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Imminent Arena Announcement For Coyotes Great News For Vegas

Remember way back when, there was some news that the Arizona Coyotes were picking up and leaving the Phoenix area to relocate here in Las Vegas? Well if you don’t, here’s the now clearly false story.

Talking to an Arizona radio station, Coyotes co-owner Anthony LeBlanc had some positive news to share about his franchise potentially getting a new home, and soon.

I’m very positive that we will have something out in the community if not in the next month or two but certainly by the end of the regular season. -Anthony LeBlanc

Why is this significant for Las Vegas? Because it shores up another situation that could have caused the league to have to move one or more of its franchises. With the Broward County deal bailing out the Panthers (and the fact they are dominating) and now this new stadium on the horizon, only the Carolina Hurricanes remain in a tumultuous position.

Speculation has been Quebec City may be a better place to move a team rather than be home to an expansion team. With just the one team left that might have move, the path is completely clear for the NHL to feel comfortable expanding their league and opening up shop in Las Vegas.


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  1. Andrew

    I come to this page as I’m interested in Vegas getting an NHL team. Here are some articles which you may, or may not have seen that may help to clear the picture as to if/when the Hurricanes relocate.

    Karmanos stating Hurricanes are staying put. Have lease running through 2020+:

    Bettman saying the Hurricanes are staying put:

    Plans for PNC arena upgrade:

    Raleigh City Council including brand new sports arena/entertainment venue (which will include the hurricanes)

    Sure, North Carolina is not a traditional hockey market and ticket sales have been poor. But the Hurricanes have great supporters (look to videos and ticket sales of home playoff games) and it’s not likely they won’t get bailed out – if it would come to that.

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