For a long time Las Vegas has been known as the world’s hub for gambling. While gambling is still very much in the fabric of Sin City, a new form of entertainment has become synonymous with Las Vegas.

Bottle service, electronic music, DJ’s, and most importantly nightclubs. Of the 20 highest grossing nightclubs in the U.S. a whopping 10 of them are right here on the Las Vegas Strip.

It’s become as much a part of Las Vegas as free drinks, poor schools, or rich people living in Summerlin. That’s why the announcement of a night club being placed on the top level of Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena should be celebrated as the Los Angeles company digging into the roots of our city and giving the stadium the Vegas feel it truly deserves.

Hyde Lounge Las Vegas Arena will be the exclusive nightclub option at Las Vegas Arena, allowing guests to experience the height of service with views to match in an entertainment and sporting viewing experience unlike any other. – MGM Resorts Public Relations

Go on.

Hyde Lounge at Las Vegas Arena will be located high above the event action with two platforms extending over the arena seating for unparalleled viewing opportunities. The 18,000-square-foot space designed by Dakota Development and DesignAgency, will also feature an intimate lounge experience complete with bottle service, plush couches, high-energy DJs, VIP elevator access, a selection of culinary treats, and skyline views of the famed Las Vegas Strip.

Now I’m not exactly the nightclub kind of guy, and I highly doubt most hockey fans are either, but this sounds like a pretty cool idea, and if they decide to “hockey-ize” it for nights when the Rat Pack team is there, it could become on of the coolest and most unique in-stadium experiences in the NHL.

Like everywhere else in Las Vegas, status will be important inside the brand new 20,000 seat arena. From the night club up top, to the bunker suites underneath, there will be multiple ways to have an unforgettable experience inside this cathedral… assuming you can afford it.

It may sound weird at first glance, but so does the idea of paying $500 for a mildly attractive girl to bring you a bottle of champagne, open it, and walk away. But in Vegas, it works, and well.

A nightclub in a hockey arena sounds stupid, but it’s not, and as long as we embrace it, the rest of the country will want a piece of something we’ve already got.

Oh, and maybe if I write a nice article about it they’ll let me up there despite being a gigantic loser.