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Iole: Enough Bang For His Buck?

This season, diehard VGK fan and legendary combat sports columnist Kevin Iole will be delivering columns a few times a month on Sundays. Kevin’s back today to take a look at a position of depth, one that’s been notoriously thin in years past.

As a lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, I’ve often longed for a team that was aggressive in free agency, pursued the best players with vigor regardless of cost, and had ownership that almost seemed insulted if it didn’t win the championship.

But now, I have that in the Vegas Golden Knights, where owner Bill Foley has focused only on winning. He’s allowed his staff to trade for the big names who were available on the market. He’s permitted them to go after the elite free agents.

Like the late Jack Kent Cooke, the former owner of the Washington Redskins once said about his coach, George Allen, “He was given an unlimited budget and he exceeded it.”

Foley has to feel that way as Season 5 winds down with a Detroit Lions Super Bowl championship looking about as likely in a few months as a VGK Stanley Cup title.

Foley’s spoiled the fan base, and no doubt his hockey operations department, by his seeming eagerness to spend any sum, make any signing, in pursuit of that elusive championship.

Goaltender Robin Lehner is sidelined now with upper-body AND lower-body injuries, you say? The fan base simply calls for Foley to spend the millions it would take to bring old friend Marc-Andre Fleury back to town.

These are real dollars, people, that Foley is spending, not just Monopoly money that has no impact. Foley has done everything reasonably expected of an owner, and then some. Hell, he’s even sat down for an interview with Ken on multiple occasions!

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

In addition to the trades for Max Pacioretty, Mark Stone, and Jack Eichel, and the free agent signing of Alex Pietrangelo and the extensions for Lehner, Jonathan Marchessault, Reilly Smith, William Karlsson, Alex Tuch (Remember him?), Nate Schmidt (Or him?), Foley went so far as to purchase an AHL team and build a new rink for it. The benefit? So the NHL club could fill fourth-line, third-defense pairings and backup goalie spots a bit easier.

He’s laid out an inordinate amount of cash — to be fair, the Golden Knights are also a pretty profitable franchise — and what does he have for it? Well, no Cups, and so they’re a failure if that’s the only standard you measure by.

But that’s not fair. The Golden Knights have become one of the destination franchises in the NHL and you don’t see any of the players, past or present, complaining about the way they’ve been treated while they’re here.

They’ve won two division titles, one conference title and have been among the league’s Cup favorites every year since the second season.

Foley’s done his part.

Now, do we blame McPhee or McCrimmon for what is going on here? Does Pete DeBoer, as coaches so frequently and so often unfairly do, pay for it with his job?

Do we simply blame the injuries and say, “Things will be better when everyone is healthy?”

It’s complicated.

When Pacioretty was injured during the 2nd period and left the bench, that meant nine regulars were out of the line-up. Considering there are 20 regulars — 12 forwards, six defensemen, and two goalkeepers (I for some reason get a kick out of that word) — who suit up each night, that’s 45 percent of the lineup.

And it’s not like it’s been for a short time. This has been going on all season. Some of my media buddies in Pittsburgh like to gloat about how well the Penguins are playing and how they’ve been racked by injuries, but it’s nothing like what’s happened to the VGK.

No team in the NHL can come close to matching it.

So, of course, you’d have to be a fool to suggest that the injuries haven’t played a huge role in the disappointing hockey we’ve seen in the last couple of months.

Just to reiterate, when the 3rd period began without Pacioretty, this is what the Golden Knights were missing:

  • Stone, their captain and best all-around player.
  • Pacioretty, their best shooter and goal-scorer.
  • Smith, their best penalty-killing forward.
  • Alec Martinez, their best shot-blocker.
  • Brayden McNabb, their most physical defenseman and their best penalty-killing defender.
  • Lehner, their starting goaltender, who was their best player in the first six weeks or so.
  • Mattias Janmark, a guy counted on as a third-line difference-maker.
  • Nolan Patrick, who has played so infrequently that we don’t know what he could do, but he’s a guy that McCrimmon clearly believes can be an impactful NHL player.
  • Brett Howden, who after a slow start was becoming the quality two-way center on the fourth-line that they’ve lacked.

So if you want to compare what it’s like, take the Avalanche and remove Gabriel Landeskog, Nathan McKinnon, Nazem Kadri, Andre Burakovsky, Alex Newhook, Tyson Jost, Devon Toews, Sam Girard and Darcy Kuemper for several months and see how well they play.

