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History Suggest Three-Game Winning Streak Is Just The Start For The Golden Knights

It’s that time of year when things in Vegas start to get really hot. Contrary to popular belief around the world, it actually does get pretty cold in Las Vegas (or at least it’s cold enough for all of us that live here), but as the weather turns colder, historically, that’s right when the Golden Knights have started to heat up.

It started the first season when the team got off to a roaring start and then came back down to earth a bit through the month of November. But then, when December started, they caught fire, snapping off a four-game win streak early in the month, ending it by winning eight in a row, and posting an 11-1-1 record through December, with the only regulation loss coming on the 1st.

In Year 2, VGK did it again. They posted a seven-game win streak at the end of December and into early January while snapping off an 18-3-3 record from November 21st to January 8th.

Things didn’t go quite as well the next season, but a 15-6-3 record from mid-November to early January had the Golden Knights in 1st place in the Pacific Division as the calendar turned to 2020.

Then, finally, last year, the schedule was all jacked up due to COVID which means there were no games in November or December. However, the Golden Knights won 11 of 13 including five and six-game win streaks from Game 18 to 28, the exact stretch we’re in right now.

Vegas has won each of their last three games and has dominated the puck for a majority of each of them. They are starting to get healthy and have begun to look much more like the team we’ve grown accustomed to watching over the past few seasons.

We’ve got nine games in 16 days before the (Christmas) break and all really tough tests, particularly on the road, so this is going to be a tough test and we’ve got to build on that last game. -Pete DeBoer

It’s a test that this team has passed with flying colors in the past, and so far they appear to be headed that way again.

Each of the last two games have been against dangerous opponents and the Golden Knights won them in much different ways. They managed to get out ahead of Calgary and hold on as the Flames pushed back, and then last night they fell into a hole due to special teams lapses but were able to storm back and win the game in regulation despite trailing by two in the 3rd period.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Whatever the reason, now is the time in the season they start to really hit their stride. Many of the biggest regular-season wins in team history have come in this window of time we are currently in. From the Tampa Bay game in 2017 to the revenge game against Washington in 2018 to a number of furious comebacks against St. Louis, Nashville, and Philadelphia, December and January seem to be the perfect time for VGK magic.

There’s no better time than now to start banking some points, and history is already starting to repeat itself for the suddenly red-hot Golden Knights.




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  1. THE hockey GOD

    history says that they peak too early, play well in cold weather and on fast ice, and run out of gas in the semi’s and finals.

    what will be different this year ?

    Will the muckers show up when needed ?

    Will RL be so over played by PDB that he will be worthless in playoffs ?

    Will third /fourth line players show up in playoffs ?

    Will fifth and sixth d men hold up?

    Playoff are won by star players out playing other team star players and bottom six holding up their end of the game ?

    It’s a marathon, not a spring. A tough long road trip back east is on the table. Let’s see how they do on the road before we start talking about history repeating itself.

    • Emilio

      Shut up.

      • THE hockey GOD


        another post with no value added, you shut up. When you have something worthwhile to say, flush your toilet. Make sure your head isn’t stuck in it first though.

  2. Tim

    Something to think about when Jack Eichel comes back and assets have to be moved. I wonder why Alex Martinez is not in the lineup 50 stitches in the face aren’t a good thing but shouldn’t effect your game unless your eye somehow got lacerated. Here’s a conspiracy thought with all the money Bill Foley has and his desire to win the Cup would they keep Martinez on IR until the playoffs to save 5 million? Tampa did it last year could that be the Knights strategy? To lesson our loss of assets and 5 million being chump change to Foley at his age is it possible? Like I said otherwise I can’t see why Martinez isn’t playing.
    The P{P nightmare is going to be our doom again when you can’t pickup a cheap goal a game your in trouble. Yesterday we had 3 PP make one changes the game. If your going to keep Steve Spot because he’s your Home Boy thats fine but hire someone proficient in running a PP. like Money is no object to Bill Foley and being facetious it doesn’t go against the cap so who gives a shit. You spend all this money on talent and then you penny pinch on the PP makes no sense.
    Last I’d like to address the elephant in the room Lehner for reasons unbeknownst us has not been a steady goalie. His addiction living one day at a time, or coping with family , or trying to get his mental health message out probably is affecting his game.
    One thing for sure is he’s giving up a lot of goals and does anyone really feel confident he can lead us through 3 playoff series to make it to the Stanley Cup finals?

