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Hertl, Hanifin, Stone Have VGK Power Play Exuding Confidence

From ESPN broadcast

The Golden Knights’ new look power play with everyone in the lineup had instant success in Game 1. They struck for the first goal of the game less than a minute into the early opportunity on a penalty drawn by the 4th line, and then potted another just three seconds into their second opportunity late in the period.

Two goals in exactly 60 seconds of time with the man-advantage is not something the Golden Knights are used to. With Mark Stone, Tomas Hertl, and Noah Hanifin all back in the lineup, for the first time in a long time Vegas has two bonafide top units.

PP Unit 1

PP Unit 2

The 2nd unit, I mean those guys were our 1st unit for a long time and they’re no slouches either. -Cassidy

It’s the first unit though that got the job done in Game 1, and it’s been especially strong since #48 has entered the lineup.

Look at our power play numbers compared to where they’ve been all year. They’ve been through the roof with Hertl. Hanifin has been getting pucks there too which helps. It could be a short sample size but I believe (getting to the net) is one of Hertl’s best skills sets and it’s particularly evident on the power play. -Cassidy

There’s a certain swagger now on the power play that has rarely been evident with the Golden Knights, basically any time in franchise history. Earlier in the season Cassidy felt like things were coming along when he had Eichel, Stone, and Marchessault as the band-of-three through the middle, but there’s no doubt it feels even better now.

I thought we got going earlier this year when we had the righty, righty, righty along the three. I thought it was starting to come then but Hertl gives us a true net presence if we aren’t putting Mark there. That allows us to use Mark in another spot. I like him in the bumper and I like Marchessault in the bumper too. So both units should be a threat from there in the middle of the ice. But yes, it looks good right now and has for the last two or three weeks. -Cassidy

Cassidy joked that the team’s leading goal scorer and reigning Conn Smythe winner is on the 2nd unit now (and pleaded for us not to write about the “idiot coach” that would make that decision), but it’s clear that decision is much more an indicator of newfound power play depth than anything else.

The Golden Knights power play may finally be a weapon for a Golden Knights team that is also rounding back into form as one of the best 5-on-5 teams in the NHL. As if Vegas wasn’t already scary enough as an 8-seed, the prospect of a dominant power play has to be downright terrifying to everyone else.


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  1. JB

    I would like to see Pavo get a chance to play. Maybe sit Mantha.

    • Pistol Pete

      When you’re winning in the playoffs (I know it was just the first game) you don’t change the lineup unless somebody gets hurt.

    • Emmanuel

      Sit Howden.

  2. Barb

    My biggest concern is in goal. Both Hill and Thompson have the talent but need a burst of confidence. Hope they can find it with a lot of help in front of them. And some Divine intervention wouldn’t hurt

    • JB

      What type of intervention did you have in Mind?

      • Barb

        Prayer might work

        • JB

          Of course! You ARE that flower cult member from a few years ago, right? The one who said she was an oracle and baked magic pies for Flurey to do well.

    • ThG

      speaking of divine intervention

      hear yee hear yee

      LT and AD, let’s get your heads screwed on straight !


      PS hague out
      PPS Kenny jinxed them yet again, I would expect as much from Jason, but I bet Jason was one who really wrote this piece !

    • Thomas

      Hill has confidence he won the cup just needs to be healthy the knights can only beat themselves no one else can just ask Dallas

  3. VGKFan

    Can someone explain why we are starting Mantha over Amadio/Cotter? Mantha is slow and defensive liability, Amadio/Cotter proved their worth during last years run

    • ThG

      let’s do a comparison
      this year Mantha’s plus/ minus is +11 ( over 74 games, that is a statistically
      significant figure)
      let’s look at cotters, Over 76 games, minus 11. Statistically significant, Mantha is more defensively reliable than cotter
      now let’s look at Amadio stats, Amadio is a plus 4 over 73 games, so Mantha has slight edge

      lets look at strat o matic stats
      Mantha O/D 3/2 and 1 short handed skating 7
      Amadio 3/2 and 1 skating 8
      cotter 2/1 and 1 skating 7

      overall give Mantha edge, slightly over Amadio, and way over Cotter.

      The STATS don’t lie, they just tell you where you have been, not where
      you are going.
      For example Bobby Orr was rated a 5/5 in hey day, but now he’s likely a 0/0

    • knights fan in minny

      a mystery to me ammadio has more offensive upside and faster

  4. Wingenter

    Zip it Barb!

    Shut your pie hole!

    • knights fan in minny

      what’s wrong with you ass clown she can have a opinion

  5. Mike

    The “idiot coach” pushes all the right buttons!

  6. knights fan in minny

    martini in for hague

  7. I would rather see Hague i n along with Martiniz and Whitecloud out. Concerning the praise for the Power Play – last game effective – let’s not bring out the Champagne yet. Better just hope and pray for it to continue.

    • ThG

      hague is day to day, if he was healthy he would be playing, not a coach’s decision.

      I like hague whitey combo, they play well together. I hope Marty ups his game and gets the
      lead of of his skates !

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