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Hunting Career Highs: Defensemen And Goalie

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Though hockey is a team sport and the ultimate goal for every player involved is hoisting the Stanley Cup, individual numbers matter too. Each guy is always looking to build what they’ve done so far in their respective careers. With a pair of shortened seasons in the books, the last two years, and the Golden Knights primed to be one of the best teams in the NHL, many players have a chance to put up career-high numbers in numerous statistical categories.

We’re taking a look at each individual player and choosing the statistic they are most likely to set their career high in this season. Today we start with goalies and defensemen, later in the week we’ll move on to forwards.

Robin Lehner
Stat: Wins
Career High – 25

Lehner has his name engraved on the Jennings Trophy twice in the past three seasons. He has also received Vezina votes in two of those years. He did both of those as part of a goalie tandem though. Before that, he was the starter in Buffalo but for just two seasons, neither of which were his best. Now, Lehner has been handed the reins in Vegas and will likely be looking at 55-60 games in the net. His career-high mark in wins is just 25, the year he came in 2nd for the Vezina. Assuming health, he should get there with ease.

Other options: Shutouts (6), Quality Starts (32), Games Started (58)

Shea Theodore
Stat: Points
Career High – 46

Shea is the perfect guy to break through statistically this year because he doesn’t even need to improve his game to do it. In the 71 game season, in which he finished 6th in Norris, Theodore posted 46 points, an awesome number, but very reachable with 11 more games. He improved on it last year going off for 42 in 53 games. That’s 0.8 points per game. To set his career-high this year, he’ll need just 0.57 points per game.

Other options: TOI (1,588), Assists (34), Shots (219), Goals (13), Power Play Points (16)

Alex Pietrangelo
Stat: +/-
Career High – +20

This was always going to be a tough one considering the borderline Hall of Fame career Pietrangelo has put in so far. Opening Night will be his 800th career NHL game and he’s played at least 78 games six different times in his career. +21 is a lofty number for Pietrangelo to reach, but he matched that +20 career-high number last year in just 41 games with the Golden Knights. He’s certainly going to be leaned on to generate offense for VGK and with both Brayden McNabb and Zach Whitecloud on separate pairs he shouldn’t have to shoulder all of the defensive load. It would probably take VGK having a goal differential of about +50 or more to make it happen, but they can certainly do it.

Other options: Even-Strength Assists (28), Points (54), Assists (43) Shorthanded Assists (1), Goals (16)

Alec Martinez
Stat: Power Play Goals
Career High – 4

Since coming to the Golden Knights, Martinez has been a real factor on the power play. Despite the addition of Evgenii Dadonov, which is supposed to solve VGK’s power play issues, Martinez will likely still be a focal point from the right circle of the 2nd unit. He has scored twice on the power play each of the last two postseasons, which has consisted of 39 total games. He also got three on the power play in 53 games last year. Assuming he’s out there for close to 82 this year, he should be able to notch five.

Other options: Shots (144), +/- (+26), Goals (11)

Brayden McNabb
Stat: Games Played
Career High – 81

It’s going to be tough, but at least it’s possible. Pretty much every other stat is going to be tricky for McNabb to reach. Early in his career in LA, he was much more of a scoring threat, once posting 24 points on 22 assists and two goals in a season. He has just 48 points in 269 games with the Golden Knights, so it doesn’t seem likely he’ll reach 25 points this year. Maybe he can score five goals, but again, seems like a stretch. Even the stat McNabb is best at, defensive point shares, will be a tall task as he amassed an incredible 5.0 in 2017-18. I’m banking on him wanting to play all 82 for the first time in his career.

Other options: Point Shares (5.2), Defensive Point Shares (5.0), Shorthanded Assists (1), Shooting Percentage (5.7%)

Zach Whitecloud
Stat: Time On Ice
Career High – 909 minutes

Went with TOI over games played because I don’t even think he needs to reach his 51 game career-high to amass 910 minutes of ice time this year. Honestly though, I’d be surprised if there are many stats Whitecloud does not surpass this season.

