap hit be?

      • ulf

        NYR’s Strome feels like a more realistic option; for a while the Rangers were shopping him, not sure about now.

    • Blitz

      I thought the same thing about hertl. SJ will never trade him to us. The positive, if they did, is he knows the messed up system that is Deboer’s and won’t take half a season to learn it. He’d be shitty on the PP in no time. Regardless, I think if the author chose a different center from a different conference it would have read better, but I agree 100% that taking a less cap/team taxing center is the way to go. On the flip side Hertl was the right guy in the article, because we (vgk fans) can all understand the type of player he is referring to having watched Hertl for a few years as a rival.

    • Rick

      Thanks so much for the lucidity of your comments, these clowns don’t know what they are talking about.

  18. Pete Turner

    I like Hertl. He’s definitely what’s lacking in our offensive toolbox. A power forward. Someone who has a big body and isn’t afraid to use it. I’ve seen hundreds of times when we have a scramble situation in front of the opposing goalie and the puck never goes in the net. Hertl strength and quick hands are what we need here to convert that scramble to a scoring opportunity. On top of that, he’s a known quantity. PDB has coached him before at SJS and he knows his coaching style. The more I think about it, there’s little upside with getting Eichel. He has a great shot and strong skating skills. At best he’s another Patch and we already have one. At worst, he’s another first round draft pick that didn’t live up to expectations due to injuries, and we already have one in Nolan Patrick.

    I like the Hertl idea and I think we should make a go at acquiring him. VGK needs their Marian Hossa and Tomas Hertl can be him.

  19. Why

    Ya your right that top line with Stephenson is a real stinker! Think of all the stat blocks they could move up in with any new center in there, I mean they are so sub par as it is, and when Stephenson has been missing, just look at how the numbers have rebounded!

  20. Vlad

    Does anyone actually think hertl would get traded to Vegas?

    That’s about as likely to happen as it is krebs getting a goal

  21. Despite his potential be the needed 1C Hertl is still a lot of money. Maybe only $2m less than Eichel if he’s signed long term. It’s almost as though Eichel is worth the extra cap hit. Hertl would though presumably be less expensive than Eichel in terms of trading away assets so obviously that’s crtical in designing a final deal and measuring it’s impact on the current roster both this season and on future ones. Sorry I don’t have the answer to the Eichel predicament other than to say VGK badly needs a center that elite. I tend to doubt his current injury or future ones will be highly impactful just because normally a player that elite and that big (6’2″ 213) does not lose their career to injuries, cases like Bobby Orr notwithstanding.

  22. I count seven active players at 1 pt+/game (regular season): McDavid (1.43), Crosby (1.27), Ovechin (1.11), Draisaitl (1.07), Kucherov (1.06), Mathews (1.04) and Stamkos (1.03).

    Eichel currently sits 20 pts behind one point per game (355/375). Eichel goals as % of points is 39%. Note for this stat that Eichel is tied with Draisaitl and above Crosby and McDavid respectively.

    Eichel joins this elite group for going directly into the NHL (no AHL time) excepting Draisatl (6 AHL games) and Kucherov (17 AHL games).

    Goals as % of points (regular season):

    Mathews: 57%
    Ovechin: 55%
    Stamkos: 51%
    Kucherov: 40%
    Draisaitl: 39%
    [Eichel: 39%]
    Crosby: 37%
    McDavid: 34%

    • Draisaitl plays on McDavid’s line does he not? My sense is that Draisaitl’s ability alone is the least impactful of the group assuming he benefits from playing with McDavid. Draisaitl is by far the weakest two way player in the group as borne out by the +/- stat. Obviously the span of the career e.g. Crosby supports a higher (or lower) +/-.

      Note that Eichel is -69!!! Is that most indicative of playing on lousy defensive teams, his own poor two way play or a combination of the two? Would his +/- improve on a better team e.g., VGK and would it enhance his points production? Probably.


      Crosby: +180
      Kucherov: +128
      Ovechin: +82
      McDavid: +65
      Mathews: +54
      Stamkos: +46
      Draisaitl: +11

      [Eichel: -69]

      • ulf

        Draisatl is currently playing about 50/50 on McDavid’s line so far this season, with the coach intending to split them up as they have been for a decent amount of their careers. Oilers didn’t have the depth before but do now.

