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Injuries Affecting Golden Knights Defensive Continuity

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Continuity is crucial when it comes to defending in the NHL. Playing with the same defensive partner for an extended period helps in every aspect. Last year, the Golden Knights had that luxury to start the season and in the playoffs. This year, they haven’t, and it’s starting to show.

Last year, Vegas used the same set of six defensemen for each of the first 20 of the first 21 games. Those six defensemen then went on to play 21 of the 22 playoff games with the exact partnerships from the beginning of the year. This season, Vegas has been forced to cobble together their lineup from Opening Night.

Before the season even began, both Zach Whitecloud and Alec Martinez were sidelined. By the time Martinez returned, Alex Pietrangelo had gone out. When Whitecloud returned, Hague was out. When Hague returned, Martinez went back out and then Theodore followed right behind him.

Vegas has used their preferred group of six defensemen just one time this season. This has led to a major shift in the minute load each player has had to take on.

(Thru 31 games)2023-24 Minutes2022-23 MinutesDifference

The minutes that were being eaten up by Theodore, Martinez, Whitecloud, and Hague last season have gone to Ben Hutton, Kaedan Korczak, and Brayden Pachal this year.

In addition, it has meant a ton of different pairings. Last year over the 82-game regular season and 22-game postseason run, the Golden Knights used 19 different defense pairings. This year, through just 31 games, they are already at 15.

The Golden Knights have remained a strong defensive team through all of it, but it’s clearly been slipping a bit in the last few weeks.






  1. Emmanuel

    Seems to be working overall considering GA. Most of the F are defensively responsible so that helps. Ive noticed Pietrangelo has been iffy the last 5 games.

  2. knights fan in minny

    love martini he is a warrior hurt a lot maybe time to let him go next year should stay in the organization to coach young d in the minors noah dobson a free agent next yearpossible replacement

    • Darren

      Have another martini – you write like you live in the puzzle factory – we have the dumbest most illiterate fan base, although as previously pointed out, fake out of state types are not real fans – just bandwagon types – but so unsophisticated and dumb!

    • TS

      I’d also like to see him stay on. It’s tough, with injuries dominating his later years, but it’s bound to happen, I guess. I know the feeling…aging SUCKS.

  3. JB

    Oh I finally get it. You are miss spelling the Christmas drink egg nog. I see.

    • Alex

      Spelling, punctuation, syntax, grammar and hockey defeat this guy…plus he is so easy to wind up. He thinks “Logan” is sexy. And that’s cool! I’m more of a rev barb guy.

      • knights fan in minny

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        • alex

          I agree that you are semi literate 24/7/365

          • knights fan in minny

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          • JB

            You two need to take a break, take time to come up with something new to call each other. Alex your grammar thing is getting old. Minny the nignog means nothing anymore, other than your attempt at racist speak. If you guys are going to keep us entertained you need some new idiot material! Thank you.

  4. Ken – I know you are pointing out facts which I am sure all knowledgeable fans appreciate; however, those type of excuses are not the answer. I think we can all learn something from the coach as you probably notice Cassidy hardly if ever uses that for inadequate performance so not sure you’re pointing out the obvious add any value. Just an observation. The guys they have on the ice every night are capable of winning when they perform as expected. I am sure you notice that Cassidy obviously has no interest in providing a crutch for the players for inadequate play and tells it like it is. We can all learn from that as well –

  5. ThG

    This was pointed out about a week back, Ken is so back logged he’s just getting around to it.

    every “away” TV announcer has said basically the same thing. Sabres seemed to be the team that acted on it.

    I mean the Junior Knights team.

  6. ThG

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      • alex

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        • TS

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        • TS

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          • Alex

            Will have a go at it, TS

          • TS

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        • ThG

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  9. ThG

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    • Darren

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  10. knights fan in minny

    you should be ashamed of yourself ken for letting a certain few ruin your site

  11. DeezNutz

    The defense is missing some key players so it’s making it harder for the goalie and the goalie is good but not great. This is why they need to score on their breakaway and odd man rush chances which they seem to have trouble with.

  12. JB

    Remember guys, we have had our #1 D parings for just ONE game this year. Just wait until they all are back together! Marty should be soon, Theo a little while longer. Plus, looks like Hilly will be back next game or rad trip! We’ll be fine.

  13. JB

    Ok, we need to end this homestand with a win today. Very tuff road-trip coming! Let’s go boys!

  14. Tim

    Darren and Alex a couple of swell guys, great language skills who love sharing there bullshit with us. I feel so blessed I don’t know what I’d do without these dickheads.

    • Alex

      Maybe start with solving the “their/there” conundrum…

      • knights fan in minny

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      • Tim

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      • ThG

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    • ThG

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      • Darren

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  16. JB

    I certainly don’t support things said by Alex, but show me a racist statement by him?

    • ThG

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      • JB

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        • ThG

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    • Alex

      Solid analysis of The Hockey Cuck, JB…well done…

      I’m going straight hockey posts rest of the year after this post…let’s see what happens…for what its worth I have no idea who or what Darren or any other poster is. But I’m going straight hockey…it’s my night for the seats, so we are heading down to the fortress via uber pretty soon…early puck drop tonight.

      This is a big game in a lot of ways.

      • knights fan in minny

        stop lying

      • ThG

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  17. For what is is worth and this applies to everyone who uses this site. LET’S TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND NOVIAL FOR A CHANGE AND KEEP ALL COMMENTS TO HOCKEY – JUST FOR A WEEK AND SEE HOW IT GOES.
    This BS bantering only demonstrates how stupid people are which I am sure is not the case in real life. Let’s try and raise above all the insults etc for a change – you may fine you will all feel much better. As some have posted they consider some of this BS as funny – I would suggest looking in the mirror and ask if you would like or want to be treated in that manner – hopefully the answer isn’t yes as that makes you as twisted as those posting this garbage, Clean it up for a week, discuss hockey only and see where it leads.

    • knights fan in minny

      tell that to alex and darren who is alex they started the whole thing they are only here for 1 thing to stir up trouble 2 assholes

      • You could help a great deal by just ignoring it along with a few other. Don’t get pulled down to the level they have chosen. Whatever they are or are not ignoring them will help.

    • ThG

      the only garbage posted here is from the haters – TS Alex and his many aliases. That is fact JACK.

      IF they stop posting their bull shit, all this goes away. They are creepy, stalker, karen ranters, psycho nut job wackos.

      • TS

        Thg, is that meant to be a joke?? Like YOU are?? Makes sense, coming from the site crackerjack!! Do you YET understand that people’re a joke? Your lack.of insight and humanity is adtonishing. Sick, but astonishing. Do you have someone you can call for help? You dearly need it.

      • TS

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  18. JB

    Today is an important game for the Knights tonight. Facing a tuff 3 game trip down south, a win today is a must.

  19. knights fan in minny

    who is guarding the blue paint tonight

  20. knights fan in minny

    just read it martini back in the line up

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