Other options: Games Played (51), Point Shares (2.8), Points (12), Shooting Percentage (3.7%), Goals (2), Assists (10)

Nic Hague
Stat: Blocks
Career High – 65

Could have gone a bunch of different ways with Hague. The ultimate decision came down to what number he is likely to reach the fastest, and I think that’s blocks. With Dylan Coghlan likely to be pushing for ice time behind him, I can’t say I’m sure Hague will reach the necessary 53 games, nor am I sure he’ll get to six goals even if he plays all 82. I think he can put up 66 blocks in about a 40 game span, so he should get there with ease.

Other options: Games Played (52), Time On Ice (832), Assists (12), Point Shares (4.0), Goals (5), Points (17)


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  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    No doubt this will be a career year for the PANDA!

    I see a gaa of 2.38 and a sv% of .933 !

    It will be a glorious season for the:

    GREAT WALL of PANDA !!!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      you just jinxed your boy

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Ha ha!

        Poor, pathetic, idiot!

        • knights fan in minny

          couple more days and your gone fool we all cant wait for you to boar the people on your new site how about your boy joe calling the black guy boy at the fema meeting your buddy joe has so much hate

        • knights fan in minny

          no the idiot is the moron you voted for did you hear him today bumbling stumbling his words that will be you in a few years

          • Pistol Pete

            He is not a moron or slow with the words. Sounds like you missed him cleaning Trump’s clock in the debates. Like how he called him a clown and a fool. Trump was too slow and to respond to that. Trump was just so incompetent as POTUS. Could not even roll out the vaccine, the incompetent. Then he negotiated a surrender to the Taliban. How dumb was that? Very dumb like his whole freakin’ term.

            Be nice if anti-Biden whiners could back up their claims with facts. Things like his family profiting off wars etc. Stupid.

          • Daryl

            Didn’t he say we would stay until every American was evacuated? What happened to that promise?

          • Daryl

            Whether you like him or hate him how in the hell can you deny the fact that he is a horrible speaker and fumbles every news conference he has? He can’t even give the correct responses when he is given the questions and answers ahead of time when his team has pre-selected which reporters he is to call on?

            As for the vaccine, I could have sworn people were getting vaccinated BEFORE Biden took office. And wasn’t it Obama who released and traded for several high ranking terrorists, terrorists that we have seen in the past weeks back on the wrong side??? Funny thing is, you deny it and yet military officials have already confirmed it

    • Daryl

      Not bad for a goalie who will be replaced by midseason

    • DOC – DREAM ON – I thought you were heading for greener pastures, at least association with people who think as you do – as jaded as it is. Have you given up the cigars yet – that stuff can kill you.

  2. Dean

    The only way Lehner sets any of those highs is if DeBoer is too stubborn to bench him as he makes this team the worst in VGK history. It’s really a shame that this organization has taken its window of opportunity to win a Stanley Cup and broken it into a million tiny shards of glass.

    • SMH

      Well Dean, we are very sorry that you apparently believe that Lehner raped your mother and sisters, but the facts are that he has a significantly better save percentage for his career than your homeboy Fleury – and that is in both the regular season and the playoffs. As for the “worst team in VGK history”, the current bar on that is the first half of season 3 with Fleury in goal – a season that was made much better after the coaching change and the goalie change. And since you hate the VGK organization so much, I suppose the good news is that you will now be rooting for the Blackhawks and can stop moronic & crybaby posts on this website. Cheers!

      • Daryl

        Facts are the MAF has won a Cup and Lehner hasn’t. And you bring up a short portion of a season in which MAF lost his father and really struggled. Here’s another fact, Lehner beat just 1 team last year with a winning record and got destroyed for 6 goals then went out on some medical leave afterwards.

        • Jorden Prins

          Lehner is 6 years younger, and Fleury was not the starter for two of his three cups, Lehner had better stats in the playoffs both years he’s been here. I love both goalies, but Lehner is better for us right now. Have fun in Chicago!

          • Daryl

            Goes the show how much you know about MAF or the Pens… You may want to look and see how many games MAF played on those years.

            As for better stats, didn’t Lehner give up 6 goals to a team that MAF shutout?

            And you are right, Lehner is better for VGK right now b/camagement panicked and wasted money on Lehner and put themselves in a huge financial crunch

          • Richard Santomauro

            So, I love facts and indeed Lehner is 6 years younger. Is he a better goalie than Fleury? You can look at statistics but they alone cannot answer the question.

