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Interview With Steve Mayer, NHL Chief Content Producer And “Mayor Of The Bubble”

(Photo Credit: Playoff “Photographer” @BadSportsArt)

Steve Mayer is the Chief Content Officer for the NHL. He’s also the “Mayor of the Bubble” as he is the man in charge of the game, stadium, and television presentation that we are all seeing from the games in Edmonton and Toronto. Steve is currently living in the Edmonton bubble where one of his duties is as the executive producer of the tremendous behind-the-scenes TV docuseries “Quest For The Stanley Cup.

The show chronicles the final eight teams’ run to the Stanley Cup including never before seen on and off ice footage. The show debuts on ESPN+ on Wednesday, September 2nd where the first episode goes in-depth on the decision NHL players made to take two days off in protest of racial injustice and Ryan Reaves’ profound impact on that decision.

Steve and I chatted about the show, game presentation in the bubble (including my one bone to pick), what to expect for the Conference Finals and Cup Final, future NHL events in Las Vegas, and so much more.


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  1. The Noodle King

    Call him back, please, and have him get in touch with NBC for just 1 little thing:

    I’ll pay $5 to NBC’s charity of choice for every time they DON’T play the Subway $5 foot long jingle. Anybody else with me???!!

  2. Tim O

    I would comment but I decided to take time off to protest knee jerk reactions to important news and events.

  3. You guys are unbelievable. Who do you think is paying for what you are watching. Frustrating gyes but nothing co.parec to not seeing any games at all. A thank you would be a more appropriate response. It is really a shame you are inconvenience by something so minor. You must really love all the Covid BS that is something to complain about

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