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Interview With Jimmy Murphy On Relocation Rumors

Even though it’s been repeated over and over again the only plan in place for a team to come to Las Vegas is via expansion, the topic of relocation just won’t seem to go away.

The latest to stir the pot on relocation came from a tweet from ViceSports and Dirty Water Media‘s Jimmy Murphy.

Murphy believes the league is exploring all possibilities and still thinks relocation is an option at this point.

Here’s our full interview with Jimmy.

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  1. Daoloth

    Carolina moving to Quebec is much more logical though it would even out the East and Western Conferences… Seems odd to move a team that already won a Cup there. Expansion solves more problems than moving a failing team to Vegas… I suspect much of this is BS political motivated news over the bathroom BS… I think Vegas wants something new not some recycled Whalers/Hurricanes franchise to jade the history. If it talked about moving the team to Seattle it might be more logical since they didn’t want to pony up 500M or have an arena that is quite ready.

  2. Jeff

    Was in the arena for a tour today and the dasher boards were going in……if that’s not a clear indication of a hickey team coming in I don’t know what is…….let me tell all of you that is the most unbelievable arena I have ever seen and I’ve been to a lot of arena across the country.

    • Jeff

      Typing on my cell phone sorry for the typos.

    • It was referenced in the Periscope tour today, so I reached out and asked about it. They are apparently in there to sell ads for them for Frozen Fury. Team reps told me they have absolutely nothing to do with them.

      That being said, we are getting a team. We don’t need hints anymore.

    • Daoloth

      BTW I read Carolina has an Iron Clad Lease until 2024… Even the Islanders I think haven an out on their lease in Barclay’s… That is a team who has been rumored to move to KC back when AEG or so built that arena. Vegas didn’t build a new arena to get a used Car :). I read it can seat near 20K with ideal vision unlike the awful Islanders NBA arena… Seattle had that same issue with no arena for NHL. Sharks ironically had the Cow Palace which was a reason they got denied a team sooner. Look at Golden Seals they had Torrey as the GM but the owner drove him away to Islanders eventually Thank God :). Out of all the major sports including college the NHL is the worst to bet on so Vegas shouldn’t be a problem for gambling like Wayne’s god busted doing when he was coach w/ a few of his lackeys :).

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