        • Pistol Pete

          Thanks for the info. Draisaitl’s +/- has improved. Through 2019-2020 it was -24. 2020-2021 it went +29 so he really improved his D play. The upward trend is continuing this season.

    • Richie-Rich

      All of these statistics are PRIOR TO THE DESTRUCTION OF A DISK IN HIS SPINE.


  23. Vlad

    Mcrimmon will turn Vegas into Toronto.

    A few get a lot

    A lot get few

    And the lot will still be expected to carry the few

    How quickly he gutted this team

    • Nobody wants that to happen and it has not yet pending an Eichel deal. Since the McCrimmon team made the conference finals both his years as GM it’s pretty fruitless to berate him for any shortcomings. An unfair and unjustified bias.

      • Vlad

        The gig is up.

        Every team sees Vegas has become a 3 legged stool. Shut down stone and pac and the offence disappears . Only a matter of time before Lehner goes off the deep end

        The cupboard is empty as we have all seen. No young talent in the back room

        It’s a salary cap mess. The LTIR has masked the issue somewhat to what’s lurking around the corner

        • Pistol Pete

          Zach Dean and Brendan Brisson are several years out. Dorofeyev could be a guy who like Hague surprised after a fairly lengthy AHL stint. You realize this but a basher is who you are here.

          • Vlad

            Key word….several years out

            Just like my winning lottery ticket

  24. Pistol Pete

    We’ll see about your no Stone/Patch assertion. They just came off a two game trip against two teams they were expected to lose against. We’ll see how your bashing holds up this upcoming 4 game trip.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Vlad’s bashing is way over the top. Am I a McCrimmon fan? No, because I think he really screwed up with the goalie situation. But that screw up is easily fixed. We’re deep at that position. My bigger complaint about McCrimmon is the PDB situation and how he has handled most of the players traded.

      I don’t believe that there is a #1 C available. I don’t believe that Eichel is worth the risk unless McCrimmon can get the deal done extremely cheap.

      The only viable option, and the least painful would be Smith who is an UFA at the end of the season. You don’t trade a young and upcoming Alex Tuch, period. I would offer Smith, an HSK prospect like say Dugan or Doroyevev and a pick. On top of that the dollars have to be right so that we’re under the cap for the last half of the season.

      • Vlad

        Sounds like non stop bashing. Oh but if you comment it’s ok. What a dum ass.

      • Pistol Pete

        Richard maybe just maybe they can somehow swing a deal that works. Eichel is worth it big time if the deal can be pulled off. I’m just worried it’s Smith and Theodore. Smith is doable but Theodore would be costly. Hague has emerged as a legitimate top 4 but Theodore is still needed.

        • Richard Santomauro

          No way McCrimmon gets Eichel without bleeding this team dry. Is it a possibility? I sort of doubt it. But then again, McCrimmon apparently is foaming at the mouth over this. I can see him throwing in the kitchen sink just to get Eichel.

          NOT A FAN

        • Ulf

          The Sabres have a very good defensive corps. Theodore wouldn’t get the deal done, and TBH the only way BUF would deal with Vegas is there aren’t any other partners. We don’t have a great farm team and only a handful of young players otherwise.

      • Pistol Pete

        I don’t really think things are just a McCrimmon screw up. It’s like saying Comey screwed up by doing the second Clinton email investigation close to the election. What actually happened is that Comey and his group of advisors painstakingly brainstormed the situation before deciding to open the investigation though it came across as Comey’s decision. Same thing on lesser scale with NHL hockey. Many personnel have input that influence major decisions. It may or may not come back to McCrimmon depending on the VP of Operations and the owner.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “My bigger complaint about McCrimmon is the PDB situation and how he has handled most of the players traded.” another oxymoronic statement.

        there is no “mccrimmon is the PDB situation ‘ have no idea what this poster is saying. ” and how he has handled most of…” he who? PDB or McCrimmon. A very poorly written sentence that makes no sense whatsoever. Take a deep breath and try again.

    • Vlad

      Not bashing. Seeing it for what it is. Ignoring a problem never makes it go away

  25. Vlad

    If you can get a bag of pucks for Krebs take it

    Zero goals

    Barely any shots

    Chronic minus player

    Soon worthless

  26. Pistol Pete

    Two consecutive conference finals is not a problem. Counter that or concede the debate.