Injuries are a factor we can’t ignore.

But they’re not the only factor. Change has been so constant, they lost a sense of team. In the playoff bubble in Edmonton in 2020 — not all that long ago — the VGK players formed a “fun committee” to make life in seclusion more tolerable. Three of the four players on that committee: Schmidt, Ryan Reaves, and Nick Holden are already gone. Marchessault is the only “committee member” remaining.

Team-building is an art, and it’s something the Knights haven’t done all that well for a while. Throwing a collection of great players together doesn’t always work.

There aren’t many easy outs in the NHL, but if there are, Ottawa, Philadelphia, and Buffalo are three of them. But VGK lost to two of them and needed a goal at 19:54 of the 3rd period against Ottawa to win there.

That’s concerning.

And it’s just as concerning hearing the players talk about not liking the compete level. Maybe Pietrangelo is worn down by the huge amount of minutes he’s logged, but he hasn’t looked like an impact player for a while.

If Shea Theodore, supposedly the team’s best offensive defenseman, fails to score on Sunday against Columbus, it will be a full quarter of the season he’s gone without a goal.

With the trade deadline approaching in just over a week, there’s going to be pleas for McCrimmon to trade X player or bring Y player in.

But at this stage, his best bet is to largely stand pat. He needs to get cap compliant if he can by the deadline in the off chance Stone is healthy before the playoffs.

But enough injecting of new blood into the room. It’s too late at this point.
Roll the dice and hope you have an entirely healthy lineup on Game 1 of the playoffs. Then you can go with Pacioretty-Eichel-Stone, Smith-Karlsson-Marchessault, Janmark-Chandler Stephenson-Evgeni Dadonov and Nic Roy-Howden-Patrick as the four lines. They can put McNabb with Pietrangelo, Martinez with Theodore and Nic Hague with Zach Whitecloud as the three defense pairings.

Take a shot at it with that group.

If it doesn’t happen, though, look out. Bill Foley didn’t get ungodly rich by spending millions for mediocrity.

Sadly, that’s what he’s getting for his money now. It’s like the VGK have become the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NHL, except with the league’s highest payroll.

**You can find all of Kevin’s tremendous boxing and MMA work at Yahoo Sports here.**


A Realistic Approach Is Required For VGK At Trade Deadline




  1. Mike StG

    I’ve been saying the same for weeks now, but Kevin described it succinctly: they have “lost a sense of team”. They have collected great players, but they lack that sense of team. This is what I’m afraid they won’t find for probably a season or more, if ever.

    We can only hope for the best. If the team fails to make the playoffs, it’s likely the FO will go. They’ve had two cracks at hiring a coach and that’s all GM’s usually get these days in the NHL. The next owner move is usually to replace the GM, and that would probably be both GM & KM in this case. I’m not advocating it, but if Foley feels the team needs to change direction that’s where it will likely begin. A new FO would then determine whether a coaching change is also needed.

    As a hockey fan since the early 70’s and a VGK fan since Day One, I have to admit this is the most discouraged I have felt ever with respect to the team I support. It has been a slow decline (if you call 2-3 years slow) from the magical team of 2017, the fun & light hearted joy the team played with (probably most notably Fleury, Schmidt and Holden in that regard), and the excitement of watching their relentless dedication to winning up and down the ice. For the first time I don’t really even want to watch them play.

    Two years ago I spent 3 weeks overseas on vacation and watched every game live at ~3am locally. Even paid the premium for high speed internet just to get a better live feed of the games. It’s hard to look at this team now with the passion I once had. In retrospect, the tens of thousands of dollars spent on tix, gear, memorabilia, etc just seem like a waste now. I hope some day that changes back to the way it was, because that was really special.

    • Coyote

      I feel you. I’ve rooted for a lot of teams in the major sports and colleges. Never was there a year as special as that 17-18 season. Never was I so connected with a team. Now – I just check the box scores for some games.


    • Galdom

      Why would you say it’s a waste now if you enjoyed it then

    • Stephanie

      Glad you and this article esp.bring the team up or the fun committee.On a different media site i remember after Schmidt Holden ,Fleury,and Reaves were gone ,I said,”who is Marchessault suppose to joke with ? Who is going to pull pranks ? I was told oh theres other guys .,ok yea there are ,but most all seem more serious than that crew . I’m sure most of them can have fun and be silly but it was wayyyyy more before .