            For me, the proof will be known by January.

            You may already be on the Panda train, but he has to prove himself as the #1 starter before I will purchase a ticket. As a Season Ticket holder, I will be rooting for him.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Damn well said, SMH!

  3. THE hockey GOD

    Shea seems to have been 1) traumatized after hitting Krebs in head with puck and 2) needs to over come poor semi’s performance. Hopefully these players are putting on more conditioning to be ready for the long haul that inevitably comes in the “second season”. It is a both a mental as well as physical grind.


    let’s try that again


  4. Daryl

    I think Theo, Martinez, and Whitecloud have a very good chance of meeting the goals you listed. I don’t see Petra, McNabb nor Hague reaching those goals.

    If PDB sticks with Lehner like he did in his first year, I could see him possibly reaching the 25 wins but would be sacrificing the overall good for the team. But at the same time, I don’t know if he is physically or mentally able to survive the season

  5. Richard Santomauro

    First off, Dadanov is the answer to the PP? Okay…..

    Second, I predict that VGK will have a goalie crisis by January as the Panda will be either injured or flopping around on his turtle shell while goal after goal after game winning goal rockets passed the flopper. No, I am not a fan of the Panda. Sorry Panda, but you’re going to have to earn it. I’m not going to just give you game respect.

  6. Tim

    Looks like there’s more pissing contests then legitimate posts. For some reason Doc seems to be the center of most of it. I don’t get it I personally think Doc usually has good posts until someone rags on him then he retaliates. You guys and girls should have a truce and get back to posts of your opinions about the Knights not character assassination.

    • Pistol Pete

      For my part I admit to digressing into the political discussions. I am just so sick of people ragging on Biden with accusations and no links to back them up. At least with this administration we have returned to some semblance of normalcy with a press secretary that is prepared to inform and take tough questions from the press, and Biden actually gives press conferences. Trump is such a baby that when asked tough questions he would resort to insults and bullying. It’s true the questions could be antagonistic due to his poor behavior but instead of being a man about it and living up to what the world expects from a U.S. president he usually resorted to school yard bullying. It did not go unnoticed by our allies. Honestly, Biden’s screwup in under planning the Afghanistan withdrawal is overblown. He was handed a nearly impossible situation. At least he can legitimately claim he was pushing for a withdrawal through both Obama terms. It should have been assumed the Afghan military would not hold up. Hard to understand why military intelligence was not better directed on that.

      • Pistol Pete

        Excuse my venting, this is supposed to be a hockey forum. It’s just that it’s populated with Trumpists pushing the same BS that got us Jan. 6. Basically after what we have been through, if one is anti Biden, they are pro Trump by association.

        • knights fan in minny

          oh so a few politicians got scared big deal pistol

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          Unfortunately Pete, this is what this place has turned into.

          Ken has allowed it to happen with no action or vetting at all.

      • knights fan in minny

        one thing she never answer the questions she deflects every thing tough questions when he is given a list of reporters to call on so he doesnt get embarresed you need to go hang out with doc

      • THE hockey GOD

        I, nor anyone with a functioning brain, would hardly call building back Taliban / isis better , giving them billions of dollars of our weaponry, getting americans killed needlessly, leaving americans behind ,topd with high inflation, a southern border crisis , high crime, high gasoline prices >>>normalcy. Everything Blundering Biden touches turns to shit. Obama called him a F up. He didn’t even get 81 million people voting for him, 81 million ballots maybe, but not living, legal people.

        WE got out of Syria / Iraq and many other places in the past without botching it up. His poll numbers are worse than any President in over 40 years. ANyone who supports this clown is like he is TRAITOR JOE. No it is not over blown. A vast, vast , vast majority of AMericans see the truth of matter. He is a major screw up. During press conferences he doesn’t answer the tough questions. The other day he walked away. You are clearly delusional in this regard. Furthermore, his meeting with military families the other day was a complete and utter disaster. The guy is missing more than a few marbles.

        As far as your Trump comment is concerned. Trump is long gone, he won, but he’s gone. He is living rent free in your brain 24/7. Seek therapy, lots of it.

