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Home Is Where The Problems Are

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The Golden Knights have now lost three consecutive home games, all by at least two goals, and have scored just four times in nine periods of action at T-Mobile Arena.

After a 5-1-0 start in Las Vegas the home record has slipped to 7-6-1 while the Golden Knights continue to dominate away from the friendly confines of The Strip, posting a sterling 12-2-1 record on the road.

The question is, why?

Sometimes it’s just the way it goes. Maybe after Christmas it might switch. It doesn’t matter if we play at home or away if you are a professional hockey player you have to find a way to bring your best performance. It’s extra disappointing for our group to not show up in front of our fans because we play in the best place in the league. -Jonathan Marchessault

There’s certainly a chance coincidence plays a part but the head coach believes it goes a bit deeper than that.

Games like tonight on the road we would have found a way to stay in it. Our game management is better on the road. -Bruce Cassidy

The splits are pretty staggering to back that up.

Points Percentage.538.833
Goals Against/Game2.383.00
1st Period Goals/Game0.91.4
Even Strength Goals/Game1.843.13

Cassidy also believes the game state has a lot to do with it.

On the road we’ve had the lead almost all of the time. That’s a difference right there. You’re playing a different game because the other team starts pressing and all of a sudden you extend the lead. -Cassidy

The Golden Knights have allowed the first goal in each of their last three home games. They were able to tie the game in two of the three but have not led in a home game since November 23rd. Meanwhile, on the road, they scored first in each of the last four and built a multi-goal lead in all of them. Many of those leads were given away, but Vegas went on to win three of the four games.

It’s when the other team scores first that we’ve seen the bigger discrepancy though.  At T-Mobile Arena, VGK have conceded first six times. They’ve gone on to win just one of those games. Meanwhile, on the road, they have three wins and an overtime loss in the four times they’ve allowed the first goal. 1-5-0 when allowing the first goal at home, 3-0-1 when doing it on the road.

They’ve also come back from late deficits much better away from home. VGK have entered the 3rd period trailing seven times this season. Four times at home, three on the road. They’ve lost all four at home and won all three on the road.

It’s almost incredible how great they’ve been away from home this season, which is the mark of a great team. But the home record and performances definitely leave a lot to be desired and are certainly a cause for concern.

14 of the next 19 games will be played at T-Mobile Arena. If the Golden Knights want to keep their spot comfortably atop the Pacific Division, improvement at home must start soon.




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  1. Jailbird

    Things will even out, both road and home as we go along I think. Right now I see us as a solid playoff team, but not a real cup contender. Hope I’m wrong!

  2. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Mark Stone is not out here for practice today. Not much of a surprise, considering the beating he took last night.

    Will ask Bruce Cassidy for an update after.

    >>”beating”, he was mugged ! Thanks for confirming my take, others on this board are clueless. He likely had nerve damage due to way he was flexing his leg when he took one final shift. He was useless out there on go ahead goal by Rangers, and had no business being out there. He took a weak bone head penalty in retaliation. I certainly hope this hit to back, causing nerve issues with his leg it not career ending.

    They also blasted LT in head at least three times with rockets, he lost it at end of period two, and it looked like it impacted his play in period three. Probably should have taken a breather for period three.

    Cassidy will probably say, maintenance day, or he’s day to day, or he’s getting checked by doctor as that hit undid the back surgery from over the summer. That hit on him was ORDERED by GG, you know it. I know it, we all know it. A despicable move by a pathetic coach.

  3. Pistol Pete

    I’m at a loss to understand why consistently on the road the quick starts, better puck management and coming back from behind. True a team may have top incentive to win on the road so the best hope to to just match motivation at home and they should be able to with the atmosphere and fan support at T-Mobile. I can see a burnout after a 4-5 game road trip and losing the first of a home stand. Coincidence plays some part because when you win 19 out of 28 and 12 of them are on the road odds favor losing disproportionately at home.

    Cassidy should be able to fix what can be fixed but at this point with Eichel, Stone, and Petro out it’s going to be tough.

  4. THE hockey GOD

    too many distractions at home

    i could go on and on about all woke crap.

    but you all with a brain know crap when you see it

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Catturd ™
    After releasing one of the biggest arms dealers in the world back to Russia – I don’t ever want to hear the word “gun control” spewing from any Democrat’s big pie holes again.

    trump didn’ t start this proxy war with Russia, Biden did

  6. Pistol Pete

    Ken reported Stone was not at the practice Thursday. Hopefully we can take that to mean he’s healthy but did not want to skate today. I took it as a negative. Hopefully it is not.

    • Pistol Pete

      Cassidy called Stone a maintenance day today expects him to play tomorrow.

  7. Danny

    It is very obvious why they play lousy at home, and better on the road. and this goes back to last season too.

    They play simple hockey on the road, and they try to get fancy and cute at home…and that is it in a nutshell.

    all you have to do is look at Martinez at about the halfway point of the second period to see a glaring example of what I’m talking about….Martinez could have easily passed the puck up the boards to get it out of the zone, but what did he do? he tried to get fancy and cute, he tried to change his mind at the last second and move the puck over to his d partner, and he lost the handle on it, and gave it away for an inexcusable giveaway A+ chance…… and a 10 bell save by LT was the only thing that saved Martinez from giving NYR a 2-0 lead at the time.

    The whole team was guilty of it all night long. very poor neutral zone play and passing, and more dumb penalties and poor PK work as well.

    play all 82 on the road.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @danny, yes , no23 had terrible game, he also bummed LT causing him to lose his stick. LT and no 23 are NOT on same page. When no. 23 goes down, LT should realize he needs to stay up, but he goes down. No. 8,. no 10, no. 15 no 46 no 20 have all been lagging lately, and no. 55. Not good.

  8. 10 minute hogh engery nvolvement in a 60 minute hockey game is not how you win. Listening and read what playes etc. had to say about the loss suggests they recognize that – fixing isn’t impossible. One word describes the third period “ugly ” and that is being kind. Trying to look at the positive which is difficult hopefully a wake up call which apparently is not a necessity on the road as the scores Indicate. Unfortunately performance at home can have a huge bearing attendance and support as fickleness can be a factor.

  9. Pistol Pete

    Ken record correction:

    Home 7-6 (not 7-6-1)
    Away 12-2-1


  10. THE hockey GOD

    GG NY rangers are the GOON team in NHL now, they didn’t need RR.

    Google youtube video of

    Trouba with a huge hit on Athanasiou and chaos ensues

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