  2. THE hockey GOD

    another in long line of smart and spot on articles bashing, yet again the knee “jerk” reaction from ‘unsophisticated’ portion of base fan best.

    now down ten men with no 17 out

  3. REALLY? We are going to blame the regression of this team on injuries AND not having a “fun committee”? REALLY?

    Let’s also not forget that this team’s offensive woes and lack of power play goes back well beyond that, all the way to when DeBoer was first hired.

    Stone will be 30 this year, and guys like Pacioretty & Martinez are pretty much at the end of their careers. Winning a cup with these guys was the objective BY YEAR 5.

    Neither DeBoering or Lehner have been able to stick with a team throughout their careers. McCrimmon took a gamble on the both of them, and so far that gamble doesn’t look like it’s going to pay off. Like all of the cars going back to CA on I-15S, that is where McCrimmon is taking the VGK. BROKE.

    The discussion now shouldn’t be on why this is, but rather what can be done before the trade deadline in order to best serve the Head Coach of next season. There are obvious pieces on this roster that are no doubt being considered to put into the yard sale. The trick is to get the most out of it and still have a possible shot of making the playoffs. Making the playoffs should be the only consideration, because there simply isn’t enough cap space available to really make any significant upgrades. The only exception that I see to that would be a big trade with the Kraken for Grubauer, but that would take quite a lot. Let’s not forget all the picks already traded away just to get Eichel. So, you’re likely looking at Smith at the very least and some valued prospects. Obviously, you try to package Lehner in any deal for Grubauer. The only drawback to this is that you will be facing these players next season.

  4. Danny Gallivan

    first, the money Foley is spending is coming from the fans, like Richie rich, so they have more of a legit opinion than any media front office shill

    and second, they won’t make the playoffs without major changes including the coach, so that never-happen healthy lineup is moot.

    • Julie

      Exactly. Rule #1, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Saying that the fan base wanted Fleury back didn’t originate with fans, it was hockey writers looking to make a splash for attention. It’s a cop-out excuse for not addressing the issues in the article and some “genius” posters. And to your and Richie’s point, PDB got more chances than Gallant and Gallant got that team to SC first year. Time for a replacement.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “the money Foley is spending is coming from the fans”

      bull shit, it’s coming from his pocket.

      IF this were the case, then every franchise would be spending
      money on ten million dollar a year farce of franchise players.

      man, oh man, oh man , oh man.

      • So, you are telling me I can go into T-MOBILE and unbolt my seats from the floor and just walk out with them? This is just a guess, but Season Ticket Holders provide at least $60,000,000 to this hockey club. That’s about 10,000 seats at approximately $6000 each on average.

        • the hockey God

          malRR once you shell out that money, it’s gone. It is not yours any more. You don’t own the team, you are like Alan Harper living at Charlie Harper’s Malibu Beach house without paying rent. You , like Alan Harper, don’t pay rent. You have no say. Your opinion is lower than Berta, the house keeper.
          No mosaic bowl with butterscotch candies in living room for you.

          You don’t get to unblot, unbolt your chair. You can’t even cheer when you want to cheer., You can’t start your own cheer. You have to wait for the fake noise.

          BTW re do your math, the average seat is $$265 AND max capacity is 18,000. I already did a piece on finances. You left out the expenses. And nearly a full season in lost revenue over two years due to empty rinks because of covid.

    • Pre-game, they are now describing and excusing the crappy play on the number of dollars off the ice, not just the players.


    • Kevin Iole

      Your point is only partially correct
      But if you are going to beca wise-ass, I’ll point out I have been a VGK and HSK season ticket holder since Day 1. I probably have 30 player jerseys. I write for SinBin out of passion, because I love hockey and I love the VGK. I’ve put my money where my mouth is. And I would hardly call myself a shill

      • THE hockey GOD

        @kevin Iole, good for you. You are my hero for telling it like it “is” t

  5. Ulf

    With all due respect – and if I’m understanding correctly – this article ignores most of the 100 years of NHL before our Knights. Countless teams in even recent years have dealt with massive injuries. Happened to the Red Wings a number of times.
    Secondly we are continuing to overvalue players. Patches plays well in some years, but he’s been injury prone and inconsistent from the moment he entered the league. Look at his playoff numbers over his entire career. A couple of good ones but largely not an impact player.
    Petro is steady, Stone is good but not great in the post season, and the coaching is smelling past his best before date like happened in his other stops.
    This rushing to get the best player is going to mean a long rebuild sooner than later, as the prospect pool is slim.

