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Hockey Greaseboard: Western Conference Final vs. DAL

In our first edition of the hockey greaseboard we illustrated some X’s and O’s you can expect to see in the Golden Knights’ upcoming Western Conference Final series with the Dallas Stars. We examine four different situations including Dallas’ swarm defense and how VGK can beat it, the difference between how the Stars defend puck carriers heading away from the net and how Edmonton did, VGK’s zone D against the 3-high offense, and and the soft spot in VGK’s zone where we can expect the Stars to operate from.



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  1. THE hockey GOD

    nothing like telling the enemy what we are doing, let them figure it out themselves

    panthers/canes gassed out in four ot periods

  2. THE hockey GOD

    not happy with early start times for VGK
    they suck at 5 30 pm games
    and noon games

    NHL schedulers are doing no favors to vgk franchise, they always pull this shit. I remember they did it against the KINGS in HABS finals, which was one big advantage for west coast teams playing east coast teams. They started the games at 6 pm when LA fans were still at work. Everything for TV revenue and back east time base. It sucks big time.

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