    • Vlad

      Oh. I thought the goal of the league was to win the Stanley cup…

      There is only 1 winner

      If your not first your last

      Making it to the finals only to get smacked and claiming that as justification for poor management decisions is a loser mentality

      Mcrimmon has ridden the coat tails of what he inherited and now look where it’s been dragged down to

  27. Vlad

    The longer foley keeps mcrimmon the worse position the team will get

    Don’t forget the team is in this precarious position is because of who?? Mcrimmon

  28. Pistol Pete

    Blame McPhee then. The GM who built the Caps into the 2017-2018 Cup team.

    • Vlad

      McPhee did a good job only to hand it off to a junior hockey coach first time gm who decided to fix what wasn’t broken and has single handidly gotten rid of everything McPhee built

  29. Pistol Pete

    I’m predicting Dadanov will emerge as a shrewd acquisition.

  30. Walt23

    “If we assume for the moment that the VGK could get him for picks and prospects and not take anyone off the roster (by utilizing other teams to retain his salary),”

    IF ???? assume????

    Doug Wilson, who is a staunch division rival of the Vgk, is now going to just hand a sweet deal to his biggest rival?

    by utilizing a 3rd party? that is exactly what the Vgk would do in an Eichel trade

    “If they could trade Hertl at or just before the deadline for a couple of pieces who would accelerate their rebuild, it would make sense.

    They would then have the opportunity to sign him back as a free agent in the summer, if the acquiring team didn’t extend him.”

    so now the Vgk are trading top picks and prospects for a RENTAL? or, if they did extend him, who is going to go? because the same result of ANY trade for a big salary player means some guys will go. so tell us now who goes in a Hertl extension? and how is that any different from an Eichel trade with 3rd party cap retention?

    also, note that Hertl has slowed considerably from serious leg injuries.

    Jan, 2020—-Sharks’ Tomas Hertl out for season after suffering torn ACL and MCL

    It’s also concerning considering this is the second major knee injury that Hertl has undergone in his NHL career. He underwent a procedure to surgically repair damaged ligaments in his right knee as a rookie in 2013-14. This latest incident appeared to involve his left knee.

    • Walt23

      oh, and btw, Wilson traded bottom 6 grinder Barclay Goodrow to the Tampa Lightning at the trade deadline, and he got a #1 pick for him. That means that he would be demanding much more than a #1 pick ++ for Hertl, especially trading him to a rival within the same division
      Feb 24, 2020

      Barclay Goodrow was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning by the San Jose Sharks on Monday for a first-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft and forward prospect Anthony Greco.

      Goodrow has an NHL career-high 24 points (eight goals, 16 assists) in 62 games this season. The 26-year-old forward has one season remaining on his two-year contract.

    • Richard Santomauro

      I agree, all this talk of a big trade is nonsense and pretty dumb. We have a very good stable of players developing. Vlad cannot stand Krebs, but I see him developing into a top 1 or 2 C for the VGK. Patience.

  31. Tim

    Something no one has touched on. Names being thrown around in a Jack Eichel trade are Theadore, Tuch, Smith, Krebs, Hague, plus draft picks. How would you like being in that locker room not knowing if you’ll be in Buffalo tomorrow. This has to ware on the players and surely can’t make it a fun locker room. This is just a meat factory and your perishable goods which to me sucks. Ruin the team to try to win a cup some of you think that’s ok I think sometime there has to be some loyalty for as well as this group has performed over the last 4 years. I just wonder how much better the team would play if Kelly came in the locker room and said this is our team and were not trading for Eichel? I’d wait until the trade deadline see who’s tanking and maybe we could pickup a nice piece on the cheap not breaking up our present roster. I guess we all have a different opinion on this so that’s mine. Speaking of picking up on the cheap a good example is Conner Garland Vancouver stole him from Arizona

    • THE hockey GOD

      players are used to it, they deal with fact that this is a business and anyone can be dealt at any time; especially with a franchise that is committed to win like VGK have repeatedly shown with their revolving door.

    • Vlad

      How many players has mcrimmon gotten rid of? ALL but 3 of the originals. The heart and soul the team used to have had been replaced by mistrust.