    • The only potential elite 1st liner we have on this team is Eichel. That’s it. The next best player on the VGK is ranked way down on the list of Forwards in this league. I think McCrimmon overspent on a bunch of mostly 2nd and 3rd liners.

  6. Norm Sunday

    Hey, has anyone noticed he Rangers and excoach Galant? The team spirit and success can be pointed at the McCrimmon buddy. But then why would management want to look bad by acknowledging they screwed the pooch. Steady down hill slide despite buying a high profile team.

  7. sb

    It comes down to injuries. Nine starters out. No team can thrive in that situation. If this team was healthy, they’d be in 1st place. This team is deeply talented. But they are injured. This is not the owners fault. This is not the GM’s fault. This is not the coach’s fault. Blaming DeBoer is ridiculous. In early December, DeBoer had coached 82 games in Vegas. His win percentage was .730. Only Scotty Bowman has had a higher win percentage over 82 games. Scotty is not coming out of retirement. So there’s no better coach to replace DeBoer. Every other coach that is available have career win percentages near .500% and have been fired numerous times. Maybe you want Dave Tippet who was recently fired for failing to win with to of the best players in the game.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @SB to SB, you are correct, you will never convince the knee jerks posters.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ SB , and only SB . 10 players out, no 17 on the IR with covid.

        10 players out is 50% of the team, yet some poster still expect the team to perform like they did the last four years !! With half the roster ??!! ROFLMAO

        You have to be kidding me. Most man games lost in whole NHL.

        If it wasn’t so obvious, I’d be rolling on floor with laughter.

        BTW LA KINGS Are now in funk, having lost to lowly SHARKS TWO GAMES IN A ROW ! (one an OT loss)

    • Danny Gallivan

      De Boer was fired by Florida, he was fired by New Jersey, and he was fired by San Jose…and he will be fired by Vegas, it is only a matter of when.

      • THE hockey GOD

        and GG was fired by CBJ, Panthers and VGK.

        so what’s your point ?

    • Pistol Pete

      I agree with your optimism sb. I have grown so tired of the whining over here (not everybody does and no offense Mike StG you are one of my favorites) that I have felt a lot less like taking the time to post anymore (I have tried to contribute). Basically I feel the lack of team identity card is overplayed. It can become an excuse by the fans, a rationalization for something more complex.
      I am sure there are cases galore where teams have done an amazing job overcoming injuries and not having their captain on the ice, but to not say those conditions have not impacted the VGK this season is unreasonable imo.

      On DeBoer, I have been supportive of him in face of the criticism he has faced here, however I recently began to explore the notion that his defend first system has impacted the ability of the roster to score. What got me going on this was the realization that under Gallant Karlsson averaged .78 pts/game and under DeBoer it has dropped to .51 pts/game. Instead of checking other players to see if they had a similar decline, I ran the regular season goals/game and goals against/game for Gallant vs. DeBoer. Now, this does not tell the whole story, for example goaltending/injuries/other factors are not addressed but here’s the results. As one can see DeBoer’s averages are better. Scoring and defending.

      Gallant (213 games):
      G: 3.11
      GA: 2.84

      DeBoer (138 games):
      G: 3.26
      GA: 2.58

      • Pistol Pete

        To add a little more color to Karlsson’s decline
        under DeBoer, it occurred to me that DeBoer’s system has turned him into more of a defensive player reducing his offensive output. If this is true however it’s impact does not appear indigenous to the roster (the forwards anyways) because goals/game under DeBoer increased.

        • THE hockey GOD

          PP karlsson always was a defensive player, look at CBJ stats.

      • Thank you for steering me to the stats! Based on the stats, it’s goaltending and defense that is killing the VGK.

        Gallant (NYR) 2.61 gaa
        DeBoer (VGK) 2.95 gaa

        So, I guess it is Lehner’s fault after all! Also supports my analysis that with VGK goaltending the offense has to score 4 or more against the better clubs!

    • Ulf

      Countless other coaches in nhl history have better win percentage, but like many reports like this we ignore that tie games existed for 80 years in the nhl. Only the shootout era has meant there are always wins.

    • Daryl

      How well was our PP last year when we had a healthy team? How was our scoring in last year’s playoffs with a healthy team? Even this year when VGK only had a couple players out, they weren’t playing well. Es injuries hit VGK hard but it’s pure speculation to say this is a Cup contending team with everyone healthy. And let’s not forget, VGK would still be short a couple starters to make room for Eichel.


    The Vegas Golden Knights find themselves in a situation that they are not used to this late in the season.


