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How To Watch/Listen To Tomorrow’s NHL Presser

Tomorrow is set to be a historic day for the city of Las Vegas as the NHL is scheduled to officially announce expansion to Sin City.

Gary Bettman will hold a special press conference in advance of the NHL Awards. It will take place at 1PM Pacific time from the Encore at the Wynn Hotel.

In the US, the event will likely be carried on NHL Network (TV), but to be safe our friends at the RJ are streaming it live on their Facebook. It’s also expected to be aired live on Sirius XM’s NHL Network Radio.

For Canadians, SportsNet TV is airing the press conference in it’s entirety and it will likely be on streamed on their website as well. Here’s the link to their live feed.

Check back on this page tomorrow at around noon or so, we’ll be sure to update this with working links to stream the event online.


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  1. Daoloth

    I hope they will give clarity about the goalies in expansion draft… Are teams obligated to have 2 goalies under contract where they protect 1? Are teams forced to have any goalie under contract like Jake Allen or Elliot on Blues both being UFAs or whatever at end of this year? Is it that they get to protect 1 goalie on their roster like Jets resigned the backup to 2 years while Pavelec or so is in final season? I see a list of about 7 teams who will have 2 goalies to expose 1 barring any trades… Right now there are about 15 UFA Goalies who at worse would be decent backups. Montoya or Reimer are probably the top of that list if anybody wonders ;).

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