    • THE hockey GOD

      i think you are over reacting, you realize that VGK give up the most shots and high quality shots in whole league ?? That is what needs to be fixed. Sure could use some “patience and discipline” on d.

      The cap “issue” will work itself out.

      Take a chill pill and relax, enjoy the wind, the rain, the thunder. Stay away from the Strip I hear it’s going downhill fast. Venetian got sold and it’s turning into a dump fast. Have your wife make you some hot chocolate with marsh mellows.

      • Tim

        THG my friend that’s why I’m the GM and your not. You’ve got to get creative and responding to my post is fine but please answer the questions. #1 Why isn’t Martinez back from stitches something is fishy there.
        #2 Lehner has given up a lot of goals yes or no?
        #3 Is it possible they’ll hide Martinez until the playoffs?
        #4 Do we need someone else running the PP?
        Your an experienced poster and you know the game so instead of me chilling and getting some hot chocolate just give me your opinion on the points I brought up instead of avoiding them telling me to chill.

        • THE hockey GOD

          ok Tim
          1= recent news said it was related to concussion issue, that’s all I know for his extended time off. Is that a fact? I have no idea. Is it possible, due to proximity of injury to his cranium, I think it is likely. Is he back skating on ice ? Not from what I have seen. Could he be working out with injury coach like no 67 did when he was out, possibly. Will he be ready when he comes back ? no. 67 says the work out coach is best in business if you caught the post game TNT interview with no. 67 WHICH WAS EPIC BTW.

          2-yes and no, he has faced the most shots, and most high quality shots. A better question is has VGK as team given up a lot of goals. It’s not all on the goalie.

          3-Not if they go in to a funk and need him back to block shots, which they could have used on PK in last nights game. IS it possible? Anything is possible. Is it likely ? I doubt it. Check back in 30 days. If he is still not back, then HOUSTON , we have a problem ( a better question is : will Nolan Patrick be back which leads to question of why ? )

          4-get back to me in January, they are only three games into getting a full line up back with their finishers in line up. They did have a goal in last nights game under a delayed penalty call in which they scored a goal. PP need 1) finishers 2) PP time meaning on ice exposure , which is a problem because team is lowest in league in drawing penalties or neat to it 3) face offs – they sucked yesterday at winning them 4) no more injuries.

          Now how is that hot chocolate coming along? I just saw some ducks flying south, the lead one seemed to have a pipe in it’s bill. Sort of looked like Doc.

          • Tim

            THG, very good thoughts I might have to hire you as my assistant GM all kidding aside time will tell. My take on Nolan Patrick is no take he fizzled out in Philly and in his 2 games here I’m not betting on him. I will say I like management going after high prospects who are young and bust because there’s always a chance to catch lightning in a bottle. The Misfits were made up of players other teams gave up on and Stephenson not a Misfit but we hoodwinked Washington on that deal and look what happened.

          • Mike StG

            ThG & Tim,

            Earlier this week I asked Jesse Granger if he had heard anything about Marty, as his lengthy absence seemed to indicate it was more serious than a 50 stitch cut. Jesse said that he heard it is concussion-related, although like you I didn’t see contact on the play that would have had that impact. I was concerned that it was a serious injury to his eye.

        • I, too, wonder why Martinez is still out.
          Wish I had watched last night’s game..curses ESPN 2!!

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ Tim , and Real TS

            PDB had update on 23 status, “
            “It’s not going backwards but it’s slow progress.” -DeBoer on Alec Martinez”

            PS ty for kind words Tim. It’s getting cold out here by the foot hills. My hot chocolate is taking forever to heat up.

        • Blitz

          I wanna play, I wanna play.

          1. I agree, fishy. I’ve seen a million concussions watching/playing sports. I don’t see the concussion here. It could be such a bad cut that he is working thru plastic surgery and can’t risk more damage. It sounds vain, but no one wants a nasty scar across your face like Tyrion Lannister. Just throwing somthing out there.

          2. I don’t like RL as a person or a goalie. It’s painful for me to be a fan of his. However, I don’t pin all the goals on him. The D often doesn’t play well in front of him. That said he isn’t the type to rise up and over come bad D play.

          3. No they won’t hide Marty. Right now there is no guarantee we even make the playoffs. So keeping a top d man out right now, for future cap reasons, would be insane. Plus there is no guarantee Eichel plays this year though looks promising.