  9. Galdom

    It’s all Lehner’s fault

    2 GOALS

  11. Galdom

    There’s more important things in life than hockey. I think we should send Marc Andre Fleury into the Ukraine with his big smile and then all the conflict and fighting will end. He is a god. Although Putin is 15% to blame with what is going on right now I would say that Robin Lehner is 85% to blame and should be put in prison.

    • Daryl

      Love how you felt the need to bring up MAF… This goes back to what I said a long time ago, it seems as though those who hate on MAF are always the ones bringing him up. And on top of that, someone can write se eral paragraphs about the issues vhk is having and the only thing you read is one of those paragraphs is about RL so all of it must be. Sorry, but your beloved $5mil joke of a goalie is out once again… They say for an upper body injury, which is probably his head,, but they won’t come out and say it

  12. Pistol Pete

    No lack of “chemistry” or “team spirit” thus far. 2-1 VGK.


    My goodness Karly as a winger…VGK first! Wouldn’t it be cool if that line gels?

    • Makes you wonder why this wasn’t tried sooner. If it works then wash & repeat! Let’s not get all lathered up, Columbus is a pretty poor defensive team.

      But hey, when was the last time the VGK had a lead? 4 games ago….?

      I like the feeling.

  13. Daryl

    As previously stated by several other fans, VGK simply tries to go out and buy a Cup. They would go after the best player available, ie Petra, even if it wasn’t a player of need. VGK has proven that just having the best players is not enough. They need the best players for what the team needs.

    Foley wanted a Cup so bad that he has doomed the franchise for several years. They have contracts for players they can’t get rid of, and players that soon will be on a huge decline, but will still take up most of the Cap. The team will need to make big moves next year as they will be in Cap hell once again, and for what?

    • Pistol Pete

      Unless an expansion team goes out and buys and trades from scratch they have to get lucky with the expansion draft or spend a few years developing prospects which is what SEA is bound to for the time being unless they get more aggressive like VGK has done. Compare the results. SEA is a cellar dweller where VGK made the Cup finals their first year, the postseason their second and the Conference Finals their third and fourth. Basically an expansion team can be of average intelligence or one with a higher IQ when it comes to be competitive from the start.

      • Daryl

        VGK also had a HUGE advtange over Seattle in the expansion draft. VGK was lucky, they had a bunch of players who played with all heart and had something to prove. That got them further than anyone, myself included, thought they would. But in the end, are they really better off than Seattle? We won’t know for a couple more years

        • Pistol Pete

          Unless one subscribes to the notion as I do that Foley wanted McPhee to locate players who would buy into Foley’s decision to try and implement the West Point Black Knights culture that Foley was
          was part of. Let’s face it, SEA is no VGK. They probably were not even trying to replicate what Foley and McPhee did and would not be capable of it if they wanted to.

          I recommend the film Valiant for those
          interested in taking a look at the dynamics that enabled the early and continuing success of the VGK.

  14. Pistol Pete

    R-R, our results are not the same. Season three I had to through the games scores by hand to delineate Gallant from DeBoer.

    Gallant: 604 GA/213 games = 2.84 GAA
    DeBoer: 356 GA/138 games = 2.58 GAA

    My numbers are wrong? I don’t really think so. Also how do you figure a team needs to score 4 goals to protect a GA under 3? Makes absolutely no sense. 3 is enough and as you can see they average 3+ (3.07 for 2021-22).


    Gallant: 663 G/213 games = 3.11 G/game
    DeBoer: 450 G/138 games = 3.26 G/game

    • Galdom

      Pistol Pete, Richie Rich is blaming Lehner for every game they lose even when he is not playing. Keep that in mind if you were trying to find logic in his posts.

      • Pistol Pete


      • Daryl

        You are the one who consistly throws RL name around…. As I stated, we can give 5 reasons as to why VGK is failing but the only one you see is the one about RL

    • Read my post again. I said 4+ against the top teams, not every game. I have been consistently stating this since December. The goaltending and defense on this team is horrendous and I have seen very little improvement (actually regressing).

      • Galdom

        Your grand plan is to get rid of Lehner and bring in Giorgiev and Thompson as a tandem.


        That’ll work!!!

        They can’t score.

        The power play is useless.

        The two reasons why they suck now and the two reasons why their playoff runs were halted.