        PS Jimmy Carter let the shah out to dry, mullahs came in
        Obama let the islamo fascists take over Syria/Iraq in ISIS-L, let islamo fascists into Libya (took out Qqadafi illegally), Algeria, Yemen, Egypt (muslime brotherhood), Yemen. Turned his Arab Spring into a river of blood with refugees flooding into western Europe
        Clinton completely botched Benghazi
        Biden botched Afghanistan.
        Anyone see a pattern here ? All democrats supporting terrorists.
        Traitor Joe seems appropriate name for this POS.

      • Daryl

        How can you say Biden will take the tough questions from reporters when they are vetted and hand picked ahead of time? Did you not watch his press conference when he even said he was told which reporters to call on???

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Thank you Tim!

      The exact reason why the new site was developed and I am leaving!

      I wish I could give you that option, but I can’t right now. Maybe in future, if you’re interested!

  7. Richard Santomauro

    STOP the CYBER Bullying LOL!

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    This place is just so embarrassing.

    It’s sad sinbin can’t even be called a hockey site anymore.

    It’s simply a political rant blog!

  9. THE hockey GOD

    I like everything about Pistol Pete posts, except his politics. Since he started it, could not let this go by without posting.

    This just breaking news. from Washington Examiner.

    The Biden-Harris regime is actively arming, mobilizing, and are now evidently IMPORTING Islamist terrorists from Afghanistan. Whether or not this is through simple incompetency or malicious intent is becoming a purely academic distinction because one thing is absolutely certain at this point: by every weight and measure that objectively matters Biden and his Democrat Socialist retinue have committed Treason against the United States of America. This crime must be answered for.

    According to The Washington Examiner,

    “David Fox, an American trapped in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul, revealed last week that he received a lookalike visa paper from the State Department. The same paper, he claimed, was sent to thousands of other citizens and immigrants who may qualify for the Special Immigrant Visa. The form is blank with no name, serial number, or bar code.

    “What do you think happened when these people received a document like this that has no name? Of course, they printed out a thousand copies,” Fox added. “You have tens of thousands of Afghans who now have this kind of ridiculous, bogus document that the State Department created.””

    A Blank Check To Enter Biden’s America

    These papers are of a highly sensitive nature, much like a blank check. To even a mediocre forger they are basically a goldmine, with the prize being the ability to enter and leave most nations, especially the United States with impunity. Needless to say: this is a nightmarish lapse in national security.

    Kenneth Gray, a senior lecturer in the Fire Science and Emergency Management Department at the University of New Haven in Connecticut told the Examiner, “The threat of having Islamic State or al Qaeda come into the country is not increased through the southwest border, It’s the entry of al Qaeda and Islamic State in the groups of refugees that are being taken out of Afghanistan and possibly to the United States because of the lack of vetting procedures that would normally go on to expedite getting all of these people out of Afghanistan,”

    “When you provide blank visas without specific names already on them and without going through the vetting process, don’t be surprised when you end up with ISIS or al Qaeda showing up with those visas in hand,”

    Treason By Providing Aid And Comfort – Whether By Negligence Or Not

    Biden apologists are already downplaying the impact of these documents falling into hostile hands, but even if we allow their argument that the threat of a forgery by al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or ISIS-K taking place in Afghanistan itself, that still leaves a few extremely troubling possibilities. Afghanistan shares, now unprotected land borders with two hostile states to the US who would both be extremely interested in obtaining these documents for their own ends and would likely pay handsomely to an opportunistic party badly in need of quick cash: China in the East and Iran in the West. Even our “allies” in Pakistan (if you can call them that while keeping a straight face) would no doubt find the ersatz-blank visas a very tempting asset to acquire. And now they’re out in the open along with billions of dollars in American hardware, weapons, and currency.

    The Constitution of the United States of America,

    Article III, Section 3, Clause 1: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

    • Richard Santomauro

      From a political point of view there is one thing that I think we can all AGREE ON.

      Leftists have no ability to see the dangers of the Democrat Party, anarchy, socialism and communist ideals; and

      Constitutional libertarians like myself will never agree to submit to a totalitarian central government. We will continue to promote free market capitalism, individual and states rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Realists understand that the price of goods and services is universally dependent on the supply and quality (how much they are regulated and taxed, and the demand. Democrats have no such understanding of this reality and in fact rail against how seemingly unfair it is. Democrats simply cannot understand WHY the cost of dirt on the beach is different than the cost in the desert, or why the cost of gold is so much more than dirt. Democrats feel that they can just simply dictate price, quality, and equality. The reality is that it is simply not possible for any long length of time.

