The video boards are beginning to take shape on the new UFC T-Mobile Las Vegas Arena which signals the start of the decorative phase of building. We’ll get another opportunity to see the inside on December 18, when Director of Ticket Sales, Todd Pollock, host another Periscope event at 9 am Pacific time.

The Killers and Wayne Newton will open the arena on April 6th. This duo reminds me of the CMT show, Crossroads, which featured artist from two different musical genres getting together to pretend they like being on stage together. I remember when Def Leppard and Taylor Swift shared the same stage, it was an evening of watching Vivian Campbell pretending that he was really into the violin.

It’s been seven years since their last studio album but if I’m trying to blow the roof of my new arena, Metallica is the only choice. It’s nice that the country music folk will get their fill in the first year with performances from Garth Brooks and George Straight but aside from our personal musical preference, nothing creates more of an electric atmosphere than a metal or hard rock show. Say what you’d like but Metallica is still the biggest, safest band in the world. The band has one, sold out, San Francisco concert scheduled at AT&T Stadium so their schedule is open.

As I still wait for a hard rock headliner to be invited to the Strip there are rumors that the WWE will hold their ‘Money In The Bank’ event sometime before June. The details are supposed to be finalized sometime this month. There was a rumor that Summerslam would roll into the new arena in August but it will have to wait another year because they’ve already have committed to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for 2016.

This discussion about musical acts and men in tights would have been a much different entry if the NHL gave us anything that resembles an answer one way or another. I didn’t expect a vote but I did expect a date that they would vote. The city is getting restless time is becoming an issue to start play in 2017. One more meeting in Nashville then back to Las Vegas in June. This much is clear, if the league doesn’t have an answer by June, 2017 is out. The Nashville Predators were playing within 15 months. June would be the 15 month mark for Vegas. It can be done but with every passing month the opportunity for early success becomes less and less just from the standpoint of preparation.

On a side note, Pollock mentioned that they may cap the season ticket drive off at 15,000 or 80% of the arena. The reasoning is so visitors can obtain tickets. I’m sorry but do they think the Montreal Canadians hold 3,000 tickets for Bruin fans? The only goal should be to fill this arena with passionate locals. If Guy from Toronto wants to get in he’ll have to sell his Felix Potvin jersey to do so. The only loyalty is to our community. If they can’t get in too bad.

For now, our loyal community will have to wait a little longer although I don’t think it’s too much to ask to give us a date that you will be voting and if you don’t know how about scheduling a few more netting dates to get this hammered out. I think I speak for everyone when I say, I’m tired of staring at the violin and pretending to like it.