Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website

The Hockey News Vegas Golden Knights Expansion Issue

If you know hockey, you know The Hockey News. Probably the world’s leading hockey magazine has unveiled a special issue focused exclusively on the Vegas Golden Knights.

What happens in Vegas…comes to the pages of THN! We’ve got the Golden Knights covered from top to bottom in our Expansion Issue: mock draft, GM George McPhee’s plan, a blueprint for how to build a franchise and much more. –

Photo Courtesy: The Hockey News

If not just for the fact that it’s a collectors item, but also the wealth of information that will be packed into the magazine, this truly is a must own for any Vegas Golden Knights fan.

Magazines are expected to be shipped on January 23rd. Each copy is $4.99 and is available for preorder now through The Hockey News’ online store.


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  1. Gigi Frieling

    Thanks Ken. Ordered a copy, for my hubby, today. Happy New Year!

  2. RJ

    I love the cover story and I’ll definitely be picking up this issue. It just breaks my heart that I can’t truly enjoy things like this because of the team name that alienates natives like me.

  3. JMO

    As long as the real journalists mention the owner alienated and betrayed the fan base in terms of naming and branding I am happy to read anything. The name makes me want to throw up simply because I know it is not the bases and the bases voice never mattered. If Karma was a real thing they would lose the TM, have to pay millions for it’s use etc. Ultimately the hype will die and the base will abandon because they were spit on from the start, no loyalty required.

  4. JMO

    Ironically today this is still going on their FB page because the base is generally pissed still…imagine how the hearts will bleed for an owner who gave two shits about us when they are losing…

    Larry Loik Mr Foley we love & respect you for bringing a team to our town. However…. you did state you would “ask the fans” what WE wanted & the fans are the ones who BUY merchandise. A focus group wouldve worked better than a boardroom of disconnected executives from the fan base. The name is the worst of the 3 main choices. Desert Knights wouldve been better in most fan polls. Knight Hawks woudlve been awesome after the military plane and the logo looks like an Icon not a logo. Put the name LAS VEGAS wherever you have this logo if you want to sell more. We are proud of our city & our team, we want it to read LAS VEGAS because most people will not know what this logo means. Until we are as popular as the NY Yankees or LA Dodgers Logo (yes i know its a diff sport) our city name needs to be in the logo too. Your “Advisors” missed the mark. Hire a marketing rep who breathes hockey, who loves hockey, who is proud of hockey. This guy Ryan Schoof is guy, give him a break, I know him, he will bleed gold for you & connect with the fans which is what you need. PS: I am a 3 season ticket holder & will support you no matter what but have to echo what the silent majority are feeling & thats slight disappointment in the marketing thus far.
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