Did everyone see that video of Happy Hockey Kid? If you haven’t, it’s at the bottom of this post. The innocent, silly smile of a young Sens fan, got millions of people to click. Happy Hockey Kid reminded us all that life is just a game at that age. Kid life is fun, filled with laughs, sugar and cookies. Adult life sucks, working late, gluten free, and overtime losses to Edmonton. Remember, we were all kids, and Happy Hockey Kid was probably acting the way we all did at our first game.

I couldn’t help myself clicking on Happy Hockey Kid. I kept watching the young boy smile, and laugh as he was surrounded by 16,000 of his closest friends. To the young Canadian he was the star, and the hockey game just happened around him. Happy Hockey Kid even got me reflecting on my life and my future. Oh man, here we go…

You see I have a little boy on the way, and I hope he’ll enjoy hockey the way HHK and I do. I hope my son acts silly, and innocent as Happy Hockey Kid. That’s how kids should act, having fun, being naive, and having no awareness. Kids have plenty of time to learn about terror, like what happened to our friends in France.

My son will be born in March, so he’ll be toddler age right around the proposed puck drop in Las Vegas. Now to be fair he already has this waiting for him, as Wild Wing and I are already trying to recruit him. His Grandfather, sickened by the Ducks onesie, got this for him. So safe to say by the time my son can put on skates (this summer, eh) he’ll already have a connection to three teams. Sure it’s overwhelming, but I’m sure he’ll make his own choice on which team to predominantly root for.

Yeah you could argue my Father and I are overloading this poor unborn baby with hockey. I talk to my Dad twice a week, and he always asks “did my grandson watch the Bruins game tonight?” And I’ll say something like, “nah he’s getting ready to watch a real team.” My Dad and I are convinced babies can hear game broadcasts from inside the womb. Not too mention my pregnant lady is being inundated with hockey. She reminds us that we’re fooling ourselves, but Grandpa and I can ignore reason. I’ve also been watching a lot of Seinfeld, Cheers and Monty Python with him, you know just to catch him up.

I’m sure a lot of you have children or children on the way and want to share something like hockey with them. Or something else that would make them happy like little HHK. Las Vegas hasn’t had the chance to give parents that opportunity without its own team. Hopefully, soon Las Vegas Fathers and Mothers can root for a team that their children root for. We all have our own team, but for the kids of Las Vegas this will be their home team. Just picture our Knight/Elvis/Rat/Cactus/Scorpion mascot on this killer NHL Mascot bib.

Go ahead watch Happy Hockey Kid again, but this time picture your kid, or grandkid, or even future kid. Picture them laughing and dancing at the Las Vegas Arena making Las Vegas fans smile. Sports is all about kids, bonding and having fun. It was nice of Happy Hockey Kid to remind us all.