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Interview: Jack From JFresh Hockey On Shea Theodore’s Puzzling Impact On The Golden Knights (In)Ability To Score

(Photo Credit: Playoff “Photographer” @BadSportsArt)

Before you go any further, read this article on Shea Theodore’s offensive impact on the Golden Knights. Once you are done with that, come back and listen to this interview.

The author of the article, Jack, and I dig into the stats, the systems, the theories, and the realities behind the Golden Knights struggles to score and how Theodore’s play effects it. We talk about sheltered minutes, DeBoer’s system, the VGK forward group, rebound chances, transition play, stick blade curvature and so much more.

All of this is in the hopes of answering Vegas’ million-dollar question, why aren’t expected goals turning into real goals?

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  1. IfSJcanWEcan

    7 game series
    3 to go

  2. THE hockey GOD

    This team needs to re-tool. It’s not your typical McPhee team. There is no European skilled player on it that can put relentless pressure on the defense. The following players need to go: Fleury, Reaves, no. 81 (too small, hot head, prone to penalties) , no. 71 (too small, just plain isn’t good enough), no. 67 (too old, non impact player in playoffs), 88 (good on D, bad on turn overs) . 23 (over the hill), Statsny, Holden, no. 5 (not playing- but probably should in this series), no. 21 (too small).

    This team is not built for semi finals or finals Stanley Cup finals.

    Dallas and Tampa Bay are. One is big muscle , defense team (likely to win), and other is more skilled team.

    Team should be built around the Walrus goalie, Smith, Roy, Theodore, Tuch, Stephenson, Carrier, Stone, Whitecloud, and McNab. They need to stock up with big D men, big forwards, and a highly skilled fast center. I would retain Nosek too, he has big frame, although he doesn’t skate into right area of ice at all times and is prone to injury.

    Easier said then done to re tool this team, but the salary cap socialistic set up in NHL can be used to knights advantage if they are able to dump these players and their salary.

    So far in this series they have been held in check by trap center zone play style of Stars and heavy fore checking of STARS (two to three men in , at all times) . The only way to break this is to dump and chase- get their goalie to handle the puck, and counter punch, when Stars give away the puck. So far that has not been happening. When they have been able to get into O zone, it’s mainly do to Star penalties. Only McNab finishes off checks, and Reaves if he doesn’t make a penalty. Normally I would say come out crunching the other team into the boards, but this team only has two people that can do that, and if they try that, they will run out of gas.

    Also, the lack of home ice advantage has hurt this team. It it obvious that the VEGAS team , of all the teams in NHL, gets the MOST out of their home ice advantage than any other team. T- mobile really gives them a BIG advantage, that is clearly evident. Too bad that they don’t have that energy to feed off us this year. It is a factor, and big one. It will cost them dearly .

    • Glenn Siegel

      Why should #5 be playing?

      He brings nothing to the table.

      His best defensive days (if he had any) are way past him, and he brings nothing offensively.

      I’m guessing if he we’re to slot in, in would be in the 3rd pairing with Whitecloud. Why, so Whiteclouds progress could recede ?

  3. Ken love the interview and all but it shouldn’t take 45 minutes to outline the problem. Go back and look at many posts to your site. They obviously don’t have time to retool the club like outlined above. They do have time to start screening the goalie. You don’t have to be a hockey expert to see that it is so obvious it ridiculous. I feel mgt has created problems that could easily have been avoided . I don’t believe Lehner is the answer and definitely not the future. And your last statement that they won’t win tonight while probably true l would love yo see a game 6 and have what we have step up to th he task at hand. Not sure they have the attitude to accomplish that and make th he changes that catch the stars of guard. One thing for sure if nothing changes your prediction will come true.

  4. WmFCoyote

    “The worst thing we can do is to change our game.” -DeBoer
    The worst thing that GMGM did was to change coaches. He killed the team chemistry and created a spirit where losing is accepted. The spirit of the Golden Knights is dead. I hope I am wrong but I believe the game tonight will be the last until the new season begins, hopefully with a new coach.

  5. !Tim

    The question is are Demko and Khudobin second string Goalies who are ready for The Hall of Fame or are we so predictable in our play. I’m leaning towards predictable. Does anyone know the number of the Energizer Bunny?

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