      It is, by definition, a stalemate that will break either one side or the other and can only end up in a divided nation or worse, (un)civil war.

      • THE hockey GOD


        right on

        leftists are zombie-like lemmings, if Hitler was reincarnated today, they would still vote for him. Cultists that they are.

        • That is way too sweeping (and does not apply to me). Again, with you it seems to be left or right nothing in the middle. Just not a realistic view of the world imo.

          To guess, Bill Foley is somewhere in the middle and not a devoted Washington Examiner reader. In any case I doubt he’s concerned about this country becoming communist despite spending by the federal government.

          • Richard Santomauro

            Don’t be fooled, there are maybe 1 or 2 moderate Democrats left in the House and Senate. On the other hand there are about 19 or 20 moderate Republicans in the House and a whole bunch in the Senate, including the Senate Minority Leader.

            The Democratic Party has been taken over by the “Democratic Socialists Party of America”. You can google it, go ahead and look it up to see how many Democrats are also members of the Democratic Socialist Party (used to be the Communist Party of America).

      • What is your flavor and how practical is libertarianism when government is irreversibly large in the advanced countries.

        I do agree goverment is too big but we are stuck with it and so far my freedoms remain intact. How do you actually see your freedoms disappearing? Are some already gone? In any case I don’t support your railing on the “left”. Your claims and assumptions seem more like fantasy than reality. Try to document them, otherwise they lack credibility. You claim to be libertarian, so I provide the reader a Wikipedia link on the subject. Some claim Wikipedia is generic, liberal leaning, inaccurate etc. but at least it provides the reader with information they may not otherwise have.

        Democrats are as likely to be successful entrepeneurs as Republicans, and such both are as likely to become entrenced in the wealthy elite, so I have trouble fathoming your claims about Democrats aspiring to eliminate private enterprise.

        • Richard Santomauro

          I put myself in the category of a Constitutional Libertarian. I define that as limited constitutional federal governance. In other words, “If the Constitution doesn’t specifically in writing define a federal government role then the only way to change that is through a Convention of States OR through an Amendment to the Constitution.

          The Constitution does not address any role whatsoever for the federal government to be involved in education, health care (including the ACA and Medicare), or social security. That’s just to name 3 big ones off the top of my head. These things are supposed to be left to the states. Constitutionally, the federal government has no role in them at all, period.

          It is my own view point that there should be no IRS at all. States should collect taxes and fund the requirements of the Federal Government, which pretty much include the Defense Department, State Department, CIA & NSA. The federal government also has a role to play in interstate commerce and foreign trade treaties.

          One of my biggest complaints is the complete disregard for our immigration laws and border security. Making matters worse is that the courts have violated the constitution and have allowed this nonsense to continue. Allowing millions of people to come into the country illegally has actually hurt American wages and kept American citizens from obtaining jobs, especially in the areas of agriculture and construction.

          It’s very easy to find many prominent Democrats on the record stating that they want to take over health care, take over education, take over energy. In 2008, General Motors capitulated to government demands and sold their sold for taxpayer bailout money. There are many corporate giants who are selling out their souls to the Marxist left in order to curry favor with them.

          Obama Care has been around for a while now. I will be the first to admit that many who could not afford health care received it via this program of subsidies & redistribution. It’s not free, nor is it “universal”. This program was built on the backs of middle and upper class workers whose premiums doubled and tripled. (Of course, we were lied to when Obama stated that ObamaCare would save the average American $2500 annually). It was also a lie when he said, “like your doctor, keep your doctor”. Liberal progressive socialism is always built on lies like these. The so-called “rich” can always pay “their fair share”, as if paying for 90% of the government revenues isn’t already enough. At what point does America step back and look at the trillions of dollars spent to solve poverty before it realizes that it is quite the bottomless pit that can never and will never be solved. I find it kind of curious how we define “poor” today. You’re poor if you have one car, one flat screen, and one cell phone. That’s quite different than when my parents defined it as having something wholesome to eat and a pair of shoes without holes in them.

