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Interview: CMO Nehme Abouzeid On Documentary Premier

Golden Knights Chief Marketing Officer Nehme Abouzeid talks about the Behind The Vegas Ice documentary first airing Wednesday. We also discuss the parachute team debacle, the Black Clover brand and the team store, merchandise, and more.

Here are the Facebook events for the Born and Raised watch parties. BAR Vegas and BAR Henderson.

More info on the watch parties coming…


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Final Payment Strikes Again


  1. JMO

    Soooo……name could still be changed lol I love this Nehme guy, likely took more money to leave and now just does whatever he is told to keep that check comin in. Hired him for legitimacy, not a bad gig. Down side to the check is he loses his, ironic.

  2. CaptainJohn

    I’m sure that Foley & Co. have their asses covered legally in regards to the name, but that’s not the point. They should have gotten an O.K. from the Golden Knights. Foley can spin a yarn all he wants about the gold being a reference to the Nevada sky, but he’s not fooling anyone. Golden Knights was always his Plan B, and when Black Knights was poo-poohed because he asked permission, he was not going to make the same mistake again: so he chose to beg forgiveness rather than ask permission. Did he get an O.K. from West Point to use their colours and a very similar Gold-helmet-on-a-black-shield logo? Did he get an O.K. from SparkyChewarkey to use a very similar sword-in-the-vegas-star logo? The most exciting game in the world, in the most exciting city in the world should have had a dynamic, exciting look. Instead it’s a bland, boring identity with ripped-off logos and name.

  3. JMO

    Word is this is not over, Army is taking action. This name will change, watch. In the mean time they’ll keep dishing out merchandise because that keeps the cash rolling in. They could care less if it changes because heck they get to resell to all the same people, gotcha twice!

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