          4. Hell yeah we need someone else running the PP. It is dog shit and is showing no upward trajectory as the season goes on. At this point I don’t think even Eichel can save it. They added Dadinov, who was going to save it. How did that work out? Flawed scheme.

          • knights fan in minny

            martini will play he is a gamer i bet its killing him not to play he is a warrior

          • Mike StG


            They didn’t add Dadonov to save the PP. If you recall their bottom 6 was ineffective and posed no offensive threat. They also lacked an elite 1C. Those deficiencies led to their playoff losses. They had hoped Glass would center line 3 to become a scoring threat, or possibly become the elite C they lacked. But they finally realized neither was going to happen, at least in what they considered their cup window. So they went out and got Dadonov, Patrick and Howden. Dadonov a scorer who plays the middle of the ice. Patrick, a big young center who plays the middle of the ice well, looked like he could develop into a 3C or even higher. It appeared his concussion issues might be behind him after playing a full season last year. And Howden who is a good young, 2-way center with offensive potential. They let Reaves and Nosek go and traded Glass.

            So, their off-season moves were to improve the bottom 6 with the limited cap space they had after trading Fleury. The opportunity to land Eichel came in season, so now they’re going to have to figure out how to shift gears to make it work. In essence they’ll have to undo some of what they did in the off-season. But my belief is that getting Eichel was the best decision for the long term, and also to give them the best chance at the cup over the next few years.

  3. George L.

    Lehner has given up way, way to many goals. You can blame it on screens, you can blame it on deflections, you can blame it on whatever, but you can’t deny it’s happening.

    I’m not a Lehner cultist and the fans who are absolutely annoy me. Just like the Fluery cultists.

    Last nights 3 goals on 10 shot or 11 depending on shot counters had him pulled.

    The problem is moving forward and figuring out how to make it work with a goalie who some fans feel needs coddling and other fans think is a walrus on ice.

    • knights fan in minny

      that is the million dollar question GEORGE

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ george, neither am i. I call out both MAF and RL , but only if they deserve to be called out.

      Any posts must consider 1) injuries, and what do those injuries mean
      when that player is out of line up. A d man who blocks shots, being out of line up
      is much different that a center who is out and plays on 4th line barely getting into a game 2) lack of full roster on ice 3 A) a play structure that is definitely not conducive to NOT allowing a LOT OF shots (a stat that team
      has improved upon recently) 3 B)high scoring chances 4) drawing penalties- when you are on PP it’s not only important to play in O zone but
      it, theoretically cuts down on time other team shoots on your goalie 5) PK. These last five are a TEAM EFFORT, not all on goalie – unless you got a dafoos Ron Hextall like goalie who likes to get into fights and makes penalties — then that is different story entirely.

      As a matter of fact what you said above can apply to BOTH Goalies.

      There is no. 6) “over playing” one goalie over another goalie. That would lead to one goalie’s play deteriorating over time. And 5) league calling more penalties , leading to more scoring overall.

      Check RL stats AFTER significant SAMPLE size when full roster gets to play a number of games. Give it until end of January or so. RL , and VGK are already dropping in total shots (last few games helped that stat), they need to work on lowering number of quality scoring opportunities. Anaheim and Canucks are leading now, and if that is any indication I expect Anaheim to start hitting the skids soon.

      No. 23 was league leader in shot blocking. His loss has hurt in that category leading to more shots on goal. Overall team defense is nowhere near what is was like last year. All of the above have contributed to that. Hopefully with near full roster back the team will continue with W’s in left hand column !! 🙂

  4. Tim

    George, I agree thoughts on Lehner here’s what I would do. Start the backup against Philly they’ve lost 10 in a row but let’s hope we can make it 11 in a row. Then we play the Wild a very good team put Lehner in goal and see where the bear shit in the woods. If he has a good game great but if he falters again then you’re getting a clearer picture of what to expect. Lehner knowing he hasn’t played well either steps up to the plate or you have to start looking at plan two.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ tim, I hope someone doesn’t print a back stabbing cartoon on twitter because they are not playing in net !!

      • THE hockey GOD

        coyotes may be moving soon, they can’t pay their tax bill and arizona may be locking them out of their arena.

      • Tim

        THG, Whoops is Walsh his agent? Get ready for some sword action if he is.

  5. knights fan in minny

    congrats to flower win number 500

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