          Here is a real libertarian position. Why is government involved in marriage at all? Why do human beings need a “license” to get married? Why do married couples get a supposed break on their taxes? The government should have absolutely no business, no say whatsoever in who anyone marries. The very fact that the government thinks it needs to be involved in marriage is alarming to me. Talk about wanting total control over our lives!

          • I view married couples filing jointly simply as a tax break due to the fact that statisically there are children involved. Granted this would not be the case later in life. I just don’t see it as any statment about marriage by the governement, a type of control or dictation you make it out to be be. That is silly in my view.

            You have not defined it, but for you socialism is probably something closer to democratic socialism of a socialist democracy (there is a difference) vs. Marxism which morphed into communism. So I don’t think by socialism you really mean communism where all enterprise is government owned, you mean migrating more towards democratic socialism such as Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. These are still democracies.

            I just don’t think a state-only approach to taxation and other policies is feasible; defense and disaster relief are two areas that come to mind but there are many others.

            Sorry, I still feel free and like the government is not telling me what to do. We probably agree on the excess spending and that poverty will never be solved by throwing money at social programs. It does seem like in the area of education where the U.S. trails the developed world for the masses (not the elite) that the states have done jack shit to better their lot. For the most part state and local governements are as over bureaucratized as the federal government. Try opening a small business anywhere and and see the challenges and with no federal regulations in most cases.

            I agree with you on the poverty standards being diluted from when I was a child. The Jan. 6 insurrectionists are truly a bunch of spoiled brats.

          • Richard Santomauro

            The USA is already a socialist state! Are you kidding me? We’re 30 Trillion in debt and Biden is about to pile on another 5 or 6 Trillion next year if they get their way (I hope not).

            Do you realize how much is spent on social programs already? One thing I am happy about is ending the forever wars overseas, although Biden’s withdrawal was a complete shit show ending in the unfortunate and avoidable deaths of 13 American heroes.

            What really pisses me off as a veteran and a father of someone who served in Iraq and Afghanistan is that Biden had to talk about his own son to these grieving parents instead of keeping his effing mouth shut and just acting presidential. And what was checking his watch after every casket came out all about? What a jack off. Trump might have been an ass but he wasn’t totally oblivious like Biden to the moment.

          • Richard Santomauro

            By the way, there was NO insurrection on Jan 6th. There was trespassing and some destruction of property. The only person who died from violence was Ashli Babbit who was unarmed and shot dead by an idiot cop who should have been charged with at least manslaughter if not murder.

            The media turned their heads for almost a year while cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and elsewhere was burned and looted.

            Insurrection? What a joke, there was no insurrection. And by the way, the FBI recently reported that there was ZERO collusion and no group or person was responsible for Jan 6th. FACT.

          • Daryl

            They also reported that federal law enforcement agencies knew about what was about to happen on Jan 6….not to that magnitude, but they had intelligence reports that something bif was coming. They failed to relay that information which led to very unprepared Capitol Police Officers.

            And like you said, authorities who very much wanted to blame Trump for all of it have conceded that there was no collusion. I also find it funny (not in a haha way) that CNN and the likes try to blame that incident for the deaths of officers who later died of medical problems or suicide

    • “I like everything about Pistol Pete posts, except his politics. Since he started it, could not let this go by without posting.”

      Appreciate the recognition. I tend to feel likewise about you although I have been interspersing your hockey content with pro-Trump rhetoric from when I first read you e.g., “Trump won bigly” etc. etc.

      You make interesting points along the way but imo you want to pigeon hole everyone as either leftist or anything else but nothing in between. I just don’t buy “the left is turning this country into a communist dictatorship”. Both not true and an oversimplification. As I mentioned, never in my nearly sixty eight years living in this country have I ever felt my freedom threatened. That could change if these mindless right wing extremists attempt a coup with the intention of creating a civil war. I don’t really think that will happen though. They have no direction. Just a bunch of mindless whining, complaining about a lifestyle the world’s billions of havenots would die for.

      • Correction:

        Appreciate the recognition. I tend to feel likewise about you although YOU have been interspersing your hockey content with pro-Trump rhetoric from when I first read you e.g., “Trump won bigly” etc. etc.