      As is won’t work. Again, shut down stone and pac and it’s over. The only thing that’s changed is every single team knows that now.

      There is no imminent young talent capable of jumping in right now. Most likely never

    • Richard Santomauro

      Tim makes sense. Look for a bargain at the trade deadline. Now is not the time to panic shop. And Eichel is TOO BIG A RISK MEDICALLY AND POST SURGERY.


  32. Tim

    THG, I know that’s always your view and I respect that but you’ve got to admit it can’t be helping the locker room. We were a special team now were just another small fish in a big pond.

  33. THE hockey GOD
    More bad news on the VGK injury front.

    Multiple sources have confirmed William Karlsson will miss time with a lower-body injury.

    The exact timetable is unclear but it’s not good.

    • THE hockey GOD

      he got hit with puck from his own player, that probably caused the LBI , in last game.

      • THE hockey GOD

        now bad vlad is more than happy

        “Canadiens send struggling rookie Cole Caufield to minors”

        • Vlad

          As he should be if he isn’t scoring.

          EXACTLY LIKE your BFF Krebs

          Except Krebs isn’t even ready for the AHL. Maybe the echl

  34. knights fan in minny

    when it rains it pours

    • THE hockey GOD

      Jesse Granger
      I have confirmed with multiple sources that William Karlsson broke his foot when it was hit with a shot late in the game.

      He’s expected to miss roughly 6 weeks.

  35. Pistol Pete

    Maybe Dorofeyev (a C) gets a call up. 4 G/5 games HSK. I don’t care how he might look in the minors now. A guy can elevate to another level when nobody expects it. Might take a few games.

    • Pistol Pete

      I forgot Amadio.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Yep, I would like to see Dorofeyev and Primeau (6ft 6in)……called up.

      Another player who showed great promise in preseason was Cotter! It’s time to see what he can do.

  36. LVsc


    looks like the Henderson Silver Knights just became the Henderson GOLDEN Knights.

  37. LVsc

    sure would be nice to have Patrick Brown right about now, huh McCrimmon?

    • THE hockey GOD

      he had no choice but to select from Carrier, Brown (who last I checked isn’t on Flyers roster) , or Kolesar.

      Take your pick

      • THE hockey GOD

        bettman, not co GMGM is responsible for the stupid sal cap. Been railing against self imposed socialistic BS for years now.

      • LVsc

        Vgk can reclaim Brown IF Philly puts him back on waivers at any time

  38. THE hockey GOD
    Here’s what I think they’ll do…

    Quote Tweet
    Ryan The Hockey Guy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they made another trade for forward, short term rental, perhaps. I’d like to keep the same lines as last game, and move Amadio into no. 71 slot.

    isiah The Hockey God.

  39. THE hockey GOD

    This year, like last, is turning out to be another crap/turkey shoot. Especially with Covid still around. Making it difficult for FOs, coaches, and fans to deal with . So many unknowns. It’s not really fair to start bashing people because of pandemic and it’s impact on the NHL.


  40. Bad Vlad

    San Jose. 7 players out. They beat Winnipeg

    The injury excuse has been milked dry

    Didn’t effect Pittsburgh. Didn’t effect San Jose.

    But Vegas??? Oh they’re special. Excuses are ok for them

    Shows complete lack of depth mcrimmon has cobbled together.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Stop stop stop. The team is back to .500 with a ton of injuries and despite shaky play in goal by #90 they won 2 big games on the road.

      Let’s not panic.

  41. Vlad

    And Krebs on first line? ??

    You have to be joking

    ZERO goals, next to no shots. A lot of minuses. And nobody passes him the puck cuz he will turn it over

    That wouldn’t make the 4th line on ANY team

    • Richard Santomauro

      Krebs’ will be just fine. Pietrangelo is -6, Marchy is -5. Krebs is -4. This will all turn around. The guy’s 20 years old. He skates extremely well and his decision making has improved since preseason. He need some toughness. That will come and make a big difference in his points totals.

      • Vlad

        No. No he won’t. See him for what he is.
        No goals
        No shots
        Turns puck over constantly
        Gets beat about like a rag doll
        Chewing up quality ice time better served by others
        Others just don’t pass him puck at all
        Looks scared… rightly
        MINUS player… always has been his entire career
        Grossly underperforming all other rookies

        • Richard Santomauro

          Vlad there is no use talking to you. You talk about Krebs being a MINUS player his entire career which is FALSE. There’s no sense talking to you. You cannot even look up stats before spewing nonsense.

