It’s come to my attention that not everyone who visits this site listens to the podcast religiously. First of all, what’s wrong with you? Secondly, here’s a fantastic story you missed from the 11th episode of the Podcast.

During a recent interview with The Creator on his radio show, Sportsbook Radio, Brian Blessing laid it out in the most perfect way possible.

You know, I’ve not know you long but you don’t strike me as a guy who takes ‘no’ for an answer. Let me make your day. You are jumping through hoops and doing everything Gary Bettman is telling you, but the beauty of this is, in the not too distant future, you are going to be Gary Bettman’s boss. -Brian Blessing

The Creator’s face lit up, then he blushed a bit and said,

Yeah, that’s right. – The Creator

If that’s doesn’t get your heart going thinking about the future hockey team in this city, I’m not sure what does.

Brian went on to say that during every interview he’s ever done with The Creator, his mouth say one thing, but his eyes are telling a much different story. He clearly can’t discuss everything he would like to about the expansion process, but he sure as hell wants to.

Here’s the snippet from the podcast so you can hear the story in it’s entirety.