      • Pistol Pete

        But you never addressed Lehner’s 2.19 playoffs GAA. It’s always been how he’s been playing this regular season will carry over into the playoffs where the fewer goals are scored anyways. Just a constant beating of the drum that VGK needs to score 4 against good teams to protect Lehner. It’s basically an unknown until when and if the postseason arrives for the VGK. The way it’s been with injuries they may not even make the playoffs.

        • It’s not just Lehner, it’s the defense as well. VGK obviously has regressed on D. Theodore, Hague are not having good years and Martinez being out is hurting this team. For me, the discussion about Lehner is over as far as I am concerned. Nothing has changed. He’s never found a home and the reasons behind that have become obvious (at least to me).

          VGK really needs to come back to tie and then win this game today. 10 minutes left as I type this.

          • Pistol Pete

            This season heading into this game Hague +11/Whitecloud +11.

            After this game: Hague +9/Whitecloud +13.

            Those are decent +/- numbers for young D. Best on the roster thus far.

        • RL playoff stats last year:

          PLAYOFFS 3 3.63 0.887

          • Daryl

            Don’t you know, wins are on the goalie, losses are on the team and bad perct is on the defense

  15. Galdom

    What the plan did Darryl, was build a great team very quickly. From 2017-18 to 2020-21 they had the fourth best record in the regular season. Only Tampa Boston and Washington had more regular season points. In those four years they played the second most playoff games only behind Tampa. It’s been a fun ride and let’s not forget that.

    But it’s not worth it if they’re going to be bottom feeders for a decade. The question now is can they have the restraint to take a step back for a couple years to reset. Or have they gone too far already. I don’t think they are going to take a step back and it doesn’t have anything to do with the front office but the actual owners personality. I think the aggressiveness will continue for the next couple of years and then we are doomed

    • Pistol Pete

      Just so Galdom. We’ll said. Nice to see
      someone being fair for a change. Showing appreciation for what this team has accomplished. Get stuck in low spot like this and the whining is incessant.

    • Daryl

      That’s my point… E got out and spend top dollar and huge contracts trying to win now and don’t are what it will cost them down the road. If VGK wins the Cup then who cares, but if they don’t, other trams will laugh at vhk for all the money they spent and where they ended up

  16. Well Thompson is getting lit up today. We might have a chance if we don’t get too many power plays!

    • Galdom

      Logan Thompson sucks. They don’t even sign Brossoit as a back up if they believe this guy is an NHL calibre goalie.

      This sucks because this is a spoiled fan base. Having all of these injuries is a thing. It’s not nothing. This is not the year. Not all progression is lineal. There are still some nice pieces here. Just start over again next year, clean slate.

      It’s not beyond all realm of possibility that Shea Theodore is just having a down year. Defenceman that produce his offence generally are paid upwards of 7 million per year. We’ve got good value there.

      Jack Eichel is an obvious building block.

      Zach Whitecloud and Brayden McNabb are on very reasonable salaries and can play top four minutes.

      Marchessault is still a good player. Stone is an amazing player once he gets healthy again, yes hockey players get hurt.

      The world doesn’t revolve around the VGK. Shit happens. This season sucked. next year they will have a new coach, I don’t hate DeBoer but you need a new voice sometimes as all coaches have a shelf life.

      This trying to win so quickly is very tough for an expansion team. You’re already starting at a disadvantage of not having several years of a minor league team to build depth from.

      The owner of this team we’ll have to be convinced that his plan of a Stanley Cup in the first six seasons will not come to fruition.

      While I don’t expect them to be elite again in the near future 2-4 years, I would like them to get back to their identity which is a heavy team that is a pain in the ass to play against.

      • Pistol Pete

        Galdom, Thompson does look scary this game. He’s made some really good saves, all goalies do over the course of a game, but this should probably be 3-3 not 5-3 after two periods. There should a way to work Forsberg and a replacement starter for Lehner at the TD. Trade Dadonov, put Lehner on LTIR, Martinez stays on LTIR and there’s plenty of room for Forsberg and a goalie. Next week should be interesting!

  17. Contact Tracer

    It’s the CURSE people …. the CURSE of the MISFITS ….

  18. Contact Tracer

    the question is why anyone would pay MGM prices to watch an AHL caliber team? …. SUCKERS

  19. knights fan in minny

    the s show continues

  20. Pistol Pete

    Really unfortunate with Pacioretty and Stone out that we have to put Karlsson on LW (first time he’s played wing for the VGK) and Marchessault is RW when he’s usually left. That’s all we can do for Eichel. That is what injuries do. Remember Smith is out too.

