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History Indicates Golden Knights Can Grab Control Of Series Tonight Despite Game 1 Loss

It’s one game. One home playoff game that slipped away from the Golden Knights. Sure, the fanbase has the right to be concerned with the lack of offense after Sunday’s 1-0 overtime loss, but historical data points to a victory tonight would put Vegas back in the driver’s seat.

When the Golden Knights lost Game 1 at home to the Wild, their odds to win the first-round seven-game series dropped to 42.9 percent. The first outcome of a series is incredibly important but even more so for the visiting team. The Wild greatly upped their chances by squeaking out a 1-0 overtime win in Game 1. If the series evens out tonight, Vegas will seize the momentum and snatch series control away from Minnesota.

That’s a good team we played against. It was a hard game but we’ll build off that. We got a lot more to bring. For Game 1 we did a lot of good things. -Jordan Greenway, MIN forward

The first two contests in a seven-game series are intense and physical. Not that the remaining games aren’t emotional but each club understands the importance of gaining early control. When a visiting team wins Game 1 it adds more pressure on the home team to even the series. Without that split, Vegas would be putting their Cup chances on ice as the series shifts to Minnesota.

Historically, when a home team splits the first two games they go on to advance 55% of the time.

Then, Vegas can take a stronghold on the series if they win up in Minnesota. Playoff data shows the team that wins Game 3 has a 65% chance of closing out the series. For even more optimism, if Vegas wins Game 3 on the road their odds increase to 71 percent.

Regardless of who plays with who we’ve got to get scoring and we’ve got to get depth scoring and we’ve got to be dangerous throughout our lineup.-Pete DeBoer, Vegas coach

In the second game of a playoff series coach, Pete DeBoer has a .500 record in 14 appearances. After a Game 1 loss, his record in a Game 2 (4-2) perks up. Tonight’s result could be the biggest in his career and securing a victory could guide Vegas across ten thousand lakes.


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    take it one step further JP

    which period do they need to win to win game two ??

    I am guessing PERIOD NUMBER ONE !

  2. goalie trade

    the watchword tonight is “REBOUND”

    not only must the Vgk rebound from a game 1 loss, but they must get traffic to the net and score on REBOUNDS.

    THAT was the missing ingredient in game 1….40 shots but very few second chances, or rebound goals.

    and Minny has a smallish d corps too. it is unforgivable that the Knights don’t go to the front of the net. I don’t give a shit what PDB says, his players are NOT going to the paint, and that is the difference in this series. Talbot is sitting in a rocking chair, with no screens, no bumping or crowding him, no scrums, no crease chaos, no REBOUND goals. No wraparounds, no PP one-timers, no Stone whirling sweep PP attempts. hell, game 1 was far from good from the beginning of period 2. Fleury kept them in it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      agree 100%

      and i hope there isn’t an OT game before this one pushing out the start time, that ticks me off to no end

    • Mike StG

      There won’t be many rebounds if they keep shooting from outside and getting their shots blocked by the second best shot blocking team in the league, which half the time results in an odd man rush the other way. They need to get players and picks into the slot.

      One nice thing about tonight’s game: we won’t have to listen to Pierre McGuire’s inane commentary.

  3. Carl

    I’m not sure I can stand all this…

    • THE hockey GOD

      I’m not sure I can stand all this…

      then please sit down !

      $ will the real slim shady please stand up
      please stand up $

  4. Tyler Durden

    Care to comment about the Wild being undefeated in regulation all time against the VGK?

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