      • Daryl

        You me tion these right wing nut jobs, which for the most part I agree, but I wonder what your thoughts are on these left wing nut jobs like BLM or antifa

      • THE hockey GOD

        really you never had your freedom threatened ? I don’t believe that. You need insurance to drive a car and get a license. You need an arm jab to keep your job or fly. You can’t keep your doctor and you can’t keep your health insurance. You surely are living in an alternate universe. Your freedom is threatened every single day a democrat is in control of this nation. You can’t keep your gas fueled car in a few years, plus you are going to be double taxed on your car when they start taxing your mileage. You can’t live in a crime free neighborhood because the dems say you have to let thugs and crime ridden scum bags in to be your neighbors. You have no choice on where to send your kids in public school because they are all run by a far left lib tard indoctrination nut jobs. You obviously have not been paying attention the last twenty or so years.

        Furthermore your Biden butt licking and brown nosing took another hit today.
        Breaking poll today>>
        Joe Biden deserves to be impeached’

        Men – 57%
        Women – 62%
        18-39 – 54%
        40-64 – 63%
        65+ – 61%
        White – 60%
        Black – 56%
        Oth Non-White – 61%
        Dem – 40%
        Unaff – 58%
        GOP – 83%
        All Voters – 60%

  10. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Ha ha ha ha!


    What nonsense on a “hockey site”!

    Ya’ll deserve each other. You have ruined this place, and now you are stuck with it!

  11. Tim

    This site is turning into CCN or Fox depending on what side your on. Not much going on in hockey so this is how you kill time? Let’s hope all this political talk goes away when training camp starts.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Well Tim, for your sake I hope it goes away, but it didn’t through all of last season, sooooo……

      Stay positive !

    • Daryl

      I’m on several differ t spots blog sites…. They all turn this way during the off season. As for Docs comment to you, he was one of the biggest shirt stirrers and now he sits back and acts like he hasn’t done any of it

    • I will desist in the not-too-distant future. I promise. I was not the first to post political here.

  12. Richard Santomauro

    Please please October, get here quick! Let’s get the puck dropped.

  13. Here’s an intelligent conservative with whom moderates and progressives can find some common ground.

    I want to apologize to the board for the political/sociological venting, but the divisiveness has affected many of us and it’s worth trying to find common ground. I think I am just about finished, responding to responses notwithstanding. Meanwhile please let the hockey begin!

    • Richard Santomauro

      Ann Coulter is a nut job. She was a huge Trump fan and then when he failed to build the wall she turned on him.

      As for Trump, he wasn’t even my third choice for President in 2016. I reluctantly voted for him because the alternative was a complete shit show. In hindsight, despite Trump being an ass hole (which matters not to me), I think he did a great job for the USA.

      Rest assured, I won’t be voting for any Democrat. The last really good Democrat was James Webb (former Secretary of the Navy and politician out of VA), but today’s Democrats don’t suffer moderates at all.

      • She soured on Trump when she saw what an inept president he was. I agree Trump is a asshole. He also destroyed the Republican party and did other incalcuable damage. Best thing he did was lower taxes on the middle and lower levels. NAFTA reform maybe. He’s just an selfish, childish, egotistical, self serving POS. I know Ann Coulter agrees. In the bottom five presidents at a minimum. Not fit to serve. Too dishonest and inept.

        Attn: ThG
        He doesn’t inhabit my brain as you falsely imply, just glad he’s gone and heaven help us if he comes back.

        • Daryl

          Sorry I disagree on Coulter… Trump didn’t change when he became President. She knew what he was like and she was still a fan. His ability to be President had nothing to do with her perception of him. I do not like Trump but I actually liked a lot of what he did and fried to do. He wasnt a politician which is exactly what I think this Country needed. He said what was on his mind which wasn’t the best thing. And if they took away his Twitter, things would have been a lot different.

          • Richard Santomauro

            The problem with the Republican Party began in 1989 with the election of Daddy Bush whose legacy was “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” ( a politicians lie). The next Republican to hold office was Baby Bush whose legacy is WMD! WMD! WMD! and the huge mistake of invading Iraq (which since has become nothing more than a satellite terror state controlled by the Mullahs of Iran). Then the Republican Party tried to foist that war mongering corporate globalist John McCain on us. By that time I had left the Republican Party and became a supporter of Ron Paul. Later John McCain’s legacy would be to campaign on a promise to repeal ObamaCare and then at the last minute shove a thumbs down right in the face of his constituents when he had the opportunity.