  42. Galdom


    Marchessault – Stephenson- Smith
    Kolesar – Roy – Dadonov
    Carrier – Amadio – Krebs
    Howden – Leschyshyn – Rondbjerg

  43. Vic

    Where are the VGK buying skates and shin guards these days, the Dollar Store? Our guys better start dressing with some of that shining armor.

    How far can the VGK drop in the standings before the towel is thrown in on the season? 10 pts, 20 pts, 30 pts.

    What players will left on the HSK when I go to a game next month, the Vegas Junior Knights or the Metro PD hockey team?

    Hertl – another version of Tuch….a bit of out of control chaos which means injuries.

    Eichel – Drop the idea. Keep the picks, make some smaller deals and start over. The cup window is slamming shut after a few insane years. Build another team that is hungry and has passion.

    • Galdom

      Yes Vic. Drop the Eichel idea, keep the picks and make smaller deals. But they don’t have to start over, just re-tool. they still have hungry players with passion. (Stone, Pacioretty, Marchessault, Karlsson, and a good group of defencemen.

      • Richie-Rich

        VGK will be just fine.

        The team is in the hunt still, not too many points behind. My biggest concern is the goal tending but that is an easy fix.

        The next big problem is fixing the power play. That’s difficult to do when your top players are in the ER.


        That’s a huge hit to the offense.

  44. Vlad

    Need some character players back after mcriminal ran them all out of town.

    A few to replace fleury, Schmidt, reeves… heart and soul guys that were respected and played with heart

    The Corey Perry Jason spezza types. Cheap, respected and absolute gamers

    What an empty cupboard this has been reduced to

  45. Pistol Pete

    Can see why Dadonov is popular in the locker room. Good guy. English not his strongest suit lol. Looks like another good move by McCrimmon et. al.

    • Richie-Rich

      Nolan Patrick stood out as the best off season move. Dadanov has come around the last few games. I have not seen much out of Howden. I still think we have some good talent that could come up and produce (Dugan, Dorofeyev, Primeau, Miromanov, and Cotter among others).

      Adding Wild Bill to the list of walking wounded isn’t going to help.

  46. Vlad

    Miromanov will be traded. He needs some games and he won’t get them here. Mcrimunal and da boring don’t like him

  47. Mike StG

    Though I’m not really supportive of a trade for Eichel, thoughts:

    1) With Eichel they can trade Krebs, as they’d have top 3 center positions locked.
    2) Reilly won’t and shouldn’t be a part of the trade. This is the last year of his contract. So BUF trades for him, and what if he goes to FA and signs elsewhere?? Some return that would be.
    3) Probably Theo is part of the deal, as BUF needs a top 4 D and Shea is elite (top 20). Maybe Tuch goes as well. That’s close to $10M right there. Hague instead of Theo doesn’t seem likely due to the cap issues. A deal possibly also includes Kolesar, he’s been mentioned as part of a package by hockey insiders.
    4) FWIW, I suggest listening to Elliotte Friedman’s podcast with the doc who would likely perform the ADR surgery. Been done successfully on football and other contact sport players. Shorter recovery period, MUCH less chance of having a follow up surgery than fusion, and doesn’t affect mobility. The last one is a huge factor, as spinal fusion reduces flexibility and could affect his skating and upper body movement and impact his performance.

  48. Tim

    Now that Karlsson is on the IR which now is a third of the team how can they possibly give up a few more starters to get another guy who will be on the IR. They have to realize that I hope so I think we’ll pull out of the Jack Eichel sweepstakes or if you prefer shitstakes.

  49. Vlad

    Desperate times call for desperate moves by desperate people

    Why not trade for the 7 Shark call ups that had to play last minute and ended up beating Winnipeg the other night

  50. Not sure what the hate is all about for Krebs. The guy has done nothing but exceed at every level of hockey he has played at. Not ready for ECHL……, he is currently leading the Henderson team in points with only 2 GP. Elite playmaker is his mantra. Give him time, he will be a top 6 player dishing out gifts to his linemates.

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