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Interview: Reid Duke, First Golden Knights Player

The first player in franchise history, Reid Duke, was kind enough to lend us a few minutes to talk about his historic signing with the Vegas Golden Knights. The interview aired live on KXNT Radio as I (Ken Boehlke) filled in as the host of The Alan Stock Show.

Reid and I talked about his decision to come to Vegas, playing with Nolan Patrick, the media tour he’s been on, and played a quick game of trivia.


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  1. PhiSig 150

    Good interview. Kid sounds pretty polished for a 21 year old with limited experience with the media. That’s why I love this site. He might not even make the opening night roster but we had 2 articles and a 10 min interview in the span of 2 days. Not to mention the twitter feed.

  2. Dwayne Lucyk

    Center Anton Lander should be the unprotected player from Edmonton that Vegas should select. He has been up and down with the Oilers all year. If you prorate his AHL stats, he would win the scoring race. He has to play on either of the top two lines to succeed in the NHL but cannot crack it in Edmonton. That is why he struggles on the third or fourth lines, but McLellan does use him for key faceoffs, when he is up with the big club to fill in for an injury. There you have it Golden Knights, your first or second line veteran centre that can also kill penalties because of his prowess for winning faceoffs.

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