  21. the hockey God

    wow LT = not ready for prime time = needs lessons from RL !

    5-3 half way through, LT can’t stop a bus at a bus stop.

    So much for all knee “jerk” reaction to give AHL goalie a chance.

    • Contact Tracer

      ya mean head case Twitter Kneeler? ack yack yack yack …. LOL

      • the hockey God

        yes wiggy biscuit, one big goalie to teach lessons to young big goalie

    • It’s his 3rd NHL start….relax…..

      But, yeah….the Georgiev idea won’t work. Lehner is done, body injuries. A blockbuster trade deal for Grubauer might be just the thing. But, that’s not the only fix. This team needs Martinez back playing like his old self. The defense has been awful and the goaltending not that much better.

  22. Pistol Pete

    That’s the Dadonov who showed he’s a finisher earlier in the season on a beautiful rush by and pass from Kolesar.

    I want them to acquire Filip Forsberg. I figure Lehner goes on LTIR and Dadonov goes. That’s $10m. Pacioretty looks washed up with injuries and Stone’s back could be career ending. We need another elite winger to build the roster for next season and make the playoffs this one.

    • Pistol Pete

      Dadonov cuts the lead to two. 5-4 CBJ. VGK putting in a good effort. Not easy when you’re rolling four brand new lines. Oh that’s right this team has no chemistry, no identity, no sense of being a team anymore.

    • Mike StG

      Pete – Nashville isn’t trading Forsberg. They’re resigning him either before TD or in the off-season. He is an integral part of the Preds future. Same with Laine and CBJ.

      Maybe they buy out Patch’s last year and look for another winger in the off-season. Jake DeBrusk might be an option. He wants out of Boston. Possibly Andrew Copp. Not going to be a lot of good options out there this year.

      Or maybe they bring up Brisson without the cooking that GMKM normally subject prospects to. Several college players have successfully entered the NHL without playing in the AHL.

      Karlsson has obvious confidence issues. Against Pens he had a near breakaway and made a drop pass and the chance evaporated. At least twice today he had a clear shot 20 ft from the net and opted to pass it back to the blue line.

      I wouldn’t be shocked if we see a FO change soon, although with Foley’s lack of experience as a NHL owner it’s probably more likely any change would probably be after the season is over. In season he might be able to put Misha Donskov as temp GM…

    • PP, I don’t like your idea of spending $10 mil on another player. Just me but 4 players making almost 50% of your cap is a bad plan.

  23. the hockey God

    so far the best part of this game has been the ball girls, ? puck girls ? Sweeper girl. Whatever you call them. The girl on skates , in spandex, twirling around trying to pick up all the hats thrown on the ice after Selinger scored the hat trick. She couldn’t catch them all. I would have laughed so hard, if i didn’t feel bad for her.

  24. the hockey God

    silence is complicity

    Ukrainian VP , 31, Fedorov, speaking via videoconference from an undisclosed location somewhere around Kyiv, also brushed off concerns that his actions were alienating urban Russians who might be the most likely to oppose the conflict.

    “We believe that as long as Russians are silent that they are complicit to the aggression and to the killing of our people,” he said.

    Fedorov’s work is not the only reason that multinational companies like Meta and McDonald’s have withdrawn from Russia, with the war’s human toll provoking horror and outrage. Economic sanctions by the United States, European Union and others have played a central role in isolating Russia.

    But Peter Singer, a professor at the Center on the Future of War at Arizona State University, said Fedorov had been “incredibly effective” in calling for companies to rethink their Russia connections.


  25. the hockey God

    wow after now, what 15 games, no. 9 in my opinion, is not dominating games. Not showing 10 million a year on ice performance. Subject to change if no. 9 takes over this game and somehow pull this one out. i don’t see how the FO is not have blood in stool, hives, dry heaving, bleedy ulcers, and the agdida (aka the ag, agina)

    And no 20, always the same move on break away. Needs to mix it up a bit, at least once

    • I sooo wish you would leave the ” bloody stool, etc.” Comments out of your posts. Unless you’re an internist on a medical site, this kind of comment is really gross, thg! I have a strong gag reflex, and your posts keep TESTING me!! LOL.. I think….