            So, please don’t lecture me about the Republican Party. It’s always been a Globalist Corporate War Mongering Party. There are too few Consitutionalists, too few lovers of peace, and too few real patriots in the Republican Party.

            Trump was resisted by the Republican war mongers, as well as the socialists and marxists in the Democratic Party. Trump’s America First policies, border security, and economic policies put our country back on the right track for the first time since 1988.

            The Republican Party you speak about are Republicans In Name Only. They do not even understand the meaning of the word. The USA isn’t a Democracy, and it is not supposed to be a Socialist State either. It is supposed to be, and was founded to be a Constitutional Limited Government Republic with the power lying in the hands of the States and the People.

  14. Richard Santomauro wrote:

    “The Democratic Party has been taken over by the “Democratic Socialists Party of America”. You can google it, go ahead and look it up to see how many Democrats are also members of the Democratic Socialist Party (used to be the Communist Party of America).”

    With all due respect when I read your sweeping claims I smell hyperbole and not straight up facts, some of the time anyways. The above quote is an example. You make it sound like the DSP is taking over the Democratic party when only four members hold elected office in the federal houses. The numbers are far greater at the state and local levels, however given the total number of office seats at these levels it’s a tiny, tiny minority.

    You seem highly fearful of democratic socialism where it’s not threat to private enterprise and capitalism other than higher wages and less profits. Fearful and yet it seems unlikely this faction will become a majority and stay one. I don’t really take a stand one way or the other on the DSP other than maybe too extreme, but I am not “afraid”, knowing that we will never be a communist country.

    P.S. Careful about your sources. If you read biased media like the Washington Examiner you will not be fully fact informed. Better to rely on your own brain to discern facts than from those of others, especially those pushing a perspective.

    I’m not sure you will budge at this point. I will if you can convince me but so far your facts are not always there.

  15. Richard Santomauro

    The problem with Democratic Socialism is that “it’s easy to vote it in but you have to fight to get out of it.”

    I look at other failed “socialist states” with an all powerful central government. Everywhere it has been tried, it has eventually failed and failed miserably.


    Socialism and Communism should be feared because these systems of governance were responsible for the genocide of hundreds of millions of human beings over the past 100 years.

    The idea of an all powerful top down socialist government is counter to our founding principles, counter to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    That’s why I won’t budge. The evidence is overwhelming.

    I keep hearing that socialism and communism has never been able to be nurtured in its purest form. And therein lies the problem with it. Give a political party too much central power? It corrupts, not sometimes but all the time.

    • Pistol Pete

      I repeat the DSP is a small faction that will not take over the Democratic party. Maybe you think we are already socialist. With all due respect you are too far out there for me on this. That is why I mentioned you budging. Anyways nice talking to you. Let’s end that here and keep to the hockey! Tia.

  16. Vgk19

    Wow lehner really never played much and that’s now our backbone .. yet people don’t seem worried … sure his save % is good but he’s never had a full work load … hope it works but I have zero faith in the Gm goalie choice going lehner over fleury .. age save % and whatever .. morale alone the boys would play harder for fleu and now they are screwing with the locker room too… guess we will see how it pans out… hope I’m wrong and Robin has a career year but I just don’t see it happening …

    • Richard Santomauro

      Lehner has to earn the respect of this fan. It’s quite possible and I hope he can do it. I will make up my own mind on him come January after he has several months of games under his belt.

      Count me in the group that is extremely concerned about basically firing #29.

  17. Mike StG

    I saw there were 70 comments and thought I’d find some interesting opinions on Ken’s article. Instead there were 67 or 68 that varied from Elephant turds to Donkey shit. Colossal waste of time. That’s too bad, and frankly not worthy of the research and interesting possibilities that Ken presented in his article. Better luck tomorrow I guess.

    • Richard Santomauro

      It is very disturbing that you’d actually count the number of non-hockey related posts. You must be truly miffed…….

      Moving on to hockey.

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