      • THE hockey GOD

        then real TS, give me something, else, anything else

      • Regarding last night’s game: I saw more intense play by vgk. 1st period was intense– fun to watch. I felt the guys played a good , hungry game. Just short at the end. Coulda been a W. The Eichel line played pretty well together. Thompson had his hands full..he stayed busy. 1st 2 frustrated him, then he settled down. Considering being thrust into the vgk chaos, I feel he’s doing OK so far. He needs time and experience on our ice to improve.
        Re: playoff picture: I just don’t feel a playoff shot this season is gonna happen, and even if we somehow got in, we’d probably be out 1st round. The team needs the off-season to recover, regroup, recharge and get back to winning. I’m ok with that. Vegas fans will survive. We’re all frustrated now, and we need a break from it. New season, New HOPE.

  26. Danny Gallivan

    one step closer to elimination

  27. the hockey God

    81 cost them one game
    LT and defense this one

    Dr Howard cotton
    Dr Fine cotton
    Dr Howard cotton. COTTON , MORE COTTEN

  28. arnold rothstein

    i had the over/under

    da BRAIN

  29. Contact Tracer

    LOL …. Lazy VGK didn’t even attempt to stop the empty net goal …. LAZY COUNTRY CLUB MILLIONAIRES …

    • the hockey God

      CT there was 7 seconds in game, at the time. and two goals down. No point. None at all

      • the hockey God

        were not was

      • Contact Tracer

        Defending quitter millionaires is pathetic …. but I expect that from you.

        Was it bad ice? Fuck me runnin … LOL

        • THE hockey GOD

          CT no ice would have over come a two goal deficit with less than 7 seconds left on the clock !!

  30. Contact Tracer

    Don’t worry guys and gals …. Twitter Kneeler will save you …

  31. Pistol Pete

    I enjoy watching Jack Eichel. The skating, stick handing, the movement. Such a natural. As good an athlete as one is likely to see on the ice.

    • Daryl

      He’s good, very good, but he has a long ways to go before he deserves to be talked about among the best

  32. Contact Tracer


  33. Harris Umar

    Theodore needs to leave his defense is shitty and him huggin’ and followin’ Marchessault everywhere is gay and for Theodore’s dumb information Marchessault is MARRIED and whenever Marchessault Theodore the PENDEJO literally hugs him like he is a teddy bear or any other toy and he wants him all to himself which is COMPLETELY GAY MARCHESSAULT IS MARRIED NOT GAY and Theodore’s tooth problem is a big deal the dope literally has no tooth in his upper part of his mouth and I’m surprised his girlfriend has not dumped the dope since he cannot make himself look more presentable and what I mean is that whenever a period finishes Theodore literally follows Marchessault ’round everywhere which is completely gay and if Theodore cannot acknowledge that he needs to go and honestly I like Marchessault with Pietrangelo since Pietrangelo is not a complete weirdo unlike Theodore who is a complete weirdo I mean at least Pietrangelo has a full set of teeth and does not do anythin’ gay to Marchessault and he is at least more gentlemanly and more civilized Theodore needs to leave and so do DeBoer and McCrimmon I mean they lost it man they gone and what’s it like DeBoer and McCrimmon all ‘lone you losers want to continue ruinin’ the Golden Knights team more and make their future seasons more disastrous? Well nobody is gonna put up with that bullshit anymore honestly get rid of Theodore the faggot DeBoer and McCrimmon get a solid goaltender get rid of Pacioretty get rid of Dadonov Janmark and get a better sniper ‘long with a better defensemen maybe your playoff window can still stay alive for future seasons I hope

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ harris
      NHL hockey players have no front teeth.

      it is known

    • Wow. Could you BE any more petty?? All those silly Theodore comments are so irrelevant to the game! Critique his game play, but the other ridiculous comments are just that– ridiculous!

    • Shan

      As a gay man, (6’4 250), I really wish you would post your home address.







  36. have another donut

    Just to remind the Pittsburgh writer…. then you would be aware that the Penguins have had injuries to Crosby and Malkin, not just this season, but in other seasons as well.

    But when Crosby is out, the Pens survive. and when Malkin is out the Pens survive.

    But when Stone is out, the Knights fold? wtf

    or when Smith and McNabb are out, the Knights fold? wtf times a 1000

    the Penguins have an excellent coach in Sullivan, unlike el foldo DB

    • Daryl

      The Pens were without Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Patterson, ZAR and another Defender for several weeks yet they still won games in that period. No uts not the same number of injuries VGK has, but it’s close.

  37. The REAL hockey god

    Fleury was the only reason this team had success early.

  38. Joanne Smyan

    The picture accompanying this article is interesting: none of the players in the picture are still with the team. And there you go: the simple answer to this team’s problem. You’re welcome

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